Lakers Rumors: Paul Pierce a Possibility for Lakers? Reviewed by Momizat on . The Boston Celtics are reportedly willing to trade their veteran players in hopes of starting a new chapter in the franchise's history. Paul Pierce is one of th The Boston Celtics are reportedly willing to trade their veteran players in hopes of starting a new chapter in the franchise's history. Paul Pierce is one of th Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Paul Pierce a Possibility for Lakers?

The Boston Celtics are reportedly willing to trade their veteran players in hopes of starting a new chapter in the franchise’s history. Paul Pierce is one of those older starters, and even though he helped bring a title to Boston, the front-office has no problem trading him away. As a matter of fact, general manager Danny Ainge said he would ship off Pierce if the right offer came along.

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And now, Sam Amico from Fox Sports Ohio reports that the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to bring Pierce to Southern California.

“Also, the Lakers reportedly are trying to find a way to land Paul Pierce. Not sure yet, what they are willing to give up. But again, it won’t be an easy deal to make. The Celtics love him, obviously.”

The Lakers would also have to try to find a way to send younger players to the Celtics. The Celtics are preparing for the future and trading Pierce for more older players would not make much sense.

However, despite the fact that the Celtics and Lakers share the longest and most intense rivalry in the NBA, Pierce would make a good fit for the Lakers. Pierce grew up in the Los Angeles area and watched legends Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar play, so this would be a home-coming for him.

Paul Pierce can help the Lakers tremendously at the three position and can offer support to Kobe Bryant. Yes these two have not been the best of friends on the basketball court, but Pierce is a player who can create his own shot.

Ron Artest and Matt Barnes had some scuffles with Kobe Bryant in the past and they moved to Los Angeles, so why can’t Paul Pierce?

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  • Spike Wong

    We need a scorer other than Kobe, Paul is not the player he was…but with Kobe pushing him, he may have some left in the tank. after all Lakerland wants rings every year…so, veteran moves helps that.

  • Winkler_911

    The only Celtic worth trading for is Rondo!! People we need a point guard!!

  • Kenshin28


  • Arsijeans

    Are you guys crazy! First of all Paul would find a way out of that trade even if he celtics some how got into a serious conversation with the lakers (thats like Hitler wearing a yamaka hat)! Also why in the world would we want to get slower and older? We need a PG!!!!!

  • Yeppp!

    Unless they give us Rondo, this trade is horrid 

  • Tia

    Well I have been bleeding PURPLE AND GOLD FOR ALMOST 45 YRS!!! I no longer live in California BUT in Massachusetts. I don’t care whatever reason you all put out there….NO CELTICS in the PURPLE AND GOLD.  NO..NO…NO and NO

  • Anonymus

    remember guys, pierce is FROM LA. and its not like artest and barnes are spring chickens, either…

  • Big Gi

    Hell no, I hate the Celtics but remember Rick Fox was a Celtic before he was a Laker. Pierce is too old, we need to get a point guard.

    • Dallas829419

      how is Pierce to old and Kobe is not?

  • Beeno for 3

    What do you guys think of bringing in Paul Milsap and Devin Harris for Pau, MTP, and Devin Eubanks?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/X7L5Q4LYJCHVOXBWM4HYTQK6ZU Tk

      utah is playing well. they are not going to give up their franchise player in millsap and starting pg in harris

  • Ricky Hopkins

    I just vomited.

  • Jef_alexhao

    NO WAY… this cant be true… Land D-Will ASAP and for sure, DH12 will go to Lakers too, to get some ringsssssss… MWP for amnesty, if the lakers can…please…

  • http://twitter.com/John_LakersRule John

    Yes of course yes AS LONG as it doesn’t cost the Lakers any valuable players, picture this imagine adding a veteran shooter like him who can take away some of the minutes from kobe. Than picture and Howard in the mix and even williams it would be a pretty menacing core.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K7F7GLS4AGJ5HBL7MR7V4DOJSA Peter Y

    I’m not opposed necessarily to having Pierce on the Lakers, but I cannot fathom a Celtics GM making a move that might potentially help the Lakers win a championship.   There’s gotta be an offer out there that would be almost as good that WOULDN’T benefit the Lakers…

  • Keithburris

    We need ray allen not paul pierce

  • Jaydogg08

    If they can trade Luke Walton for Paul Pierce, then yes but if they have to trade more than that then no way.   Get D will from the Nets instead.

  • Jayout

    if you take off the jack Nicholson purple and gold shades, the Lakers need help asap at small fwd and pg,, look around the league , not many pg’s. available on the level lakers need. next up small fwd, kobe and paul get at least a extra yr or 2 of life playing together. kobe is only perimeter scorer right now. PP cost money but face it Lakers and Kobe really only have a 2 yr window,  that could be extended with another all star like PP.  it is either that or hope you can get JR smith when his china deal is up. need help asap,  

  • Mason R

    Idk about y’all but we need more scores who cares if it’s from the celtics give them like a 3 round pick and get d Williams we will be really good and plus his defense is top notch forget the rivalry it’s about winning

  • Anonymous

    RICKY RUBIO! He’s the best fit for LAKERS point guard spot. Go get Dwight. 

    Ricky Rubio
    Kobe Bryant
    Paul Pierce
    Pau Gasol (Clicks really well with Ricky Rubio)
    Dwight Howard

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/X7L5Q4LYJCHVOXBWM4HYTQK6ZU Tk

    the lakers should go trade gasol, blake, and some draft picks for Deron Williams. It solves the offensive issue and its baseicly like getting chris paul. we lose odom and gasol and get a dominate point guard. case sovled

  • Sti1lmatic

    We should put look in the starting line up…4get Pierce!
    lmao jk

  • Lucito Vixama

    lakers need to get d william and fix the bench thats 8 cuz bynum is doing a great job and need to trade gasol cuz hes to soft. d william, kobe bryant, bynum, will be unstapable

  • mexmax

    bring pp koby needs help trade gasol and mr walton no good

  • Wcora91

    Please keep Pau and Andrews along side Kobe what a beautiful game to watch they are untouchable together. Please get Ramon Sessions without a trade deal.
    Another Championship win in the works. Trust me.

    A true Lakers Fan


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