Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol Trade Talks To Suns ‘Dying Quickly’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="130"] Trade talks are in full swing as the deadline is now just under 24 hours away.  The Los Angeles Lakers have been included in multiple [new_royalslider id="130"] Trade talks are in full swing as the deadline is now just under 24 hours away.  The Los Angeles Lakers have been included in multiple Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol Trade Talks To Suns ‘Dying Quickly’

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Trade talks are in full swing as the deadline is now just under 24 hours away.  The Los Angeles Lakers have been included in multiple scenarios ranging from sending Jordan Hill to the Brooklyn Nets or Phoenix Suns, and of course, the obligatory trade Pau Gasol to any team rumors.

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One team that appeared to have their sights set on Gasol was the Suns.  The two teams reportedly discussed a potential trade in early February, but a deal never manifested.   Recent reports indicated the Lakers and Suns would revisit talks centered around the Spaniard but on Wednesday, David Aldridge of NBA.com, reports talks are fading:

It is unclear if the Lakers and Suns have abandoned any thoughts of completing a trade for good.  From the Suns’ perspective, the Lakers may make the best trade partner if they hope to deal Emeka Okafor.  The Suns are currently in sixth place in the Western Conference and adding a piece like Gasol could help solidify a spot in the playoffs for them.

Gasol’s name has been included in trade talks since the NBA vetoed the Lakers’ attempt to trade for Chris Paul in 2011.  In his seventh season with the Lakers, the seven-footer recently expressed his anticipation of reaching free agency this summer.  Whether or not Gasol is still with the team by tip-off remains to be seen, but he has already been ruled out of Wednesday’s game against the Houston Rockets as he still recovers from a groin injury.
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  • Veix

    1. I think the front office can’t pull anything out and the Spaniard is again a lost case for us like Howard was.
    2. I think he will leave in free agency, because a player with his level shouldn’t be at the block for so long and it is safe to say that he is not enjoying the negative vibe he gets from FO and the fans.

    • Joseph Apohen

      It is so bad that he is so underappreciated. I hope he goes to a team that will appreciate what he offers and show the Lakers what they missed. He is such a class guy and deserves better. I hope he takes a big cut so that he can stay. Kobe needs him.

  • hoperhetoric

    He has to go! The Lakers are tanking to be save from tax & get good lottery.
    + I think the Lakers will still be fun to watch even if losing games with good offensive rhythm & their hard work. But Gasol is the most unreliable in hard work, his body language is so frustrating & depressing for the team & fans…

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Oh crap.

  • Gregory Choa

    I know this has been a tough year for the team, and us fans, given the unprecedented onslaught of injuries and the dashed hopes that went along with it…but I think everybody needs to prepare themselves for a relatively quiet next 24hrs, with very little happening with the Lakers at the trading deadline…with the possible exception of Steve Blake maybe getting moved.

    Above all, and I know this is hard for Lakers fans, we have GOT to practice patience this season, and next, before the Lakers find themselves getting back into the business of competing for championships. It’s not going to happen overnight, but the Lakers – believe it or not – are heading for much greener pastures in the coming future, as they will be clearing a lot of cap space, will be serious players in this summer’s draft, and there’s a lot to be looking forward to…so just hang tight – all good things to those who wait.

    • kobe24

      Agreed, however its hard cause we aren’t used to this we are really spoiled as fans. Its gonna take 1~2 years at the least for Lakers to get back into championship for and w/e happens as fans we gotta #rideordie with the Lakers

  • John

    The FO does know that they are trying to trade an aged past his prime broken down softer than ever and weaker defender than ever Pau Gasol right, and NOT the 2008-2010 or earlier Prime Pau Gasol?

    • Daryl Peek

      17/10/4/1.5 is top 5 at the center position in the NBA. 21/12/4/2 is what he did the last month as he got healthier. If that’s soft the NBA is weaker than weak at the center position overall

      • Len

        Yes, and in that month the Lakers still lost 12 games, and their defense is among the worst in the NBA.

        • Gary

          So true. Sure, his numbers were great last month but it didn’t equate to wins. The guy can’t even do a halfway decent job protecting rim, and this guy kept crying time after time that he belongs in the post. He’s supposed to be a team leader but he half asses it on D. I’d say Steve Blake was more of a leader, especially the first 20 games of the year before he got injured and the team at 10-9

          • Daryl Peek

            Gasol has never be a #1 alpha option but he’s a great #2

          • Joseph Apohen

            I don’t think you ever complained when he helped the Lakers win two championships but you’re a “What have you done for us lately” type of guy.

        • Daryl Peek

          How could it turn into wins when others are coming up short due to injuries. That’s no argument. Gasol is consistent with his numbers. Put them on a better team like in 08-10 you got deeper playoff runs simple and straight.

          • Joseph Apohen

            I agree.

        • Joseph Apohen

          They lost 12 games because look who he’s playing with, a bunch of castoffs who are auditioning for bigger pay. As I said previously, Pau was never acquired for his defensive skill.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Gasol was never acquired for his defense. His value is his intelligence, knowledge of the game, and his offensive skills.

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    I am glad to see Gasol and hill staying.Bringing Meeks back we have a chance to win some games.With Huston coming in we need Gasol and Hill to control D12.

    • Richard

      Gasol isn’t playing in Huston tonight

      • WellingtonChesterfield

        What is Huston?

        • Steel Bill Moreland


      • Steel Bill Moreland

        Thanks for the update.At the time I posted that Gasol was listed as game time.But looks like gasol and Hill are staying.Hate to see Blake go.And the two scrubs we got for him,they are a joke.

  • Karina Leal

    ill be so mad if GASOL leaves, so many players that made “THE LAKERS” are gone so sad, i get it we want to win but still KObe aint doing much

  • Kobe24


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