Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol To Draw Interest From Multiple Teams Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="229"] Pau Gasol's stint with the Los Angeles Lakers may finally be over. The Spaniard continues to deal with vertigo symptoms and could mis [new_royalslider id="229"] Pau Gasol's stint with the Los Angeles Lakers may finally be over. The Spaniard continues to deal with vertigo symptoms and could mis Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol To Draw Interest From Multiple Teams

Pau Gasol’s stint with the Los Angeles Lakers may finally be over. The Spaniard continues to deal with vertigo symptoms and could miss the final seven games of the season as a result.

As Gasol’s contract comes closer to expiring, the future remains uncertain for the two-time NBA champion, but there will be no shortage of suitors for him in free agency.

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According to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, Gasol will draw interest from multiple teams:

Gasol, though, will have options. A poll of NBA executives on Gasol’s future returned many of the same answers: Chicago. Cleveland. Charlotte, if the Bobcats believe a Gasol-Al Jefferson front line can stop anybody. Memphis, if Zach Randolph opts out. Even after a disappointing season — and with the understanding that Gasol has never been a strap-a-team-on-his-back kind of player — Gasol will be among the most sought after free agents on the market.

Although Gasol hasn’t officially ruled out a return to the Lakers, the writing appears to be on the wall with the two-time NBA champion valuing winning over money moving forward. The Lakers’ front office will almost certainly offer Gasol a new contract this summer, but few believe he’ll want to stay in Los Angeles due to the current state of the team.

With the Memphis Grizzlies and Chicago Bulls potentially showing interest, it’ll be a hard sell for the Lakers to retain him. Both teams seem to have a better opportunity to win now over a Lakers squad that will be rebuilt over the summer with no guarantee for success next season or in the near future.
Pau Gasol Struggling From Vertigo, Talks Inefficiencies Alongside Chris Kaman

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  • Will

    I think he’ll end up in Memphis

  • michael

    after thinking about it, it may be good if he leaves (even if it would be better to sign and trade). Gives the lakers even more cap space for FAs.

    • Jim213

      Just say the magic words Pau!… sign & trade to the Knicks. You can play under the soon to be implemented triangle offense your most productive times. We’d end up acquiring another player to utilize as trade bait before next season’s trade deadline. Do it!

      • Jim213

    • Daryl Peek

      That was the thought process everyone griped about when Howard bounced. Risky but there was a method in the madness.

  • TheTruthKills

    I think he’ll end up in Chicago. While he’s not a great defender, he would be a good fit offensively next to Noah.

  • ra

    Ya think?

    Let’s get rid of all the bigs. MDA is ‘a coming’ back next year. Nobody over 6’6”. Small ball all the way!

  • Chippaz

    Trade him for Jeff Green an underrated stretch 4 that fits MDA’s system. He can start next season, then be 6th man in 2015 fitting a Lamar Odom type roll playing the 3 and the 4, if we get Kevin Love that season. But a defensive anchor at the Center position is the key to making this style work(Embiid, Noel ,Hibbert etc.).

    • No

      Are you retarded?

      We can’t trade him anymore the trade deadline is already over. Furthermore, Gasol’s contract ends this season. Looks like you have low basketball IQ.

      • Chippaz

        Do I really have to state the fact that I am talking about a sign and trade. What else would I be talking about??
        Everybody knows that Gasol is a free agent, that’s what this post is about.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Love will not fit MDA’s style.

      • cj

        love is mike d’s style

        • Joseph Apohen

          Love does not run like a gazelle.

          • Daryl Peek

            See the comment below

          • Kay Carter

            see Duke Smith’s comment below

        • Duke Smith

          Love is practically a perfect fit for MDA style, he is a pop and pick kind of player, he isn’t a low post threat on the offensive side of the ball. With Kobe back next season the pick and roll will be more effect because Love can extend the defense and knock down the three.

          • Daryl Peek

            Don’t hit’em with the truth man. They can’t handle it when it involves MDA and talk of a desired player actually fitting his system.

          • Joseph Apohen

            Don’t get me wrong as I like Love and hopefully the team brings him in along with Westbrook. However if you cannot run how long will MDA tolerate that? Hit em with the truth? What truth? The truth is he is great at pick and pop but he is not fast or quick. Besides he is too big for “small ball”.

          • Daryl Peek

            You talk as if all MDA does is run fast break? This is so far from the truth it’s comical. All MDA wants is pace in getting into offensive sets. Ball movement and floor spacing are the main goals in how he coaches half court offense. PNR/pop are again the main diet of he wants this facilitated.

            Too big for small ball? Small ball is not even the how he describes his preferred type of play, he refers to it as skilled ball. He says that because he prefers skilled players that can shoot and are athletic. Boris Diaw, Kurt Thomas and a 35 year old Grant Hill were far from being running players.

            Jack McKinney was the architect of Showtime. He even more than D’Antoni preached the idea of running your opponent to death. He convinced the 79-80 Lakers of this in training camp as most thought he was crazy with a 6’9″ PG spearheading this. Especially with players like a 32 year old KAJ, Jim Chones, Mark Landsberger, Jamaal Wilkes and Spencer Haywood.

            Love is absolutely MDA’s wet dream as a stretch 4. D’Antoni loves Ryan Kelly but who would quantify him as a Giselle in the open court? MDA’s development of Sacre is not about running. He sees a mold-able hustle player who has some skills as Sacre actually has a decent touch on his mid range jumper, but lacks the athletic explosiveness like a Diaw did.

          • Joseph Apohen

            Jack McKinney had a horrible accident before he got to Showtime. What is comical is fast break that is all he did in Phoenix.

          • Daryl Peek

            Jack was in training camp with Showtime and is credited for installing the offense initially before his accident.

            All MDA did in Phoenix? Amare was a monster both in the post and PNR. That was the bread and butter of their offense more so than running. That and the three point shooters spacing the floor so Nash could facilitate the heavy PNR between he and Amare.

          • Joseph Apohen

            Jack McKinney almost died coming down the hills of PV on his bike and never returned. Paul Westhead became the coach and Magic never liked his offense and had him replaced. They replaced him with an ex Laker player who at that time was sharing the broadcast booth with Chick Hearn. His name is Pat Riley and I believe he and Magic clicked and that is how Showtime started.
            I agree there was a lot of pick and roll with Amare and Nash in Phoenix and between him and Nash they had a great team which also did a lot of fast break basketball.. I believe they could have won the championship if it was not for Horry who slammed Nash against a table.

          • Daryl Peek

            Westhead began to run the offense differently from what McKinney originally wanted, especially in that 81-82 season. When Magic got that 25 year 25 million dollar contract KAJ went to Dr. Buss and aired grievance over it demanding that Dr. Buss regain his senses. “Surely you can’t be serious, Jerry. Magic’s a great kid and a terrific player, but with that kind of money, nobody’s going to be able to talk to him, not even the coach.” Came the new season, and Magic immediately showed that KAJ’s fears were well founded. Westhead installed 25 or 30 new plays, many of which were designed to get the ball to KAJ as he became the focal point and the Showtime pace slowed. Magic was upset feeling Westhead took the fun from 79-80 out of the offense and Dr. Buss agreed as the team struggled out of the gate in 81-82 starting the season 2-4 with a couple of embarrassing blowout losses. The rest is history as Westhead was eventually fired due to the lack of Showtime pace Dr. Buss preferred.

            On MDA in Phoenix, I think Joe Johnson’s injury in the 05 playoffs was the reason they failed against the Spurs in those WCF’s. Johnson was their 3rd/4th best scorer and they sorely missed his firepower. I too believe they would have won it all that season also. People don’t realize how boss those Suns really were under MDA. Nash was averaging 24 PPG, 5 rebounds and over 11 assists. Amare was on tilt with 30 PPG, 11 reb and 2 blocks. Marion was in full Matrix mode, playing PF, dropping 18 PPG, 12 reb, 1.5 steals and just under 2 blocks per game. That Suns team was Showtime like and did more than just run and gun as they were an 80′s throwback good defensive team considering the pace they played at.

          • 3339

            the truth is that dantoni sucks and we need a real coach in here.

          • Sylvia Ross


    • gmaniyak

      the celtics arent going to trade one of their rebuilding pillars for an aging 33, injury prone player.

  • Jerred

    The Bulls? Tom Thibodeau preaches toughness and hard nosed play on defense. At this point of his career, Gasol is pretty much who he is defensively: He doesn’t play any and avoids contact and physicality whatsoever. Just check out how we made no effort to block and even got out of the way of Lillard who just coasted in for an easy jam. Thibs sees that from hims and his ass will be riding the pine.

  • Grizzlies Recruiting Pau

    Comeback to Memphis Grizzlies we want you back.We love Pau Gasol!

  • Grizzlies Recruiting Pau

    We will love Pau to return to Memphis forever.

    • cyborgspider

      You can have him if you help us in a 3-way trade for Love, Randolph to Minny, and Pau to Memphis. Give them draft picks so we can keep ours :)

  • jleezy

    offensively can still get you 20, but his defense has regressed. ZERO rim protection and gave up a lot of career highs to bigs this year. always will be a laker, will miss him.

    • Joseph Apohen

      As I said before, Pau was never acquired for his defense. His value is in his high i.q., basketball or otherwise, his passing and his offense in general. I hate to see him go. I hope things can be worked out for him to stay. If not, Memphis would be great for him or Bobcats with Al Jefferson. That would be an awesome front line. I wish him the very best and hopefully someday #16 will be hanging from the Staples rafter.

      • Gavin

        Please…what a bs excuse. So Pau gets a pass from at the very least showing effort and playing halfway average defense?!? This is not the NFL wherein you are either an Offensive or Defensive player. He doesn’t have to be a lockdown defender, but I think it’s expected of EVERY NBA player in the roster to actually TRY and be decent defensively. How many times do we see Pau even put himself in between the basket and a defender driving to the basket? When you’re the man in the post as he repeatedly claims where he wants to be, that burden of protecting the rim is primarily on you. Even if you have good guards in front of you, they can get picked/screened out of the play and in that situation, it’s the C/PF’s job to make sure they don’t just waltz in down low and score. If they score, at least make them work for it and make them pay (ie..throw and body at them) so the next time they know there’s a price to drive on you. As someone here already posted, Pau just sidesteps out of the way the moment he sees dribble penetration coming his way, like what Damian Lillard did this week.

        • Joseph Apohen

          When Gasol was acquired I believe the thinking was Bynum will secure the middle. There is no bs in my statement. However I agree with you that defense is not in his vocabulary. There are times that I get frutrated watching him with that “matador” defense as it happened against Lillard. Whether you like him or not he was big in the two championships the Lakers won.

          • Daryl Peek

            Pau was acquired because Bynum was injured. That Laker team had the best record in the NBA even before they got Pau. Bynum didn’t play a game after Pau was brought in that season, all the way through the finals. Pau came back the next two seasons and anchored the middle of the defense, especially in 2010. Pau’s defensive aggressiveness is directly tied to his mental state. If you notice, he gets up when the Lakers play a rival like the Celtics or Spurs. He also goes hard at Howard. Pau gets frustrated easily on the defensive end when the communication is not there and slacks on his rotations when he gets at that mind frame. He also does not like to commit in showing in high PNR defending. The ole defense is infuriating as he rarely leaves his feet to contest.

  • Ico

    Gasol will be gone, Swaggy be gone, Hill be gone… I am feelin’ this next season’s gonna be even more disastrous than the current one.. not so big names in FA next season…. and it would be Kobe’s last. I don’t see a future with Sacre .. as 4 or 5, we need to add so many pieces, I believe if Wes Johnson gains some muscles and weight he could be nasty. Even though Kendal got nice start in LA, last couple of months he faced such a downhill in his game… don’t think he could be starting PG as well, currently NBA is PG area or mostly.. and he doesn’t score. Would be nice to keep Meeks if he’s up to work on his defense, Kelly is good, after his day one he has changed so much game to game it was really nice watching him play, he need’s some weight and muscles too and confidence, he could be nowitzki like player. So what’s left… Xavier Henry.. I like him but I wanted to see him deliver every game like 15-20ppg to be worth. The only consistent player was/is Jodie Meeks other than that, lakers are like lottery ticket, sometimes they win and most of the times they lose. If we want to develop the players we currently have, there might be five more years to pass so we can actually say we got a team ready. And this FA bothers me, I’d like to have players like kobe/jordan/wade/duncan etc. who doesn’t chase money and who actually play hard and want to win really bad.

    • Danny E. Pagan

      yup if I’m D’antoni i probably be wishing I was fired so I didn’t have to deal with another season of NBDL talent, an over the hill angry Kobe, and a legion of ignorant angry fans who blame it all on me instead of the league worst roster. Said this a long time ago, fans should complain about Jim and Mitch not about D’antoni. D’antoni has done his job ( which is to coach a bunch of injured has beens, some scrubs and Jodie Meeks), Jim, Jeanie and Mitch have not done theirs.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Get rid of Kendal. Farmar is a better player. As for Sacre I cannot understand why he plays more minutes than Kaman and Hill. MDA says because he is the hardest working individual and is developing him. Are we the “D” League? Which is more important, developing him or winning the game?

      • Ico

        I agree Farmar is better scorer. Kendal is rly good passer but need’s to work a lot on his offense he is tall for a PG and could be viable.. just we LA fans are used to star players not… people that have flaws.. probably Kendal and Farmar can secure the PG spot but SG/PF/SF/C…. what the hell?

  • purp&goldpride

    This will not end well at all…why would the Lakers offer kobe a contract through “rebuilding” years? They gave him that contract hoping he would be happy with the $$ , and something tells me kobe would rather leave than to be stuck on a 50 loss team. Possibly keeping the coach….if they thought ratings were bad this year, next year will be worse

  • purp&goldpride

    Can’t expect FA to even look at the Lakers …the name on the front of the Jersey and Lakers lore isn’t enough…these FA want to go to a team that’s close or already in contention.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Pau, I wish you well wherever you go.

  • Duke Smith

    Honestly I don’t see Pau going anywhere. Although he doesn’t vibe with Mike Antoni (I refuse to put the D in his name because he doesn’t have a defensive bone in his body). He gets along with Kobe really well and let’s face it they both deserve a summer to get healthy, hopefully Jabari Parker enters the draft and we keep our fingers crossed.

  • Daryl Peek

    Kyrie is still dead set on leaving Cleveland. A sign and trade sending Gasol to the Cavs for Irving could work for me. I’d do it big! Send Gasol, Hill and Farmar to the Cavs for Hawes, Varejao and Irving. Mike Brown could work with Gasol and Hill, and Farmar would likely fit better with Waiters than Kyrie does. I’d hate to lose Farmar but getting Kyrie eases the pain.

    • LakersOverEverything

      The value of those players is so far off man lol. Cleveland would never be that stupid

      • Daryl Peek

        Value? Irving is the only player with a higher ceiling of potential value. Hill and Hawes are a wash. Farmar and Vareajao are a wash but Farmar would be a value pick up compared to offloading Anderson’s 9 plus mil a season. Again, Pau would fit playing an Ilgauskas role on a much higher skilled level. You’ve got to look much deeper man.

        • LakersOverEverything

          Kyrie for all 3 would be a much more even trade. Outside of pau and Irving, the others are a wash, so unless you’re saying Irving for pau is a good trade….yeah I disagree

          • Daryl Peek

            Slight edge to the Lakers on the youth theme but Cap relief for the Cavs coupled with getting something for a disgruntled young player.

          • e3bonz

            How much money is left for next season?

          • Daryl Peek

            About 36 mil not including cap holdovers.

        • GoneGalt16

          What are you talking about? How are Hill and Hawes a wash? Hawes is a legit 7 footer who is shooting over 40% from three and putting up 15-20 per night while spreading the floor for the guards. He’s been a stud since joining the cavs. He is a much better player than Hill who is an energy guy who would mismatch with Thompson and destroy the spacing Hawes creates.

          Farmar is fine, but he is a journeyman that you can get the equivalent of in free agency any year…pretty much the same as Jarret Jack. Pau is a fine player but is he worth a 22 year old all star and Varejao, who is probably almost as good as him, and the difference between Hawes and Hill? Certainly not. Its a silly trade

          • Daryl Peek

            Hawes is better than Hill but not that much. They are absolutely different players but Hawes has gotten consistent minutes where as Hill hasn’t. I’m not a Cavs fan therefore I don’t have much info on Thompson but looking at his numbers, you may be right. Farmar would fit much better with Waiters. Gasol is more than fine, Consistent 18/10/3/1.5 and can play off and with almost any big. Gasol would make Thompson even better. Hill gives you a solid bench PF/C. Anyway you look at it, the Cavs get experience that could improve the team VS. the turmoil they presently have. The only deal breaker in this trade is the value of Irving but trades are never completely equal.

    • comrade24

      Kyrie plays 0 defense. no thanks.

      • Daryl Peek

        Kobe would disagree with you as he loves Irving, and would love to play with him. Defensive decencies or not, his 21 PPG, 4 rebounds, 6 assists and 1.5 steals would be great with these Lakers, and he’s burgeoning box office to boot. I have not payed close attention to his defense but I find it difficult to see a coach K. Duke player not being sound defensively.

        • comrade24

          i agree he would be a great addition, i wouldn’t turn him away lol If he’s commanding a max contract (and he will) i think there are better options out there. If they have the opportunity to draft Exum, and sign both Deng and Monroe in the offseason, with a healthy Kobe we could have a pretty good team next season. Having my doubts about the FO though

          • Daryl Peek

            I don’t think Deng would want to come to the Lakers and it has nothing to do with the FO or coach. I’d like both of those players also. Irving if traded for will still be on his rookie contract and will need to prove his worth as far as a max contract goes. I just see that trade as being more of a realistic option and would make for an interesting team.

            An Irving and Kobe duo would ignite fan interest and confidence in the FO because of the superstar box office. They would be a potentially good one two punch (immediately) ideally. Other free agents would see the Lakers as a desirable place to play with a 22 year old Irving on board. Varejao and Hawes would make for a good big man pairing IMO. I could even see MDA being good with them as a twin tower front line as Hawes shoots the lights out from three and Varejao is a typical hustle player MDA likes defensively… see Sacre types who’ve played for him. The team still has the draft pick in that trade, and should draft the best player available not target a specific one. For me, I’d like to see them get a PF as that is our weakest depth roster position. The team is filled with wings and guards, and that trade would solidify the center position. Again, Nash if somewhat healthy would be a great back up for Irving and Marshall is a cheap option as the 3rd PG.

        • cyborgspider

          Not hating on you Daryl, since you know a lot more about basketball than me and most other people, but Jabari Parker is also quite notorious for lacking defense. Ryan Kelly isn’t exactly Ben Wallace either :) Although that’s a minor point, I’m more concerned about Irving’s durability. Wherever he goes though, whatever makes Dan Gilbert miserable, I’m happy with.

          • Daryl Peek

            I agree with you on Parker but Kelly is excellent defensively. How many times have we seen him take Battier like charges, get steals or block shots? That inbound play where he tiped the pass to himself and went behind his back for the dunk off the steal is example of his growing confidence. Keep in mind Kelly had no off-season workouts coupled with no training camp. He’s been asked to guard LeBron, Dirk, Aldridge, ETC… no rookie can deal with those beasts. As you can tell I’m really high on Kelly.

            Irving’s health seems to be an issue so far but at 22 he’s woth the risk. Look at the season Curry’s having with better health.

    • 3339

      Cavs are not dumb enough to do that. Lakers would have to give up much more such as this years draft pick which could be top 5

    • GoneGalt16

      There is a 0 percent chance of this happening. First off, I doubt the cavs would trade Hawes for Gasol straight up given the way Hawes has performed and his age. I don’t think the cavs would do that trade if Irving wasn’t in the deal! Its a laughable offer.

      This is coming from someone who wants the cavs to trade Irving, but is going to be reasonable about it.

      • Daryl Peek

        You may be right but never say never when dealing with Gilbert and the Cavs. Deng is out, Waiters and Irving are oil and water.

  • Alex A

    He’ll be perfect for New Orleans.

  • Kobe Will Get 6

    I’m truly concerned about the Lakers now. After, the news of the Lakers possibly bringing back MDA next season, as well as the news of potentially looking to trade our pick possibly for Kevin Love…

    If MDA returns next season:
    - Pau and Hill will definitely be leaving
    - Another lost season
    - Injuries
    - D-League caliber players
    - Clippers running this town…AGAIN
    - No defense
    - If we’re lucky enough we’ll get 1 win

    Hopes for next season:
    Kobe returns as Kobe. The Lakers will look to move Pau through a sign and trade, (hopefully to Memphis, so he can play with his brother). Firing MDA. Keeping our draft pick, in hopes that we will land either (Exum or Parker, maybe Embiid). Signings of Greg Monroe & Luol Deng. Resigning Hill, Young, Meeks, Farmar, (with consideration of Henry and Bazemore – due to his defensive purposes on PGs). Making other smart signings for the bench. Keeping Nash, just to get his contract off the books.

  • lakers4life

    Is anybody here thinking this through? If we let pau go to a championship contender team then it will make it that much harder for us to win a championship against who ever team hes on. It will benefit us more if he stays and takes a pay cut. No one wants to trade for him what you think we been trying to do ever since david stern nixed the trade for chris. I vote to keep him.

  • Kay Carter

    Let him go, more cap space

  • Jerome230

    I Think He Should Go To Memphis With His Brother He Already Has Chemistry With His Brother From Playing In Spain And They’re A Tough Duo Down Low Which Make Memphis A Easy Caliber Playoff Team.

  • JEFF

    Bring Jeff Van Gundy as a Head Coach even Magic Johnson admitted that would be his choice beside Phil Jackson.
    If the Pick is end up on 5th or 6th then the Lakers should trade it for K-Love(he would sign the attention). Bring Melo. Amnesty use on Nash. Farmar(back up) and Marshall (3rd String) should be PG and maybe the Lakers should find new Point Guard.

    Jodie Meek should re-sign 2 years. Wesley Johnson another 2 years as back up SF. I think that Lakers should use Jordan Hill ( lakers should sign again for 3 years) as starting Center playing together K-Love. Pau should move on and go play with his former team to play with brother. Lakers need a big man playing behind K-Love and Jordan Hill. Kamen could be an option or Carl Laundry.

    Kobe, Kent, Ryan, Kendall, and Robert is still under contract.

    Starting Line Up
    PG Unknown (find a good point guard)
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Kevin Love (again only if we get 5 or 6th pick)
    C. Jordan Hill

    PG Farmar, Marshall
    SG Meek, Bazemore
    SF Johnson
    PF. Laundry(Maybe) Kelly
    C. Kamen (maybe) Sacre.

    If Lakers end up with top 3 draft pick, I want Dante Exum.

    • cyborgspider

      Bro, with that lineup, you don’t need a “good” point guard (couldn’t fit one with the cap anyway). Just one that gives it to Kobe or Melo, guards people, and hits an open jumper.

      I’ve thought of this lineup too, although I’m unsure it’s technically possible with cap space and what not. I assume sign Melo first (let’s say he takes a paycut at 18 mil) and then you sign and trade Pau (since we have his bird rights, you can exceed the salary cap to sign him). But then can you swap his contract with Love’s?

      PS Another snag with this is Antoni. Although he’d drool over Love, Melo and Kobe’s ball-dominant styles are bound to clash… plus no defense. I like the lineup but it needs a coach who can utilize the talent and manage egos.

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