Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol Privately Expecting to be Traded? Reviewed by Momizat on . It's been a rough season for the Lakers. Sitting at 17-24 and losers of seven straight games on the road, Los Angeles can't seem to get anything going that rese It's been a rough season for the Lakers. Sitting at 17-24 and losers of seven straight games on the road, Los Angeles can't seem to get anything going that rese Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol Privately Expecting to be Traded?

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Houston RocketsIt’s been a rough season for the Lakers. Sitting at 17-24 and losers of seven straight games on the road, Los Angeles can’t seem to get anything going that resembles consistency. It’s been especially difficult for Pau Gasol, who has dealt with just about everything imaginable over the last two months. After suffering a concussion against the Denver Nuggets, Gasol was sent to the bench against his will and was asked to play as a reserve.

Now, in an article from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, it’s being rumored that Gasol has told those close to him that he expects to be moved before next month’s trade deadline.

Nevertheless, D’Antoni has marginalized Gasol, leaving him livid and privately expecting to be traded before the February deadline for an athletic forward who fits his coaching designs.

You may recall Gasol actually being traded back in December of 2011, only to have the trade vetoed and disallowed by the league office. Since then Gasol has been at the center of trade rumors for 13 months, yet remains on the team’s roster. At least for the time being.

It would make sense for Gasol to have these expectations, especially with the team struggling. It’s not exactly a secret that Mike D’Antoni hasn’t made an assertive effort to find a place for Gasol in his offense, and if the team chooses to stay with D’Antoni, Gasol will likely be the odd man out.

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday, Feb. 21st.

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  • KatLew

    Please Pau don’t go…You’ve tolerated so much from this ungrateful franchise. You are a CLASS ACT, and an extremely talented ball player. The fans want you right here with Phil Jackson to coach you. Beg Phil back while there’s still a window and don’t commit another train wreck by losing Pau!! #TeamPau!!!!

  • Mel

    they need to stop experimenting which player they need or dont to run Mike D’s coaching. they need to cut Mike. Love Nash but, cant keep Mike just because of Nash. he is a smart player, he doesnt need Mike.

  • Terrence

    Maybe if he toughened up and played with heart people wouldn’t want him gone so badly.

    • lakers_824

      maybe if u put him in the post where he is most effective then he could produce and if u so called laker fan will stop bashing him then he could produce. The guy gave u 2 titles and now u want him gone u was all up his ass when we got him. The guy that needs to go is dantoni cuz he wont change his system and he doesnt know how to manage egos like phil does.

      • Waltdasalt

        Living in the past much? Pau, even when in the post has not drawn a single double team.. his mental state has become increasingly more fragile and his pick and role defense is among the worst I have ever seen among adult basketball players. Living in the past is not the way to build or win for the future. At this point, Pau is an average 15-18 foot shooter, a post player that cannot command a double team,and an awful defender and rebounder for a 7’1 player. More so than that, he has one of the worst contracts in sports. Despite being among the highest paid players in the entire NBA, he has not even been named a reserve to the all star team in 2 years.

  • http://twitter.com/DonViaje Don Viaje

    Fire D’antoni, an amateur, a bully. he has one gera only, one move and it is not working. In the mean time STARS like Gasol are benched???!!! Are you nuts??!!

  • jj

    Get D’Antony out, he is ruining the lakers. When he was in phoenix he said several times that he hated the lakers, now he is here and he is destroying them as he promised years ago. Bring Phil back!! Get Howard and his ego out as well, we need a better center, a real man not a little spoiled oversize kid!!….howard grow up and then you can call yourself a Laker!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004243031686 See Tru

    Only way to right this ship is to bring back Jerry West. Jerry Buss has been a great owner but the one mistake he made was not doing enough to keep Mr. Clutch in Lakers organization for life. Bringing him back would have all the players believing the right decisions regarding coaches, players, and trades will be made in the short term and long term.

  • Trey

    Bickerstaff was a better fit than D’Antoni.

    • Trey

      D’Antoni should go. Not Pau, not anyone else.

  • huestoe@gmail.com

    Trade Howard he hasno post game no perimeter shot cant create his own shot cant shoot free throws cant play pick n roll or pick n pop . Someone get a pasifire

  • theysuck

    get rid of the coaches..!! trade the whole team except for kobe, nash and howard for carmelo anthony..the big 4… !!! lakers got enough money to get talent like the clippers to surround this big four!! common mitch kup. and jim buss make the deal!!! peace!

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