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Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol Has Not Been Traded To Cleveland

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday night, ESPN Radio 710 in Los Angeles tweeted that the Los Angeles Lakers agreed to trade Pau Gasol to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Andrew Bynum. While the Cavaliers would need to include another player to make the salaries match up, the trade was supposed to be announced on Sunday.

Minutes after the news broke, ESPN LA’s Ramona Shelburne tweeted that the Lakers denied that the trade was complete and are still looking for an asset in return for Gasol if they decide to trade him:

While there are conflicting reports, ESPN LA 710 eventually deleted their tweet regarding the trade. However, there’s always a possibility that the trade may still go through as it was reported earlier on Saturday that talks have progressed.

With the Cavaliers determined to make a trade by Sunday, they may be willing to eventually give up a young prospect in exchange for Gasol. Although there have been reports of Cleveland trading for Utah’s Richard Jefferson, Gasol does provide them with the best opportunity to make a playoff run and is also in the final year of his contract. If the Lakers go through with the trade, they will save approximately $20 million in salary and luxury taxes once they waive Bynum.

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  • Chyeah

    Lol they probably just changed their mind after the Jazz game

    • Jim213

      SW, trust duang on LN they said… SMH

      • http://LakersNation.com/ Dan Duangdao

        Happy New Year, my #1 fan.

  • James Hunter

    Or Kobe is Lobbying for him to stay and see what they got when he gets back. Now with Kendall Marshall so i say keep him and see what happens kobe should be back by trade deadline.

  • lifetimelaker

    doubt it, kobe knows the team s too old. Kupchek knows that what they deserve back if they trade that caliber player. Gasol isnt no bum.

    • cj

      this team is not old. if u take nash off the team our age goes way down.

    • ranfan

      lol barely. they only have 5 players 30 and older, rest are in the 20s

  • bball

    so its a maybe, the deal is basically done i’m sad to see pau leave but i agree with the decision because pau skill is diminishing in this offense and it is not right for him but in Cleveland he would fit perfectly, and me agreeing is a once in a life time thing.

  • JohnJo

    Although Gasol has been showing some improvement in recent games, I think it is still best to trade him. If they are pushing through with the Bynum deal, it should come with a first round pick for this upcoming draft – that is the best asset you can get. They waive Bynum after the deal and they have good enough cap room to sign others for next season. So, that gives the Lakers two first round picks in this coming draft which is reportedly to be very deep.

    Sometimes, if you wait too long, you lose the chance. So, it is best if they pick the trade, especially those which includes picks.

    Again, this is just an opinion.

    • Al

      Lol it would be awesome if Cleveland gave up a 2014 1st rounder, but they’re not willing to unfortunately. They’re willing to give up a future 2nd rounder or the heat’s 2015 1st round pick.

  • Phil Jackson

    FIRE MIKE D’ANTONI!plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    • petron_run&gun

      and that’s the best way

    • Danny E. Pagan

      Fire D’Antoni and then what?!

      • Sylvia Ross

        And then hire Byron Scott!

  • cj

    if he gets traded it should be a:

    pau for bynum, earl clark, and a 2014 first rounder(top 10 protected).

    • CJ

      give up gasol for two former laker players …

      oh my what has our team become -_-

      • cj

        agreed they dont need clark but he fits this team and his contract is off the books next year

  • drocket21

    Duangdude, make up your mind…hehe

  • Dancing Cherry

    Tristan Thompson

  • Jumanji

    Pau Gasol has been traded or not???Clarify clearly to me please??????????????

    • petron_run&gun

      he joins LA D-Fenders

  • Al Haldie

    You will be able to tell if PAU has been traded — if he plays today he has not been traded if not he has been traded— END OF STORY…

  • ranfan

    I nearly died. Would’ve been pissed to have a near triple double and get traded the next day.

  • Aces Rule

    If they do trade him to the Cavs, they better get a Tristan Thompson or Dion Waiters along with Bynum to make the salaries match. ;)

    • Zimmeredge

      the idea is not to get players in. the idea is to get players out. salaries and wage.

      • Aces Rule

        Well, if you read the article, the Lakers want a considerable talent back in exchange for Gasol, aside from Bynum. They’ll just be waiving Bynum anyway. Adding a young talent like Thompson or Waiters is a step towards the right direction.

        • Zimmeredge

          the cavs won’t drop Thompson! if you think they will you’re delusionnal.
          it’s better to get a draft pick rather than get cavs’ garbage!

          • Aces Rule

            We’ll see. Mitch Kupchak has a away of convincing teams to give the Lakers the players they covet. No less than a 1st Round Pick will do. By the way, you need help with your spelling skills. Hehe! :P

  • Prim

    I am shocked that the Lakers are getting bamboozled by that dumb ass Dan Gilbert.How the hell did the Celtricks manage to get 3 future first round picks plus other assets for old ass Kevin Garnett and The old fart Paul Pierce?????

    Come on now Pau Gasol is a very attractive huge expiring contract and he is still playing awesome averaging 24 Points and 11.5 Rebounds and 3.5 Block Shots Per Game in his last 2 games.A near triple double for Pau in his last outing.Frankly Pau is producing better than Garnett and Pierce.

    Yet all this stupid garbage trade brings the Lakers is cap space that they will have anyways at the end of the season by letting Pau leave in free agency.Lakers used to be super smart when it came to things like big trades now all they do is give great players away for nothing.Liar liar liar if you claim Jim Buss is doing great for the Lakers.SMH dumb ass people out there just acting on pure stupidity.

    Remember Ted Stepien old Cavs GM/Owner In January of that year the Cavs traded their 1982 first-round pick and guard Butch Lee to the Lakers for forward Don Ford and the Lakers’ first-round pick in the draft coming up at the end of the season.Guess what that draft the Lakers got from the Cavs turned into the #1 pick Hall Of Famer James Worthy.Yeah Jim Buss is a screw up and the Lakers are in turmoil.Sad times to be a Lakers backer,you can’t back up a idiot like Short Buss.

    • Zimmeredge

      well that’s what’s happening we are trading pau to get a player with a lower wage + a first rounder.

  • Sti1lmatic

    Thank you Pau! You came to the Lakers and helped the team to three NBA finals in a row. Helped bring two championships to the City of Los Angeles (number 4 & 5 for the Mamba).

  • Jon

    They will trade Pau to Cleveland. This is just posturing by both teams to get a better deal.
    The cavs can trade no young assets and get stuck with Richard Jefferson or they can trade some young bench player and get Pau. Really, it’s a no brainer. If the Cavs trade Bynum for Richard Jefferson, when they have a chance to get Pau, it wil only support Lebron’s idea for leaving Cleveland. The Lakers have no reason to pay this tax. 20 million is alot of money just to throw away, even for billionaires. The only reason they would keep Pau is if Kobe steps in and says so.

  • Jon

    The Cavs will probably give up Sergy Kasasev.

  • Galvin Music

    The Lakers are hurt financially.This trade confirms bankruptcy.Sell the team now.

  • Galvin Music

    The Lakers are essentially a expansion team right now.If the Buss family decides to sell the Lakers this is appealing to potential new buyers.Keep shedding salaries.

  • Apex

    Gasol will be traded soon. For some including myself it’s tough to see Gasol go, but this would be the smartest thing the lakers organization has done in a long time. If the trade goes through sooner then later it gives us options, and may lead to something big. A) they can just waiver bynum and save the 20 million or B) use bynum as leverage, package him up with a couple of our bench players and make a trade to a team that wants to go deeper in the playoffs. Option A seems pointless in my mind unless another team wants to give away a good player before trade deadline to free up cap space of their own and make a move to go a different direction and make a push in the playoffs. But that can be pretty tricky to pull off. Option B would be a pot boiler if they can magically pull something out of their ass and surprise everyone. There are a few teams out there especially in the east and some in the west that would like to have bynum on their team come playoff time, and would be willing to give up a good player to get him. In return we get a descent player that doesn’t cost too much, then when summer rolls around we grab a couple good players and we lock down an all around good team, not one that has two superstars on it…..
    Wishful thinking right. I know!!!

  • Brandoooooon

    If Gasol gets traded, the tanking officially will begin. We will lose a veteran big man (although slow and doesn’t play defense most of the time) who can post up, shoot from mid, and can pass better than most of the guards on the team. But if he does leave, I would hope nothing for the best for him in Cleveland.

  • Gust

    This trade is a terrible idea flat out.

  • rich

    If the Lakers trade gasol, I am getting rid of my cable subscription. And so should everyone else in LA.

  • JohnC

    Pau will be much cheaper next year – LA Lakers know it.

    Whether you bring Melo, Love or ?? if LA want to rebuild the team you need to add talent if you want a championship; not to replace talent.

    And reading so much negative stuff about Pau is tiring —> I have said it many teams: Pau, you should leave and play for a real championship contender.

    I love watching basketball, not just DUNKS… b a s k e t b a l l. And it’s a truly spectacle to watch Pau, one of the most talented, skillful centers you guys have seen ever.

  • SockPuppet

    Pau for Bynum and No.1 pick Anthony Bennet … yes. but for Dion Waiters …No Way!

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