Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum Talks Heating Up

Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum Talks Heating Up


PauGasolThe trade talks between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly heating up. After rumors that the team was talking about a Pau Gasol for Andrew Bynum swap that would save the Lakers nearly $20 million in cap space, reports surfaced that the talks had stalled.

Now those reports have been overturned.

According to an alert from ESPN, things between L.A. and Cleveland are getting closer to reality.

Lakers, Cavs make progress on trade that would involve Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, according to sources.

There was another report from Brian Windhorst that the two teams made progress today, and that the Cavs want the deal done tomorrow.

It might be a vague rumor, but it’s something. If the Lakers did manage to re-acquire Bynum for Gasol, there would likely be a major salary dump, including Bynum, in an effort to free up more cap space for the future. There might also be a pick or low-end player heading to Los Angeles, too, but so far that hasn’t been reported.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes in, but for now at least it seems that Gasol might finally be headed out of Hollywood.

In case you missed it, Mike D’Antoni talked about Kendall Marshall’s career night on Friday.

  • kobe24

    Yeah can we stop talking about this till it actually happens??? I think this is the 5th + time its on Lakersnation about this subject and its just rumors right now

    • TomK

      It’s no rumor that the Lakers are NOT making the playoffs, and most likely in the lotto for a draft pick, What amounts to be seen is if they pick up the Cav’s pick, and cap space to add two or three good free agents.

      • Samuel Hore

        Cavs fan here, and the Cavs have refused to match the offer that the Lakers want, which is Bynum (to drop and save 20M), Alonzo Gee, and either the Cavs 2014, Memphis 2015,or Sacramento 2014 1st round pick that the Cavs have. they have also asked for Russian swingman Sergey Karasev instead of the first. The Cavs previously wouldn’t budge and were saying that they would give up Miami’s first round pick that the Cavs possess. There has been progress, and compromise made, and this trade will likely happen. It will be interesting to see which side budges, as the Cavs have been known as terrible trade partners who don’t like to compromise very much. The Cavs are using Utah’s willingness to trade Richard Jefferson as leverage in the trade, as the Cavs may receive a first round pick in that trade as well. I hope a deal gets done, and I hope that you Lakers fans have better basketball ahead of you

        • Chyeah

          Where is your source from?

        • the_dude_abides

          I’d definitely take Miami’s 1st rounder (2015?) and the Cav’s 2014 2nd rounder, plus Gee and Bynum for Pau.

    • ra

      Basically, the best ‘possible’ that the Lakers could do, even if they went through with this trade, is to get a 1/4 chance of the top draft pick. Recall that the ‘bottom 4 teams’ vie for the top pick, and ‘chance’ completely determines who actually gets the top pick.

      So, the Lakers could get one of the top 4 players in the draft. Once again, those coming out of college this year are ‘good’ players, not ‘great’ players, and certainly not ‘championship-potential’ players.

      So, trading Gasol is ‘purely’ a financial consideration. In that sense, of course the FO is considering saving money. Why? Because they’re losing money from the failure of this season. Not that they’re ‘bankrupt’ from this season, but their resources will dwindle unless they load up the team (next year) with more NBA-star players, rather than a collection of ‘ok’ players. They re-signed Kobe to keep the stock up, at least a little bit. Without Kobe in the next 2 years, the Lakers are just another average team.

      The team concept, which is actually good (D’Antoni’s system), only works if ‘everyone’ is healthy, and all the pieces operate as designed. One person out of place, and the team concept has a great chance of breaking down (like it has). The ‘new Lakers’ were designed to have Nash at the helm (at least, originally, for 2 years). Then, in the hopes that one or more of these last 2 seasons would have led to a Championship run, it would have helped the stock of the Lakers.

      Now, the stock value is dropping. Even if Melo came here, there would have to be others to help him, and Kobe, get to the Finals next year. That person would be — Gasol. So, if the Lakers are giving that up, what have they got to replace that?

      Lakers are now on the long term plan, and the short term may not include another championship for Kobe :(. They’ll get back to the ‘old’ Lakers, but maybe in 4-5 years.

      It will never be the same as it was, but of course I’m still a Lakers fan (and maybe, a spoiled Lakers fan because we had Kobe all those years, Shaq, etc. – what a great run – no longer the case now).

      • Lolza

        “So, the Lakers could get one of the top 4 players in the draft. Once again, those coming out of college this year are ‘good’ players, not ‘great’ players, and certainly not ‘championship-potential’ players.”




        Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Embiid, Exum, Gordon, Smart.

        At least two of those guys will be ‘great’ players.

        How will they get back to the “old” Lakers if they don’t get a good draft pick? Who is there that wants to come play for them? Is Love a potential best player on a championship team? No. Is Carmelo? No. Is Westbrook? No.

        Like keeping an old tiring Gasol around with Kobe and Carmelo would win you a title.


  • 3339

    Lakers better be doing their homework on this upcoming draft/ free agency because this trade basically shows where their focus is. They can’t afford to mess up with those since they are tanking on this season.
    It would be nice if jimmy and dantoni would go take a hike and let the real brains of the organization in Mitch and Jeanie fix this mess. Mitch and Jeanie are more than qualified to turn this thing around if allowed to do it, but jimmy isn’t going anywhere unfortunately which means they could mess up with the draft and free agency.

    • Johnjie Villas

      They should sell the Lakers to Phil Jackson so Dantoni and Jimmy can take a hike.. Just saying

  • 張棟崴

    Damn he just finished the game with nearly a triple-double and then the lakers wanted to trade him today.I know it’s all about the team and their future but I really feel sad for Pau..he have done so much for us:(

  • Jay Tala Romano

    I am still waiting for D’Antoni to be shipped out of the Lakers. How much does the Lakers owe this nutcase anyway? Why did they give him a long contract?

    • legendary

      Let’s all raise money and pay D’Antoni his remaining salary which will be between 6-10 mil. :)

  • Terrence

    The salary dump/cap relief point is dumb. Gasol’s contract is already expiring, so that cap relief will be there regardless. This move means that the Lakers will just save luxury tax money and whatever is left on Bynum’s contract for this year. As a rebuilding move, unless there is a draft pick included, it doesn’t do anything to improve that because the cap space at the end of the season is there regardless. The Lakers have already lost money because of how the season has gone and fans/promotions pulling out. So the savings from just a salary dump will be diminished. The Cavaliers of course want us to to give up Gasol for less than what we can get for him and this ESPN update reeks of them trying to pressure the FO to accept the deal sans draft pick.

    • mindcrime

      More nuanced than that. If they get rid of Gasol now, instead of after the season, they will be under the cap and will avoid triggering the repeater tax …

      • Terrence

        I lumped it with the luxury tax, but I should have been more clear. The repeater tax still is for this year. They can avoid it next year by signing free agents carefully. Blake is also expiring this year in addition to all the one year contracts, so the Lakers actually have 25-27 million immediately off the books once the season ends.

    • Samuel Hore

      If they trade for Bynum, and waive his contact before Tuesday, they save 25 Million dollars in luxury tax threshold for being repeat offenders.

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    Why do you want to bring Bynum back to the Lakers.He bombed out once,why go back to something that didn’t work the first time.Gasol is putting out.If you want to trade someone,trade Nash.

    • Ransom Ballard

      We are not keeping Bynum he will be wavied as soon as the trade is done remember getting below the luxury tax is very important

    • Terrence

      We would just waive him to avoid paying his contract, so it equals instant savings. This is not trading for a player the team would expect to contribute.

    • Al Haldie

      NASH is getting 9 mil this yr and PAU is getting 19 mil- and if you were saveing money who would dump and they are not going to keep BYNUM he will never play a game with the LAKERS….

    • Samuel Hore

      If the Lakers bring back Bynum, it will be to cut him the day he becomes a Laker, as I said previously, to save 25 million dollars.

  • Gregory Choa

    If this does end up happening, it’s gotta include an asset – either Anthony Bennett and/or a draft pick, otherwise this deal makes no sense and becomes an incredibly bad PR move – it can’t just be a cost-cutting measure…

    • Terrence

      Agreed. The Lakers have already lost revenue because of how the season is going. A surrendering now to rebuild statement this early in the season would lose them millions.

      • LakersFan248

        I don’t think the Lakers are too upset about losing a few million in revenue. Stand to make $150m per year on their TV deal.

        No way is Bennett or a high pick coming back. The Cavs don’t want Gasol that badly, he’s getting $20m this year. The Lakers won’t re-sign him next off season even if they wanted to. Cavs will keep him for the season, hope he plays well and wants to stay in Cleveland. If not, they’ll be saving a ton of money because of his expiring contract.

  • e3bonz

    The Cavs are desperate to get rid of Bynum, but to trade Pau is just stupid IMO.

    • wildrover4

      The Cavs can just cut him. The contract isn’t guaranteed.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • TeamMike206

    Throw in Kyrie and they can keep their 1st

  • hoperhetoric

    keep gasol!!! He looked revived when Kobe returned last month. Again
    when Kendall knows how to play him last night. His defensive effort
    & rebound looks better last night. I think nash knows how to set him
    up too! Farmar & Blake are just perimeter point guards. So Gasol
    should always be paired with Kendall, Nash, & Kobe!

    Trade Kaman + draft picks for Bynum!
    now learn that we can easily reenforce w/o tanking because we are rich
    in other teams rejects that mostly shines in the Lakers.
    Melo or Luol Deng is my bet in the next free agency!

    everyone becomes healthy by february, we will make the playoffs. But if
    we dream to win a ring, we trade kaman for bynum! to regain the
    rebounding dominance!!!!!!

    • hoperhetoric

      If Kaman will just level up his confidence that he is good as Gasol, Then it’s ok to trade Gasol. Kaman, Hill & Bynum will be the new twin towers that will dominate the rebounding in games like the two peats. Kaman is a more consistent perimeter shooter so Bynum & Dantoni will still have good spacing. Gasol can return to the lakers for less money in the free agency if he still wants to.

      the lakers are still weighting if they gonna give up the season or not!
      If kendall, young, gasol & lakers win atleast 50% of games till
      kobe/farmar/blake returns then they will be hoping for a playoff run!
      U know kobe will compete! If the lakers win tomorrow against denver & some
      road games, then their spirit to make a playoff run is good!
      If that happen, then Bynum is the key to go all the way for a ring! His rebounding dominance!
      forget, the lakers really dont want to let go bynum, they just gambled
      that dwight will resign!!!! Most fans don’t want to let go bynum for
      Dwight because of his better offense.
      So the lakers are just in
      disguise that they want bynum just for cap dump, but truth they want to
      correct their mistake of trading him!!!! They keep talking that length
      is the key to beat miami.
      Lakers had been dominated in rebound by
      raptors, pistons, golden state, Okc, etc even w/ kaman, gasol, hill!
      they are not enough!!!! so the biggest free agent to have is bynum! we
      have plenty of scorers already. Nick young is an all star!
      cap penalties is nothing to the lakers if they see a sign that they can make a good run in playoffs.

      • hoperhetoric

        Bynum, Hill, & Kendall I think should be the foundation after Kobe era. Those 3 are future top in their skill positions. We may get Deng/melo etc in the free agency but as long as Lebron, Durant/Westbrook, aldridge/lillard are around, Lakers cannot surpass them unless. those 3 above are the Xfactor that should team up to the Lakers next super star!

        • Chyeah

          If the trade is confirmed then there’s no way Lakers are keeping Bynum. They’re going to waive him as soon as he arrives

  • Chyeah

    WOW Lakers are officially tanking

  • Marty Susman

    HOLD tight for Waiters to be included Mitch. If they want a scorer, send Young, I hate to see him go BUT Waiters is a great player.

  • Mickey Mouse

    lol pau gasol for a 1st, bynum, and kyrie

  • Delafontain

    There is no need of “playing too smart” games between the two sides.The Cavs are well known as one of the worst NBA trade partners. They are going to collect at least 5-6 first round pics in the next 2 years and I don’t think, the are willing to send anyone of them to L.A.The question here is:
    They already have collected a lots of them. I think, A.Bynum and C.J.Miles or Bynum plus feeler and 2 second round pics are good enough to get this deal done.
    What a hypocrite Spaniard is Pau Gasoft.He felt that the trade is coming and started to play as in his best days.Last night, against the Nuggets, for 37 minutes he posted 25 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 block-shots and 1 steal.That is All-Star production. So why the Cavs management is not convinced yet to make this deal? Gasoft can help them to get that 8-th spot for the playoffs and he can tutor all of the rookies in their team.What they need more?

  • Harry Belafonte

    @ kobe24

    Dude. This is not just a rumor. the Lakers and the Cavs are talking very intensively to make this deal happen. The problem here comes from the Cleveland side.They want to trade Bynum, because they wants to get something in return, but the salary don’t match, even at 80%. So they need to add a feeler or draft pic. If I am not mistaken, they already have 3 1-st round pics this summer. The same exactly thing happened last year.They are overloaded with quality rookies and still wants to add more. Pau Gasol can help them a lot for the playoff run. And the Lakers will have saved between $ 20 – $ 25 millions from the Luxury taxes this summer. Good deal for both sides.