Lakers Rumors: NY Post Reports Dwight Howard Mocked Kobe In Houston

Lakers Rumors: NY Post Reports Dwight Howard Mocked Kobe In Houston


Kobe Bryant, Dwight HowardThe Lakers have been full of drama all season. And, apparently, more happened during All-Star Weekend.

Here’s something from the New York Post:

Relations between Kobe Bryant and his Lakers teammate Dwight Howard were beyond icy during the weekend’s All-Star game in Houston — with Howard mocking Bryant behind his back in the locker room, sources exclusively tell Page Six. Amid other reports that the Lakers’ chilly on-court chemistry was spilling into the locker room, we’re told that Howard “grabbed Kobe’s uniform, put it on, and imitated him in front of all the other players on the West team. He was joking and berating Kobe” to fellow NBA stars, including the Clippers’ Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant.

You may have to take this with a grain of salt considering the source. Can you picture Dwight Howard doing this? I don’t know but he seemed to be the Dwight Howard of old during All-Star weekend. It was a lighter environment and he looked ultra-relaxed, smiling and joking a lot. Also, he was putting up halfcourt hook shots during All-Star practice and three-pointers during the game. Howard seemed free of all the pressure and criticism from Los Angeles.

—- See Dwight Howard through the years in photos! —-

But if he did do this (and I don’t believe Dwight did), it’ll continue the seemingly-icy relationship between the goofy Howard and the serious Kobe Bryant. In any case, this is the only source that has reported on this supposed behavior by Dwight so until then, it’s hard to believe this story. Also, if you look at the source, it’s from New York. You don’t think they are angling for some sort of trade, are they?

The Lakers resume their regular season against the Boston Celtics at Staples Center on Wednesday. The Lakers are going to look to get revenge from a Boston blowout.

  • Uncle Sticky

    Howard was doing the same thing before they were teammates, I’ve seen the behind the scenes when they were on the National team together. It’s all in good fun, nothing new here. Not saying they’re close friends, but that’s the typical cutting up players do when at All Star games.

  • Gabriel Rosario Garcia

    jajaja this is the way of Howard is, it´s just a joke. i think Howard is so different now cuz is not himself the howard i know is a really funny person but i`ve never seen this way anymore at lakers i just really hope he gets alone well with Lakers and dont leave this team.

  • Sehee Ahn

    Thats why Howard has 0 rings and won’t get a ring. The only reason hes a number 1 center is because there is no other fucking centers in the league. This guy has no offensive moves in the post. Horrible fucking freethrow shooter. Guys a fucking joke. Fuck him get that bitch ass bum out of here.

  • Real Laker fan

    Fuck laker nation u guys keep posting bullshit. All u guys got on the bandwagon in 2011 fuck u all

  • Brown Mamba

    Really REY MORALDE? This is the piece of garbage articles that the Lakers and Laker fans DONT need!!! This is the type of S*#! Kobe was talking about when he said that the media tried to make something out of nothing even if yo got this from some other stupid source why in the hell would you post this on a LAKER fan site like if we need this.. DO your job and get some good articles in here

  • Daniel Castro

    This is a bullshit article. Haven’t you seen what players do during the All Stars? They talk smack. That’s Magic did to Jordan, that’s what makes the game fun. Trying to stir shit up thats not there.

  • Rasheed

    I didn’t know about him wearing Kobe jersey and doing imitation. Thanks for the interesting information. I was happy to see him having fun at NBA All-star weekend games.

    Frankly, I feel Dwight’s pain and Kobe’s frustration.
    Dwight’s numbers are good and I don’t know who these people are treating him like a joke. Yes, there is an issue with his attitude but it is expected with so much ego and star power.

    As a NBA fan, 1st question that came to mind was can Dwight perform in L.A system, specially with KB24? I am beginning to think like this is similar to Shaq vs Kobe. Now it is Kobe vs Dwight. Dwight have to do what Kobe did: Take over the games and play more effectively. Every month we as fans are expecting that soon D12 will start dominating but it hasn’t happen till now. Reason D12 injuries and bad coaching.

    D12 needs to think about the ring! For that he will have to do whatever it takes to adjust in (worst coaching system) ever. Every interview D12 is saying he is focused on current issues. He doesn’t want to talk about other maybe’s or if’s. I like that attitude. Just play the game. As a player he has the right to be at anywhere if the situation is not right for him in L.A. I feel sorry for the management, they hired bad coach/average coach who is giving average or below average results. They already fired one coach, they cannot fire another coach. They are now stuck with him due to Nash. Nash and coach didn’t bring much to the table so far, I was expecting Nash/D’Antoni combination to work but it hasn’t worked so far. Most of the issue are due to injuries and lack of playing time together. Despite all the drama, we saw few glimpse of hope when they played together and had some minor streaks.

    When D12 signs up with Lakers long term, Kareeb A. Jabbar can teach few moves like he did to Andrew Bynum.

    Dwight wants ring. The day he start thinking he needs a ring, the attitude will change. Lakers have multi-issues. All can be fixed in due time with proper approach from all sides who are defined as Lakers.

    Please someone pass this information to Lakers owner if you have contact with them.
    $100 million dollar market rescue plan by Dr. Rasheed.
    If I was boss of the Lakers, I would do a big conference meeting on one day with all players and coaching staff separately and one meeting all of them together. Hear both sides and then set a time table to resolve issues and set goals within remaining NBA schedule. (Discussion is a must for all of them in one room! No one leaves the room until they find out what are the issues)