Lakers Rumors: Nick Young Expected To Opt Out Of Contract Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="237"] One player on the current squad for the Los Angeles Lakers that is currently under contract for next season is Nick Young. Unfortunat [new_royalslider id="237"] One player on the current squad for the Los Angeles Lakers that is currently under contract for next season is Nick Young. Unfortunat Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Nick Young Expected To Opt Out Of Contract

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One player on the current squad for the Los Angeles Lakers that is currently under contract for next season is Nick Young. Unfortunately for the Lakers, Young has the option to opt out of the final year of his deal and appears to be destined to do so.

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According to Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com, Young is expected to opt-out of deal in order to test free agency:

“While Swaggy P bathes in the attention of the uncertainty, Nick Young has made up his mind to opt out of his contract with the Lakers and become a free agent this summer, he strongly indicated to NBA.com.”

Young testing free agency always seemed to be inevitable regardless of the circumstances. If the Lakers were contending for a title this season that may have changed, but Young being content with earning only $1.2 million next season never seemed like a realistic possibility.

Fortunately, Young has enjoyed his time with the Lakers and has an interest to remain with the team moving forward. The real question is whether the Lakers will be able to outbid other teams interested in his services.

Young believes he’s worth more than $1.2 million heading into the off-season via Howard-Cooper:

He doesn’t see himself as a $1.2-million player.

“Oh, no,” Young said. “Not at all. Most definitely. I deserve much more than that.”

With Young showing that he’s still a force to be reckoned with offensively, there is a strong chance many teams will express interest once he officially opts out. Although teams will come calling, the Lakers do have the edge, but it is unclear whether they’re willing to pay him enough to keep other teams at bay.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    I think he is trying to get paid at least $7 to $9 million dollars if not more.This dude wants to get paid loot and his numbers indicate he should get paid in full.If the Lakers can nail him down with a 4 year deal worth $22 million dollars that would be a steal for the ;Lakers and Swaggy P loves the Lakers so much and he is dating Iggy the singer then he will take the deal to stay on his favorite team for the long term and live the LA lifestyle.Basically it’s a full mid level exception deal.Stay Man.

    • Josh

      His agent said he was looking for basically a salary reset when he came to the Lakers last summer. Start at a minimum salary and work up gradually, not jump to maximum dollars right away. He might come back for as little as $3 million, but I think the Lakers would be better off letting him go if he opts out. He’s not a team player, he doesn’t defend, and I think I’ve seen him pass the ball twice since coming to the team.

      • CAP

        He is a good bench for 15 points a night. 4 years 10 mil.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss


    • imbwar

      There is no way Nick is getting 7/9 range when Deng, Gasol and some other top FA not named Melo, will be looking for… the Lakers are hoping that Gasol takes 9 mil, Nash is a 9 now…Nick isn’t a all-star, a starter…and he is a volume shooter, who doesn’t rebound, play off the ball, not a good on ball defender and doesn’t make plays for other guys…AND I LIKE Nick and want him to stay just not at 7/9 mil… yes a 4 year deal between 22/28 would do it..though if Nick and his agent can convince a team to give him 30/34 then yes Nick I gone because the Lakers aren’t paying that…

  • PlayerHaters

    Wouldnt really be a surprise. Thank you for your services Swaggy P but we dont necessarily NEED you. An exciting player to watch but his flaws make it difficult for Lakers to invest so much in him. If you stay, great. If you go, good luck.

  • purp&goldpride

    5-6 million per year…4 year contract would be appropriate. Anything over let him go

  • Jim213

    Given FO’s flawless business dealings? smh can’t afford him. FO needs to address the main weaknesses of this roster which apply to PG, PF, and C positions. The roster has a lot of solid shooters that will likely be taking a smaller role to an extent when Kobe returns.

    I’d prefer if FO re-acquired Hill if they’re looking to spend $4-5 mil but not sure if any big will stick around if the coach remains. May end up seeing a 4 guard starting rotation with Sacre and Kelly at the 5?! :o

    But let’s observe if inept moves still continue in the off season.

    • Jim213

    • HaterPlayers

      PG, PF, & C??? So basically every position then -_- cuz the SF position is pretty weak too and im pretty sure Kobe wont be able to fulfill the SG position for the entire upcoming season. If Jordan Hill wants to leave then let him go. You have to understand something very clearly: THIS ROSTER IS WEAK. WHAT WERE YOU EXPECTING THIS SEASON??? Even if this team managed to make the Playoffs (with or without MDA) they would sadly have gotten swept in the 1st round! (And this year’s Draft Pick would have gone to waste)

      • Jim213

        Duh really?! FO isn’t going to address all the team’s issues in one season. Their hands are currently tied with bad contracts which goes for the coach position too. But it’s on them given they’re signing the checks. Not exceeding my expectations for the season which was lack of depth.

        At least they have some good pieces (4-5) to build with even if they’re bench or role players. FO ain’t scratching the whole roster and starting new next season. Even if they made the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed it doesn’t change the fact that they need better starting role players in the lineup. Piece by piece b/c everything isn’t going to be fixed overnight.


        • PlayerHaters

          Actually my point is for you to “live with it”
          “But will inept moves continue in the off season?”
          Just how many off seasons have they had to make moves since the passing of Dr. Buss? SMH. Dr. Buss was involved in FO decisions til the very end. Jordan Hill has already hinted at wanting to leave, Kaman aint coming back, so what good pieces at the 4/5 do we really have to build with? Only ones left would be Gasol, Kelly, and Sacre. Gasol’s defense is bad, Kelly aint an offensive threat and gets abused by bigs on the other end, and Sacre? Lol i hope youre not considering Sacre to be a “good piece”

          You should take your own advice #rollwithit and stop complaining about this season

          • Jim213


            The results speak for themselves when it comes to FO’s
            moves but it is what it is. Just simply bringing the issues to the forefront tho others (masses) perceive it differently resulting in either positive or negative emotions.

            Less than 2 weeks remaining for everyone to put this behind. Yet the last thing any business does is bring back bad pieces that have shown to stagnant PROGRESSION!

          • PlayerHaters

            Well my emotions are neither positive nor negative. This season was to be expected with the roster we’ve seen. FYI you dont have to bring the issue to the forefront cuz alot of DUMB LAkers fans have already been crying about it. Well the only one i consider a “bad piece” is Sacre. But sadly hes a guaranteed player for next season

    • michael

      It would be smart, if we give him a 4 year contract at about 20-24 mio. The FO needs players to build around and kobe+young seems like a good deal for me.
      For the rest, why don’t we trade our pick for love? resign gasol (and trade if he got a big price tag).
      For PGs we have to take Farmar and nash and get a good one next year

  • Gregory Choa

    Swaggy P’s real value to the Lakers is ultimately and intrinsically linked to Kobe Bryant’s status and ability to return to form and stay healthy next season. If Kobe’s playing 30-35 minutes per game, I would argue that Young’s services are no longer really required, especially if Meeks and X are re-signed at what figures to be a much lower price point.

    • michael

      x is injury prone and meeks is no good as a forward.

  • afs

    He’d return for less if we actually are in a playoff situation. But quite frankly, I personally wouldn’t want to return when I can make 3x the money and be playing in a winning situation.

    Our only hope would be if we gave him more money (which he deserves), and maybe persuade him to stay by convincing him of what we have and what we can get.

    But that’s Jim Buss’ job, and I’m not sure how well he can communicate and recruit players like his Dad did.

  • Lewis Smith Jr.

    he might be opting out so the Lakers can pay him more.
    its simple he remains “interested” in the Lakers but look to see if idk the clippers or goldem state or maimi heat offer him a nice deal if not off course the Lakers are gonna offer him a contract just worth more money because they have it think about it guys he isnt “Swaggy P”for no reason yezzys cost money man.

  • Steve

    Young should definitely get a 5 year deal for like 40 mill or more..

  • cyborgspider

    I like him, he’s great for Los Angeles, and deserves to play for a winner. Great chemistry guy… BUT don’t overpay or sacrifice salary space for him. If signing him at a big deal costs the Lakers flexibility to possibly (hypothetically) sign Deng and then Love next year, then we should pass. But like someone mentioned before, the MLE sounds good. And market the hell out of him. He’s LA’s most likeable sports star.

  • truth24

    Dumbass laker fans let him go he ain’t that good! Wtf is wrong with you people lakers don’t need him. Seriously everyone has lost their damn minds before it was ooooh keep xavier henry or marshall is the next Steve nash!!! Are you fucking kidding me these guys are bums!!!!! Kobe you need to join the Knicks and ride that last ship before retirement!! Phil is gonna gather a beast coaching staff and run the triangle. Lakers are not going anywhere with those idiots in FO.

    • PlayerHaters

      Lmao are you a fan or a hater? “those idiots in FO” wow do you know anything about the LAkers history? Any history before the Dr. Buss era? They might end up doing bad for all we know OR they might end up doing good. Their moves have been questionable at best. They havent been on their own for that long for us to start drawing conclusions about their intellect. LAkers have had ups and downs before. THAT HAPPENS WITH EVERY TEAM DUH. We had our great run but this was inevitable. You should start judging them on how well they’re going to rebuild this team. BTW im one of the few that agrees on letting Nick Young leave. Truth is he’s not that great. But wtf was that bout Kobe going to Knicks?! Thats some pussyass shit! And Knicks are gonna need more than Phil Jackson to start winning championships LOL

  • Stamos

    Lakers. Do not overpay for this guy.

  • imbwar

    At 29 years old, Nick has to cash in now, this is and will be his last chance at a “big” contract… the Lakers aren’t going to play hardball with Nick knowing that Jodie is really wanting a long term deal… now, if the Lakers offer Nick a 4yr/ 26mil with the last year a player option, Nick will take it.. he is not going to get more than 6 million on the open Market when 1. he is a volume shooter who comes off the bench and who would be 33 at the end of any multi deal.. and 2. Gasol maybe in that 9 million dollar range and guys like Loul Deng in that same range… and Jodie is younger than Nick, yet Jodie isn’t going to break the bank either with the Lakers, who if Kobe was playing Jodie wouldn’t have gotten the minutes or shot attempts, and with Kobe coming back it moves Jodie back to the bench, if Jodie can get a 3yr 18mil I hope that would be something he would be interested in… though I am sure his agent will be looking for a 4 year deal, which the Lakers cant afford to give IF they give Nick the same deal.. if any of these guys come back they are looking at 3/4 year deals including Farmar, with no contract worth more than 18 million in total value…

  • Jerome230

    I Think We Do Need To Keep Swaggy P With A Different Coach Keep In Mind That That The Starting Lineup Will Not Change Every Single Game Which Will Make It Easier For The Players To Know What They Need To Bring Each Game If They’re Settled In To A Rotation And With Kobe You ALWAYS NEED A 3RD SCORING OPTION AND HE CAN DEFINITELY LIGHT UP THE BASKET!

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