Lakers Rumors: Nick Young Angling For Long-Term Contract With Lakers

Lakers Rumors: Nick Young Angling For Long-Term Contract With Lakers


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Arguably no member of the Los Angeles Lakers roster did more for his value around the league last season than Nick Young. The Lakers leading scorer last year, Young stepped up for a team that was devoid of a leader thanks to the injuries to Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.

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Young will likely opt-out of his contract and test the free agent waters this off-season. But according to Basketball Insiders’ Lang Greene, the Lakers are still the top team on Young’s list:

A source very close to Young recently told Basketball Insiders the Los Angeles native would prefer to wear a Lakers uniform next season despite the uncertainty of the team’s roster and the vacant head coach position […] According to the source, the purpose of opting out of his deal would be driven by the desire to lock up a more lucrative long term contract with the Lakers.

Young and the Lakers seem to be a perfect fit. Now the two sides just have to work out the right terms on a long-term contract. Young can score as good as any player in the league and is someone who thrives coming off the bench — a rare commodity in this league.

Young has long expressed his desire to return to his hometown team and has even mentioned taking a pay cut to remain here. He clearly loves being a Laker and having a chance to play and learn from Kobe Bryant is something that could help him even more.

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The Lakers have a lot of players to make decisions on this off-season, but retaining Young may be at the top of the list.
Kobe Bryant On Jimmy Kimmel, Talks Coaching Search, D’Antoni Gone, And Nick Young’s Zero Athletic Ability

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  • Andy


  • Jordan

    LOL and you guys Lakers Nation are helping with the stay Swaggy P. campaign.Ya he is leaving sorry to break the bad news.Nick Young is wanted…Other teams want him and are willing to spend as in the Lakers case they are trying to pay other people and that’s nobody on the Lakers roster from last season.He will not stay.

    • Jim2

      Kobe/Nash is getting $33M/yr and will most likely not contribute. What is wrong with Swaggy getting a payday. Keep charging Swaggy.

      • richard

        Mostly likely NOT contribute?

    • Jim213

      Weird with the kooks not wanting Love, Melo, or anyone who doesn’t bring it defensively. Yet they would rather have Young who is a worser defender aside of his on the court antics? Hopefully, FO skips on him especially if they end up acquiring a player like R Hood by drafting down then they’d be no need to over pay players especially one’s who don’t play on both ends of the floor.

      • e3bonz

        I thought he was a great asset on the bench team, what kind of money is he thinking?

        • Jim213

          More than $5 mil per year I’d say. But in truth Young’s earned less than $18 mil in the league. He’d be better off going elsewhere to get paid as I’d rather sign both Bazemore and Meeks for close to $5 mil total as another blogger has mentioned.

    • KB24

      NICK YOUNG SAID HE IS WILLING TO TAKE A PAYCUT TO STAY other teams will offer him 4 yr (28-30 mil), lakers can offer him from 20-22 mil(4 yr) what is 8-10 million if you can stay long term for the lakers, he already earned enough coz he is already a veteran and he can still earn money after his next contract and his DREAM IS TOO RETIRE AS A LAKER

  • LAL

    $12/4 years should be the max offers if the Lakers are looking to add 2 top agents (Love/Durant/Westbrook/etc).

  • TJ Hooker

    He wants A Jamal Crawford type of money. But honestly i rather split that contract to Meeks and Bazemore.

    • richard

      Agree… Bazemore is a steal in that deal with GSW… he may become a long term laker players… come on cheap, plays on both ends of the floor with intensity… and doesn’t shrink back from challenge. Him and Meeks will be a very good addition on the bench. And not to mention, Bazemore can play point. Imagine a back court trio of Bazemore-Kobe-Deng/Ariza… we can have a front court of Gasol-Hill

      • KB24

        Cmon guys if lakers will resign meeks(which is 0% possibility) it is for vets…..they are sub par defender but still THE BETTER OVERALL IS YOUNG NOT MEEKS, if we will resign meeks lakers will use him,no.7,possibly sign hill and trade them for love phx will get k martin and minny will get was(18) pick from the draft,they can go back to tanking where they should really be

        • richard

          you dont mention defense alongside Young…. Meeks and Bazemore are way better defenders than Young could ever dream. You are not watching games if you can’t get that.

  • Gus

    Nah man he is not coming back for cheap,can’t overpay anyone anymore.

  • $20509373

    So long Swaggy. This team can’t tie up long term money in him. He’ll get a better offer from other teams and probably bolt.

  • Gus

    Look for the Orlando Magic or the Bulls to overpay for him.They need bench help.

  • Bill

    If he wants to play for $2.5 million per year on a 4 year deal worth $10 million bucks then come on back and retire as a Laker if not then see ya farewell.

  • Swisher Sweets

    Maybe he stays as but just opt in if you love the Lakers so much!OPT IN!!!!!!!!!

    • comrade24

      he’s gotta pay for all the clothes and shoes that were stolen from him! lol

  • Fabian

    For real he needs to just play on his opt in and next season get paid $3 mill per.

  • comrade24

    He has said before that he would be willing to take less money to play for the Lakers. I’m sure that will be more than his player option but i feel pretty confident he’ll return next season. If we end up with a decent team next season i would think he’d be one of the frontrunners for 6th man of the year.

  • SwaggyPW

    6th man award next year. . . WATCH

  • LegendInMyMind

    I don’t think he’s got the necessary skill set to contribute in a major capacity to a championship contender built around Kobe. On a good team, he’s getting 10 minutes a game and not jacking up so many shots. Then what is he?

  • Derek Clark

    Understandable. Dude put up Kobe type numbers in the minutes he was getting (Bryant career 25 ppg in 37 minutes, Young 17 ppg in 28 minutes). Carried the team offensively more often than not. Fan favorite, 98% of Lakers fans love him. Competitor on the court, as seen with Alex Len and Drew Gooden. Great locker room spirit. Mitch has been quoted saying he hopes Nick Young will be a Laker for a very long time. Let’s see if they put their money where their mouths are.

  • Andy L

    What’s with all the negativity regarding Swaggy all of a sudden? Kid has heart and that’s worth paying for. Sign his ass!

  • Barry Bunes

    By by nick he is not laker material

    • Chrmngblly

      I think you are so wrong. It would cost us several mil a year just to hire a clown to do what he did for the Lakers last year. PR-wise he was a saving grace of the whole Laker’s season—PLUS he played really well on one end of the court. Put him on a three year contract with the 3rd year a team option at $4-5M/per.

  • Dino Madness

    It would be unwise for Nick to stay here with the Lakers because other teams who can commit to him will be paying premium dollars for his services. The Lakers are unable to commit long term and will not be able to offer any type of deal that would be fair for Nick Young’s talent.

    • Tune

      Until you realize you can live in LA, be in the spotlight doing stuff like throwing the first pitch at a Dodgers game or going to a Kings game. Not to mention he’s never had any recognition until he came here. He can easily get some type of deal with a shoe company or clothing company in LA to make up for the money.

      • Dino Madness

        I think the difference will be too much for any outside contract to make a difference. You got to remember that the Lakers need to continue penny pinching so they can land some quality free agents in the 2015-2016 season. Most of the players that they will sign will be on a one year contract just like last year. Anything is possible he might give the Lakers a huge discount but I’m not too optimistic about retaining Nick Young.

        • Tune

          I’m sure Nick Young can make a few mil in contracts if he sticks with the Lakers, and location/fame that comes with it is priceless. You can tell by Nick Young’s character that he enjoys the spotlight, so this is a perfect fit for a UCLA player. Also need to remember the fact that he’s a fan of Kobe, playing with your idol is priceless as well.

  • truth24

    hes not championship material

  • VillainKingâ„¢

    Nick Young can be a good scorer but his defense sucks..Need to improve his defense so he can help the Lakers perfectly..

  • rik

    in order for him to stay he needs to take a contract of like the mini mid level.
    he has the physical tools to be a solid defender but he needs to put more effort on D. just taking a charge doesnt mean you’re swaggy D.

  • Lakers4Life

    If he loves being a Laker and wants to win some championships, then he should expect a mediocre salary as a bench scoring role player. That would fit him best with the Lakers.

  • KB24

    22mil/4 yr deal 5.5 per year resign farmar,xavier for vets,extend qualifying offer for baze(500k),waive brooks,kelly sign diaw hill/blatche or any rim protector better than sacre,joe harris (500k)

  • KB24


  • Evan

    Lakers could probably afford to give him 4-5 mill/year. But, if he’s down to play for 3-4, why not? He’d be a great spark off the bench, especially if paired with Smart and Hill in that second unit.

  • Aaron

    Let another team overpay for him

  • Rick

    Forget Young, Gasol, Love. Just because Young took a ton of shots and has No defense does not give the Lakers a good future. Sign Lowery 10 mil, Heyward 10 mil, Draft Randle, You have Kob. Add any center plus Sacre and that’s a good team. It’s not really that hard to figure.

  • catainmidnight

    Bring back Swaggy P. If he’s willing to come back for the hometown discount, bring him back. I like Love, but a lot of you guys are counting your chickens before they hatch. Yes, the Lakers want Love, but they also wanted Dwight and you see how that turned out. Why would Love want to come to a bad team? If the Rockets let Lin and Asik go, they can afford Love. Which team would you rather play for then? Furthermore, why didn’t a team with Love, Rubio, K Mart, and Petrovic, etc. make the playoffs? Draft a point, re-sign Swaggy P and Pau, and maybe Deng. Remember, next year Nash’s 9mil comes off the books. Add 5mil to that and now we have 14mil to give to a FA. There are a lot of good players who’ll sign for that. Think long term, guys.

  • Casey Allen

    Do you all have to be reminded he was playing in D’Antoni’s offense? Check out his career assist total. He shoots and does not pass. Can’t play defense either. I would much rather have Brazemore and Meeks. Not even a contest. Why would you want to tie up that kind of money on a marginal player? Do we not remember the contract we gave Walton? We need to build smart and not just to have a guy throw balls at a basket. Save that money for the studs of the future we need and I guarantee we will get players who want to come and with them at a discounted price who are better than Young. See Miami….if that happens I will go park my butt on some other sport til his contract is up because I will have lost all faith in the management team of Mitch and Jim which is already on shaky ground.

  • Real talk

    Young is garbage

  • iBanonymous

    Let Swaggy play! Laker nation needs to start hitting up twitter lol Mitch and Jimmy better not fudge this up.