Lakers Rumors & News Recap: Pau Gasol Set For Bounce Back Season? Reviewed by Momizat on . With Dwight Howard heading to the Houston Rockets, Pau Gasol will shift back to the center position heading into the 2013-14 NBA season. Gasol took a backseat t With Dwight Howard heading to the Houston Rockets, Pau Gasol will shift back to the center position heading into the 2013-14 NBA season. Gasol took a backseat t Rating:
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Lakers Rumors & News Recap: Pau Gasol Set For Bounce Back Season?

pau-gasol-kobe-bryantWith Dwight Howard heading to the Houston Rockets, Pau Gasol will shift back to the center position heading into the 2013-14 NBA season. Gasol took a backseat to Dwight last year moving over to power forward position and never really getting back to form while feeling out of place as the third option in the offense.

Now that Gasol will be able to resume his role in the paint as the starting center, the two-time NBA champion will have an opportunity to bounce back with a vengeance next season and prove his worth to the team.

Gasol heads into the final year of his contract with the Lakers and will likely be involved in trade rumors once again if the team continues struggle with the NBA trade deadline looming. The Spaniard has been on the trading block for the past few years with a lot of uncertainty surrounding his future in Los Angeles.

Although the team is preparing for next summer’s talented-packed free agent class featuring Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, Gasol may be able to secure another contract with the team with a bounce back season.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Gasol flourishes without Dwight clogging the paint. Steve Nash staying healthy and creating some chemistry with Gasol early in the season will be crucial to the Spaniard’s attempt to bounce back and secure a future with the team. Kobe Bryant potentially not returning until late November or early December may benefit Gasol with the veteran forward becoming the focal point of the offense.

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  • Daryl Peek


    • Jim213


      • Daryl Peek


  • Jack

    Dude has to play good defense for it to be a bounce back season. His offense will be decent. But he’s now our main anchor in the paint on D without dwight, which could get scary. Hopefully the team is putting emphasis in the right areas.

    • richard

      Pau is not a good one on one defensive center. He will never be one. But he understands the defensive side of the ball on team defense. He is adept on it, as you can see in the gold medal match against the USA in 2012 Olympics. As many coaches and former players says about defense.. it is more of a team endeavor than 1-on-1.

      A team can be a great defensive team even without a great defensive center… The Bulls, during the championship days were really really good defensive teams. And they didn’t have a good defensive center.

      • jack

        They had mj and pippen to prevent constant penetration along with rodman inside, with Phil coaching in a less athletic era..we don’t have ANY good defenders other than W.J and dantoni is horrible when it comes to collective team defensive anything really, can’t compare the two. So I’d love to agree w you but… like I said, pau is going to have to step up and be better defensively.

        • richard

          the last time I look… with Pau as our center… we were top 10 on defense with Rambis as our defensive coach… and I think he is back.. last I heard.

          Here is a comment by a blogger named Kevin
          July 31, 2013 at 9:55 pm

          In 08 a backcourt with Farmar, Sasha, Fisher, Kobe, Luke and
          Ariza ranked 6th in steals. Kobe and Fisher were very solid on defense in 08 and the other players made mainly opportunistic plays. Not sureabout Young and Johnson’s instincts but they have some speed needed to jump passing lanes. With a new defense scheme and Rambis back in the fold Lakers may get some of that back and won’t rank 25th in steals like last year.

          In 09 it’s tough to compare to next season because they had the
          continuity and years together to get chemistry down. But Lakers ranked 2nd in steals with Fisher, Farmar, Ariza, Kobe and Sasha on the perimeter.

          In 10 when the pace slowed they ranked 11th in steals. With Farmar, Fisher, Kobe, Ron and Brown as the main 5 man rotation. Man to man defense improved with Metta and Kobe and Fisher aged a bit. But still right around top 10. Still with Rambis on the sidelines and some youth on the perimeter.

          As the pace got even slower and players got even older from 11-13
          they ranked 14th, 30th and 25th. The youngest player on the perimeter that got at least 19 minutes the last 3 years was Brown and Meeks at 25. The other 4 were 30 and over, most springy was Barnes. This year Lakers have at least 4 players 28 or younger who’ll see minutes in the backcourt, drastic turnaround from last 3 years. Not saying a few younger players will make the Lakers the ball hawking team they were. But it could change their defensive mindset to one of aggressiveness and taking more chances rather than sitting back playing prevent defense because they’re so slow. Young legs and having Rambis helps Lakers stay in front of their man, quicker on closeouts and jumping passing lanes.

          But going smaller probably means being a top rebounding team is done so rotations must be quicker and gang rebounding must happen to prevent 2nd chance points from stockpiling. Could be an okay trade off if a nice scheme is implemented.

          • Jack

            I stopped reading when you went into a rant about ’08. It’s 5 years later, these dudes are human, they’re not the same players guy, especially with as much basketball as they play, their injuries are starting to show it. & Phil was HC who had main input not Dantoni at that time regardless of rambis’ presence, once again. Get your logic out of the past.

          • richard

            That’s the issue there… you did not read the comment and so missed the point… the comment is trying to compare the personnel that we have at that time compare to this year and how the defensive scheme ran by Rambis will help the overall team defense of the Lakers this coming season. DOn’t be blind by your bias… look at the roster that executed the perimeter defense…

            And by the way, Pau Gasol, is still Pau Gasol.. he “may” have aged a little bit.. but that in no way tells you that he is miles apart from the way he was in the championship years. Have you seen how he played towards the end of last season? How about the gold medal match at the Olmpics… last I looked it was only a year ago.

            Injuries has been part of Pau Gasol’s career… even in Memphis he missed games… this was due in part to his commitment to team Spain that has him playing all year for almost a decade without the benefit of resting during the summer. That is not the case this coming season.

            All team defense starts with the perimeter defenders…

            Would you take Farmar, Sasha, Fisher, Kobe, Luke and
            Ariza – over Farmar, Wes Johnson, Meeks, Nash, Kobe, Young, E. Harris, and Landry? I don’t see that group in 2008 to be better defensively against the one we have for the upcoming season. Unless otherwise I am blind and I don’t know where to look as far as athleticism is concerned.

          • Jack

            You’re just absolutely reaching realistically. You’re trying too hard to prove your point aha, you really are trying to convince me that a guy who didn’t get drafted and is not athletic in harris, and a guy in landry who has never played in the nba and an undersized jump shooter, and a dude who wasn’t even a real threat defensively in a turkish league in farmar? Some of those players aren’t even on the official roster my man. You’re trying to sell to me we have better defenders now opposed to earl clark metta and dwight last season? Not buying. The league is deeper with talent and more athletic than it was 5 damn years ago when you’re trying to compare rosters. Look at the last few teams other than the lakers to win championships, they all put on defensive clinics at times and were all great defensive teams with great systems and great individual defenders (miami, boston, dallas, san antonio). The lakers this year are no where near the level these teams are/were defensively. I just don’t see how you could think this team can defensively hold teams like miami, okc, golden state, san antonio or any of the top teams. There is alot of work to be done.

          • richard

            the defensive side of the ball is all about team defense… no matter how a team is blessed with defensive players, if they can’t play defense as a team or if they cannot execute defensive team philosophy, team defense is going to suck.. I think that is foremost in last year’s performance defensive wise. And yes, i will bet that our current perimeter personnel are better equip to be a defensive unit than the one we had during the 2001-2010 campaign where we rank in the top 10 defensively as a team without a dominant defensive big.

  • richard

    “It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Gasol flourishes without Dwight clogging the paint.?”

    Pau Gasol has won us 2 championships… he did flourish before D12 came here… where have you been all this time?

    • Toby Parer

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  • Jim213


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