Lakers Rumors & News Recap: Let Us Self Reflect

Lakers Rumors & News Recap: Let Us Self Reflect


The season so far has been riddled with injuries, staff changes, losses, wins, and just an overall roller coaster of events and emotions. What is seemingly becoming the season nobody expected, so far, it is time to look within and ask why things are different. You can blame it on Mike Brown. You can blame it on unforeseeable injuries. You can even blame it on the strength of other competing teams. I say, it’s time to take a step back and do some reflection.

The Lakers had 20 missed free throws and another 19 turnovers against the Pacers two nights ago. They are currently dead last (30th) in the league in terms of total turnovers committed.  The Lakers only had 13 assists vs the Pacers last game. The bench isn’t consistent; not many bench players can be relied on to bring energy and points/assists. Plus the fluctuation of players back and forth to the D-League leaves team bonding at the door. And let’s not forget Dwight Howard, who shoots below 50 percent at the line.

I am really looking forward to the return of Steve Nash. I could, honestly, care less whether Blake comes back. I think trading him out for a better back up PG is in order. Blake is too expensive for too little productivity. What immediately needs to happen though is for the Lakers to settle into a groove and play consistently. As Lakers Nation’s own Elizabeth Benson said, “the battle with consistency is arguably the most frustrating issue that is currently plaguing the Lakers and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.” Come game time, it has been really hard to predict which Lakers team will show up.

I wanted to end on a high note, something I am excited to see changing. That would be the player that is Metta World Peace this season. The Lakers veteran has had his fair share of personal cleansing, the most obvious of which was in September 2011 when Ron Artest officially became Metta World Peace. His decision to change his name was simple:

“Metta is going to be the first name and it means like friendship, love and kindness,” Artest told Stephen A. Smith on 710 ESPNLA in2011. “World Peace is going to be the last name, so everybody can get ready to buy their World Peace jerseys.”

In theory, his strategy was zany, but optimistic. The problem? In reality, Metta didn’t live up to his new name, still displaying a foul attitude and lousy work ethic last season, one in which the whole world witnessed with his infamous elbow to James Harden’s skull.

This 2012-2013 season is different though; if you’ve watched any number of Lakers games this season, you’ve noticed a new and improved Metta World Peace. For one, Metta got into shape,  much better shape than prior to the 2011-2012 season. This has demonstrated a more ferocious and agile player, able to make baskets and better assist his teammates. Metta has also worked on his all around game–namely his three-point shot. This season, World Peace is averaging 14.0 points, 5.1 rebounds, 2.0 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. Most importantly is the fact that his field goal percentage (43.6 percent) and three-point percentage (39.1 percent) are significantly up from last season’s averages of 39.4 percent and 29.6 percent, respectively.

With the degenerating Lakers free throw shooting and a team that hasn’t yet settled into a proper rhythm, its wonderful to see improvement in a player with incredible potential such as World Peace.

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  • Lyle

    How about letting go of Steve Blake and Chris Duhon and tuck Andre Miller in. He’s really fast, even with the age, and can totally back up Steve Nash.

  • Lyle

    If LAL was my team, I’d let go of Pau Gasol. In a team, you have to have scorers, but these “scorers” cannot be everyone on the team. Sure they can score, but they cannot be like Kobe or Dwight. If LAL was my team, I have Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard as the primary scorers. I don’t need Pau Gasol anymore, because he’s soft as always, doesn’t crash the boards, not willing to do any dirty work, not a presence in the paint, and cannot even block shots, cannot even get his own shots anymore. Im gonna go get someone like Kenneth Faried (young, energetic, scrappy especially with the offensive rebounds, shot-blocker) or Reggie Evans (very physical, energetic, does the dirty work) or Kris Humphries (rebounding machine). Maybe Jordan Hill can start, and let the aforementioned people back up Hill. And let MWP come off the bench. He’s definitely a spark off the bench and someone like Devin Ebanks should start (because he has fresh legs and can provide the energy).

    And Kobe has no backup. If LAL was my team, I would go get someone like Cory Brewer to back him up. He’s very fast, can shoot the three in a set play or in transition, decent charity strike shooter, slasher, energetic, young. Meeks is fine, but only offensively. Meeks does not have the fire, aggressiveness, and the defensive mentality. I will add two more to back up Kobe. Another is JR Smith. He can do anything for me if LAL was my team. Score, defend, spark the team, anything. He is feisty, intense, fast, aggressive, and can get his own shots. And lastly, Nick Young. Though he isn’t as mature as expected, well, not yet, but he can really shoot the lights out and is also a good perimeter defender as well.

    Now for Steve Nash’s backup. But again, we don’t have to get stars. We just need to get players that provide more than the money they are paid. So, I’m thinking Andre Miller as a backup. Very high IQ, excellent post player, facilitator, fast, strong, aggressive. Just what you need from a reserve point guard. Another favorite of mine is Goran Dragic. I badly want him in LAL. Why doesn’t the management get him? He is very crafty, energetic, aggressive, has the passion, can score from anywhere, also a good perimeter defender, very fast, and a lefty, also comes through clutch at times. Lastly, Avery Bradley. A really good defender, and pure scorer, more of a combo point guard. Fast, can pass because of his speed to get by his defender and attract help or shoot off the dribble.

    If you have people like Humphries, Faried, or Evans, plus Jamison to backup Dwight and Hill, then the paint is excellent offensively and defensively. People like MWP coming off the bench is a really great idea.

    I can have:

    Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant
    Devin Ebanks
    Jordan Hill
    Dwight Howard
    Andre Miller/Goran Dragic/Avery Bradley and/or Darius Morris
    Jodie Meeks and/or Corey Brewer/Nick Young/ JR Smith
    Metta World Peace
    Antawn Jamison and/or Kris Humphries/Reggie Evans/Kenneth Faried