Lakers Rumors & News Recap: Lamar Odom’s Fate Uncertain

Lakers Rumors & News Recap: Lamar Odom’s Fate Uncertain


Lamar OdomBefore the Los Angeles Lakers agreed to terms with undrafted rookie Elias Harris on a two-year deal, the team reuniting with Lamar Odom appeared to be a likely scenario. Odom remains a free agent almost a month into NBA free agency with the Los Angeles Clippers seemingly passing on re-signing the veteran forward and the Lakers unclear about their intentions to sign or not sign the former Sixth Man of the Year.

Once Harris agreed to terms, the writing appeared to be on the wall with the Lakers also passing on the opportunity to sign Odom. Although one guaranteed contract remains for the team moving forward, the consensus seems to be that they’ll likely sign another young prospect rather than bringing back the two-time NBA champion.

As of right now, the top two players on the team’s radar for the final spot may very well be Chris Douglas-Roberts and Marcus Landry. Douglas-Roberts has been trying to make the team for quite some time while Landry made an impression on the summer league squad in Las Vegas recently.

Another possibility is Austin Daye. Harris coming to terms with the team may have changed the team’s stance on Daye, but there’s still a possibility the Lakers may still be considering the former first-round draft pick.

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  • Jim213

    Good topic no to repost mishaps…

    IMO, I would try keep some of the prospects in the D league for now as athleticism can only take you so far given it’s still about wins and losses. Doing so can also help 2014 FA given the likelihood that some of the players acquired for a 1 yr contract may not return the following season. This would give us a deeper pool of players come 2014 FA as management should sign Odom to a vet contract IMO. What’s going to come out of this?… that he proves naysayers wrong or fails to earn an extension come 2014 FA.

    Although Odom also deserves blame for failing to get the ball rolling weeks back to try to reach an agreement with one of the teams. Odom will bring back experience, chemistry, and reliability when he returns to his usual form. Let’s not forget that by acquiring Odom the odds would likely improve for Gasol to be placed at center like Nash and others believe the team should do next season. Odom could also be signed as the 14th player on the roster given that it’s very likely that some other trades (2 players) will likely occur since the team is still over the cap.

    Lamar is a low risk acquisition that deserves serious consideration though most of the legion (not bad wagoners) don’t dispute this however management is the issue as they rather place a mediocre team on the floor who’d likely require half the season to bond instead of placing players who’ve contributed to Kobe’s and the franchises success and who’ll bring chemistry back which is needed.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      He will be another pass first big man with a less TO rate that can do middle/backdoor penetrate. A proven leader in the locker room that will complement Kobe and the others for his experience, versatility, passing and Chemistry. A re bounder and a nightmare match up for his size and dribbling ability. I will sign him vet min with a clause that say’s “No Chloe’s Garbage Allowed”.

  • Lakers Always

    I actually want Austin Daye. But seriously — who knows? Simply “being a Laker” could be all Lamar needs to play how he plays best. He worked in Phil’s system. He was a triangle guy. It is hard to say how he would work in D’Antoni’s system. However, if we could get Odom on a one year deal, and still pull Daye onto the D-Fenders, that would be a perfect scenario. No clue what we are doing with Douglas-Roberts! Either give him a contract or cut him loose!

  • Tlind

    The lakers know they aren’t gonna be that good so they mine as well get a young player and see if he has any potential to contribute or have a breakout season. This is the first time since 2006-2007 season when the lakers haven’t had championship expectations and will face no scrutiny for doing poorly (amd they will get a good lottery pick) so I think they should take chances on young talent to see if they can find a diamond in the rough

    • richard

      That kind of mindset is not an LAL mindset.. that’s more like the Bobcats mindset… go figure.

      • Eddie Lazaro

        Guess he doesn’t know who he’s rooting for.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      We have some diamonds in the rough in this young additions and I will not give up knowing Kobe still holds the keys to the Lakers. Though everyone is counting us out, I like our chances and feeling that something good is about to come out.

      This team may looked like a lot of aged players with no name young additions in the roster, they are athletic and can shoot a lot of 3s, back door pass, penetrate, and dunk. Given a full training camp to enhance their chemistry and cohesion, this team will be fun to watch. An Underdog on the rise, will surprise lots of nay sayers, maybe even you.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    Sign Lamar, with a “Clause” on his contract. Worst thing he can do is not perform well enough and stay in the bench like some of these kids. If he does work well, then we got ourselves another ball handler, a pass first player who is big and flexible and can play 3/4. He’s a match up nightmare when in great condition (mentally/physically) and will complement Kobe and the others fitting old Chemistry. Chloe has a twisted effect on him since they hooked together and playing with the team that he loved will bring back (hoping) that spark he has missed for a couple of years. Mitch is hesitant, as he might be seeing “Chloe’s Garbage” in the locker room and after last years “Circus”, I can not blame him. I will sign Odom on a vet min with an open “Clause” with a definite “No Gar4bage Allowed!”

    • Jim213

      Clause for a 1 yr contract?… he’d likely be playing overseas in the future though I’d still expect the Lamar we’re all used to seeing play with the Lakers.

      • Eddie Lazaro

        I thought my suggestion is a little rough, but think about it, he’s
        got no one to blame but himself for the crisis. He has to man up and
        stop letting the stereo type wife control his life. I love to see him back and Kobe can help straighten his direction back. He listen to him and had a lot of chemistry together with Pau. He still have a lot of miles left, they are a lot of fun to watch, just his head right now is the one out of whack.

        • Jim213

          He’s already told the K’s that he won’t be part of their shows and yes I agree he’d be the best fit especially if Pau gets placed at Center.

  • aprince66

    I was really hoping they would bring back The machine. Underrated D, able to get the other teams players pissed at him, and a fearless approach

    • Jim213

      If management trades 2 players ex. Blake and Hill to reduce the cap then a vet contract for machine it may be possible though doubtful.

  • Lex M.

    We dont need sorry ass lamar nooo way… We need to keep getting younger!!! Tyrus Thomas or Marcus Laundry

  • smugbill

    why is no one talking about ryan kelly?

    • Jim213

      Hasn’t been signed yet though I thought he would’ve had the 13th roster pick.

  • ersliva


  • Jim213

    If the Lakers/Clipps don’t sign Lamar the best option aside of the Lakers would be Maimi. They’ve expressed interest in Lamar but have faded back given Lamar’s interest to play in LA. However, I don’t think Khloe or even Lamar would mind going to Miami under Pat Riley. That would be something to see…