Lakers Rumors & News Recap: How the Olympics Are Affecting Kobe Reviewed by Momizat on . Kobe Bryant was surprised during yesterday's game against France by one very special guest in attendance, Michelle Obama. The First Lady of the United States of Kobe Bryant was surprised during yesterday's game against France by one very special guest in attendance, Michelle Obama. The First Lady of the United States of Rating:
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Lakers Rumors & News Recap: How the Olympics Are Affecting Kobe

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Kobe Bryant was surprised during yesterday’s game against France by one very special guest in attendance, Michelle Obama. The First Lady of the United States of America watched Team USA play their game and waited until afterwards to meet the NBA stars. With a exuberant grin on his face, Bryant couldn’t wait for his turn in front of Ms. Obama. It is pretty remarkable the stakes that exist in the Olympics; instead of playing for your specific team, Bryant and the rest of Team USA have the chance to represent an entire country, bringing to them fans like Michelle Obama. But we all know she is a huge basketball fan; her brother is the head coach of Oregon State University.

Kobe Bryant also weighed in this morning on a question many have been asking over the past few Olympic games. As of this point, the American basketball players do not get paid for international basketball appearances, but some believe they should be compensated. Even though the Olympic basketball players are sponsored by large companies like Nike, they do not get a share of the profits. Millions of fans buy their jerseys, but the NBA athletes cannot take advantage of their world-wide fame. Bryant, like many others, believes some compensation should take place. He pointed out, however, that although they do not, he and his teammates are honored to represent the USA, and none of them would turn down the opportunity over the issue of money.

What do you think? Should Team USA be compensated for their efforts, or is part of the Olympic experience sacrificing a salary to fight for your country on the athletic arena? What say you Lakers Nation?

For some more Kobe reading, check out Suki  Thind’s piece on how this Olympic game is a precursor to the coming Lakers season for Bryant. Not only had Kobe shed 20 pounds, but his role with this US team is different. Suki does a great job of analyzing these differences and predicting what could be coming this 2012-2013 season.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V6NGPAR5AW4XR5QGN6MGNUGHE4 Donald

    What they already make has nothing to do with if they should get paid in the Olympics.  Whatever they do make, you’d better believe the owners are making a heck of alot more money for having those players on their team.  If not, they are fools for paying the players what they can’t afford to pay them.  As far as being paid in the Olympics, just like the article say’s, multi billion dollar corporations like Nike make even more money during the summer games because people from all over the world are buying their gear, with players like Kobe’s name on the back of the jerseys or whatever gear they’re buying.  So, you believe they should just exploit these players without compensating them?

    • Tomk777

      Only in your messed up mind, can someone who is a multi millionaire, with the freedom to what ever he wants, be exploited. No one forced them to sign up for the Olympics, no one coerced them, and BTW they don’t make anything from jersey sales in the NBA either, that money goes to the team owner, I suppose the Evil owner is exploiting them there too. They sign a contract and are paid a huge salary, there an employee. If they want more, they can buck up and take a bunch of risk, and buy a team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000202471320 Kemberly Boston

    i think they all make too much money
    i think some of all this money should go to something other than corporations or players pockets
    im a life long laker fan and i cannot even afford to go to a live game anymore
    is it seriously only about the money

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/V6NGPAR5AW4XR5QGN6MGNUGHE4 Donald

      Ok, I may agree with you on part of what you’re saying.  Us common folks can’t always afford to go to a game without careful planning and saving.  However, if the players need to allow the money to go to a needy organization or something to that nature, which I belive you’re getting at, then the team owner’s, Nike, Puma, Addias and the rest of the big corporations should do the same.

  • Lozo

    They are all millionaires..and are already well-compensated…this has to be for the love of our country and for the love of basketball…

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