Lakers Rumors: Nets Don’t Want Pau Gasol for Deron Williams

Lakers Rumors: Nets Don’t Want Pau Gasol for Deron Williams


Earlier this week, it was reported that Deron Williams was open to a sign-and-trade deal with either the Dallas Mavericks or Los Angeles Lakers. Any trade involving the Lakers would most likely involve one of their two big men, either Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum.

The Lakers, however, don’t want to lose Bynum, especially for a point guard. This leaves Gasol as the most viable option in the Lakers’ eyes to move for a player like Williams.

But, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, New Jersey isn’t willing to part with Williams for the 7-foot Spaniard.

According to Bondy, the Nets would rather risk losing Williams and have the cap space than take on the bloated contract of an aging power forward. Logistically, that makes sense for New Jersey, especially since Gasol’s stock is dropping with the entire league knowing the Lakers might be trying to move him.

If a deal for Williams or another point guard doesn’t work out for Los Angeles, expect them to attempt to re-sign Ramon Sessions, who was traded to L.A. on last season’s trade deadline.


  • Theohead

    they should try get dwill but give and some1 else to get a big three that would be so dominant or another good pg that may be leaving 

  • Brenan Evans

    send gasol for D WILL 

  • Tony Piacente

    Gasol to Sixers for Iguadala or to Atlanta for Josh Smith, sign D-Will as a free agent, trade Bynum for Howard.

  • matt

    this can still be worked out in a three team trade, sending gasol to another team and the other team can give new jersey young talent.

  • Woosh

    I’m saying we trade both Byrum and Gasol for D-Will and B-Lopez.  We can insert J-Hill at PF, Peace at SF, Kobe, D-Will, & Lopez.
    Sessions, Barnes, McRoberts off the bench

    • Scott

      Do not forget about Ebanks… Future allstar at the 4.

      • Scott

        I meant 3, not 4 ;(

  • Elliot Jackson

    Bynum or Howard is a toss-up! Bynum actually is a better shooter, and has post moves, he just quits sometimes which is frustrating.  The lakers really need a good point guard that can SHOOT!  Sessions is not going to cut it he showed that in the playoffs, blake sucks too.  Dwill would be ideal because of his speed but Steve Nash would also work.  He is slower than Dwill, but he can shoot and space the floor for Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol as well as hit the quick open jumper.  Even if Gasol stays, all we really need is a PG to be able to win another championship.

  • Amouli

    dont make dat  trade,,,,,,we got ramon session……i dink he is way better den dwill…….. ……trade steve blake for andre miller,,,,,,,,,to back up session

    • Lol


    • Doc_boxx

      uhhhh ya noone would ever do that, it would awesome, but ya, not happening.

    • Scott

      Sessions is not that good. Maybe he can become a pretty good backup, but no more. While Sessions is to weak, Andre Miller is to sloooooow.

  • Yahsdha

    the why not try a three way trade deal

  • Bryanh

    The Lakers should think about Pau coming off the bench. They need more spacing inside so if they cant make a good trade for Pau just make the bench stronger,With Pua subbing for andrew Pau can use his passing skills to help keep everybody involved.I think Pau will play better if he has more room.If the lakers can make the trade Bynum for Howard do it because both these guys need a change.Andrew has his rings so go to a rebuilding team, Howard wants a ring so come play with KOBE AND PAU..

  • Cdelicious2003

    if u cant get dwill do not forget about an upcoming young free agent in eric gordon who does not want to resign with new orleans…..and then bynum needs a footwork camp if he had better footwork and balance he would raise a few eyebrows for best center. Pau is still good enough for a sidekick role he is just soft but has great footwork. sounds like him and bynum need to spend a summer together working on their strengths and weaknesses or just trade bynum for marc gasol head up and then i bet u Pau would play a lot harder!

  • Scott

    Keep Kobe, Bynum, Peace, Ebanks, Hill, everyone else can go… Sessions is a backup at best. Blake is done. Gasol make too much money for his contribution and would fit best on another team. LAKERS NEED A POINT GUARD! Trade Gasol for Williams, Rondo, or even Ty Lawson if NJ and BOS do not want to trade with LA.