Lakers Rumors: NBA Executives Predict Pau Gasol’s Potential Destinations

Lakers Rumors: NBA Executives Predict Pau Gasol’s Potential Destinations


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Two-time NBA champion Pau Gasol will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, giving the veteran center the ability to control his own fate for the first time in his career.

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Even though Gasol hasn’t ruled out a return to the Los Angeles Lakers, the writing appears to be on the wall that he’s seriously considering signing elsewhere. Being trade bait for three straight years and seeing the team crumble around him over the last two seasons may have been enough to push Gasol out the door.

According to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, the majority of NBA executives believe four teams will be atop of the list of candidates to land Gasol in free agency:

Gasol, though, will have options. A poll of NBA executives on Gasol’s future returned many of the same answers: Chicago. Cleveland. Charlotte, if the Bobcats believe a Gasol-Al Jefferson front line can stop anybody. Memphis, if Zach Randolph opts out. Even after a disappointing season — and with the understanding that Gasol has never been a strap-a-team-on-his-back kind of player — Gasol will be among the most sought after free agents on the market.

Gasol fell in love with the city of Los Angeles and the fans of the storied franchise ever since he was traded to the Lakers back in 2008 from the Memphis Grizzlies. The Spaniard instantly changed the team’s chances of competing in the Western Conference with Kobe Bryant and Gasol becoming arguably the best one-two punch in the NBA.

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Unfortunately, Gasol’s time in Los Angeles might be coming to an end. With Gasol wanting to contend for a championship in the twilight of his NBA career, the best options will be elsewhere with the Chicago Bulls and Grizzlies potentially being the most intriguing.

Although Gasol appears to be on his way out, the Lakers organization has a knack for turning things around quickly. Los Angeles will not be out of contention to re-sign Gasol if the team is able to make some moves in the off-season and prove to the veteran center that the Lakers may still be a force in the West moving forward.
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  • Fakers

    Who cares….

    • Jim213

      • e3bonz

        Dammit Jim……

        • Jim213

          For motivation mostly.

      • Al Haldie

        There is always one in the group that plays the clown…

  • Jeff B.

    While he used to be passable on defense, he just doesn’t try anymore. He jumps out of the way on multiple occasions, and shows lack of hustle.

    Appreciate the sweat and blood you gave up to help win 2 more rings, Pau.

    But time to move on. Best wishes.

    • Jeff

      Exactly! Pau just gets out the way of dribble penetration in a hurry. As the man in the paint, you are supposed to be the last line of defense to contest shots. Nobody is going to stop guards and wing players from driving to the hoop 100% of the time, even if you’re a defender the caliber of Lebron, Tony Allen, Rondo, etc.. There are screens, picks, and ways that free up ball handlers to drive to the hoop. Pau doesn’t even try and half asses it out there, and it was hella worse this past season. Just youtube Damian Lillard who started from near halfcourt, darted straight down the middle towards Pau, and Pau just freaking parted like he was the Red Sea.

      • TimorReardonTaggert

        But why should he when management is treating him like shit? Everything is about Kobe.

  • Evan

    It’s time to part ways with Pau. He was an absolutely integral part of the championship runs we had, but age has caught up with him. He was never an aggressive player, nor a defensive presence, and that’s what we’re going to need in the future.

    If we pursue Love, whether it’s this year or next, we’re going to need to pair him with a big man who IS a presence inside. Somebody like Asik or Pau’s brother, Marc. Both will potentially be free agents next season, and both would work wonderfully under a coach like Hollins.

  • Alex

    I think he should go to the Spurs, it would be a great pick-up for them, I think Gasol wants to be in a contending team, which fits his class of players. He will replace a Tiago Splitter. If the Spurs don’t win the Championship this year I see them making a run at Gasol, which will be great for him he deserves a class team for a class player. Good luck Pau !

  • Bart

    Let the rebuild officially begin.Pau Gasol is leaving.

  • Louie

    Lionel Hollins will have a say in having Pau Gasol return as Pau is the brother of Marc Gasol and Lionel knows how to use big men in the post better than anyone.Lets put it this way Lionel Hollins took a 8th seed Memphis team past the number 1 seed Spurs in the playoffs.Lionel took a good Memphis team to the Western Conference Finals.Very recent success for Lionel Hollins makes him a no brainer when you factor in his style fitting Pau and Kobe plus others on the team.Lionel coaches offense and defense this makes him the best choice.Pau Gasol stays if Lionel Hollins is the Lakers coach.

    • Heath

      Lionel Hollins won’t be able to do ANYTHING with Pau’s defense.

  • DoItForTheVine

    Stay Gasol!!

  • e3bonz

    Mitch has said resigning Pau was a priority, and I doubt if much has change since then. We’ll know more when the new HC is in place.

  • Kb24

    Lakers,nyk,chi,spurs,memphis thats his choice, he womt sign with the heat or okc, he respects kobe(heat) and the lakers(okc) and those 2 teams are crucial for the present and future….trade our 7,meeks/hawes for love and brewer(i hope he is not included) then trade gasol to spurs for green,diaw and 2014 1st rd pick… bulls for boozer and butler or 16 and 19th pick… nyk for shumpert and asik hou will get chandler……to memphis for marc gasol

    • Al Haldie

      Meeks not under contract – how do you trade him

  • kliff richard

    i like re-sign pau gasol and nick young and wesley johnson and jordan hill and jodie meeks and sign kelvin love and get draft pick center player or add get one draft pick for cash and hire lionel hollins or george karl and jeff van gundy next season

  • Derek Clark

    Has he lost a step? Sure, but he’s a big man, so how much can that hurt us? Gasol was never a great defender before, but that’s why we had a big man like Andrew Bynum to back him up down there. That’s why we need to draft a big man like Noah Vonleh or Randle to start next to Gasol, or try and sign Greg Monroe if that doesn’t work. Pau’s numbers this year were almost the same has his championship years, and he still has a lot left. Should he remain with the Lakers, I believe his #16 will be retired one day especially if he is HOF. But, with all that being said, at this point he’s not worth more than $8-$10M. Higher than that, and it’s time to cut ties with him.

    • Computer Networking

      I like Vonleh as a draft pick, but realistically, I don’t believe that the lakers are going to trade the pick away especially because they know that they will be getting love no later than 2015. Also, all of the best big men goes into free agency in 2016.

  • MiamiHeat

    Serena Winters please get on top of me in the bed and ride my cock. With that being said, Gasol could go to Miami! Take a paycut but be a part of the best winning situation in the league! He’d win championships!

  • Adam Hedrick

    Ok here is how it should be. Only if we can get a great price on gasol should we keep him . We obviously need to change this team around big time. Has anyone ever thought about asking Nash to be the coach? He said he was playing because the money was to much to give up. So if we need a coach and need to move his salary. Hell, he has an extremely high basketball iq, 2 time MVP, one of best point guards ever. And look.. Jason kid took team to playoffs his first year as coach and they are considering fisher as coach. I personally see Nash being a good coach and good with players and he has been in lakers organization a few years now. And knows Kobe well. So pay him his money by making him coach. That would free up tons more money and he still gets paid. 7th pick??? That doesn’t mean anything to lakers . Trade it. Sign and trade gasol and 7th pick for love. If they want out first rnd pick next year.. Hell , give it to them. TWOLVES know they will lose love , and they’ve been wanting gasol to play with Rubio and they can still get a quality player at 7 for there future

    • Computer Networking

      Well, let’s look at this. Gasol does not want to go to Minnesota therefore, that trade is dead. You would be better off doing a sign and trade and sending gasol to the knicks. Gasol loves the triangle and phil Jackson isn’t going to hire a coach unless they know the triangle. So here is one for you. Trade Steve Nash to the Houston Rockets for Omer Asik , Jeremy lin and the rockets First Round pick. The Rockets would go for it because it would knock 28 million off of their books and would allow them to pursue Carmelo Anthony. What they don’t know is that Carmelo is not going to leave New York. Lin and Asik only have 1 year left on their contract so this would make the front office happy because they get to keep their flexibility for 15/16 and be competitive now. Not counting that they would be acquiring trade assets. After this deal is done, do a sign and trade. Gasol for Tyson Chandler. Next, send both first round picks and chandler to Minnesota for kevin love and do a sign and trade with Toronto. send lin for lowry. This keeps the lakers right at the salary cap. use lowry at the trade deadline to get irving from Cleveland.

  • Shawn

    Sign Pau back at 20 mil 2yrs trade the 7th pick for Marc Gasol (wishful thinkin) find a serviceable defensive SF and Sign Lionel Hollins

  • Computer Networking

    Gasol is still an asset and I wish that he would stay, but as far as business goes, unless he is willing to play for about 8 million, he will have to leave. The lakers are looking to keep their cap space for the 15/16 seasons and they will not be able to do that by keeping pau. I wish you the best. The best place for him to go is to the New York Knicks, but only if Carmelo stays. If he leaves, the best place for him is between San Antonio, Dallas, or Chicago

    • SD

      The teams you’re mentioning can’t afford him…UNLESS players opt out which seems unlikely. The Bulls have sooo many holes in their roster. They wouldn’t be paying him more than $8 million.

      • Computer Networking

        The bulls are going to waive boozer so they will be able to afford him. Gasol will get somewhere around 10 million.

      • Computer Networking

        Remember the bulls are going to make a run at carmelo

  • numb1lakefan

    perfect scenario pau goes back to memphis and lakers get zbo
    lakers starting line up would be

  • SD

    Zbo isn’t opting out of all that money to take a pay cut. He’d be foolish to do that. Chicago, Cleveland, Charlotte. Pau says he wants to contend…so Chicago is the only option, but will he be a priority for him? He’ll only be a priority IF they amnesty Boozer….and then…He’ll likely come off the bench cuz Taj Gibson will start but the Bulls have soooo many holes.

    Would he really opt to go to Cleveland? Charlotte could be a fit but are they contender?

    Pau has 3 real options. 1. Sign with the Bulls IF they can afford him because they need a lot more than just bigs. 2. Stay with the Lakers under a new coach. 3. Do a sign and trade to a contender.

  • ssw265

    Gasol is still a 15pt and 10rb man teams are looking from that type of big man. he should go to Chicago and team with Noah and Derrick Rose.