Lakers Rumors: Mutual Interest Between Lakers, Chris Kaman?

Lakers Rumors: Mutual Interest Between Lakers, Chris Kaman?


CHRISKAMANThe list of names reportedly linked back to the Lakers continues to grow. At first it was Chris Copeland, Nick Young and every available shooter. Lately it’s been Lamar Odom, Elton Brand and other veterans. Now, it’s veteran center and former L.A. Clipper, Chris Kaman.

With the Lakers suddenly in need of some frontcourt help, a mutual interest between Kaman and the Lakers has reportedly developed, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

As Dwight Howard leaves Los Angeles, the Lakers and free-agent center Chris Kaman have a growing mutual interest, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

There are other teams that may be vying for Kaman’s services besides Los Angeles, including the Warriors, Hawks, Kings and Knicks.

As is the case with many of the available players this summer, Kaman will likely be able to get a larger contract elsewhere. The Lakers are remarkably restricted financially this offseason, even with Howard’s departure.

Kaman, who played for the Dallas Mavericks last season, averaged 10.5 points and 5.6 rebounds in 20 minutes per game.


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  • They call me Pringles

    Wow! How times change. The Clippers are slowly to adding our Lakers, our Lakers are slowly adding the Clippers! Thanks Jim Buss! You’re the best!

    • meep

      kaman is a guy we could really use. it not like he a scrub. he a good player who still has a lot left in him

      • They call me Pringles

        He’s always injured. I wish we can get Odom.

        Oh, did I mention he also runs like a dinosaur? Maybe he and Robert Sacre can race.

    • ra

      Right! The Clippers are becoming the Clackers, and the Lakers are becoming the Lappers …

      or is it the other way around?

  • quickster007

    If I were Time Warner Cable , I would request Jim Buss to be relieved by Jeanie Buss or else ask for their money back. How much money 3 billions worth. The Lakers so far has underachieved, here’s a franchise supposedly the gold standard of how to run things just failed miserably. The sad part the Clippers just look a whole lot better. I just want Jim Buss be fired and run any operations besides basketball maybe run the Staples center. Oh, fire Mike Dantoni to relieve the Lakers of any incompetent moron whose with the Lakers. Put Phil Jackson in the front office and Kurt Rambis as coach. 2014-15 season is the year the Lakers will emerge as the year will be back.

  • Nashville Skyline

    wish they can get Gortat if Kaman is not available. Gortat knew Nash plays already..

    • smoothaswilkes

      They would have to trade for Gortat and they don’t have any assets to do that since they already gave Phoenix all those draft picks in the Nash deal.

  • Sti1lmatic

    Are you serious? Damn…wheres Kwame when you need him.

  • Cezar Popescu

    Didn’t like Kaman on the Clippers but I saw him play on the hornets and mavs and I gotta say that I like he’s work ethic better than Dwight’s. Kaman’s looking to win, where as Dwight is looking for hype from the crowd. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kaman in Laker uniform. Let’s give it a shot. Unless, we can get Hibbert. hehe

  • Meester Meester

    In Baseball Yankees owner Die the team is on 3rd place they make the playoff and they loose, get players form the Red Sox and now Lakers Owner Die and the team just get to the playoff and then ar trying to get players from Clippers. Something is not right, Management is not doing a great job, and please don’t dream about Lebron ok, because he is going to do his own legacy in Miami, unless he wants to sell more jerseys and want to come to LA. But I don’t really see him here. Remember this order LA, Boston, NY, Chicago and then Miami, if Lebron wants to make a Legacy has to do it in MIAMI, but good luck to him. To finish this comment “Houston you got a problem”, hahahahaha

  • Betto

    Two words, HELL NO!! Lakers should go after Nikola Pekovic for Center instead, looking at stats he’s a better choice, would like Monta Ellis if the price is right also. It would be great if they brought Lamar and maybe the Machine back.

    • smoothaswilkes

      The Lakers are already over the salary cap so they can’t offer anywhere near the money that Pek or Ellis will command.

      • Betto

        Lakers are over the salary cap and yet were offering DH 30mil for the upcoming year, Pekovic would be a great investment if they offer him a 4 year deal for a fraction of what DH was gonna get, not to mention Lakers will have plenty of salary cap next year.

        • Smart Laker Fan

          Are you dumb? They could resign Dwight because he’s worth the extra money to make him a franchise player but they will not offer big contracts to anyone to replace Dwight because they are targetting next summer to make some big moves where a lot of high profile FA will be available (Melo, Lebron, etc.). THEY WILL NOT OFFER ANY CONTRACT LONGER THAN 1 YEAR. So, NO, they will not go after Pekovic or any other player that has a high price. Kaman works for what they are working with.

          • Smarter than Laker fan

            Chill out hoe, calling yourself smart Laker fan doesn’t mean you’re Einstein, probably no smarter than a door bell. Using caps isn’t gonna get any point, they can get “ANYONE” as you call it smart investing specially if it’s a superstar but since it’s Jim buss running the show now, Lakers are like a ship on fire, mostly everyone is jumping out for safety.

          • The Guy Above Me is Retarded

            Love that you call yourself smarter than Laker fan when you don’t even offer a valid argument other than blaming Jim Buss. They can get any superstar? Have you even seen the FA pool? There’s no real good superstar still around or was around this Summer to begin with other than Dwight. Just wait till next Summer. Next time try adding to the argument rather than just calling me a hoe? Love it. I’m no Einstein but am clearly leagues above you as shown by how much you contributed. I would ask for your IQ to get this over with but I’m afraid a fraction wouldn’t count.

          • smoothaswilkes

            You are wrong. Read my last comment in this thread.

            Hey fellow Lakers fans, try learning more about the NBA so you don’t make us all look stupid to other fans. This is exactly why we get a bad rep.

        • smoothaswilkes

          @Betto – Clearly you have no idea how the CBA works. Since Dwight was already on the team last season, the Lakers were able to offer him max contract while still being over the cap. Being over the cap they would have to pay a luxury tax, which they were willing to do. Since they didn’t resign D12 and are still over the cap the only contracts they can offer free agents is either the vet’s minimum of around 1.4 million per year. Being so far over the cap, the also had a mini MLE of around 3.2, which is what they gave to Kaman. So no, they can’t offer Pek a contract or Ellis or anyone else unless it’s for the vet’s min.

  • CloudSean

    Boy, boy are we in dire straits; thanks Jim BUST!