Lakers Rumors: Mike D’Antoni To Be Fired After This Season?

Lakers Rumors: Mike D’Antoni To Be Fired After This Season?


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After experiencing the worst loss in team history against the Los Angeles Clippers, general manager Mitch Kupchak met with Mike D’Antoni with many wondering if the Lakers would fire him.

While it looks more likely that D’Antoni will finish the season, there is still a possibility he won’t be around next season. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith spoke on his show, First Take, and said the Lakers could get rid of D’Antoni after the season:

I had a source tell me last night [that] Mike D’Antoni is gone at the end of the season. He won’t be there […] I’m just telling you, that’s the word coming out of L.A.

With the way the season has gone, the Lakers will consider this option in the off-season. The Lakers roster doesn’t fit in D’Antoni’s system, and at times, the effort hasn’t been there for the team, which is a direct reflection of the coach.

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This big prize of this off-season is Carmelo Anthony, and Smith believed that the possibility of bringing Anthony in, is a reason the team would get rid of D’Antoni:

It’s not coming from the Lakers themselves, but people close to the organization say that Mike D’Antoni is gone because there’s no way that [Carmelo Anthony] would elect to go there if D’Antoni is there. If D’Antoni is gone, with the cap room they have coming up and Kobe’s imminent return, [L.A.] is a viable option [for Anthony].

Although there is a strong possibility that the Lakers make no major moves this off-season, Anthony is the one to make if they decide to.

And with Anthony and D’Antoni not working out in New York, it makes sense that Anthony wouldn’t come here with him in charge.

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  • zombie

    WHY would we want Melo?

    • Johnny Appleseed

      Exactly. Getting Melo would effectively end our chances at getting Love in 2015, and whoever else we pair him with in 2016. No thanks.

      • Jim213

        Although, Love is a team player and rebounder he has trouble playing defense too. I’d go with Anthony Davis but it’s 3 to 4 yrs down the line (too far) so we’ll see what takes place.

        • Guest

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          • CloudSean


      • Computer Networking

        That’s not true. Remember, the lakers will pay for championships. The cba rules doesn’t say teams can’t be over the luxury tax, it says a penalty will be paid. If the lakers were willing to be over the luxury tax for howard (100 million plus 80 million in luxury taxes) don’t you think that they will go over the luxury tax for love?

        • tbiv21

          That is not how it works. You can only sign free agents if you are far enough under the cap. Going over the luxury tax only happens through trades and resigns. Getting Carmelo would mean no Love unless they trade for him, which would not happen since they have nothing to trade.

          • Computer Networking

            So go with plan b. Leave carmelo out, resign gasol for 10 million, sign greg monroe for 8 million (he will accept that counting as he makes under 2 right now), wave nash. This leaves 14 million to play with. Sign kyle lowry for 8 million. Wave nash first and sign carmelo for 22 million sign lowry for 6 million, sign monroe for 4 million and then resign gasol. Yes, u would be over the cap, but it would be fine since its a resign.

          • tbiv21

            I personally would not waive Nash because I would prefer to have that 3.3 mil for spending the following two summers. I would also be cautious about spending money on players unless you actually believe they can win you a championship. Does Melo win you a championship? Just look at past/current history for that one. I would save my money to try and get Love and then Durant in 2016. That would mean our pick this year has a couple years under his belt and should really be contributing to go along with Love and Durant. Spending most/all your money this Summer leaves you with very little flexibility moving forward and with a team that has little hopes at a title.

          • Computer Networking

            The players that you sign are investments. They are valuable trading pieces. Greg monroe is a rising center that battles for boards and has an above average post game. Kyle lowry gives you a solid player at the point and is a sound all around point guard that can adapt to any system you throw at him. I don’t know why you wouldn’t think this team wouldt have a chance to win. They would be an 40 plus percent 3 point shooting team, defensive minded and you wouldn’t be able to double team anyone. They all could create their own shot.

          • Toeknee

            Can Love and Durant bring a championship? I mean that team in OKC is a good team that can’t get over the hump either. Also would Durant even leave OKC? Love is a more viable option but not by much. He seems pretty loyal to Minnesota even though they are still trying to build. Bottom line is D’Antoni would have to go regardless.

          • tbiv21

            I have no idea if Durant will leave OKC, but it is my little pipe dream. I keep hoping they don’t win a title in the next couple of years so there is a better chance of him leaving. Also, the hope is our pick this year turns out to be all star or close to all star level in a few years. So it would be those three as your nucleus. If we could bring Durant and Love along with hopefully a top five pick, then you would have veterans coming here again in search of a ring. I agree that D’Antoni is gone regardless. I just don’t want them to bring in decent players on long term deals and be a 4 or 5 seed every year.

          • Computer Networking

            Lol. That is a dream. Durant is not going to leave okc.They are 1 player away from a ring. Either a more versatile center or a defensive shooter at the sg position. They get either of those and they will be golden. That’s why I said to invest in players that makes you a contender and if they opportunity comes you can get upgrades. Like lowry for irving or gasol/monroe for love.

          • tbiv21

            I did say it was my dream, but heat fans dreaming of Wade, Bosh, and James together was a dream too until it actually happened. OKC had that one player until they traded him to houston because the owner wasn’t willing to pay the luxury tax and I don’t think that went unnoticed by Durant. Also the Durant/Westbrook combo isn’t looking too great right now and I hope that keeps up. I also don’t see the Lakers being championship contenders by the free agents available this offseason unless Lebron decides to leave but that is way less likely than Durant. There is no guarantee teams will want the players you sign as teams are looking to get draft picks and young cheap talent rather than veterans with long term deals. If I were trading Love I would much rather have a couple first round picks and the cap space then Gasol/Monroe.

          • Computer Networking

            What would be more realistic (if love wanted to move) is to get memphis involved. Gasol goes to memphis with his brother In a sign and trade, memphis sends randolph to minnesota and love goes to the lakers. This would leave the lakers with 7 million. Waive nash and then bring in lowry for 7million and like I said before, bring in monroe for 7 or 8 million. I truly believe this is the way to go. This would give the lakers youth and athleticism. With the rigbt coach, this could be a championship team.

          • DJ

            Lakers are going to flex Nash’s contract/medical retirement.. and it isn’t 3.3 mil it’s 9.7 mil coming off the Lakers books. Melo with other pieces can win a chip, no one player has ever won a chip without help. Durant isn’t leaving OKC and if he does leave he’ll go to Dallas… they also could sign Melo for 16m and go after Love in 2015… 2016 Kobe is off the books, then who knows what will happen.

          • L

            FYI: Although the lakers have bird rights on Gasol that enables them to re-sign him while going over the cap, the bird rights have what they call a “cap hold” which kind of prevents the team from signing players that could take up a lot of cap space, unless the renounce the bird rights which then cannot allow the team to sign him while going over the cap.

          • Marty Susman

            Gasol is worth no more then $2,500,000 as Kobe should have gotten no more then $5,000,000. This is a team rebuild, not a society for last years players…

          • Computer Networking

            You are delusional. Kobe? 5 million. Granted I don’t think kobe should have gotten the money he did, but he is well worth more than 5 million. I would have signed him for 15 at the most. Gasol can still do his job. 8 at the most. He is still a double double 7 footer with good foot work and a mid range jumper that can spread the defense and a good assist man who works well with other big men.

          • nlruizjr

            are you sure about that, I’m no expert but why would team owners vote to suppress their rights to trade, I’m inclined to believe CN post above, whereby teams can pay the Luxury tax if they want, that sounds more logical and American, nobody in business will want to put restrictions on business transactions, it’s completely different where gov’t places restrictions because of public safety concerns.

          • tbiv21

            This new CBA is all about limiting the large markets and trying to create a more level playing field for the small markets because they got their way in these last negotiations. I agree that it is not the best business model, but that is the way it is. There is now a huge penalty for teams over the luxury tax for consecutive years.

          • nlruizjr

            so your implying that owners are restricted to the Luxury Tax as per “choice” vs. as per “restriction” is that correct ??

          • tbiv21

            Yes, the luxury tax is choice but look at the nets who chose to go over the tax and now owe $100 mil in taxes or so because of the repeater tax. However, there is the salary cap at around $59 mil or so and teams can’t just sign free agents to go over the cap. Once you hit the cap you can only sign guys to minimum deals unless you are resigning your own players. Then once you are over the cap the following year you get the midlevel exception and the biannual thing to sign a guy. So I don’t see how the Lakers could possibly go over the luxury tax next year even if they wanted to.

      • Jody

        Kevin Love is OVERRATED!!!! He can’t create his own shot so how is he going to win in LA? He has the most creative passing point guard in the league setting the table for him in Min and they still don’t make the playoffs. Get Melo in for a 4 year $72M deal starting at $16.5M. You can still fit Love in then. Love is a 3rd option, nowhere near a first option which he would be expected to be if he comes to LA.

        • Alfred Luna

          Rubio sucks, and that’s that

        • Computer Networking

          Seriously. First, carmelo is not going to give up 30 million to play for 16. Second, love controls the board and spreads the defense. Also he would still get set up for plays. I think overrated is not the word you should be using to describe him. Lastly what championship teams don’t set their players up.

          • DJ

            Melo isn’t giving up 30m to play for 16… it’s only NY able to give him 30+ more then anyone else… if he stays with NY he will be making 18 million a year…

        • Marty Susman

          Wow, Love is a power forward, not a point or a small forward, they don’t create, they rebound, the power to the basket & they defend…Melo is not now, never was, never will be a winner….

          • nlruizjr

            I think your stretching it a little on Melo, however I also don’t think Melo would be good for the Lakers but just because of his age, he’s approaching the 30’s and will be on his downside soon, so why would the Lakers want to build around Melo, doesn’t make sense. Same for Lebron.

          • Computer Networking

            Melo has proven that he can’t win you a championship but he has proven to be a force that can help you get there. With the rigbt cast, he can be a championship. He is like scottie pippan. Pippan couldn’t win without jordan. He proved that after jordan left, but he was a great number 2.

        • DJ

          Kevin can absolutely create his own shot, that is why he is so highly sought after, along with the fact that he can post, shot the mid range, the 3… and fill the lane.. overrated no nearly…

      • Marty Susman

        Agree, no Melo

    • Jack

      We have no talent, the front office is banking on free agency for the next couple seasons with no assets to attract free agents. The lakers are looking to win kobe a 6th and build for the post kobe era at the same time. Melo would be the starting point, the front office wouldnt view melo as the savior. Gotta start somewhere cant just build a whole championship roster in one offseason of ’15 or ’16.

      • Computer Networking

        I think they could. The first plan is to sign carmelo. If that happens, sign kyle lowry, gasol, greg monroe and now you have a championship contenter starting five. Keep johnson, jill, bazemore, young, and farmar for your bench. The second plan is if you don’t sign carmelo. Sign gasol, monroe, and lowry. This gives great trade assets for irving and love in case the rumors are true tying the lakers to both. Bring back metta for a season and try to trade a piece with the top 5 draft pick to try and get the 1, 2, or 3 pick. Preferrably 1. Go after jabari parker which would give the lakers a complete sf (6’8 defensive minded, shooter, athleticism, and can create his own shot). This plan still puts the lakers in the running.

        • glasshalffull

          I hope you were not being serious. Sign melo, lowry, gasol AND monroe??? WTF do you think the league is going to just give away players to the lakers?

          • Computer Networking

            Lol. No. Monroe has already let detroit know that he will not be resigning with them. Lowry is a free agent. We all know melo’s situation. He would have to be the first signed and gasol will stay if kobe asked him to.

          • DJ

            IF Monroe even remotely told that to Detroit, they will be trading him..and not to the player would ever give up the kind of leverage and tell his current team, that has 20+ games left, he isn’t coming back… Kyle Lowry will be resigned by the Raptors, that’s the reason he wasn’t traded to NY.

          • Computer Networking

            Monroe told detroit that at well before the all star break and he was the subject of trade rumors. I don’t know why you haven’t heard about it. The celtics were interested. They plan to go after him in the off season.

        • SD

          I’d love to add Monroe to this team, I think he’s great but I think he’ll get max offers…I’m not sure detroit can or will match. I don’t think realistically we can afford Monroe, Lowry,and Melo or any if the plan is to go after Love. Lowry is a very good piece for a contender but he’s not a #1 or #2 option on a great team in my opinion

          All i’m saying is that..signing melo-lowry-monroe is not possible for many reasons. Mainly is because we can’t afford that because those guys will get mega offers that they shouldn’t turn down and likely won’t.

          • Computer Networking

            Lowry has wanted to come to the lakers ever since he heard the were interested in him. Monroe wants to win and you could sell him on that plus the money would even out because of the lakers market and endorsements. I do agree that it would be strenuous to try and get it done. If its not possible, then leave carmelo where he is and sign the two of them and see what it would take to pick up danny granger or bring back earl clark or trevor ariza and play them at the sf position. I would say go after hayward from utah, but he is defensively challenged and undersized at that position.

          • Kay Carter

            you’re spending too much money, when the FO wants Love here……i’ll say Ariza nd Lowry but Monroe no, bkuz Detroit gonna match any offer on him only cuz he a restricted FA

            Is what you saying true about Lowry wanting to come over here?

          • Computer Networking

            I know that the fo wants love but we will still need trad e assets to do it only if we plan to possibly get him by the trade deadline next year. Matter of fact, we will need assets regardless. By the way, when we spoke to houston about lowry a couple of years ago, he was excited about the possibility of playing in la with the lakers, but houston wanted too much. His excitement makes me believe that he wants to be a laker. Now it is reality. The lakers has a chance to get him without having to jump through hoops. The lakers should definitely want him because the fo is going to go after irving. They need an asset that they can trade for him when the time comes. Irving is a realistic move. The cavs has been trying to sign irving to an extension. Before he heard that the lakers were interested, he said that he wasn’t going to leave the cavs but after hearing that the lakers were interested in him, he decided not to sign the extension and if the rumors are true, irving has been tied somehow to the lakers.

          • Computer Networking

            One more thing. Detroit has already stated that they are going to let monroe go because they have no cap space to resign him for what he is worth after signing josh smith. Monroe has already told them thag he wasn’t going to resign with them anyway. He is unhappy there.

          • DJ

            That isn’t true… why would Detroit say that? Detroit is just going to let Monroe go for nothing, plus he’s a restricted fa…and even if he wasn’t the Pistons aren’t going to let him just go without compensation…sign and trade at the very least. And I just looked up Pistons cap room they have more than enough to sign Monroe…

          • Computer Networking

            It is true. Detroit created a scheme that would feature josh smith and drummond. If you have watched detroit this season, you would have seen josh smith playing a lot of pf. Monroe was not happy about that at all.

          • Kay Carter

            Yeah if we get assets we should try to trade for Love, that i’ll agree to, but whats tha point of trading if we can get him for free tho?

            okay cool then we should defly go after Lowry and trade him for Irving, the cavs gonna love that….kinda an equal trade

          • Computer Networking

            Trade so that there is no competition for him later. Sign him so there is a commitment in place before he gets other offers.

    • marisela

      he is good for business if we get Kevin love he good

  • e3bonz

    No doubt many here will have some strong opinions…..


      Gtfo and take nash with you

  • 3339

    doesn’t matter who they’re going after, this guy has gots to go

  • Daryl Peek

    So again, were facing a personnel conflict of interest. Most Lakers fans don’t want Melo but are cool with MDA being fired because Melo would not want to play for him. LMAO at the confused state of hate.

    • Sam Saab

      no Daryl, smith said that melo wouldnt come if MDA wasnt fired, the fans want MDA fired no matter if we go after melo or not.

      • Daryl Peek

        For most that’s true but the conflict still remains as many don’t want Melo but would love to use him as the vehicle that transports MDA out of town, a potential costly (for the financial future) game.

        • Guest

          Stfu ignorant bitch! No one gives a fuck about your opinion,like it will change anything..

          • Daryl Peek

            It’s 12 AM does your Mommy know you’re playing naughty on the puter? SCRAM with you CHILDISH AZZ!!

          • Ken Himura

            hahaha go to sleep dude. you’re the one spouting nonsense

    • RD

      Don’t get confused. It’s a choice between the lesser of evils. IMO I’d rather have MDA fired and let Melo come to LA. Carmelo is just a speculation at this point in time. Any franchise player WILL think twice before coming to LA if MDA is the coach, so he has to go.

      • Daryl Peek

        Speculation on the Franchise players not wanting to play for MDA. Melo and Howard are in that group but Howard didn’t like playing with Kobe more than his disdain for D’Antoni. See Howard still playing in the D’Antoni system.

        As we all know, Kevin Love is the likely big fish the FO is targeting. Why would Love not want to play for D’Antoni? D’Antoni is the perfect coach for Love and Love is D’Antoni’s dream stretch 4.

        • michael

          don’t worry melo won’t come.

        • MOA

          Daryl you sound ignorant. NO one, I REPEAT NO ONE wants to play for Mike DumPhony anymore. He is a trash coach and his “my system or we lose” attitude can get ALL the way the F*ck out of LA. He will be gone, Melo won’t come, we will trade our top 5 pick for Kevin Love, Resign Gasol, then make this run with K. Marshall, Kobe, Wes/Nick Young, Gasol, and Kevin Love.

          Write it down. BOOK IT.

          • Daryl Peek

            You think a top 5 pick is all it will take to land Love? Then contend the Lakers will make a run with that group? And you’re calling me ignorant?!?

          • Computer Networking

            I say add lowry and he is actually on to something.

          • Daryl Peek

            Who plays defense on that roster? Who protects the paint? Even if MDA is fired that roster sucks defensively.

          • Computer Networking

            Defense is a team concept the majority of the time. But since you want the stats, lowry averages over 4 steals a game, gasol averages over 1 block per game (if he had another 7 footer to help him he could average more per game like he did during the bynum era) wesley johnson is definely a defensive minded player averaging over 2 blocks and 4 steals per game. Kobe may not be what he once was on defense but we all know he is offensive minded

          • Daryl Peek

            Where are you getting these numbers? Lowery is only marginally better than Meeks at 1.6 steals per game. Wes is a good defensive player at 1.1 steals per game (not 4) and 1.1 blocks.

            Defense is absolutely a team concept and the Lakers were better with Howard. Talent is as important as the coach but core tenure together makes all of the difference. Within the team concept of defense is the trust of continuity driving better communication which leads to players having each others back in defensive rotations. MDA has not had this over the last two seasons.

            The days of twin towers are pretty much over. MDA is absolutely right when he speaks on Pau (negatively) liking Hill because he does all of the dirty work. The main problem I have with D’Antoni as a coach is his penchant to ignore the need to focus on rebounding. LO was a much better defender than Kevin Love. Pau was much better and more willing to be a focused rim protector in effort back then.

            Seasoning together as a core unit is why they defended better, as they improved their defensive ranking each year together.. The first season (07-08) with Gasol they gave up 101.3 PPG ranked 19th, the next season it got better at 99.3 ranked 13th, the revenge 09-10 season was 97 PPG ranked 9th.

            Offensive efficiency plays a factor in this also, and seasoning helps this too. Those same core seasoned Lakers were scoring more PPG than these mix and match MDA coached ones.

            Injuries have destroyed any chance of seasonings cohesion for MDA since he’s been the Lakers HC bottom line. I’m not a fan of MDA but I give folks a fair shake before I start throwing stones.

          • Computer Networking

            Ok. Maybe you got me on the stats, but I will say this. First, the days of twin towers are not over. What do you see every year? Teams with fast paced offenses that does well during the regular season and then get to the playoffs and can’t play half court basketball. Tell me this, if phil jackson was coaching this team with kevin love and pau gasol, do you believe they would be ineffective on defense? I don’t think so. You can also speak about all the other things, but the only thing you really need on a team is chemistry. This team has chemistry but no defensive discipline. So its kind of hard to not give da a hard time. The same thing that’s going on with him in la has followed him from team to team. He should have never been hired.

          • Daryl Peek

            You need much more than chemistry. Chemistry is built during training camp that’s easy. This is why Phil never liked taking over a team without one. Character is built though the battles of the journey, which is what I was speaking on in continuities seasoning. That’s the hard part.

            D’Antoni got a bunch of one year players to buy into the team theme he was selling early on. There were a few not cool with it but we saw the manifestation of the chemistry in the bench mob being number one in the NBA before all of the injuries. We’ve seen a team that hasn’t given up most of the season in spite of all.

            Discipline is born from character building through bonding. Again, we have not had the benefit of that under MDA, through no fault of his. When you have an injury decimated team like the Lakers have the last two seasons, you cannot build team character, and lose any team chemistry built in training camp.

            Again, Phil could not have done any better this season. There’s no way I see a Love Gasol combo being good defensively. Gasol just isn’t that dude who can protect the paint and neither is Love.

            I’m over Phil and the triangle has held this franchise hostage long enough. I say that from a we want Phil idolatry view point, as too many believe he’s the only one who can save a franchise that was great before him. Phil is no longer coaching. I take nothing away from Phil as a great HC. I just agree with Dr. Buss who did not want Phil in the FO.

          • Computer Networking

            You made some very good points but the only thing that I cannot agree on is gasol and love not being good defensively together. Defense is more than blocks and steals. Defense is making your opponent take difficult shots, or setting a teammate up for a block. A good example would be griffin and jordan. We all know that griffin is not the best defensively, but something he does well is camoflauge the defense to where the offender never sees jordan lurking and waiting for the block. If love and gasol could make people take uncomfortable shots and /or set each other up defensively, the would be great together.

          • Daryl Peek

            That’s where you seem to be confused about Pau. When was the last time he was a lurker you could funnel a player to? When was the last time he made players work hard for shots on a consistent basis? Most of this season an opposing big had a career night against these Lakers, and many of those big’s were well beneath Pau’s level talent wise. The label Gasoft has little to do with Pau’s offensive prowess. Now couple this with a much less athletic Kevin Love who’s absolutely not known for his defensive prowess either. Griffin is at least athletic enough to move his feet and keep opposing PF’s in front of him. To Love’s credit he’s a little better blocking shots than Griffin but that’s due to Pek not being the best rim protector and Love manning the post without Pek for a large part of this season.

            DeAndre Jordan is only rivaled by Howard, Ibaka and Hibbert as paint protectors you can funnel a player to. Jokim Noah is the best overall defensive center when it comes to versatility. Unless you pair Love or Pau with a defensive minded center the likes of these you have major problems defensively. This is the reason the T-Wolves have not been able to crack a playoff spot and why the Lakers defense has grown more porous over the last three seasons progressively.

            The hope is Gasol will improve defensively as his health has gotten better the same way he’s vastly improved offensively since the turn of the new year. The problem is he’s regressed on the boards lately and in rim protection blocking shots, down from what he was doing earlier in the season when less healthy?

          • Computer Networking

            I’m not confused. The real question is when was the last time gasol played for a coach with a good defensive scheme? Phil jackson days. So therefore there is no evidence saying that gasol cannot be a defensive big man. Example, dirk nowitzki was never a defender until avery johnson became their coach. Once johnson was gone, dirk went back to playing underpar defense. What I’m saying is that the players are going to play in the coach’s offensive and defensive schemes. That has a lot to do with the success of players also. Love has never played for a defensive coach but what he still brings is offensive and defensive rebounds that the lakers continuously lose the battle on. Rebounds, or controlling the boards is a part of defense also.

          • Daryl Peek

            Rick Adelman is a very good defensive coach. He had the Kings who defended the Kobe, Shaq Lakers fiercely, and then there were his 90’s Blazers, no need to explain how good they were defensively. Mike Brown, remember him? He was the coach Pop disciple/defensive guru Pau played for. That team was very good defensively. Bynum was the player who took up the defensive mantle as Phil was quoted saying when talking about the Lakers being able to do well going forward.

            Where you’re confused is in not giving regard to Pau’s play after 09-10. Pau accepted the lesser role defensively after the 2010 finals as Phil began to feature Bynum more in 10-11. By the time the Lakers were in those playoffs Bynum had full command of the low post but was still the Jekyll and Hyde, disengage at any moment player he’s always been. Pau’s move from the low post started that season contrary to what most say in blaming Brown and MDA. Pau has not assumed a strong defensive presence since 09-10.

            Coaching can play a part in the defensive mindset of a team but the desire to defend comes from within the player individually. Shaun Marion, Raja Bell, Kurt Thomas, Shawne Williams, Wilson Chandler, Landry Fields, ETC… all played for D’Antoni, many were groomed by him from the jump, and are all excellent defenders. Offensive pace determines the ceiling of how many PPG a team yields but that does not mean they don’t defend… see the Showtime Lakers.

            Dirk was never a good defender, even when playing for Johnson. When the Mavs got Tyson Chandler, Caron Butler, Desean Stevenson and Shaun Marion (defensive minded players) they became a great defensive team collectively and Dirk was allowed to dedicate almost all of his energy to the offensive side of the ball which is why he was unstoppable that post season, in route to the championship. They let Tyson and others walk the following season and the defensive prowess was gone.

            I’m not trying to kill Pau here but he is who he is at this point in his career and the signs have been there for a while. Too many people want to deflect what the problem is. A team with KM/Lowery if added, Kobe, Love and Gasol can be very exciting offensively no matter who’s coaching but that team will not scare anyone defensively, and will be outright offensive on the defensive end given the lack of athleticism coupled more importantly with the mental mindset of players not adept or committed to being solid defenders. Kobe was once that but these injuries will rob him of what little he had left as a part-time lock down defender, which is what he was in 12-13.

          • Computer Networking

            Very valid points, but this still doesn’t say that gasol and love won’t be good defensively in the right defensive scheme. I do believe together they will be able to control the boards, I don’t think that they will get many blocks but I believe that they would be able to create bad shots for the offenders. These are the basic defensive strategies that will never die. Whomever control the boards will win the game. This is where they would be most effective. That saying has been more than 90% correct throughout the history of basketball. Also, name 5 sg that kobe would not be successful guarding right now. He will still be affective on defense. Lowry already defends well but he is overshadowed by other point guar ds also. At the same time, lets be honest here. I haven’t seen more than one point guard in the nba who is a great defender and that’s westbrook. Point guards do not guard each other that well. Lastly, I never said that dirk was good at defense. I said he started playing defense under johnson. He defended and challenged shots. That was something that he never did prior. Also mike brown was a good defensive coach until he changed his defensive scheme when he got to the lakers.

          • Daryl Peek

            Miami is a horrible rebounding team and is the dominant repeat NBA champs. The Nets started the season 10-21 with a big line up of Brooke Lopez and KG. When Lopez was lost for the season Kidd decided to go small ball moving KG to C and Paul P. to PF as a stretch 4, something he’s never really done. The Nets have gone 23-9 since then, and are solid defensively due to KG and Paul P. being of solid defensive tough minded players by nature. OKC, SAS, Houston, all play better with small ball line ups. The NBA has changed. Athletic wings are the dominant forces driving great defense now. Big’s that can get out on the wing and defend ala Noah are what most want. Noah is the reason Thibs defense is so good. Players drive the coaches defensive principles. Look at the Spurs lately? Khawi’s return has sparked their defensive resurgence to a higher level.

            Love and Gasol may very well be good on the boards but they will still struggle defensively. The example you likely are looking for is Memphis but both Marc and Zack are hound defenders who play position D very well. Gasol and Love aren’t that. And the Griz have Connely and Allen. Hollins was the architect of their defense but he’s gone and they still defend? It’s more about the players and their talents.

            Brown still had the Lakers defending well. Of course his defensive style had to change, he didn’t have LeBron on that Lakers roster, and Bynum was the defensive enforcer, something he didn’t have in Cleveland. Brown was truly usurped when LO was shipped off as he had planned to use his defensive versatility big time.

          • Computer Networking

            We can go back and forth with this all day, but I’m talking about what could work. I believe it can work. I understand your points, and I could pull out stats and facts that could battle yours, but we would be in the same place we are now. All I am saying is to boost up one area in our game that could give us an advantage. Also get a coach that could create a defensive scheme that could make them a better defensive team. One thing you can’t say is that a team with gasol and love together wouldn’t do better than what we are doing right now and if you did, I would have to disagree.

          • Computer Networking

            I like the knowledge, but I don’t see love coming for a draft pick unless he make it clear that he is leaving the wolves

        • Computer Networking

          You have a point, but the perfect coach is the one who can coach to a championship and da don’t have a chance to get there with any team. Ask the suns.

        • SD

          Well, let’s not forget Pau’s disdain for Mike either…lol

          • nlruizjr

            you can add Hill and Kaman to that list also !!!!!

          • Daryl Peek

            The Funny thing is, all of the big’s are gonna get paid via performing in the D’Antoni system better than they have in other system lately and in Gasol’s case the best he’s played in three years.

            Hill has never played better for anyone. Yet they are all disgruntled due to wanting more PT. NO team give 4 centers heavy PT.

          • Daryl Peek

            That’s real. I wont deny that

      • Computer Networking

        That’s the best point of the whole convo

    • Leo

      There is no connection between the two I guess. Many of us believe that MDA spent two more seasons with the Lakers than he should have had… and it has nothing to do with Melo coming or not.

    • Matt Williams

      No Melo! No MDA! But that’s just what I want.

      • Daryl Peek

        I can respect that. I just want the Lakers to win regardless of who’s playing for them or who’s coaching them.


    Why even bother writing an article based off of something steven a smith said? Complete waste of my time by someone who talks out of his ass 90% of the time

    • Daryl Peek

      Now that’s something you and I agree on.


      So you are writing about someone who wrote about someone who said something. lol

      • Dana

        That’s why they call it a “rumor” and not “news.”

    • MOA

      Hey stupid ass…did he CONFIRM THIS AS NEWS?! no. Understand the difference between REPORTING and CONJECTURE. I’m so tired of people bashing Stephen A like he hasn’t been a consummate professional and a damn good reporter. You are sitting behind your keyboard with lube and cheeto fingers spouting off at the mouth for no reason.


      • Lkr4vr

        Professional, cuz he hasnt said “nigga plz” on the air numerous times. TTKIN is the “pathetic” one for writing that but ur cursing them out online. Good one.

    • Rhondel

      Most of what Stephen a smith says he had heard from a source, normally is true. Of course, he always says it is not definite but that is what he is hearing. The man is doing his job and most of the times he is correct if you check his track record. You can’t last one day doing his job so give the man a break

  • Shannon

    Anyone with two brains cells to rub together knows D’Antoni will be gone after the season. Stephen A. Smith doesn’t have some exclusive and I’m sure Carmelo is not the reason. As “good” as he is he’s older and the Lakers don’t need to be looking his way. Let us just hope they make a better decision with the next coach and God Bless him because he’s going to need it dealing with us Lakers fans. Paging Jeff or Stan Van Gundy, George Karl and Lionel Hollins. Who is the best choice? Hell is Jerry Sloan still willing to coach?

    • cyborgspider

      My vote for a Van Gundy bro, or maybe Byron Scott. George Karl teams aren’t defensive juggernauts either, and Hollins and Sloan can be a little polarizing to players. Don’t get me wrong, Sloan is great, but I think this era of players just won’t connect with him

      • roseducanna

        Coach SLOAN after JACKSON.

    • keenanjen

      You guys are funny. You guys never want to give Stephen A. Smith credit for anything. He was the first one to report about Doc Rivers trade from the Celtics to the Clippers. He was the 1st to report about Phil Jackson talking to the Knicks he has broke numbers of stories give him credit stop hating on the dude.

      • Shannon

        Funny HOW? It’s not about not giving him credit. I don’t care for Stephen A. Smith one way or another. I don’t hate him and I don’t love him. It’s whatever. My point is everyone can see that D’Antoni’s chances are returning are slim to none. Do we really need Stephen and his sources telling us this obvious information? Melo or no Melo he would be gone.

        • keenanjen

          I see your point, but you can’t discredit Stephen he has Hissources , this is his lively hood. My point was mainly to the people who says he doesn’t know anything because he has proven that he is a credible reporter

          • Shannon

            Okay well I’m not one of those people. I am glad to hear it though. Any rumors of D’Antoni being fired sounds good to me.

  • Kay Carter

    We dont want Melo nor MDA……and we certainly don’t need Melo smh let him go to Chicago

  • Paul Z

    Why would I not be surprised that this comes from someone close to Carmelo. He knows that LAL must be involved in bidding on him if he wants big money, even if he doesn’t want to come here. The fact that the Lakers don’t want him, given their record, speaks volumes.

    • WestCoast323

      Speaks Volumes!?!?!! Looks like you’re speaking Bullshit..

  • Arthur

    No MDA, no Melo. PLEASE

  • SD

    I think you have to keep your options open when moving forward as a franchise. Certainly, I imagined that D’Antoni would be on the chopping block after this season for a number of reasons, and it’s not simply the team’s record. The record was in many ways unavoidable. Mitch seems smart. I don’t know enough about Jim to say he is or isn’t. I think the Lakers do understand that this off season isn’t the “bread winner”. In 2015, Rondo, Marc Gasol, Aldridge, will be unrestricted free agents and maybe if they opt out – Hibbert, Lopez, Jefferson, Love. There are also some notable restricted guys. However, they may feel that they can’t get any of those guys, I see Love/Lopez as biggest possibilities, but trades happen/teams get better.

    If they got Melo on a 2-3 year non-max deal, and they felt they couldn’t get a Love/Lopez in the future, I think they’d take it because they KNOW Kobe and Melo have chemistry. Can Melo-Kobe-maybe Pau win a NBA championship…I don’t think so. There’s no way I’d sign Melo to a longer than 3 year deal. In addition, maybe they’ll see Melo as a tradeable asset…if T’wolves can’t keep Love, trade Melo+assets for Love? Anything is possible.

    I’d rather wait for 2015. I’d go out and sign Ariza this summer if he’d come for a smaller contract (he wants to be in LA-home). Resign- Meeks,Farmar, Bazemore, Henry. If possible, retain Pau for a 2 year deal or sign and trade him, try to keep Hill, and hope that Nash retires. Then hope my draft pick is worth it.

    I also don’t think there is a lot of confidence because of what happened in NYC and now with LAL in D’antoni’s current abilities to be an NBA head coach that can get a team to the next level. He may just need to take a couple of years off. I think he’s a good coach, but he needs particular guys for his system…usually. He’s just had terrible luck in NY and LA as well. It’s unfortunate. I think the Lakers understand to lure a big fish…they need a coach who is proving he can develop players and move a team forward.

    I’m just spitballing here. But I could see the lakers with Reggie Jackson (restricted FA in 2015) or Dragic who has a PO. Cavs will match anything for Kyrie.
    Reggie Jackson-Kobe-Ariza-Love-Embiid ?!?!?! for the start of the 2015-2016 season…hmmm.

    • afs

      there’s no way melo is only signing for 2-3 years.

      • SD

        I agree. I’m just throwing a hypothetical out there. “ifs”. I don’t think he will, but that’s the ONLY way I’d personally sign him. That’s all I’m saying.

    • Kay Carter

      Gotta agree with you, made alotta sense, especially a team with Melo-Kobe-Pau unable to get a ring… personally i would like for us to go after Ariza again and get Embiid in the draft, and sign Love in the 15′ FA….i do believe Cavs will match for Kyrie but he has stated if he could he would come to us, do you think it’s a possibility we can get him???

      a Team with Kyrie-Kobe-Ariza-Love-Embiid sounds Good…backs up like Farmer-Meeks-Bazemore-Gasol-Hill depending on our coach HIll and Gasol will get playing time, i really like HIll (hope he stays)

      If we can’t get Kyrie, i’ll like us to go for Lowry this summer or Rondo next summer…. (im not a R Jackson fan, he’s not a good playmaker)

      • SD

        Yeah, Jackson isn’t there yet, but he reminds me of bledsoe-jrue holiday, really young, great athleticism, great speed, good finisher, with a ton of upside, he’s got a ton of room for growth and is still very raw, I’m not sure Lowry will fit within our budget of remaining a player for Love ini 2015, but I do agree with everything else you said.

        • Kay Carter

          oh yeah he does have alot of potential and alot of upside…depending on coach and how he is played, he can help out alot

          i thought about that with the Lowry thing, he’ll be a good point for us but the money smh

  • afs

    If MDA is not gone by next season, Jim Buss is as useless as using chopsticks to drink soup.

  • Al Haldie

    Now tell us something we did not know – I don’t belive anyone thought D”Antoni would be back – and Anthony will not sign with the LAKERS ……

  • 3339

    dantoni got his rep because of Steve Nash. suns were garbage in dantonis first year then Nash came in and saved him/ gave him life in NBA coaching. dantoni/jim buss kupchak were fully expecting the same thing here. But Nash is out leaving dantoni clueless and searching for answers last year and this year. it’s really that simple. dantoni must go.

    • STFU3339

      stfu 3339 crybaby

  • Alex K Tatiracanal

    Why is this a rumor? It should be the gospel!

    The other day someone argued with me about D’Antoni, saying how he had a good “run” in Phoenix. Well “runs” are for teams who just like getting to the playoffs, such as…
    George Karl’s Denver Nuggets teams. Get in and lose in the first round.

    And be the team that…
    “No one wants to play in the first round.”
    “They’re a dark horse or this year’s sleeper.”
    “They’re just a player or two away from being a contender.”
    “They can build upon this and feel good about themselves.”

    I would get a coach who stresses defense, because you should ALWAYS be able to play defense. It’s about effort.

    I look at the Chicago Bulls and wonder what Tom Thibodeau could do with the Lakers roster.

    When the Lakers were down by 51 POINTS to the Clippers the other night, they showed D’Antoni on camera. He had the same “Someone just crapped in the swimming pool” expression on his face.

    He’s never been a defensive coach, so is it a surprise when I turn on the tv, the Lakers are routinely losing by 20 to 30 points?

    I’m not even thinking about Melo right now, I just want a coach who’ll change the attitude and culture.

  • APrince66

    That’s a start….

  • dailythree

    Do a Pat Haden on him

  • Anthony

    Why are Lakers fans not interested in getting Melo? It makes no sense. Obviously, if D’Antoni is the coach it won’t work, but if the Lakers hired Phil, Melo would be perfect. Hire Phil, Sign Melo, Re-Sign Gasol.. Release Nash.. Sign a guy like Stephenson.. Contenders.. I don’t think this is a pipe dream.. #LakerNation

    • Jimmy T

      I like this, plus the Lakers will have a high draft pick. Add a guy like Exum, that team is def. a contender..

      • tarubaapbhenchod

        im a laker fan and this aint happenin dont forget kobe is still playing his contract and playing style will conflict with melo we dont want MDA or melo both dont emphasize defense just tank and get a good player through the draft and hire a defensive minded coach. simple.

        • WestCoast323

          Oh yeah, it’s not happening? Cuz your crystal ball has never failed you..

  • truth24

    We don’t need Melo or coach dumbass . We don’t need Jim buss calling shots. We don’t need sorry ass players like xavier Henry who the fuck is he. I don’t settle for busts like Kendall Marshall who can’t shoot and looks ugly as fuck. Fuck Bazemore and Brooks they fucking suck just cheap players who we can afford. Why the fuck are we signing sacre who hardly scores a basket last time I checked we win by scoring more points. He’s not even that good of a defender he’s just tall. Who the fuck is Kelly the white version of Ron artest wtf??? Gasoft is done can’t guard anybody how many have already scored career highs on him this season. Run down the fucking court and establish position but then whines like a hitch that he’s not getting enough touches. And I never seen this much injuries back to back I know come to LA and fake an injury and make an easy check. I don’t care if Meeks scored 42 he still got crossed over like a bitch and stumbled that was weak shit. Jordan hill you still boys with Dwight coward go join his bitch ass. The lakers organization is going down. I feel for kobe but your not gonna get a sixth with any of these mediocre bums I fucking guarantee it. Fuck doesn’t matter if it’s 2016 were not going anywhere as long as Jim bust is running shit. Are you seriously going to let Phil join the knicks why don’t you give him some part of the team. He has 11 fucking rings who the fuck else has that many! Or at least ask magic for some guidance you sob! I bleed purple and gold but I’m no punk bitch everyone hyping up these guys but in honesty they all fucking suck and are cheap. I guess where settle for kias I’m about those benzos! Real laker fans stand up if you with me we don’t hype up garbage talent busters! CLIPPERS GAVE US THE WORST LOSS IN FRANCHISE HISTORY???????????? everyone excited about having a high Draft pick I’ll laugh if they turn on to be busts. I’m not falling for the bullshit but most laker fans are. Btw Matt Kemp your a buster you stopped taking those roids now your all broken and shit who you fooling. Come to LA get free handicap signs. Westside 420 for life bitches! I’m the real motherfucker juz blaze!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lakerfan

      Swaggy P, Jordan Hill, Farmar are very good players that can contribute and produce good basketball every night.

    • fugazi71

      tell us how you really feel…

    • Shannon

      LMAO! I can’t breathe. You are hilarious but this was real talk. All these guys being hyped up were rejected by other teams for a reason. Most of them fucking suck. I’m tired of the kias! BRING IN THE BENZOS!

    • STFU you fake ass fan

      Shut your dumb ass up and learn how to speak correctly wetback…that’s the truth.

    • Laker24

      U said it all epic

  • SD

    Reggie Jackson-Kobe-Ariza-Love-Embiid ?!?!?! for the start of the 2015-2016 season…..hmmmm?

  • lakerfan

    Fire Dumbtoni after this season, Lakers already have a bench with the players we have now and not only “just a bench” a really good bench. Kyrie a possibility for 2014 Summer? Good draft pick coming up maybe… and Pick up Kevin Love in 2015.. Sounds good to me.

    • truth24

      Your retarded our bench is garbage. Exactly what I’m talking about lakers fans turning into weak sauces

      • keenanjen

        Before our starting five got injured we had the number 2 bench in the league look it up. Our bench players are starting which they shouldn’t be.

        • truth24


          • keenanjen


          • truth

            Championship caliber type bench warmers??? Plzzzzzzz. Hahahhahahahaahbaba good one. U got me.

          • keenanjen

            Don’t look at the bench as is right now. I’m talking about before the starters went down. We had a bench that was better than the Heat, Oklahoma, the Spurs, most top knot teams benches ,look it up for yourself.

          • LakerFan80

            You are absolutely correct….beginning of our season our bench was amazing! Look at the first game of the season….the bench played like the entire 2nd half and played very well and won the game for us! No one wants to acknowledge the truth though….yet his name is Truth, but he can’t handle the truth lol

        • Daryl Peek

          No one wants to hear the truth man.

  • Jay Brodes

    Thank G-d!! thanks for getting kb hurt last year..i will never forgive him for that..period!!!

    • Daryl Peek

      Why you mad at Phil?

  • Glen Rice

    Oh sweet baby Jesus! I pray he’s out! Lol but still wouldn’t really want melo to come here. Still not a franchise builder and still doesn’t defend. NYC can keep him.

  • Laker24

    They need to get rid of him he is an embarrassment he is responsible for this disaster he is an abomination get him tf outta here

  • Laker24

    We need a coach dat knows wtf he is doing not like this coach dat created dis fuckin disaster and an abomination get him tf outta here

  • hoperhetoric

    The only problem to blame Dantoni for is not Playing Kaman & not focusing on rebounds!
    For those who started the thoughts that Dantoni caused all this embarassment losses are stupid! There are far more embarassing losses under Phil Jackson that is loaded with talents. Swept by mavs in playoffs? Embarrass by Celtics in finals?
    Christmas blowout games??? with healthy kobe!

    I saw signs of great defensive team under Dantoni. The problem that caused inconsistency is the players moral. When the shots are not falling, they lose the moral. The difference with other teams is their super star can take over the game & lift the moral of the team mates. The Lakers can only look upto Gasol who is so unreliable to carry the team. He can’t make consecutive close to the rim shots, but he always makes consecutive turnovers! & Gasol can’t dominate the rebound!

    • hoperhetoric

      luol deng over melo please!


    I AGREE FIRE MIKE ANTONI! the lakers are more interested with DENG OVER ANTHONY(nyk or bulls) AFTER 2 seasons when kobe has retired,KEVIN DURANT IS A UFA,lakers can only give him 4 season contract thats why we paid kobe so much money to help us transition FROM KOBE ERA TO DURANT ERA……THAT’s all

    • Rich Kid Yellaboy

      I Highly doubt KD would leave thunder I don’t think he wanna be on a team goin thru Rebuilding Process right now

  • $20509373

    D’Antoni should have never been hired in the first place, but it’s never to late to take out the trash. That worthless sack of garbage will never coach in the NBA again.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    FIRE HIS ASS i am so tired of all the BS.Good riddance!

  • Sam

    I think if we made a push for Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo in 2015 we could have something…

    • Rich Kid Yellaboy

      Celtics ain’t gonna let that fly They Better Off trying to Get K.Luv & Kyrie

  • shellz

    Byron Scott should be lakers head coach.
    the will be great…. #Byron Scott Lakers Head Coach

  • shellz

    Byron Scott should be the lakers head coach.
    It makes perfect sense.

    Fire D’Antoni hire Byron Scott

    • Sylvia Ross

      Byron Scott, would make the perfect Laker coach.

  • Lakerfan27

    Coach D did his best to try to win inspite of having a make shift roster. You cant blame the coach, blame the manager and the management. It was a wrong moved signing nash in the first place. Backfired!

    • Jody

      Agreed it was bad to sign Nash. D’Antoni has isolated talented players though and has handled the lakers horrifically. Leaving Kaman & Hill on the bench but player Sacre & Kelly? Over reliance on Shawne Williams when he was around! Mike is too attached to his system and has lost LA some talented players already with more about to leave

  • Jody

    For the love of all that’s holy, SIGN MELO! He has carried teams his whole career and when he gets a decent second option like last year he gets semi finals in the east. Imagine what a line up of Melo, Kobe & either Love or another mid level player like either Deng, Lowry, Bledsoe or Monroe would do. Love is a good 2/3rd option but for those calling for him to be the saviour need to be shot. He hasn’t carried Min to 1 playoff appearance. 1!!!!! Melo as your 1st option, Kobe and another good starter with a decent rookie is the real deal. Melo will take less money to be in a challenging team. Melo taking $16.5M or less still leaves $20M spare to the cap and around $32M to the tax threshold. Players like Melo do not normally leave their teams. How many guys in the league are averaging 27pts, 9rbnds shooting 46% from the field and 43% from 3 with NO HELP. You people saying you don’t want him are straight up crazy.

  • Edward

    Keep Dantoni so we can tank another season! Getting 2 really high draft picks, Kobe’s contract is up, and we can sign (2) max contract free agents. AKA Westbrook, Love, Kyrie, James

    • Tom Hammond

      even General Patton couldn’t tank like this.

  • setrue

    Stephen A uses CAA as his agent who just happens to represent Melo as well. He is their media mouthpiece trying to hype up demand for Melo free agency. Lakers have no interest in Melo, he would be awful match for Kobe. Last thing Kobe wants is a volume shooter who plays no D beside him. Lakers and Kobe are well aware of Melo’s playoff record is the worst in NBA history. Lakers are not giving a max contract for a provern playoff loser.

  • Guest

    If I was a laker player I would SK TO COME OFF THE BENCH , WITH

  • Al Haldie

    With Kobe and Melo in the starters who else would get a shot —don’t need MELLO we have plenty of good shooters on the team now, LOVE is who we need, and a center who loves to rebound, next yr SACRE will be a good back up..

  • RUDY T.


  • Scott

    We can only hope we can be so lucky. Why can’t we be the Knicks and him just quit on us?

  • Michael P. Monroe

    Never one to see a man loss his job. BUT D’Antoni must be returned to West Virginia, albeit over $8M richer, he can buy the other half of the state that Jay Rockefeller doesn’t own. That is STEP 1 – otherwise, NO recruiting of free agents in any year is possible unless this is done!

  • manof monor

    The problem is that the Lakers do not respect this coach. If he was horse, they would have shot him by now.

  • alex s

    I’d rather get Melo rather than keeping D’Antoni brothers on the sideline.

  • Marty Susman

    Los Angeles needs Kobe type players, Magic type players, not Karl Malone, Gary Peyton, Steve Nash types… We need the Steph Curry’s, Klay Thompson’s, Russell Westbrook, We need need YOUTH, DESIRE, FAN APPEAL, ABILITY, SPEED & LONGEVITY..(REMEMBER KOBE THE GREAT HOT DOG, REMEMBER PHIL SITTING HIM FOR DUMB PLAYS BUT HE GREW INTO AGREAT GREAT PLAYER BUT STARTED AS A VERY YOUNG MAN……..PLEASE NO MORE NASH’S, GASOL’S, MELO’S OR ANYONE OLDER THEN MID 20″S AT BEST….

  • Marty Susman


  • Nashir Mohammed

    If george karl, vinny del negro and lionel hollins were done after winning seasons and decent playoff runs, then why would the lakers keep d’antoni….and he can’t be credited with last year’s playoffs because that was all kobe….d’antoni is done based on the losses and the franchise lows. it would make no sense to fire him now, rather wait in the offseason. Even though the injuries were beyond his control, he never really seemed in control of this group. neither was mike brown.

  • Robert L. I.

    As long as Jim Buss continues to run the Lakes there’s a chance D’Antoni returns which is ridiculous.
    And for the love of Gawd, don’t bring C. Anthony here. He’s old, doesn’t play D. I thought we were rebuilding. Bringing a 30 something non-D-playing Honey Nut Cheerio is not rebuilding. We’ve suffered this much let’s go all the way and do this proper!

  • Thetruth

    If Phil is going to ny it may help us get melo think smart he still banging ms buss

  • Mikete

    I love how people are acting like the Lakers will be bad for ever. They will have another ring in this decade for sure. Something big eventually will happen w/ a trade or through free agency. Laker fans just have to trust management. Lets remember when Jerry West left, people were afraid that Mitch K. wouldn’t be able to run the team. It will all be fine, we just have to suffer through some bad years like every team does. Get a good draft pick and build from there.

  • Peđa Knežević

    Date when D’antoni gets boot in the A, should get own banner among those for championships. #bigDay

  • Marty Susman

    Just saying;
    A. Let’s see what Timmy signs for at S. A. to see what Gasol/Kobe are worth.

  • Csel12

    We could get melo and STILL have enough cap space for Kevin love people. That’s actually the strategy they’re going after.(and the far chance of getting durant if melo doesn’t come.) After this season we will have only 2 players on the books..and enough cap to sign 2 more max players (love and melo).. combined with the fact that we suck right now..we will get a high draft pick (hopefully a wing man like Wiggins or a center in Joel embiid) we will b fine..Top pick..kobe returns…melo gets signed…love comes in a yr… lakers are back.

  • Csel12

    Oh and for everyone asking is the durant thing possible…it is.. durant has already been on record saying if he doesn’t win it this yr he is looking to expand and explore bigger markets..He would consider rejoining harden and the rockets or going to LA to team up with love..draft pick..and melo..

  • Corie Blount

    1. Larry Brown doing big things at SMU, so he’s off the list.
    2. Jeff van Gundy eh!
    3. Coach K lol I guess lure him and trick him into thinking he’s still coaching at Duke with Ryan Kelly and if we get Jabari Parker in the drat.
    4. Tom Thibs doubt I think he’s set in Chicago and the bulls buying into his defensive scheme. He just needs to get over that hump.
    5. Jerry Sloan he just doesn’t have that flash that LA wants out of their coach.

    Other possibilities are George Karl, Lionel Hollins, and Kurt Rambis

  • Sylvia Ross

    Byron Scott.

  • Guest

    I agree with Byron Scott….he’s been there before when the Lakers were successful and I think he could be an asset to the team at this point.