Lakers Rumors: Mike D’Antoni Believes Lakers Would be “Perfect Fit”

Lakers Rumors: Mike D’Antoni Believes Lakers Would be “Perfect Fit”


At this point, it seems as though Phil Jackson is the favorite to land the Los Angeles Lakers’ head coaching job, but that is not stopping Mike D’Antoni from leaving his dream.

The Lakers already interviewed D’Antoni in regards of the head coaching void, and the former New York Knicks coach would love to land a new job in Los Angeles. Fox Sports Southwest reports that D’Antoni believes a head coaching job with the Los Angeles Lakers would be a “perfect fit.”

“If they offer it, I’d love it,” D’Antoni said. “It’d be a perfect fit.”

D’Anton is known for his incredible offensive system and he already has plenty of experience with Steve Nash while with the Phoenix Suns. In addition, D’Antoni was an assistant coach for the USA Olympic team, meaning he has coached the most talented basketball team in the world.

However, the biggest question with D’Antoni will come on defense and if he can make the Lakers perform well on that end of the court. He has been lambasted by the media for his lackluster defensive schemes and that is something that will continue if he does not end up making the Lakers a defensive threat.

  • saadi saadi

    Kobe says offense is not the issue for Lakers. It is defense.This would be a bad idea. It is a risk/gamble might work/might not work….Lakers need something on both ends.

  • hookedonnews

    Defense could be handled by a good assistant. The Suns beat the Lakers in the play-offs more than once when D’Antoni was there and would have been in the Finals except for crooked ref Tim Donaghy. Want to have the best offense in the league? Hire D’Antoni. Want to ruin the last years of Nash’s career? Put him in the Triangle offense.