Lakers Rumors: Mike Brown Called Free-Agent Gilbert Arenas

Lakers Rumors: Mike Brown Called Free-Agent Gilbert Arenas


The Los Angeles Lakers were rumored to have been inquiring about free-agent Gilbert Arenas and head coach Mike Brown confirmed that report, Brian Kamenetzky of ESPN Los Angeles writes.

“We’ve made a call on [Arenas], yes,” Brown said. “We’ve called to see what his status is. That’s it.”

Still the Lakers have not planned any workouts and do no expect to bring Arenas for an evaluation. “I have not talked to him, I have not watched any tape on him. It’s really just conversation,” Brown said. “We’ve had conversation about a lot of players. There are a ton of players out there that we’ve had conversation about.”

The Lakers in need for some back-court help and Arenas could be an option to explore. Arenas has not been the same player he used to be, but can give the back-court some much needed scoring.

Although Arenas needs the ball in his hands in order to be effective, using him as a sixth man could help the Lakers greatly. There are not many players on the roster who create find his own shot besides Kobe, but Gilbert Arenas is a player who could put up points in a hurry.

  • JR

    I like him to Lakers but I don’t know how he’ll get minutes with Fisher, Blake(when he comes back), and Goudelock, Morris.

  • Shaka

    I am down with Agent 0

  • Ceddy P

    First of all we need to get rid of Mitch K,he sucks as a GM.Next Luke Walton must go.All the free agents that were out M.K. signs Jason K.,Troy M,and Josh Mc. are u serious.The only 1 I would have signed is Josh M the other are garbage.There’s no way in HELL we going to Howard now,if M.K. was going to trade Odom he should have packaged him with Bynum and a draft pick for Howard.At this point we definitely need some help,KOBE can’t carry the load.

    • livinlakerlife

      bro mitch k. is a legend in the laker organization… u are crazy. who u think got kobbe, shaq, lamar, pao? so because this year the league hated on him nopw hes wack????? so if the trade would have went down, would still be wack??? get out of here w that nonsense! mitch knows wha he is doin.. u dont obviously. we dont need d12 we need a star pg n thats y we wanted cp3. we can settle for agent 0 and be ok, or we can stick to the plan and shoot for a star pg like d williams and be a contender for the finals.also we should pick up kenyon martin. he would be really nice of the bench. only thiing w that is we have to many frwds., but if we trade for d williams, we can dump a couple of to n.j. an a possible 3rd team involved.  

  • purp&yellow

    arenas once dropped 60 pts at staple center, lakers doesnt have a pg nor do they have another ball handler besides kobe to run the floor..signin gilbert should b a no brainer..DO IT!

  • Jason

    Cut Morris and sign Arenas for the vet-min. That’s a no brainer!

  • Jef_alexhao

    Steve Blake is not a GARBAGE this season… maybe you are not watching Lakers games… He shoots better this season than last season… He is more comfortable with the game plan than the traingle offense that ran by the Zen… KB24 trusted him more this season than last season… If there is a GARBAGE on the lakers bench, it would be WALTON and CARACTER… KAPONO, TROY and McROBERTS are helping the bench in a way…

  • Asdasdk

    Writer needs to spell check..

  • Eric Arroyo

    #1 we have two point guards and one has several chanpionship rings and is co captain #2 gilbert is a good edition.