Lakers Rumors: Michael Redd a Good Fit for the Lakers? Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers have made some drastic upgrades to their roster over the course of the NBA off-season thus far with the addition of two-time NBA MVP Stev The Los Angeles Lakers have made some drastic upgrades to their roster over the course of the NBA off-season thus far with the addition of two-time NBA MVP Stev Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Michael Redd a Good Fit for the Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers have made some drastic upgrades to their roster over the course of the NBA off-season thus far with the addition of two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash, veteran forward Antawn Jamison and retaining Jordan Hill, but the team is still in need of a viable option behind Kobe Bryant at shooting guard.

With the Lakers limited in free agency, GM Mitch Kupchak and company are only seeking out free agents that might be willing to sign with the team for the veteran’s minimum. Obviously, with Nash locked in for three years and Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum or Dwight Howard also in the mix, the attraction of Los Angeles might be enough to lure in a shooting guard capable of shouldering the load while Kobe gets some much needed rest of the sidelines.

After losing out on Delonte West recently, the list of potential free agents at shooting guard has gotten that much thinner with most candidates over 30. Another intriguing option that the Lakers should consider a worthy candidate is sharp shooting veteran Michael Redd according to Mark Medina of the L.A. Times:

“The Lakers remain in dire need of acquiring a quality shooter at a bargain-bin price. Redd appears to be the perfect candidate.”

At 32 years-old, 33 in August, Redd is nowhere the scorer he once was with the Milwaukee Bucks a few years back. Since leaving Milwaukee, Redd has yet to reclaim his All-Star form as one of the best pure shooters and natural scorers in the league.

Despite that being the case, the Lakers might be willing to roll the dice on Redd in order to backup Kobe. Redd brings a few things to the table if signed by the Lakers as he can stretch the defense with his outside shooting and possibly reignite his ability to light up the scoreboard on a nightly basis.

Along with his scoring ability and possibility of signing for the veteran’s minimum, Redd has gotten to know Nash during his time with the Phoenix Suns. Nash may help convince Redd to come to Los Angeles.

Last season, Redd averaged 8.2 points per game for the Suns. Redd didn’t exactly impressive anyone with his shooting percentages last season with 31 percent from outside and 40 percent from the floor. Even though Redd struggled with his shooting efficiency at times, it’s hard to argue that he didn’t have somewhat of a resurgence in Phoenix that may turn out to be promising if he signs with Los Angeles.

Signing Redd could potentially be another low risk and high reward situation like the Lakers were able to pull off with Jamison. With no teams showing much interest in Redd, the Lakers will almost certainly be able to get him for the veteran’s minimum to bring in another veteran shooter with scoring ability.

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  • honestly

    if we can get him to sign the vet minimum then do it. we need shooters in this team. Sasha vujacic was the last laker to avr 40%+ from 3 and that was in 2008!!!! B Rush is a restricted FA and we dont have the assets for a sign and trade. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/ricky.patel.54 Ricky Patel

    Get him and delfino or arenas that’s all we need if Howard thing folds

  • Dcaromsc

    Before the Lakers can go further with the search for more bench or back up players. First things first. Take care of the problem. Dump Mike Brown. Then things will go smoothly. LOL.

    • Jrcatenza

      hahaha! i like that….hell yes, go for it!

  • Dcaromsc

    Before the Lakers can go further with the search for more bench or back up players. First things first. Take care of the problem. Dump Mike Brown. Then things will go smoothly. LOL.

  • Ibeedafuture

    Rush would be the best fit but he is a restricted free agent and the warriors not letting him go. On to the next redd would be a good pick up but I rather see them go after a barbosa,Meeks, or delfino 1st. If none of them then redd or tmac

  • Pkb22

    Barbosa is good fit to the team. get him kupcake

    • http://twitter.com/Lakers_Examiner Ryan Ward

      He’s the best option right now. Not sure he’ll sign for the vet min. Also played with Nash in PHO.

      • Ymariecoilton

         some of these guy worried bout money they have money get with the lakers and get that championship… take the cut get a ring lakers all day

  • http://www.facebook.com/rawratchoo Vince Tran-Man

    Barbosa, Tracy, Meeks, or Nate. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=856104382 Flemming Taylor

    Like the Delfino cat because he can play defense and that is what we need.

    • http://twitter.com/Lakers_Examiner Ryan Ward

      Delfino would be a nice fit. Lakers haven’t shown interest yet.

  • Simon

    i think its a good move he played good last year somewhat. i still think tracy mcgrady can be that guy on the cheap

  • Girth

    I don’t see why they haven’t targeted Pietrus/Delfino yet for the mini MLE. Both good shooters and defenders on the wing.

    • LakerFanaticforlife999

      THATS EXACTLY WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT!!!! We moving to dam slow! You saw what happen yesterday witu delonte west! Were juss now expressing intrest in him and then 2 hours later he back with the mavs. They JUST NOW showimg interest in him?! And its clear as day that kobe hasnt had a legit back up simce the day shannon brown left? THEy shoulda BEEN reached out to him man! And if they dont act like theyre suppose too, theyre gonna miss ot kn even more players man!

      • http://www.facebook.com/nathaniel.fremont Nathaniel Fremont

        You guys crack me up. You think just because you only recently hear about their interest in someone that they haven’t been blowing up phones since day 1? I’d be surprised to hear that Mitch actually sleeps. Just because you guys think someone’s a great fit doesn’t mean the team agrees.

        • LakerFanaticforlife999

          First off do you watch basketball? Obviously not.”juss because you think its a good fit dosent mean the team thinks so.” I DONt SEE WHY THE HELL Any of the players ive named and agreed with people on wouldnt be good team fits?! All are 3 point threats and all are sound defensively on the wings,which are the 2 weaknesses of the lakers at this

          • LakerFanaticforlife999

            Point. Name a player that ive named that wouldnt fit into what were trying to do and state ur reasons. And as far as the interest part of your comment,its obvious that theyre not pushing hard enough for some of these free agents! We over here talking to JERMAINE O NEAL??? HUUUH???? I can back up what i say. Would you like for me to explain why mickael pietrus, leandro barbosa,carlos delfino,and tracy mcgradey are all good fits?? Id be glad too.

      • Michaeljd111

        we cant pick up anyone looking for a payday, we need to keep what we have add barbosa cut mcroberts get rid of blake maybe of the 6 ft2 off guards and we are good to go beyond good ebanks and eynbaka or something like that will be very good hustling role players

        • LakerFanaticforlife999

          And who did i name whos looking for a pay day? Riddle me that.

    • Mel3dx

      I believe last year or 2 yrs ago, Kobe expresses that he wants Pietrus to be a laker… I like Pietrus, too bad Lakers arent showing any interest… 

  • Tomk777

    Geeze people, there are only 15 roster spots on a team, some of you are wanting to sign three and four more players, get real, we already have 1 Bynum, 2 Gasol, 3 MWP, 4 Kobe, 5 Nash, 6 Jordan Hill, 7 Antwan Jamison, 8 Ebanks, 9 McRoberts, 10 Christian Eyenga, 11 Andrew Gouldlock, 12 Steve Blake, 13 Darius Morris, and two 2nd round rookies, Darius Johnson Odom and Robert Sacre ON THE ROSTER !!! At MOST, Mitch adds one more Veteran, at the expense of one of our draft picks not making the team.

    • LakerFanaticforlife999

      My point is if you go back and watch the summer league and the playoffs Its is CLEAR as as day that none of those players are ready for playoff atmosphere basketball if theyre struggling to produce in summer league(goudlock,morris,ebanks,eyenga) and some players were incredibly inconsistant(steveblake matt barnes:theyre talkin bout possibly bringin him back) and u has players like mc roberts and troy murphy that were USELESS! Hate tk be the this blunt but get rid off mcroberts and blake if you can, and send them dam rooks backthe d fenders and give there spots to Veterans that are hungry. Like i said if were truly in “win now mode” the likes of darius morris,andrew goudlock, johnson odom, should not be on the roster. Point made?

      • Tomk777

        Ebanks didn’t play in this years summer league, and showed promise last year, and at 6’9″ with long arms, has potential, McRoberts is useless but is under contract for 3.1 million dollars for one more year, you could not get more than a second round pick for him if you COULD find a trading partner, and frankly no team would be that stupid, so your stuck with him. Robert Sacre will get a roster spot, because he’s 7 feet tall and is 265 lbs. with a decent defensive and offensive game, he’s cheap insurance, in case Pau or Bynum get hurt. Darius Morris is 6’5″ which is tall for a point guard, and aside from one game played well in summer league play, averaged 17 points, played good D, but needs to work on turnovers. Darious Johnson Odom is WAY, WAY to new for you to know squat about him, if we discarded every new rookie who had some struggles in their first few minutes as a pro, we would be getting rid of 90% of the players. Gouldlock was the one player that should have been WAY better than he showed. AND that MY point, we only have one or two spots at most. GET IT!

        • LakerFanaticforlife999

          @Tomk777 idk what u were looking at, but i saw enough to know that none of thos rooks arent ready for playoff basketball. And that what the lakers DONT need. We need VETS. Goudlock looked out of shape in the summer league, morris shot HORRIBLY for most of the games and idk where this good defense u speak of comes from morris. Most of those guards they went up against torched him. Only 2 players i would even think about giving roster spots to is sacre(who likes to bang down low,7 footer,could develop more moves under gasol like jordan hill is) and eyenga(can u say hops?) No ebanks, no morris,no goudlock. If ebanks was THAT much of a promisimg young long defensively sound player he woulda been guarding durant in the playoffs! I think he did during the last okc lal game. If he was that promising, then last year he would have kept his starting role at the beginning of the season(cause if u remember he was starting i believe over matt banres… I think he started over Matt barnes and metta.) guess what player started for his team AS a ROOKIE cause ebanks isnt a rookie, but is younger than ebanks and plays execellent defense,and actually guarded durant and did a good job on him; and is already offensively sound? KWAI LENART. Now THAT is true potential. Hell im sure when la brought kwame brown to the lakers they thot he had “potential”. Idk why some of yall on here act like flippin darius morris and goudlock or any of those dudes are ready to have a roster spot and see LEGIT playing time. Like i said, thats what the dleague is for. If we are truly in win now mode, we shouldnt even been talking about goudlock and morris or none of em. Like i said the only ones i would think about putting on the roster is sacre and eyenga. We shouldnt have brought back ebanks or signed those 2 rookies to contracts. Only thing i agree with u on is we might not be able to get rid of mcbob, But id shop him until i know for a fact i cant get ANYTHING for him.

          • LakerFanaticforlife999

            Point im making is u say thers only 2 spots left? Well theyre shouldnt be cause the shouldnt have signed goudlock or morris because if we are truly in win now mode, then they wouldnt have roster spots. U look at the top benches in the league like the spurs last year,NOBODY on the bench can be questioned about being productige when given the oppourtunity. On the real? Lakers might have the worst prospects. Hence the record in the summer league and record breaking loss. You cant be taking serious for an nba championship if your back up pg is darius morris,back up shooting guard is andrew goudlock,andback up small foward is eyenga. And idk why some of you here act like we should be takin serious with that.

    • Michaeljd111

      i could see getting rid of mcroberts but i like his hustle but keep eyenga and ebanks very athletic could play shooting guard or forward, barbosa would be great instead of blake and to me Odom and Gouldlock are same size and off guards which doesnt make sense, Morris will be good and would  start eyenga or ebanks and bring metta off the bench make the first unit more athletic. then we should be very very good

  • LakerFanaticforlife999

    No no no and no. Before we settle for redd, MUST make a push for leandro barbosa. He is a 3 point threat,when locked a in a great man on man defender,in his prime, and plus played with nash in phoniex. Hed be great on the fast break and hes arguebly the fastest player in the league(hence his nickname:The Blus) If not him, the mikckael pietrus who also played with nash in phoniex,and is all what barbosa is not him carlos delfino, who is also All of the above. I feel like our bench needs a complete facelift. Including these rookies. If were in win now mode we dont have time to develop yoing players. Thats what the d leauges for. After watching las summer league, idk why u would want any of those players on our bench during a championship run. If goudlock struggled to produce in summer league, what mkes u think hes gonma all the sudden be a big option in the playoffs? Only players that were impressive and showed potential and morris,sacre(really nice) and eyeng(also very nice) i think we shoulld also take a look at tracy mcgradey. Hed accept his role as a back up. I remember him walking off from thr table about to cry during his press conference after they lost to dallas. My only point is idk why the lakers are setting their standards low. Yes we have a limited amount of $ to offfer. But at the same time THIS IS LA! Best franchise in the league. Championship bred organization! Mitch kobe and nash need to sell that!

  • Mel3dx

    Pietrus or Delfino is looking for a team I think… that would be a a good pickup. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1195411698 Jey Mgee

    Brandon Ruch, Barbosa, Pietrus…….Get rid of McBOb, Morris, Steve Blake Contract …

    • TheAntiCrust


  • Shawn!!

    Just sign Tracy McGrady and Michael Redd! They are both not All-Star caliber players, but they have a lot of experience and are decent scorers. It would fill in the backup SG and SF bench positions. Tracy would also be a useful option in clutch situations. Just imagine! Lakers down by 2 points and there is 20 seconds left, on the court you got Kobe, Nash, and McGrady ready to take the shot. Its perfect! We would have a bench of Blake, Redd, McGrady, Jamison, and Hill. Not bad don’t you think? And we still got Eyenga whos shown tremendous potential in the Summer League

  • BlackRobbb

    Redd is not a good fit. The Lakers need someone athletic — Redd is anything but athletic. Rather than throw money at a player that doesn’t fit, L.A. should probably stand pat until the right fit comes along.

  • http://twitter.com/BigMoneyRome Big Money Rome

    Rush Isn’t going for the veteran minimum he wants money but i would choose barbosa because he can play off & def he also can play the pg & sg not to mention playing with steve nash barbosa & redd should go to the lakers really thats a championship team

  • Ymari3ecoilton

    lakers need get barbosa if not redd and robinson


  • Arce43

    Barbosa slept with Nash wife had a baby then suns traded barbosa to Toronto,why would Nash want him as a team mate again,thats why Nash didn’t want Jason Richardson in la because he was sleeping with his wife too.Lakers need to signredd he would be good fit.

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