Lakers Rumors: Metta World Peace Interested In Returning?

Lakers Rumors: Metta World Peace Interested In Returning?


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After a brief stint with the New York Knicks last season, Metta World Peace is a free agent this summer and currently looking for another opportunity in the NBA.

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At 34, World Peace isn’t receiving considerable interest as a free agent, but hopes that he might land in familiar surroundings. The veteran forward would welcome a return to Los Angeles or New York, according to Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News:

At this point in his career, World Peace might only be receiving offers of the veteran’s minimum to play next season. The one-time NBA champion could be hoping for more, but the three teams he’s interested in signing with may not be willing to pay more than the minimum.

World Peace played in only 29 games for the Knicks last season averaging only 13.4 minutes per game after having a substantial role with the Lakers. World Peace ultimately agreed to a buyout of his contract making him a free agent, but didn’t sign with another team.

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With the Lakers in rebuilding mode and currently looking for players willing to take less, World Peace may become an option for the team with a need at small forward. The Lakers currently have a number of guards on the team that includes Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Jordan Clarkson, Nick Young and Kendall Marshall. Kobe and Young can play at the three spot, but both players are better suited at shooting guard.

In World Peace’s last season with the Lakers, the veteran forward averaged 12.4 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.6 steals per contest.
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  • GOD CHRI$$$ ✞
    • Srdjan

      Why? He’d probably sign for a minimum and would probably be the only guy capable of playing defense, alongside Kobe…

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 4m
        Lakers waiving guard Kendall Marshall, but have interest in bringing him back on a new deal if he clears waivers, league sources tell Yahoo.

      • LakersHeatBeef


        The Lakers have reached a one-year agreement to bring back Xavier Henry on a minimum contract, per league sources.

        • Lucas Torres


    • richard

      For a vet minimum.. yes, MWP can still be productive coming off the bench, he and Shaun Marion should complete the SF position for Lakers.

  • hoperhetoric

    Yea we need him! He can still slow down KD, Gallinari, blake, harden,kahwi,. Lakers cannot find a better defender to slow down opponents forward star players!!!

    • TimeisIllmatic

      you sure about that? lol

  • duskr

    BRING HIM BACK!.. i want to see him flex and blow kisses to the fans,..

    • bunno

      Yea he funny

  • sena

    yeah come back my boy

    • bunno

      My boiii..u from ca. huh

  • LaDone Waller

    It definitely wouldn’t hurt! Still a very capable defender..

  • Swaggy C

    If we are gonna suck this year, we might as well bring a product on the court that is exciting still. You have Swaggy P and his Swag, Metta with his crazy, defensive self, Lin bringing the Asian crowd, Kobe to put the entire world in the building and see if he still got it, and Randle for people to see him and how he blossoms for the future!

    • Badazztj12

      You must dont see we building a team like the Spurs. Vet starting line up with young bench?

  • JohnSmith00

    Oh MWP you so crazy….

  • wangkon936

    $1.5M vet minimum and only one crazy on court antic a month please.

  • I Know Everything!

    Yes we need MWP his defense is amazing! Too sexy for my cat!

  • Lucas

    Only if he is still a capable defender, he’d be a good bench player that could provide defense.

  • Lakers4Life

    No thanks, let’s not make this team older and any worse than it already is now lol. Just tank next season and let’s get to business for next offseason.

    • Lakers4Eternity

      Exactly. Or at least pick up someone younger like Al-Farouq Aminu or hidden gems from D-League to play SF. There is no point getting old players because we are not contending for the title.

      • LALfan Kosharek

        Older than like the whole team you mean… It’s a young team. Could use some crazy metta. Believe it or not, he’s a great glue guy.

        • Lakers4Eternity

          We are thin at the SF position. I mean we all can agree that can’t win the title with this team. Why not make the best out of it and try to use the year to develop these young players like we did with Kendall Marshall, Xavier Henry, Ryan Kelly & Sacre last season.

          If we are going to fill that SF position, it’s better to get someone younger who we can develop for long term plan, not someone who is turning 35 who will be retiring 1 – 2 season from now.

        • Lakers4life

          The only older players are Kobe and Nash, every body else is in their prime or starting their career, Metta wouldn’t hurt us, or let’s see if we can sign Marion he still have game and he can be a 2 or 3 years contract, to a vets minimum. It wouldn’t hurt he can play D.

    • ra

      older = experience. younger = D-league. (or, younger = scrubs). Good teams have a mix of vets and new players.

      MWP would be great for rallying the team.

      We should also sign Odom, and try to get Bynum. Too bad Pau is gone, otherwise we’d have the old band back! One more shot, folks!

      • Leo

        Very true bring back Bynum and odom and MWP back and will be back to top.

        • Leo

          But truly we need Bynum back we need a shot blocker and rebounder and somebody that can shoot free throws and everything else will come together

          • amynbar

            Hard to rebound and block shots in street clothes.


    Like i have been saying balance the vets with the younger players bring in Metta we got boozer nash and kobe with these young hungry guys Byron Scott as the coach and i promise we will start winning, Plan A was the big 3 in miami we couldn’t get carmelo so we go to Plan B and thats build like san antonio.

    • Dana

      At this point the Lakers need to get the best pieces they can for the least money, and try to put something entertaining on the court while waiting for next year. Bring Metta home. :)

      • WAYNER

        I can agree but also disagree, people say well nobody wants to play for the Lakers and we just need n entertaining roster to make people want to play for us 2015 so what makes people think if we win a couple more games this yr stars will all of a sudden want to play for us in 2015 when Kobe contract and jim buss who people critize will still be their, n all honesty we had the perfect situation for Melo to come here because we were starting from scratch with two star players and then you build around that he goes back to New york this season most likely have a bad year then start from scratch next year, my personal opinion is Lakers can compete with this roster, what makes our roster different from the Wizards roster the raptors, Miami, Mavericks, Spurs, nets people talk bout the bulls but other than noah n rose we have the better team noah carried that team alone last yr if he got injured along with derrick rose they wouldnt have even smelled the playoffs.

    • Badazztj12

      I just started learning what we were doing. Signing all these Vets and having a high fire scoring bench. Kobe and Boozer gonna get plenty of rest so they can come back in the game full of enegry

      • LakersOverEverything

        If we had got lance for 9mil, this would actually be a pretty good team. Still looking for 6th seed tho

  • Zimmeredge

    no. Metta sorry. he was out most of this year because of injury. he was totally a shade of himself body wise.better go with aminu or johnson imo.

    • Jim213

      Option, Shawn Marion (for no more than $6 mil max) while adding another player for cheap. This would also help the many combo rotations which don’t necessarily involve Sacre, Kelly, and Marshall.

      AT BEST, with another solid acquisition like Marion they may end up as a 4-5 seed IMO. However, other VERSATILE! options for the 3 (IMO):

      UFA, Francisco Garcia SF/SG – Plays good DEFENSE! and can HIT 3s!.

      UFA, Xavier Henry- SG/SF – will audition for the Lakers (injury) when ready before hitting FA (per sources).

      UFA, Mickael Pietrus SG/SF – $1-2 mil? upside who (if things turn out right) will outplay his contract tho coming back from injury… (option?)).

      2014 Underafted UFAs to possibly consider

      CJ Fair SF/PF- playing for the mavs – summer league (option?)
      Patric Young C- playing for the pelicans- summer league (option?)

      • Zimmeredge

        Khem birch and patric young are both great young centers for sure. Good rebounder and good shot blocker.
        Garcia, Johnson, aminu and henry but henry is injury prone.
        I think Marion would be amazing but he might go to a contending team. Can play d, shoot 3 and rebound. His profile is rare and so he is still valuable. Might be able to give the Mle?
        We have reach the cap so basically no bledsoe no Monroe. Only vet contract, bi annual and Mle.

      • LakersOverEverything

        I like Marion and pietrus from that group. Too bad we didn’t scoop lance S. for 9mil

  • Darth Vadar


  • lakers4life

    lakers should have kept MWP and let go of nash in the first place. Im in to bringing him back. We need players who gives it his all and to back up nick young when we play against the suns ha ha

    • Darth Vadar

      How were they supposed to let go of nash? we couldn’t amnesty him.

      • lakers4life

        Im saying we should have used the amnesty clause on steve nash instead of metta..and if we couldn’t have used the amnesty on nash than please explain because I wasn’t aware of that

        • Darth Vadar

          he signed “after” the new collective bargaining agreement, so he wasn’t eligible to use it on

          • Darth Vadar

            Yes Steve Nash is the Devil

          • Red Chance

            Nash was an utterly wasted move–but he could be used now as an assistant coach for the guards! Great news however, Lakers look good at Guard position. I like swaggy P as a back up SF–make X Henry the starter. A perfect fit would be Wiggins at SF — but no way of happening. If any person i’d bring back it would be Lamar Odom at PF behind Randle. He is great at triangle offense. Also believe Lakers need a center–should get Hasheem Thabeet. Make Byron Scott the coach and have Kareem Jabbar coach Thabeet!

          • Al Haldie

            Like we need more PF -you have been in space too long..

          • $wank

            Stop it that idea sounds horrible plus byron scott is a bad idea he lacks defense he missed the playoffs 7 times in the 11 seasons he coached in the george karl is what we need heasnt missed the playoffs since 91-92 season and a way better winning percentage swaggy p is a SG randle is a SF Odom is Done for. X should never start hasheem is staying with the thundernash for AC……… not

          • Ryan Soares

            One of the only 7 active coaches who has been to the Finals though 😏

          • $wank

            George Karl has been to the NBA Finals and i must correct myself Karl missed the 2001-02 Playoffs but other than that hes been great

        • TimeisIllmatic

          They wouldn’t have been able to use it on Nash.

  • Eric U

    Like Marve Albert would said,”METTA WORLD PEACE” when he dunk lol. Come back old man we need some D on this team.

  • AK

    As much as i love what he did for the Lakers PLEASE dont bring him back. Hes defense has faded out and hes still a poor shot and he looves to shoot anyway. It would just be a dumb move just like bringing lamar odom or andrew bynum back. These are not the same players from 5 years ago..


    why not, lakers aren’t doing anything this year. why not make it entertaining. MWP mamba and swaggy all on the same team. muhahahahah oooo the entertainment we will get :p

  • Kb24

    Matrix is better defender for now

  • Badazztj12

    I dont mind having Metta off bench but that means we have to sign back Wesley so can teach him how to play consistent D

  • 3339

    honestly it can’t hurt. we desperately need a sf and we need defense. i don’t know who else they are looking at for sf. marion, aminu, henry, beasley, or add another guard and move Kobe to sf?

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Jordan Hamilton makes the most sense IMO.Or Shawn Marion maybe Evan Turner.Aminu possibly.

      • KobeT

        Marion said he wants to play for a “championship ready” team so he is out of the question. Turner is a turnover machine.

    • richard

      we can actually get anyone of those mentioned… but I would go for MArion, if he wants to come for the vet minimum, then have Kobe play some SF, and we are set for the season, split Clarkson’s minutes backing up Kobe at SG and at PG behind Lin and Marshall, sign Henry for more beef on the bench.

      Let’s go Lakers!!!

  • Mad Skills

    Lakers should sign a couple young reclamation projects for small forward.Sign Anthony Randolph dude he has potential like a Lamar Odom type then sign Devin Ebanks and call it a day.

    • Cali Jeff

      Devin’s been working hard to get back in the nba, I’d like to see him on the Lakers again, I think D’antoni messed him up.

  • LALfan Kosharek

    Heck yes. Something fun to watch this year. Boozer, randle and metta bruisin everybody up lol.

  • courtney harris

    Man I don’t know about this one. If it’s a one year deal, then it makes sense to fill a roaster but they would need younger legs to start over him

    • Lamar Miles

      Fill a roaster?

  • TimeisIllmatic

    Lmao oh boy. Lakers fans can’t let go of past players eh?

    • LakerJ

      No, we don’t kid:

      Jerry West
      James Worthy
      W. Chamberlain
      George Mikan
      Elgin Baylor
      Gail Goodrich
      Connie Hawkins
      Clyde Lovelette
      Bob McAdoo
      Vern Mikelsen
      Slater Martin
      Jim Pollard
      and yes…Magic Johnson

      Those are just our hall of famers!!!!!!!

      • TimeisIllmatic

        Just to be clear here, I’m a Lakers fan lol… But I’m obviously not referring to HOF’s bro lmao. C’mon you can do better than that. By past players I mean as in players that have helped the Lakers win titles recently. Bynum is a good example.

  • Johnny Ramon

    One thing valuable about MWP that you won’t find in other FA at his position is his EXPERIENCE. He battled the best of em and though he’s just a shell of whom he was during his prime, he can pass on some ole tricks to the young guys..

  • Cypressmurf

    I think the better question here, is do the Lakers want Metta back? If we don’t get Turner or Marion…. why the fuck not?

  • lakerfan

    PG Lin
    SG Bryant
    SF Turner
    PF Randle
    C Hill
    PG Marshall/Clarkson
    SG Young
    SF MWP/Xavier
    PF Boozer/Kelly
    C Davis/Sacre

    • cj

      pg: lin
      sg: kobe
      sf: turner
      pf: randle
      c: hill
      pg: clarkson
      sg: x
      sf: young
      pf: boozer
      c: davis
      third string
      pg: nash
      sg: marshel
      sf: ?
      pf: kelly
      c: scare

    • JP

      perfect that’s what I was thinking or Beasley instead of Turner

      • cj

        agreed i prefer beasley at this point

  • ZooYork

    MWP is DONE!I am 100% sure he will not be on the Lakers.Bad article.

  • all tourney

    Lakers Rumors: Lakers Willing To Overpay To Sign Eric Bledsoe?
    Posted by: Ryan Ward Posted date: January 30, 2014 I

  • Bray

    Al Farroq-Aminu is the easy choice as the Lakers need defense at this position.We need a Bruce Bowen type at the wing more or less Aminu is the best defender left.

    • cj

      he cant shoot and cant really finish he is worse then jhonson

  • Byron

    Lakers are building around Kobe Bryant for his final 2 years in the NBA.What’s missing is a Trevor Ariza type of wing stopper and Aminu is the best guy to do the job and fit the role the Lakers so desperately need filled.Small Forward is the easiest position to fill.We need someone to guard Durant,LeBron,Wiggins,Carmelo.

  • Earl

    Evan Turner is not worth the hype.Decent but nothing special.

  • sjnickthequickvanexel

    Why not bring back mwp on ve min. And turner as the starter at sf and mwp as his back up..

  • Earl

    Evan Turner is a player who has averaged under 10 points 3 years in career.11 PPG. career average.Make sure he is treated the same as Aminu or Beasley he is not better than anyone not even Omri Caspi,he is a major draft bust like Wes.

  • Brendon Edwards

    Evan Turner!!!!!

  • Brendon Edwards

    Xavier Henry!!!

  • Edy

    Shit might as well sign him it might just give us two or three more wins this upcoming season then last season lol

  • Laker32since87

    No No and some more No ronnie your my dude and all but peace is not what we need we need the guy that was trying to take on a whole team then mean mf that player was afraid of.

    • Laker32since87

      I’d rather get Greg Monroe n the starting 5 should be lin kobe boozer at the 3 davis 4 n monroe center swag sorry to put u on the bench but we need a scorer on the second unit

  • kliff richard

    next sign should LA Lakers Udoh, Ekpe,re-sign wes johnson, Xavier Henry, Okafor, Emeka , ramon sessions,Cunningham, Dante,Aminu, Al-Farouq LA Lakers

    • BULLY

      Udoh, Wes, they are re signing X, Yahoo sports indicated, and hopefully Aminu but that’s it! I honestly do not know how much Lakers have now to spend?

  • awesome dunk

    Re-sign Xavier Henry and bring along Kevin Murphy.That is all the Lakers need at Small Forward

  • NBA Expert

    What happened to Julius Randle in the summer league?He was a low post beast in college and not once did he post up on the low block for a chance to score and he really didn’t get many rebounds and he never scored 15 points in a game or he never got 7 rebounds in a game also not even 3 shot blocks the whole summer league.These are all signs he will be a major bust.Anthony Bennett of the Cavs had a way better summer league than Julius Randle.The big rookie from Memphis Stokes had a much better summer league than Randle.Nerlens Noel had a much better summer league than Julius Randle.

    Randle never posted up and that is a big red flag that something is wrong with his post game.Also he never made a jump shot and hasn’t hit one since February and he is 17% on jump shots from his college days.Also his defense reeks of poop.It wouldn’t surprise me if the Eric Bledsoe and Rajon Rondo for Julius Randle trade rumors are true.Mitch is no dummy so he knows he saw what he saw and that can’t be making Mitch too confident as the dude Randle was outplayed by our other rookie Jordan Clarkson the whole summer league.

    Actually Jordan Clarkson played like he was a lottery pick.Julius Randle played like a 20th pick not a 7th pick.Hopefully he improves and gets back to using his post up game and starts rebounding more in real games.Carlos Boozer will be a great mentor to Julius Randle and he will show him the ropes of playing low post and what kind of workouts he must do to get stronger and better in the gym with wight training.Small forward lol Julius Randle is not a Small Forward he is too slow to play small forward and he can’t shoot that’s not a good mix.

    • okaaay

      Who hurt you?

    • Joey Torres

      he was on vacation time because the FO wasn’t sign him until the second game of the summer league and he can’t practice until he sign giving some time and you’ll see.

  • Speed

    Why haven’t Mitch sign Evan Turner?

  • Cassandra Marino

    name me a better frontcourt right now that’s better or deeper than this one. except for pacers,clippers,portland,and maybe Chicago but we have one of the top froncourts in the nba like top 5 6 and our frontcourt court is the deepest that’s the deepest. lakers would be doum to pass on al forque aminu he’s 23 6’9 good rebounder and plays excellent defense there’s no better sf out there he can’t shoot he’s doesn’t have an offensive game but who cares we have enough offense he’s he the last piece to the puzzle and maybe okafor

    • AK

      no we dont we have no true center other than sacre and sacre isnt even top 30 centers

  • Willie Mays Hayes

    Only if he promises to knock out James Harden again.

  • Party Up

    Lakers can trade Jeremy Lin and Jordan Hill with the Rockets First Round pick for Eric Bledsoe it makes perfect sense and the salaries match also Bledsoe would be under a max deal for a lengthy amount of years.

    PG Eric Bledsoe+Jordan Clarkson+Steve Nash+Kendall Marshall
    SG Kobe Bryant+Nick Young
    SF ???????????????????????
    PF Julius Randle+Carlos Boozer+Ryan Kelly
    C Ed Davis+Robert Sacre

    • BULLY

      I like this line up .. I would put Boozer ahead of Randal just for Randal to develop more but he will still get his minutes .. Marshall goin on the waivers list .. please some one pick that man up!

  • UCLA Pide

    Lakers will not pay Eric Bledsoe a max contract they laugh at the idea.They are not gracious and they will not give a gift of salvation to Eric Bledsoe.Move on.

  • Lucas Torres

    Knowing our management they most likely would sign MWP. Oh well its looks our season over before it even started

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers are clearing up the roster.


    YES .. Lakes close to giving X one year, 1mill deal! and they are going to place Marshall wavier list .. if he do not get picked up they will re sign him to a better offer.. please let some one else pick this man up! we do not need to re sign him!

  • comrade24

    I know he’s a fan favorite and a favorite team mate of Kobe’s, but really, at this point in his career is he even better than Wesley Johnson? I don’t think so IMO

  • LakerJ

    Henry signs for one year. Marshall was waived. This is what we look like so far pending Clarkson being signed.

    Lin, Nash, Clarkson
    Kobe, N. Young
    X. Henry,
    Boozer, Randle, Kelly
    Hill, Davis, Sacre

    Aminu next???

    • ltsJoeMama

      Woah.. Nice. Now Clarkson can get more play time.

    • DAFUQ

      Evan Turner would make a nice edition to the SF position.

  • TheLakers

    You guys are so sorry for still paying attention to the Lakers.
    Charlotte executed a short term deal with Stephenson, who is a star in every sense and would be the best player on the Lakers roster right now, why not the Lakers.
    The Heat gave Deng a short term contract at a cheap rate.
    Why did the Lakers not do it. Spencer Hawes was also, cheap for the Clippers.
    The Laker should be picking up these stars and roll players until they can get a real star who might be willing to come to LA. When the roll players are in place, then, and only then, will any star consider coming to the Lakers.
    But, what the Lakers are collecting are D league junks.
    This is not the team that has had Magic, Shaq and Kobe.

  • Harv2177

    Once the roster is basically complete. Trade Lin, Henry, Sacre to Philly for MCW and Thad’ Young. We need defense on the perimeter. MCW has a good start with ROY and Young is a solid piece. Both along with Randle could be future pieces to make a talented squad. This will help lure the FAs over the next 2 years. Either trade pieces or bringing in max players over the next two years. Preferbly Marc Gasol and Rudy Gay

    • Harv2177

      Starting 5: MCW/Kobe/Gay/Boozer/ M.Gasol
      Bench: Clarkson/Swaggy/Young/Randle/Hill

  • Lakersfan

    WE NEED A CENTER , No more PF or SF please , things we need are reliable role players and a center that is all we ask for

  • lavonbsawyer

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