Lakers Rumors: Mavs Attempting to Trade Lamar Odom Back to Lakers

Lakers Rumors: Mavs Attempting to Trade Lamar Odom Back to Lakers


The current deadline for a decision to be made on veteran forward Lamar Odom for the Dallas Mavericks is June 29. Before that that date, the Mavs will attempt to trade the former Sixth Man of the Year or buyout his contract for $2.4 million.

Apparently, trading Odom won’t be an easy proposition for the Mavs. This isn’t much of a surprise after Odom’s meltdown during the 2011-12 NBA season, but there may be some light at the end of the tunnel for Dallas with the Los Angeles Lakers showing interest in reacquiring the forward.

After learning of Odom’s interest of returning to the Lakers, the consensus was that he’d simply be bought out by the Mavs and would be able to sign with Los Angeles as a free agent. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible until Dec. 11 (date of the trade in 2011) due to the rules in the new CBA.

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Even though the Lakers and Odom are interested in a reunion for the 2012-13 NBA season, the two-time NBA champion can’t sign or be traded to Los Angeles over the summer. The new CBA rules dictate that Odom can’t return to the same team that traded him in the same calendar year. This means a trade or free agent signing is out of the question for the time being.

Fortunately, a loophole may have been found by David Lord and Mike Fisher of

“ has learned that the Mavs are working on taking a significant step that would allow Odom’s return to the Lakers this summer, opening up multiple avenues.

A highly-placed league insider tells us the Mavs are already pursuing a revision to Odom’s contract that would move his deadline to buy out his last year at $2.4 million from June 29, 2012 to some time in July, a contractual change that is permitted by the league with mutual agreement from both player and team.”

There’s a good chance that Odom will give his consent for the extended deadline. This extension will give Odom a better chance of retaining the $8.2 million he’s owed next season. Otherwise, he’d have to settle for the $2.4 million buyout and a prorated veteran’s minimum next season if he signs with the Lakers after Dec. 11.

The one thing that might prevent the Lakers being on board with this trade to reacquire Odom from the Mavs is the fact the team is in save-money-mode. With the luxury tax still a problem that the team wants to address, a trade for Odom might be something they’d shy away from. A third team might have to be involved in order to make salaries match.

  • Lee Bregman

    Get it done. LO belongs in LA!

    • Allister

      most specifically to the lakers! :))) purple and gold runs in his veins

  • Sammy Hall

    HELL NO! That punks pass is REVOKED! He cried like a b**** when he found out he was going to be traded and demanded a trade. He got his wish and now he wants a “do-over”? We need to get younger, NOT bring back old has-been players who have lost their will to play. Let DallASS keep him! 

    • Matthew Navong

      Thank you . Finally someone agrees with me. Why bring someone back who didn’t want to be here over a little trade. Pass on Odom and pursue in Michael Beasley.

      • CSK

        Hardly a “little trade.” The team you played unselfishly for; for several years at that, traded you away — until it was, of course, vetoed. Everyone reacts different. Odom felt spurned and let his emotions control his actions. Happens to the best of us. Of course, he wasn’t as professional as Pau but that goes to show you how much he cared about being on the Lakers. 

        Beasley is one-dimensional and hasn’t proven anything. Lamar Odom has established himself over the years as someone great, versatile, and above all, a champion. Bringing him back to LA, under Kobe’s guidance again; things will work.

  • Dcap1292

    It’s only right. Kobe knows how LO plays and knows how to use LO. LO belongs to e LAKERS. If this all goes down right, welcome back LO!

  • HeyMrDeJayJr

    Not sure it would benefit the team at this point… BUT… IF… He is traded back… Dallas shouldn’t get back anything but that same “trade exception” we got… WHATEVER that was! lol 

  • beverlyp

    He needs to not agree to an extension without a guarantee. This whole thing sounds suspicious, it seems the mavs are trying to buy more time to shop him around. Odom shold not agree, take the buyout and explore free agency.

  • Claudia Rojas


  • CCrazyHorz

    If this is TRUE, I am wondering how Lamar will REACT. He was one POWERFUL player when he played on that team, and a MVP, and they kinda DISCARDED him OUT. We all were SHOCKED, but I wonder if Lamar would actually WANT TO be back with them after they did the TRADE. I am hoping that he goes to the OLYMPICS and that he does FANTASTIC there. He needs to be APPRECIATED, and to me, the Lakers pulled a **JUDAS** on Lamar. He always did 120%, but that wasn’t good enough. Good Luck Lamar, do what feels RIGHT for you. God Bless.

  • LakerLover24

    He loves LA?? Not
    He trew a tantrum and ASKED to be traded out of the team.



  • superlakers

    Lakers must acquire b-easy, another medium level pf like David west, come back odom and trade gasol with d-wills… Another add could be brandon Roy and lakers 2012-2013 will be a contender.

  • Leo Lavin

    boooo stay away boooo