Lakers Rumors: Magic Johnson And Guggenheim Partners Pursued Buying Lakers

Lakers Rumors: Magic Johnson And Guggenheim Partners Pursued Buying Lakers


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Amidst the Donald Sterling scandal that ended with a severe punishment, there were rumors that Magic Johnson was interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers, but would later refute the reports on his Twitter account.

With Magic denying those rumors that he has interest in the Clippers, Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo Sports shares that Johnson and the Guggenheim partners tried to purchase the Los Angeles Lakers:

Magic’s Dodgers group is angling for a Southern California sports empire. Magic Johnson and Guggenheim had been aggressive in pursuing a purchase of the Los Angeles Lakers – only to have the Buss family make clear to them the franchise isn’t for sale, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Johnson was the part owner of the Los Angeles Lakers for several years under his tenure. Up until 2010, Johnson sold his 4.5 percent ownership stake in the franchise to the wealthiest business man in Los Angeles, Patrick Soon-Shiong.

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Over the past couple of years, Magic has been very vocal about the direction of his former team since the passing of Dr. Jerry Buss. While the Lakers are in a transition period, Kobe Bryant has expressed optimism in Jim and Jeanie turning the team back into championship contenders.

With the Buss family looking to keep the Lakers, many groups have expressed interest in purchasing the Clippers. After Adam Silver’s ruling, Floyd Mayweather and Oprah Winferey are rumored to be interested.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    The biggest misconception about the Lakers is that they are firing Mike D’Antoni lol they already announced through every media outlet that they are bringing MDA back for next season and he is pushing for the Lakers to pickup his team option for 2015-2016 also that means 2 more years of MDA small ball run and gun.But also the Lakers have not directly said to the fans that Mike is staying.

    Okay if the Magic Johnson group buys the Lakers here are my top 3 coaching candidates to coach the Lakers under a new ownership group than again Buss might fire Mike D’Antoni so this list could be for Jim Buss also.Keep in mind Frank Vogel,Mark Jackson,Scott Brooks,Thibs might all be fired or at least maybe or 1 or 2 of them might be let go.Also Doc Rivers might ask to be released out of his contract if Donald Sterling is not gone as owner of the Clippers.So i will not include any coaches that are under contract coaching currently.

    1.Lionel Hollins
    2.Jeff Van Gundy
    3.Byron Scott
    4.George Karl
    5.Avery Johnson


    • Pooya Shay

      MDA just resigned! Ha!

    • mrblackout24

      he just resigned lol

  • J Lee

    The Buss family should sale the Lakers to Magic. He is capable of turn things around and bring championship to the Lakers again. I don’t trust Jim Buss,he has NO basketball minded, and No GMs like to deal with him. If Magic or Oprah buy the Clipers, I think the Clips will get better than the Lakers very soon….

    • michael

      Wake up, the clippers are contenders and the lakers are on the bottom. It’s not “very soon”, it already happened.

      • meechy

        lakers hav 16 championships, clippers hav zero..they’ll never b wit lakers unless magic or oprah get them b/c they’ll bring prestige, celebrities & showtime to clippers so they’ll hav them respected..but now lakers hav more championships then clippers have playoff appearance so kno there not already

    • quickster

      I got news for you it might not happen right away as long as Donald Sterling is alive the Clippers will always belong to him. I’d say five years give or take 2 years.

  • J Lee

    …And now the rumor is they will keep M D’antoni at least for another year, I don’t really now exactly what’s the Lakers thinking???

    • Pooya Shay

      MDA just resigned!!!!

  • ra

    I like Magic, but this puts another spin on his criticism of the Buss’s kids. Dr. Jerry Buss previously let Magic have a percentage of the Lakers years ago. Magic was like a sibling to the Buss kids. Jerry spent a lot of time with Magic schooling him on aspects of business. And it’s clear that he learned and applied the knowledge well – Magic is a premiere entrepreneur, and just about as good a businessman as a player.

    I don’t know if Jerry would be too happy knowing that Magic was pursuing a buyout of the Lakers (or would he? Maybe he would rather have Magic with part ownership than some unknown?). My guess is that the ‘Guggenheim’ portion of Magic’s partnership is more interested in the Lakers, and Magic could be (or could have been) a key to obtaining it, if possible.

    Anyway, Jerry spent ‘years’ building the Lakers franchise, and I’m quite sure he set things up so his kids would have it, and run it, for a long time to come. It’s not just the money (yes, they are multimillionaires), it’s, well … the Lakers. The kids need a chance to try to build on Jerry’s legacy, and I’m sure they will be trying do that for a long time to come. If any of them cannot handle any aspect of the business, I’m sure they will hire someone who can at least help out if necessary.

    If Magic criticizes the Buss’s in the future, I see it more as a ‘sibling rivalry’. Of course he wants to have some ownership of the Lakers, and you know maybe he could do good things if he did.

    For now, the Buss’s are taking care of things, and I’m sure they’ll hold on to the Lakers for a while.

    • Chrmngblly

      Why did you even bother to write this “nothing” comment? This is all just opinions from one more guy who has nothing special to say. The Buss kids are a bunch of average schlobo’s. Otherwise, if there was even one lion among them, they would not have to rely on some magic scroll from the nether-world. The Doc’s will was about giving those kids jobs and something to do in the world, not about the best interests of the Lakers, per se. Unfortunately, the Lakers are also not a family-run Chinese laundry, either, as the Buss kids seem to think.

      Professional Sports is nothing if not competitive. What do the Buss kids know about that? Their daddy spoiled them all his life.

  • Daniel

    I am not surprise. Even though I do not share the same views as Sterling, it is clear that he has been set up by someone else to destroy him , and maybe, eventually buy the franchise. Over 30 years this prick (Sterling) has done all kind of things, going to court against players, coaches, and other owner and everybody knew about what kind of guy he was. Now all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a conversation is recorded where he says those things in a private conversation. uuhhhh smells like Magic to me.
    Maybe Magic never though about the fact that if he ever buys the Clippers, Lakers fans will never forget that. At least I won’t forget that.

    • Gekko

      The girl friend didn’t record one conversation. She had 100 hours of conversations. That is probably every phone conversation they ever had. She didn’t let the conversation out until after Donald’s wife sued her for all of the “Presents” Donald gave her.

      • quickster

        I wouldn’t be surprise if Magic has something to do with it. Magic and his friends wanted to buy an NBA team. What better way to team up with gold digger to have Sterling say something racial. It works. Wells see what happen from now on.

  • Lakersallday

    Floyd mayweather is a racist too

  • KingEmperor

    byron scott or lionel hollins..but based in the age of our player coach hollins coaching style is the most fit at all..

  • Joe Mc Geehand

    Magic is a closet Boy that should take himself to Detroit most of Los angeles is tired of this Ball Licker that gave his wife AIDS,