Lakers Rumors: Luol Deng Is ‘Definitely’ On The Lakers’ Radar Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers will be coming off their worst season in franchise history this summer and will need to make some drastic changes in order to right the s The Los Angeles Lakers will be coming off their worst season in franchise history this summer and will need to make some drastic changes in order to right the s Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Luol Deng Is ‘Definitely’ On The Lakers’ Radar

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The Los Angeles Lakers will be coming off their worst season in franchise history this summer and will need to make some drastic changes in order to right the ship before next season.

One of those changes could be signing free-agent-to-be Luol Deng. According to Sam Amick of USA Today, Deng could be a potential signing for the Lakers this summer:

“Another possibility is Luol Deng. Currently with the Cleveland Cavaliers, was traded there from Chicago at midseason, and has not entirely ruled out going back to Cleveland, but he will be a free agent this summer and is definitely on the Lakers’ radar.”

Deng will be one of the biggest names on the free agent market this summer with quite a few teams potentially interested in his services. Although Deng has been banged up over the past few seasons, the small forward would provide an upgrade defensively for the Lakers while also providing another scoring option.

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Along with Deng, Pau Gasol and Kyle Lowry will also garner a lot of interest on the open market this season. Gasol hasn’t ruled out a return to the Lakers, but all signs seem to point to him signing elsewhere with his focus being on winning another championship before calling it a career.

As for Lowry, it is uncertain if the Lakers have any interest in the up-and-coming point guard despite being frequently linked to him trade rumors over the last several years. Lowry would definitely be a upgrade in the backcourt, but may come at a cost that the team is simply unwilling to pay considering the team already having three point guards on the roster with Jordan Farmar, Kendall Marshall and Steve Nash.
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  • Party Like A Caveman

    Deng is a waste of salary cap ,space remain patient and get Kevin Love in 2015 and then make a run at Kevin Durant in 2016.Deng is a overrated journeyman he is almost 30 years old and he has hardly even been a all star player.No thanks.

    • Jim213

      Deng is currently making over $14 mil this season. With that amount of salary they can re-sign 5-6 2nd unit players on the roster. IMO, Deng won’t mesh well with this roster given the Lakers rebuilding phase.

      • Computer Networking

        That’s this season. No one is going to sign him for that in the offseason.

        • Jim213


          ?! Not worth it for $10 mil +, no consistency even with the Cavs.

          • Computer Networking

            My argument goes like this. No he hasn’t been consistent with cleveland, but that doesn’t mean anything. He walked into cleveland and didn’t have the chance to really learn the ropes. He would have time to learn the lakers system and I believe that he could be just as consistent as he was with chicago. There’s a reason that Chicago said that they are willing to bring him back. And defensively, he makes things happen. There haven’t been too many that has given LeBron trouble man on man but he was one of them. He is an upgrade at sf for the lakers. On top of that, how many sf are out there that’s better than he is? Personally I can only count out 3 with a possibility of a 4th: James, anthony, george, and maybe a healthy Granger but he is too injury prone.

          • Jim213

            Have at most 10 FA’s FO should consider for next season but will save list for another day. However, who would you prefer out of these players Pau or Deng $8-9 mil and Meeks or Young for $3-4 mil?

            IMO, that’s at most $25+ mil tied up in just four players if FO goes that route (bad for business IMO). Best just to go with two of these players at most.

          • Computer Networking

            To be honest, all of these players would be resigns which would allow the lakers to resign them and go over the salary cap according to cba rules, but just for conversation, pau and deng must come. Kobe has very good chemistry with pau and they push each other. Kobe likes to dish the ball to the open sf (for example artest). Deng will knock down a lot more of those open shots than artest. I would release Meeks and bring back young. Meeks is an undersized sg and he gets taken advantage of on the defensive end. Young would change that and bring explosiveness off of the bench. Plus he has been working with kobe. He is a good student for kobe to mentor. Bring back bazemore and hill also. Draft randall from kentucky and there is your explosive bench. I forgot, bring back farmar also.

          • Jim213

            Things won’t change for the better if they end up reacquiring more than half the roster for next season. I’d go with Farmar, X Henry (possibly-health), Brooks, Bazemore, Hill, Sacre (signed for next yr), and Meeks. Young won’t likely return (vet minimum pay) when he stands to make a better salary somewhere else, business after all.

            IMO, these players have the most upside than other players who’ve been in the league longer. Bazemore and Brooks would be good additions as they’ve showed that they can hold their own on both sides of the floor. Aside of the bigs these players have shown that they can put up numbers especially if a situation calls for it down the road.

            If not they’d be able to help Kobe on the floor which goes for pressuring defensively too. Was impressed with Brooks today tho played 6 minutes but he still managed to place pressure on the defensive end while trying too much given the final few remaining games.

          • Chrmngblly

            I really hope you are right about Brooks. Someone said he had attitude issues as an explanation of why his spot on the bench is so smooth and shiny. I really think we need to see more of this guy before the season’s over.
            I also wanted to say about drafting Randle, he is going to have a much more difficult time at the NBA level because he is only 6-9 and can’t jump. He is a bull but the pros are so much bigger and faster.

          • Jim213

            When Kobe returns everyone best play smart and if not they’ll hear it from him but if they have doubts about Brooks give him an invite and see if he can make the roster (other option). Agree with regards to Randle as I’d use him in a trade if they end up selecting him.

          • Josh

            If they were to sign all 4 at those numbers, Kelly signs his offer sheet, and Nash retires and is cleared by doctors for medical retirement, that would leave a skeleton roster (below) with about $10 million left below the cap.

            C – Gasol | Sacre
            PF – Deng | Kelly
            SF – Bryant | Young
            SG – Meeks
            PG – Marshall

            Everyone except Kobe would be a tradeable asset with the new more reasonable contracts. The other $10 million (plus $3 million MLE) could be used to sign our first round pick, resign Farmar and Bazemore and still have $5-7 million for one more quality free agent before filling out the roster with minimum contracts.

            It’s not a championship roster, but it’s competitive (barring injuries) and puts us in better position to improve through trade or off-season moves next summer.

    • Computer Networking

      Lakers don’t have a chance to get durant. Why would he leave a team that is in the top 2 in the west, their young and have chemistry, and could possibly win a few championships together. They would be wasting their time waiting for that. Durant is going to do just like Paul George did. He is going to stay put with his young team who are playing good bball together. Love is not coming unless he believes that the laker has at least a playoff team. He is going to have offers from the kicks and chicago. Not counting the possibility of one of the big three in Miami opting out. We’ll there goes love. Put together a playoff team in the off season or lose the lakers future.

  • Party Like A Caveman

    Just no.

  • Tyson

    No. Just thread water next year and develop our draft pick and other young guys, perhaps get a coach who can help in that and lay the groundwork for his system, and then make a splash in 2015 and 2016. The worst thing FO can do is to bow down to Kobe and his fans who want to go “ALL-IN” the next 2 seasons, which in all likelihood is mortgaging the future in hopes of short term gain.

    • Josh

      The Lakers have ALWAYS mortgaged the future for short-term gain. And they have 31 Finals appearances, 16 banners, and 10 retired jerseys hanging from the rafters to show for it. Do whatever you can to add to the legacy of the next retired jersey (8 or 24?), and go all in again.

      • David

        That would be fine, but those successes you listed came in era that did NOT have the current CBA which makes it punitive for teams like the Lakers to just reload quickly. The era of quick fixes are over. The only way they should mortgage the future now, is if they are getting Lebron. If not (which will be the case), then they should take their damn time and not acquiesce to Kobe’s and Fans’ demands. Besides, the Lakers have bent over backwards the last 3-4years going all in every year have they not? They went after guys like Steve Blake, Nash, Howard, Barnes, to try and get Kobe no.6, and what happened? It didn’t work. At some point they need to go a different route and that time is way overdue. They’ve done EVERYTHING they can for Kobe. They even went braindead and gave him that ridiculous extension without seeing how he comes back from injury. Going all in for Kobe’s final 2 years will just prolong the rebuilding process.

        • Josh

          Are you really referring to $4 million on Steve Blake and less than $2 million on Matt Barnes as mortgaging the future to win now? Nash and Dwight was a great opportunity that didn’t pan out. Everyone expected Kobe to get #6 with those guys and possible 7 or 8.

          The rebuilding process has been going on already. The Lakers are not waiting for Kobe to retire to rebuild; they’re doing it now. They lined up all their contracts years ago so they could rebuild quickly this summer. They offered Kobe a contract that would give him two more shots and also lines up with the next great Laker, who just might wear “The Servant” on nickname nights.

        • Chrmngblly

          Without Kobe the franchise has no identity. Many of these older stars want to be traded to a contending team for their final years. So the FO bought him off to stick around during all the losing they foresee.

      • Ryan

        You only mortgage the future if the opportunity presents itself to put you in serious title contention, like what they did when they got Pau Gasol (which worked), and last season when they got Howard and Nash (lets be honest, we all thought it was a great comeback from the CP3 veto and they are a serious title contender. It didn’t work but that’s another topic of discussion). You only mortgage the future this Summer if it means getting the player or players that can put the team over the top If not, then they are betting off standing fast and build the team through the draft and just wait for 2015 and/or 2016 for that big FA splash. In building up young talent like Henry, Johnson, and our upcoming draft pick, those can be packaged later on for A superstar (ie..see what Houston did to land Harden) when the opportunity presents itself. I would hold off on Deng.

        • kookiebuger

          The Lakers need to rebuild their franchise player is on his way out and the Lakers free agency track record isn’t that impressive, outside of Shaq nobody noteworthy. If the Lakers sacrifice their future this offseason they will be stuck in a hole for god knows how long, I like K-Love as much as the next guy but he can’t lead a team and isn’t a great defender plus the Lakers play in the West were 1-5 is basically cemented by the Spurs,OKC,Clippers ( ಠ_ಠ), Rockets, and the Warriors? It is better to just keep the pick develop him (Wiggins), have another bad year in 2015 hope the pick is in the top 5 (top 5 protected) and draft a Center (Okafur) to pair with Love.

          • Shawn

            I agree completely. But try telling that to the myopic Lake..I mean, Kobe fans, who can’t see the reality that’s in front of them.

          • kookiebuger

            I like Kobe as much as the next Laker fan but the team shouldn’t sacrifice their future hoping they can put together a contender, picks 1-4 can all be future franchise players for the Lakers and 2015 will probably more of the same especially if they keep Mike and all we can hope for is that the pick is in the top 5 and that Love signs with the Lakers.

          • Computer Networking

            The lakers don’t have a first rounder in 15-16

          • kookiebuger

            The Lakers 2015 1st round draft pick is top 5 protected if it’s outside 5 it goes to the Suns and the Lakers have their 2016 1st round pick.

          • Computer Networking

            Ok. I’m mistaken then.

          • Chrmngblly

            We would have to tank worse than this year to be in the top 5 and get our pick back from Phoenix—with Kobe back. Who thinks that’s gonna happen?

          • Chrmngblly

            You don’t get it: the Lakers have no picks. They already traded away all their first round picks except for this years’. the only way they can improve is through free agency. Also, no premiere FA is likely to come to LA if the Lakers are not already at least competitive. So they have to play the FA game.

        • Computer Networking

          Very good point, but I say pull the trigger on deng and go after Greg monroe. The problem with the lakers right now is that there is no true trade value on the team. Everyone is saying future future, but the future always deals with players who has trade value. The lakers don’t have to wait in order to be in contention, just get some players with trade value. Monroe, lowry, deng. .

        • Josh

          Lakers fans are not Sixers fans. They can never be sold on just wait while we suck for 2-3 more years with an all-time great on the roster. Maybe we’ll be good someday.

          I don’t think pursuing Deng would be mortgaging anything. I think he could be a building block as a member of the team, or at least a tradeable asset. Resigning some of the current squad and bringing in a bigger name like Deng give the organization options, and that’s what they’re missing right now.

    • Computer Networking

      Everyone is talking about what kobe wants. No one is even considering that what kobe wants very well may be the best thing. If you were at the pennical of your career and you are getting offers from the lakers who has no one, Chicago who has rose and noah and the kicks who has carmelo and possibly will have rondo soon also, where r u going to go. The lakers needs to make a playoff team at a minimum in order to make an appeal to other free agents.

  • Josh

    Everyone’s quick to say no to Deng… Kobe told the front office a few years ago that he wants Deng. And who knows what kind of interest he has or what kind of contract he would be willing to sign? For the right price, he can be a great addition–certainly better than X or Wes Johnson.

    • Erman

      Yes i agree Luol Deng is a major league player that is certainly worth it.

    • J24

      You said it yourself, a few years ago. He isn’t the same player from a few years back. I’d rather we get a better PG, than try to get another wingman. No thanks.

      • Josh

        He is basically the same player still. His numbers are almost identical to what he was putting up in 2007 when Kobe wanted so badly to play with him. The only concern I would have is how long he can keep it up after playing 38+ mpg the past 4 years under Thibs. That’s a lot of mileage, but 29 is not that old.

    • cyborgspider

      Correct, for the right price. Certainly not the 12 million he is likely to demand.

      • Computer Networking

        I would offer him 10 and another 10 to monroe. Resign gasol last due to Cuba rules and I think everyone would be happy. Got trade assets to go after free agents in the future and kobe would have a team that he could contend with.

        • cyborgspider

          So no Kevin Love (if he opts out) in 2015 eh? Who’d you pick in the draft, assuming they get #5 or #6? Your scenario intrigues me…

          • Computer Networking

            Well, that is a good one. I can’t really answer that question right now because we don’t know who all will be entering the Draft as of yet, but from what we know, Wiggins is entering but I do not believe Parker is going to enter the draft. I think that he wants to win it all before entering the Draft which would sky rocket his Draft stock and with the team that duke will have next season, he may get that wish. I would be looking at randall from kentucky. I believe that he could very well become an inside monster in the NBA at pf. I learned something about him in the national championship. He can definitely create his own shot and he is quick and strong. He could very well be a stronger Lamar odom. He runs the court well and he shoots free throws at a high percentage. Next, I didn’t say no love, I just was saying that we should build trade assets. The lakers can resign gasol for 2 years. If they do this and get the opportunity to trade for love, they should contact Memphis and try to get a 3 way trade done. Memphis want Randolph gone and they want gasol to play beside his brother. So offer Memphis gasol so they can send Randolph to Minnesota and love to the lakers. Memphis can also offer a second round pick and the lakers could do the same, but if the lakers sign the players that I spoke about before, they could very well sign love in 2015 if they wanted to wait.

          • cyborgspider

            Thanks for your thoughts. A slight disagreement on Parker… how much higher can your draft stock sky-rocket when you’re already at the top? At worst, he’d be picked #3 NOW, and with some good draft workouts he could easily be #1. If he wants to develop his game for another year, there’s no better development than the NBA, not a sophomore season against college kids. Maybe the pressure will too much right now to be a top pick, but it’s only going to increase if he stays. I’m in favor of leaving now or just staying for four years, a la Tim Duncan, for the college degree and precedent it would set. Randall is nice, but you already have Monroe and Gasol and you want K Love too? :)

            However, I don’t know if your premise of getting Love works under the new CBA rules. Assuming the Wolves don’t trade, and Deng/Monroe sign for 10 mil, the Lakers would have to renounce ALL players except for Kobe/Deng/draft pick/Monroe for max cap space. Then the cap hold kicks in for 8 imaginary players at about 507k (via Real GM). That’s four million and change, so realistically the Lakers would have 12 million in cap space to offer Love… so he’d need to take a paycut to come. (Maybe there are other loopholes that Mitch or others are aware of, but this is how I understand it).

            The cap holds are killer, not many people realize. Gasol accounts for about 20 million of cap hold space unless the Lakers renounce him. Via Larry Coon’s Salary Cap site: “Why do free agents continue to count against team salary? Teams otherwise would be able to sign other teams’ free agents using their cap room, and then turn their attention to their own free agents using the Bird exception”. If you renounce Pau, he has the same rules and eligibility as any other free agent, so we’d have nothing to offer him after Monroe and Deng.

            I want things to work out of course, and your ideas are certainly well thought through, but the Lakers wiggle room is limited. If anyone can make it happen, it’s Mitch.

          • Computer Networking

            Well I’m not saying to keep gasol love and monroe. Gasol would be the piece to move. You resign gasol and if love comes on the market, you trade gasol but not to minnesota. Gasol would go to memphis. Memphis wants gasol. Randolph goes to Minnesota. They would go for it because they would only have him for a year. Love goes to the lakers. I see it playing out like this.


            Plus sacre and Marshall or brooks

    • Computer Networking

      I agree. He is consistent on offense and defense. What’s the problem?

  • Erman

    Yes under these circumstances first off Luol Deng must take a pay cut from where he is right now,he makes roughly $14 million dollars per year now,he must bring that salary down to about $8-10 million per year and then the Lakers must use the stretch provision on Steve Nash to allow the Lakers to steal sign LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony in 2014 free agency.Deng and LeBron could coexist in the front court together since LeBreon has become a hybrid Power Forward and he has meshed well with Shane Battier in the lineup and Deng is similar to Battier he is the same type of player but a much better version a big upgrade from what Battier is.Deng is a superb defender and a good all around player he scores about 16 points per game.Lakers need all the cap space possible so they must be careful with how they go about signing a soon to be 29 year old Luol Deng.A coaching change is a must.Coach Calipari or Ollie would do great with the Lakers also they will bring in top assistant coaches to turn this thing around very fast.

    • comrade24

      Lebron- Not coming, Kevin Durant- not coming (you didn’t say he was, but others have) Melo- Do we really want a one dimensional, ball stopping scorer who doesn’t play defense? The Lakers have repeatedly said they won’t waive Nash with the stretch provision and for good reason. The guy is worth the paycheck even if he doesn’t play a single game just for the mentorship alone. Especially if the Lakers draft Exum. I’ve said it many times, Deng is a great defender and we need defense. If we can acquire Deng and still hold on to enough cap room to sign Kevin Love if he becomes available, we’re back in the championship hunt right away.

      • kookiebuger

        Did you really say that Deng will help push the Lakers back in the championship right away? SMH, signing Deng won’t push the team to a playoff team he isn’t even a reliable 2nd option, the Bulls record actually improved after trading him away he is a solid SF but he won’t make a scratch on the Lakers playoff/title hopes.

        • Omar

          He clearly says once they acquire Love they’ll be in the hunt..

        • comrade24

          of course Deng won’t be the piece that puts us back in the championship hunt. But he could be a vitale piece in a championship team. In the scenario i described he would at BEST be a 3rd option, if not 4th.

          • kookiebuger

            That honestly sounds silly he will probably want at least 10 million to be a solid defender, he will more then likely not end up with the Lakers 4 players already make up about 35-38 million of the salary cap for next year (Kobe,Nash,Sacre,2014 pick 1-4 million).

    • Computer Networking

      Now that is a serious pipe dream. It’s cool though. LeBron is going to stay in Miami and probably wait until 2016 to try and partner up with another superstar like durant.

  • Charlie Q

    First things first see what swaggy is commanding best scorer off the bench in nba ..Farmer is a must to go with swaggy easier shots young consistent pg, BazeGod also is a keeper for your bench can guard one through 3 cheap/young =pricele$$, Kelly can get way better showing some nice stuff

    Pau Meeks ,Henry ,hill will get better contracts
    Kendall is boof always was always will the things he’s been critiqued on are being proven once agin
    BazeGod is a better defender and willing passer than Henry
    Swaggy gonna eat up Meeks minutes (not starting elsewhere)
    Pau we will def find his replacement
    Hill is expendable without a doubt
    Farmer will be taking Kendalls minutes gratefully as he should

    Wes is a iffy, if he take what we offer then he shall stay if not see ya hasn’t proven his worth shows flashes but doesn’t play with a fire or desire

    I’d be all for keeping kaman dude be balling just needs to be paired with a guy like hill not Pau

    • imbwar

      I disagree…First J-Crossover is the best scorer off the bench and in all likelihood will win 6th man of the year. IF Farmar is healthy and is willing to accept 3mil a yr and Nick is willing to take 5/6yes other than that they both will be playing someone else. Kent depending how he comes off his injury, a serious one that may effect the rest of his career, is a decent player, however he is way too ball dominate to play with/on the same team as Kobe, moreover he (Kent) as had success in MDA flawed system, a new coach and philosophy Kent is going to be a player he was on GSW, riding the pine, and willing passer I haven’t seen that, but I digress. Nick wont eat any of Jodie’s minutes because Jodie is a 2, so Kobe will be eating most if not an abundance of his minutes… depending on whom the Lakers draft it may eat Nick’s minutes… due to the fact that Kobe can play the 1,2 or the 3… Kendall, I assume will develop and will have a full summer to develop a better outside game, a passer like he is will be better having Kobe and other presumably new players who can make shots after Kendall drops dimes to them.. no fumbling the pass, missing layups or wide open shots… if the Lakers draft a pg, Farmar wont be retained just on salary alone… Kendall is only on the books for roughly 900,000 next year, which is extremely cap friendly and he his 2nd in the nba in asst and tops in turnover/asst ratio… Kaman is good as gone, he has said on many occasions now that it was a mistake signing with the team before looking at the totality of the situation. Though I may be wrong, we’ll see in just a few months.

  • metalbass

    please no. i mean for 5mil ok more is a waste

    • cyborgspider

      Yah. MLE for Deng. Or draft a wing player like Parker/Wiggins (if our pick is high enough) and shift the focus to another position.

      • comrade24

        It looks like Parker will be staying at Duke and Wiggins will almost surely go #1. Our best hope at this point is Dante Exum (if our pick is high enough)

  • jabbs

    OMG no unlesssssss he’s really cheap, swaggy type cheap..

  • Al Haldie

    These are just RUMERS ,, and a lot more too come – sit and see what happens in the summer —and enjoy your self – next yr will be better….

    • kookiebuger

      Not really the Lakers seem to be targeting 2015 free agency now so they probably won’t go all out this offseason which means they probably won’t fire Mike and will probably re/sign players to cheap 1 year contracts…

  • hoperhetoric

    I knew it! Better than odom + better defender. Great stretch 4.
    Now, if the Lakers want to be a consistent defensive team, dont resign Pau because lakers sucks defensively even under Phil. (swept by mavs). Pau has bad mobility & slow reaction time!!! & He focuses his greatness too much in offense!!!!
    Lakers should find a center whose focus is defense.
    Deandre jordan /tyson chandler/Noah type of player who doesnt have much offense but great rebounder/shot blocking & mobility.
    If there is someone available like anthony davis/garnett/duncan type of player, lakers should get it.

    Mobility & fast reaction time is the key for defense.
    Let go of wesley. Sign metta, kelly & Deng! Metta can mentor Kelly!
    metta is still a great rebounder & defender + shooter & can atack the rim…
    If Shane battier is effective in heat, then metta is to Lakers!

    Jordan Hill, Deng, Kobe, Draftee, Farmar
    or Bynum/Gortat, Deng, Kobe, draftee, Farmar.

    2nd unit: Nash, Bazemore, Xavier, Metta, Hill
    Reserves: Kendall, Sacre, Manny harris, Kelly.

    Coach: James worthy/lionell hollins etc…

    If possible Ariza + Deng = great defensive team!

    • hoperhetoric

      + Lakers should model their line up to spurs! Having players with body type of Danny green & Leonard. Select players with good discipline.
      Meeks always makes unnecessary double teams & always get lost in defensive rotation…..

    • Josh

      “Metta can attack the rim.” Do you watch basketball? Metta should never under any circumstance dribble the basketball. Ever. Not if his life depended on it. Never.

  • Vi5ion

    Yes! If the Lakers can keep some of the young guards they currently have, Deng could be a GREAT addition! Good offensively, with a nice touch from deep. Hes also solid on the defensive end. Lakers have no shot at Wiggins, or Parker (if he does go to draft). Chances are lakers wont get a SF in draft, and next two years there are no real SF options for Lakers. LeBron, Melo, possibly Durant are not coming to LA. Deng has the right attitude to play along Kobe, and if the Lakers can get him for the right price, will be a great positive for the Lakers.

  • SD

    I think going after a guy like Deng is predicated on what the lakers can do with their pick and other free agent options.

    Deng is a guy who is not well known by casual NBA fans, and I’m sure he’s looking for a change of scenery. I think he’d be willing to only take like 8 mil a year considering he’d have the opportunity to play in a HUGE market under the big lights. It’d help the business side of his career in a major way.

    Mitch is a very good gm. In order to lure big fish, you need to have players he can play with. Signing Deng doesn’t make getting Love next summer unlikely. In fact, signing Deng is gaining a TRADEABLE asset as well. Perhaps we trade for a guy and use deng and the draft pick or something else.

    If it’s at a good price…like 8 million per year or even 9 million. Depending on if Nash stays or goes…if he goes…it’s like replacing Nash with Deng’s deal. I honestly believe the reason Nash is playing right now is to get to 3rd in assists because he intends to retire this season.He knows his body can’t take the rigors of an NBA season. Signing Deng to a 9 million per year deal with Nash retiring doesn’t hurt at all.

    It also depends on who we draft. If it’s a Wiggins/Parker…no need to sign Deng. If it’s Embiid/Vonleh/Gordon/Randle, Deng would fit well.

  • Glen Rice

    Everything begins with a plan and direction. If there is no direction in the FO, then the rookie we get from the draft, free agents we sign, and guys returning we sign will go to waste. FO have a plan, bring in a coach with a defensive system, then build a team that will not only compete in the near future, but the long-term future.

  • NotSure_i_Agree

    Its like MWP all over again…stop getting people past their prime!

    • Josh

      Without MWP, we may only have 15 championships right now. Who says Deng is past his prime? He’s about to turn 29 (that’s NOT old) and still performing at the same level he has the past 7-8 years.

      • NotSure_i_Agree

        He has been playing heavy minutes the last few years and with MWP he helped us but my opinion we could have gotten maybe 1 or 2 more championships if we kept Ariza.

      • Jarred

        Deng isn’t going to help win a title or even get a sniff of the WCF or Conf. Semis. 1st round exit tops, and valuable cap space tied up to him for who knows how long. Deng isn’t signing for the vets minimum or a 1yr deal folks.

        • Josh

          We’re not looking to Deng to be the team’s savior and lead us to the promised land. Deng would be a great building block and a tradeable asset. With Deng or whoever we could bring in for Deng, the Lakers can be competitive next year as they march back to the top of the league and try to get #6 for Kobe the following season.

  • comrade24

    By next summer potentially we could have Exum, Kobe, Deng, and Love with a strong bench. That has championship written all over it.

  • Mike

    I live in Chicago, I’ve seen him play live, his number don’t tell the whole story. He’s Not an impact person.

  • vdogg

    i’d rather have trevor ariza starting at the SF.

  • Marty Susman

    He is going to want a Max contract & he is simply not worth that kind of money. We gave Kobe a ton of bucks we should not have & we don’t have the money left over with Nash getting his dollars as well.

  • quickster

    First, fire the coach. Next, draft a point guard, Why? the Lakers guard are injury prone. Nash, Farmar are. Marshall belongs in the D-league. I’d say Dante Exum. To me he plays like Russell Westbrook. Don’t resign Pau and 19 millions of cap space will be available. I’d say sign Kevin Love for the power forward spot. He probably wants 17 to 19 millions a season. At seasons end in 2015, Nash contract should be over and 9 millions of cap space. Omer Asik should be available and he can play the center spot. if not go after Greg Monroe and the Lakers can sign either one at 9 millions a season. In 2016, Kobe’s contract is up, that’s 24 millions a season available. Kevin Durant should be available by then and he plays the small forward spot and the Lakers should offer him a contract. Loul Deng is not the answer at small forward he is too old. Offer Byron Scott the head coaching position.

  • Khaleed

    Yeah, that’s right. Go “All in” for the Mamba’s final 2 years and screw the future even more. What are we going “all in” for these next 2 years? To merely make it to the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed and only to be viciously and mercilessly swept out? We are better off just collecting assets such as multiple 1st round picks the next year or two, groom them and develop them, and then who knows, some of them might blossom into solid players for us, or, they gain enough value we can flip them for an established superstar like what Houston did when they pounced on James Harden as what another poster said. They stayed patient collecting 1st rounders and boom, they now have the core of their team for the next 8yrs or so.

  • Computer Networking

    You make a good point, but something you have to understand is that kobe’s contract does more for the lakers future than you think. I don’t agree with the lakers waiting until 15-16, but that’s besides the point right now. What does the lakers have to offer big name free agents right now? What could possibly attract them to LA? Nothing at all. No free agent will come. The only thing that the lakers have going for them that will attract free agents is loyalty to the players. Kobe’s contract tells big names that if you give us your all, we will be loyal to you. Next point, by waiting til 15-16, you will guarantee that no big names will come to LA. The big names that are available now and in the short future are players who wants to win now. Anyone who thinks that Durant is coming has lost their mind. Love will be a hope and a prayer if the lakers don’t do something now. Think about it. Go to LA with little to no help at the pencil of my career and win nothing or go to new York and play with carmelo and possibly rondo in the near future or Chicago with rose and noah. He would see that his future is brighter in one of those places. You truly risk the lakers future if you don’t try and put together a playoff team now. Deng may not be the greatest sf but he is definitely an upgrade and is a proven player offensively and defensively. He plays hard every night and that’s what the lakers need. If he would take 8-10 million, I say get him, but if not, find someone else. Myself, I truly believe that that lakers should go all in on Greg monroe. He gives the lakers necessary defense, a post game, and he can run the floor. If you are going to keep gasol, it would be a good pairing. If not, resign hill and give him a starting slot with monroe and sign deng. They could definitely sign deng and monroe and resign gasol as long as gasol is signed last according to Cuba rules. You can go over the cap as long as it is due to Draft signings or resigning a player. Therefore, this would be my plan and the lakers would look like this:


  • independentbynature

    Deng has the kind of defensive chops the Lakers are sorely in need of.Does he put us over the top?No,but it’s a start in the right direction.Ditch Antoni’s smallball ASAP.Forget tanking and waiting to see if draft picks pan out.That’s for perennial losers,not the Lakers.We’ve got this years pick and that’s it.Then it’s FA’s that will make or break the Lakers.They don’t have to be superstars,they just have to fit.And play DEFENSE !!!

  • KB24

    10-12 million YES but MORE than that NO

  • TheTruthKills

    Please no. This course of action will put us in a worse position than where we currently are. Say we “go all in for Kobe”, it would just make us a fringe playoff team at best. Which basically means we will be fed to the Thunder, Clippers, Warriors, or Spurs. We wouldn’t be good enough to win a championship and we wouldn’t be terrible enough to get a good draft pick. Basketball purgatory, all for the sake of Kobe.

  • Lakerfan234ever

    lowry is amazing

  • Alberto Medina

    We don’t need 30 y.o. L.Deng. He is way too overpaid. We better bring back Tr.Ariza for something like $ 4.0 millions.

  • Richard

    First of all and most important, the Lakers shouldn’t need or have to overpay for any player. Second, the players they do sign should want to come here already dedicated to play for and be a part of nothing less than the Laker’s ultimate goal to win championships. Third they should have strong character/values.The heart, mind and soul of a NBA champion in their DNA. Be very competitive in wanting to win. Be already proven in the areas the team needs. Have the right talents the team needs, be tough and enough and smart and savvy). The Lakers don’t need defiencies that will limit their chances to achieve their goal. Fourth, the Lakers should use all of their vast resources, far and wide in an concerted effort to find the right players, with that championship DNA (as their past teams have had), to build a very solid team that can stand up to and successfully play and win against any NBA team including the very best for years to come. Fifth, They should show they are very serious and determine to do this, as they have done in the past, in a timely and very professional/effective way; as soon as possible. Then they should come back hard and complete at the highest level in the NBA with a vengeance.

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