Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles To Target Kyle Lowry In Free Agency?

Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles To Target Kyle Lowry In Free Agency?


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With the 2014 NBA Draft only days away, a lot of rumors have started to surface about what the Los Angeles Lakers might be preparing to do. Along with being linked to Kevin Love, Klay Thompson, Michael Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young in trade rumors, the Lakers also appear to be interested in signing soon-to-be free agent Kyle Lowry.

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According to David Aldridge of, the Lakers could make a push sign the veteran point guard this summer:

Raps have a decent shot at keeping Kyle Lowry, but there will be suitors — and the Lakers are at the top of the list.

At this point in time, the Lakers only have three players under contract. Steve Nash, Robert Sacre, and Kobe Bryant will return next season with Nick Young prepared to opt out his deal and Kendall Marshall having a non-guaranteed contract.

With the Lakers needing help across the board, the team appears to be open to signing, drafting, or trading for players at all positions. The point guard position has been a weakness for the Lakers for quite some time and Lowry would be the ideal fit for this team, but he’ll come with a high price tag which may hurt the team’s chances of pursuing a big-name like Kevin Love next summer.

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Even though there may be interest in Lowry, Los Angeles will have plenty options at point guard. Keeping Marshall would be smart move with it only costing $915,243 to retain him. Jordan Farmar might also be a cheap option, but the team is stuck with Nash at $9.7 million unless they choose to use the stretch provision on the two-time NBA MVP.

The Lakers could also draft a point guard with Marcus Smart (Oklahoma State), Elfird Payton (Louisiana-Lafayette) and Tyler Ennis (Syracuse) potentially available with the seventh pick in the upcoming draft. So although the Lakers are rumored to be interested Lowry, more practical choices at point guard will be available.
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  • Niknok Seyer

    Get Lowry and sign a forward (e.g. Randle) from the draft.

    • Junior Qamar

      Lol lakers wont get lowry and thanks for picking nash up too a couple years ago…that was a close 1 for toronto fans

  • NotaKobePoleRider

    And how much will it cost? If it will eat up even more cap space and worse, extend into the 2015 and 2016 offseasons, then they’re better off drafting Marcus Smart who will be on a rookie contract. They need to stop trying to mortgage the future even more just for the sake of appeasing Kobe in his final 2 years.

    • taviyoung

      They’ll have enough to pay him, bring Ariza back, and to keep Gasol once they release Nash via the stretch provision. They’ll have an extra six million to spend by doing that. Gasol, Randle, Ariza, Kobe, and Lowry is a team that can compete in the West.

      • Chris Park

        Gasol, Randle…wheres the defense lol

        • Devean

          exactly. Pau’s defensive deficiencies (ie..he doesn’t play any) is well documented. As for Randle, he is undersized and simply bullied guys that are even smaller than him in College. He won’t be that dominant in the NBA. A Pau and Randle front court = Opposing teams having a virtual lay-up line to the basket.

        • taviyoung

          They’ll hire Lionel Hollins and he’ll make them play great team defense collectively as a group rather than individually. If you look at his last year with Memphis, they didn’t have great individual defenders outside of Tony Allen, but they still were top three defensively. Why? Because they played great team defense. The same way the Spurs did this season.

      • Taylor

        I think you meant to say compete in the East

    • Evan

      Agreed. I’d much rather see the Lakers exercise some patience. Sign Ariza/Deng. Draft Smart (or Embiid if he’s available). Bring in role players. Then, in 2015 pursue guys like Love and Asik (if we didn’t get Embiid). People want to throw money at the best of what’s available now, when a little patience could get you something even better.

    • Malik

      You have the Best Damn Screen name ever. Oh, and I agree with your statement 100%. The FO and many fans are so ridiculously nearsighted, and that is what’s going to keep the franchise from getting back to perennial title contention.

      • Tune

        How are we being near sighted? We are taking options to possibly compete while we still have Kobe while being ready to go after big free agents.

  • What

    I think to sign Lowry is being a little nearsightedness and don’t get me wrong he a good player but adding him for somewhere around 10 to 11 million makes us end up paying over 20 million next season for PGs with Nash still on the books I personally like the potential trade with Philly better we get a younger PG a SF/PF in young and Steve Trash off the books

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Shucks Kyle Lowry too expensive for the Lakers lets draft Marcus Smart.


    Isn’t this guy like 30 already? He’s also fat. No thank you. I’d rather draft Marcus Smart!

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Marcus Smart is the obvious choice if this rumor is true.Smokescreen!

    • jt3z

      Hes 28

      • DKWTTY

        Close enough.

        • jt3z

          Um no thats actually not. Thats 2 full seasons til hes 30.

          • DKWTTY


          • Evan

            Two seasons in professional sports is a big difference. Players generally begin their declines around what, 31, 32 ish? That’s the difference between 4 seasons in his prime and one or two.

          • jt3z

            Exactly my point. For normal people(Non-athletes) its a ton of time.

          • DKWTTY

            And I’d still rather they get someone younger.

          • Evan

            I’d rather see them draft Marcus Smart if Embiid isn’t available. Other than that, the options for PG this season aren’t very impressive. In athletics, the late 20’s are when most athletes are considered “in their prime”.

          • DKWTTY

            True but the thing is I don’t see him leaving Toronto. I don’t think the chances of getting him are very high. What do you think about Isaiah Thomas? Younger and wants to be a Laker and will be cheaper. If they DO sign Lowry then who do they draft? You’d still want Embiid with his injury?

          • Evan

            I don’t know much about him, but isn’t he a RFA? The Lakers can offer him a decent contract, but if the Kings are willing to match that’s a problem. From what little I’ve read, the Kings aren’t looking to let him go.

            As for Embiid, I’m iffy. I like old school basketball. Inside out, back to the rim, post ups, half court ball, shot blockers, etc. Embiid is all of those. The foot thing is a concern, but the potential of that kid is impressive. He’s only been playing hoops for a few years. Part of me wonders if getting into a gym, getting some serious lifting, NBA training and nutrition could help prevent things like this in the future. I’d be happy with Smart, and maybe even Gordon in the draft, though.

          • DKWTTY

            Yes he is but he said he wants the Lakers to reach out. The Kings did want to trade him at one point, they are back and forth with him and they are going to be way over the salary cap if they keep him.

            I really think he’s solid but I’m not so sure about waiting half a season or a full season for him to be productive, that is unless we’ll suck again next season and not sign any decent FA’s. Then I’d be willing to wait for him to be healthy. It took Dwight an entire season to get healthy again. Drafting Embiid is a big risk but most doctors said he’ll be fine. The problem is the waiting for him to be “fine”. I can’t decide because if these FAs are interested that makes me change my thoughts on who they should draft.

    • Jack

      Marcus Smart is not going to go down to the 7th posiciĆ³n. You already should stop dreaming of impossible things.

      • DKWTTY

        Unless your name is Miss Cleo I suggest you hush.

      • Gino

        Why not?I think it is a strong possibility that Marcus Smart gets selected by the Lakers.Here is the reason why the Cavs are possibly trading the number 1 pick to the Jazz for Derrick Favors and Alec Burks and the #5 pick.Joel Embiid is slipping.

        In this trade scenario this might go down like this>

        1.Jazz Jabari Parker
        2.Bucks Andrew Wiggins
        3.Sixers Noah Vonleh
        4.Magic Dante Exum
        5.Cavs Joel Embiid
        6.Celtics Aaron Gordon
        7.Lakers Marcus Smart

        • globe_smart_sun

          Cavs/Celtics will pick Marcus Smart. The Lakers should draft sf/pf and sign Lowry.

          • Evan

            Why would the Celtics pick Smart? That would cause all sorts of commotion about Rondo leaving Boston.

          • globe_smart_sun

            Sooner or later Rondo will leave Boston that is why Celtics may draft Smart. And Lakers may sign Lowry so no need for them to draft Smart, Smart will; surely be drafted at #4 #5 or #6. If the lakers wants to draft a PG they might go for Elfrid Payton.

    • Chris Wilson

      If he’s so fat id like to see you beat him in a foot race

      • DKWTTY

        You’re comparing me, a young woman, to an NBA athlete who I’m saying is FAT…for an NBA athlete. Compared to a Russell Westbrook, Kyle is fat. Same way Melo is fat compared to a Lebron or KD.

        I would whoop your ass in a foot race though.

  • numb1lakefan

    #7 pick is marcus smart plan b is elfrid payton,randle,gordon,embiid,lavine

  • Ian

    What is with you people an Marcus Smart? The guy that can’t control his temper and he seemed to also make up a lie about the racial comments. That is a red flag for me. I say front court defense.. Either Vonleh or Gordon. The team now can score with anyone when “healthy”.. defense though is something else.

    • $20509373

      I was just asking myself the same question.

    • Nexzen

      Sometimes a guy who can’t control his temper is the right guy. It shows his emotion towards the game.

    • numb1lakefan

      marcus smart has kobe’s competitive spirit along with special defensive skills he is enjoyable to watch much like kobe.he must be a laker and he himself even said the lakers is the best fit for him

    • Tune

      Being soft is the opposite of what you want

    • Evan

      Defense is something else eh? Well then, I’ve got a defensive player for you. A player who was in the top five for steals both his freshman and sophomore seasons. This player is strong, has good length for his position, and wonderful instincts for jumping passing lanes and perimeter defense. He’s excellent at.boxing his man out and snagging rebounds and has exceptional tenacity.

      His name is Marcus Smart.

  • $20509373

    If the Lakers are serious about pursuing Lowry that probably means their leaning towards taking Randle, Vonleh, or Gordon.

    • cj

      or embiid

      • $20509373

        Embiid won’t fall past Boston.

        • cj

          all depends on how the draft works out. i agree i dont see him falling past boston but the celts might pick up a player thats going to help right away and not 2-3-4 months into the season

  • lakerfan

    Trade pick For MCW and 10th pick, Pick up Aaron, Randle And sign Greg Monroe and Trevor Ariza
    PG M Carter,
    SG Kove Bryant
    SF Trevor Ariza,
    PF Aaron/Randle,
    C Greg Monroe

    • cj

      pau is better and cheeper then monroe

      • Evan

        Pau is old, and getting older. He is a soft player with very poor defensive skills. He was great for us on the championship runs, but his time has passed.

        I’d prefer to sign neither Gasol or Monroe.

        • cj

          your one of the laker fans that want us to be bad for the next 5+ years

          • Evan

            Yup, you nailed it. How’d did you guess? I would love to watch my favorite sports team lose for the next half decade. Winning? Who in the hell wants to watch their team do that? :facepalm:

            Gasol is 33, and aging quickly. He has a history of nagging injuries. He plays poor defense in general, but the older he gets the worse it in. How many middle of the road players went OFF on him last season?

            Monroe is getting a lot of attention from Lakers fans. Why? He’s a 15/10 guy. Decent on offense, sure, but what about the defense? From what I understand, there is much to be desired. We need to IMPROVE our defense, not throw big money at players who don’t play it.

            But, since you seem to think I’d like to watch a shitty team for the rest of my 20’s, let’s toss out what I’d like to see:

            Draft Smart. Sign Ariza/Deng. Bring back Young, Bazemore/Meeks, Kelly, Hill. Look in to signing Okafor for a year or two. Check on Bynum’s knees. If he’s good, and can play 10-15 minutes for the vet min, why not. That way, our 2014-15 roster would look an awful lot like:

            PG: Nash, Smart, Marshall
            SG: Bryant, Bazemore/Meeks
            SF: Ariza/Deng, Young
            PF: Kelly, Hill
            C: Okafor, Bynum, Sacre

            Oh look, we have a team that could break 40 wins. One that might, if we get really lucky, be able to snag a very low seed in the playoffs (7th-8th seed) for a first round exit. Now, what about the 2015 offseason? Sign Kevin Love, sign Omer Asik.

            PG: Smart
            SG: Bryant, Bazemore/Meeks
            SF: Ariza/Deng, Young
            PF: Love, Kelly, Hill
            C: Asik, Bynum?

            Now, we’d need to bring in some solid depth at PG, but Hill can play both the 4 and 5 off the bench. Obviously, the Bynum thing is a MAJOR if, but with solid backup PG, and some good development from Kelly and Bazemore, we have a team that can be a solid playoff squad. How long did that take? A calendar year? Weird. I thought I wanted the Lakers to suck for half a decade.

          • cj

            the lakers would not have the money to bring in both asik and love.

            here is what i would do.

            trade scare for a second round pick.

            cut nash

            draft embiid/vonla/randel

            resign farmar,pau, hill, kelly, young, meeks, henry, kendall marshel and bazemore.

            sign arzia, earl clark, and remon seshions.

            farmar, kobe, arzia, pau, embiid
            remon, meeks, young, kelly, hill
            kendall, henry, bazemore, clark, 2nd rounder.

            thats a team that could contend now. as long as the lakers were smart with the contracts they gave to pau arzia and remon they could still be in a great place to make a run at love.

          • Evan

            A. The cap is expected to be at 63 million this season. The Lakers could easily bring in the players I’ve mentioned in 2014-15 for that amount. Then, it’s expected to go up to 66 million next season. I’m confident the Lakers won’t be too worried about pushing themselves into luxury tax. I’m not too knowledgable about when you can and can’t spend money, but I’m sure with a few veteran minimums and 1-year contracts, the Lakers could get themselves in position to have the 20-25 million in cap space next year that it would take to bring in Love and Asik.

            B. Why does everyone keep wanting Pau Gasol? He’s probably going to want this to be his final contract, so he’s likely looking at a few years. He’s 33, has had a recent history of a LOT of small, but nagging injuries that have kept him out of games, and prevented him from playing well when he does. He’s soft. He lacked solid defense to begin with, but as he ages that has significantly declined.

            I like Bryant and Meeks at SG. I like Ariza and Young at SF. I like Embiid and maybe Hill at C. Farmar, Sessions and Marshall at Point? Pau Gasol? Earl Clark? This is not a championship team. It’s a 6-8 seed playoff team that will fall apart in 2 seasons because their best offensive options will be 38 and 35 years old. Embiid will be the only noteworthy player then. Then what? We do this all over again?

            Even if we’re unable to bring in Love AND Asik, bringing in ONE of those two will leave us in a better position both immediately and in terms of long term success.

          • cj

            things to do during the off season.

            1. draft either embiid(first choice) or randell

            2. waive nash. so his cap hit is 3.2 over the next 3 years.

            3.sign pau to a three year 25m deal that breaks down into 11-7-7

            4.sign young, meeks, and farmar to a 4 year 16m deal that breaks down as 3-3-4-6.

            5. sign hill to a 4 year 16m deal that breaks down as 4-4-4-4

            6.sign(over pay) sessions to a 1 year 7 mill deal.

            7. keep kent, kendall, and kelly with team options.

            8. sign x and insert pf(clark, boozer, kris hump) here to a vets mi deal

            9. sign arzia to a mid lvl worth 4m ish for 3 years.

            teams salaries:
            kobe: 23m
            pau: 11m
            sesh: 7m
            arzia: 4m
            hill: 4m
            embiid: 3m
            farmar: 3m
            young: 3m
            meeks: 3m
            marshell: 1m
            x: 1m
            kelly: 1m
            bazemore: 1m
            clark-hump-boozer: 1m
            nash(not on roster) 3m

            talking about a 70ish million roster which is under the tax and can still go after love next season. paus deal lowers by 4 mill the sesh contract comes off so theres another 8 mill off. then u got all the third stringers and kellys contracts coming of so there is another 6 mill. there i just opened 18m in cap space for next season to offer love. and the new team would be for that season and if worst came to worst pau at 7 mill is an good deal to do as a sign and trade for love because ricky wants to play with pau.

            farmar, kobe, arzia, love embiid
            mid lvl exception, meeks, young, hill, pau
            marshell, x, bezemore, kelly, 2nd rounder

            we would need to look to fill out our third string and aback up pg. mosh of the people from our team before could be brought back on vet min deals.

          • globe_smart_sun

            PG: Lowry, Nash, Marshall
            SG: Bryant, Bazemore, Meeks
            SF: Deng, Young, Johnson
            PF: Gasol, Randle, Kelly
            C: Frye, Sacre

  • Ryan Soares

    as much as I want the MCW trade to happen, I really dont think that it is going to unfortunately.. Were gonna get Thad, MCW, and the 10th pick for Steve Nash and our 7th?

    • cj

      the 10th pick was never part of the trade. it was mcw, thad for nash, 7th

      • jt3z

        Yes it was. The Lakers need a 1st round pick back no matter what.

        • cj

          no they dont. this would have a draft day trade meaning the lakers would be picking for philly

  • Ryan Soares

    Ill even take Isiah Thomas but Bledsoe is who I want most

  • Libra3122

    Get Lowry at the point, sign Aaron Gordon in the draft and bring back Gasol and Hill. Starters will be Lowry, Bryant, Gordon, Hill and Gasol.

    • Evan

      If the Lakers did draft Gordon and sign Lowry, why not wait on signing a C until next season when we can potentially pick up Omer Asik to pair with a possible Kevjn Love?

  • Swaggy J

    Here’s how I would do it… Signed Bledsoe or Patty Mills as free Agent, Draft Randle, and sign Pierce or Ariza.. you’d have a line up of…
    PG-Eric Bledsoe/Patty Mills
    SG-Kobe Bryant
    SF-Paul Pierce/Trevor Ariza
    PF-Julius Randle
    C-Pau Gasol
    That line up is an offensive machine

    • Bay

      too bad phoenix will match any offer that Bledsoe gets, no thanks to The Truth and Gasol cause we need to get younger…. like come on man!!

      • HAHAHA

        dont like the idea of getting pierce he is too old for me

    • Libra3122

      I’d rather get Lowry than Bledsoe. Pierce is old. Ariza maybe. But i’d rather draft Gordon for SF.
      PG – Lowry / Farmar / Marshall
      SG – Bryant / Meeks / Bazemore
      SF – Gordon / Young (6th Man) / Henry
      PF – Hill / Kelly
      C – Gasol / Monroe / Kaman

    • Tune

      If only defense didn’t matter

      • Evan


      • Swaggy J

        They’ll have a good perimeter defence, maybe no shot blocker, but these days, there aren’t solid big mans downlow anymore, miami got a good defence with no shot blocker, these lakers line can do the same thing with a proper defence minded coach

    • grandpa j

      I like this. If only there was a shot blocker.

  • Clarkkent113

    Lowry could work, but I’m currently liking this scenario:

    Max & Marcellus were hypothesizing that Lakers could be a viable destination for Melo due to the interview he gave today. It sounds more plausible than I thought.

    PG: Nash (he can still give us 20min/game)
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Melo
    PF: Randle/Gordon/Vonleh (whichever, although I’m not a fan of Vonleh)
    C: Pau on a much cheaper and shorter contract if he’s willing to do that, 2 years max.

    That means by the summer of 2016 all major contracts are off the books except Melo and a significantly reduced, team-friendly, Kobe contract.

    So say we go into the summer of 2016 with Melo ($18 million) + Kobe ($12 million) + Randle/Gordon/Vonleh (still on rookie deal – $2.7 million). That’s all we’d have on the books.

    So that’s roughly $33 million. The salary cap in this upcoming year will be $63 and that will surely rise to probably $65+ by 2016 with Luxury set at $77-80 million). That means we’d have room for TWO max-level guys out of the 2016 FA class to PAIR with Kobe and Melo and our (hopefully) star 2014 draftee. That is if those players are willing to do what LeBron, Bosh, and Wade did and take a bit less money than they’re worth. *Lakers would also have to pay luxury of course

    Forget the 2015 FA class, check out the 2016 class: Durant, Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, Roy Hibbert to name a few. And guess what, all of those guys (aside from KD) would fill out positions that aren’t taken yet. So take your pick; I’d role like this:

    PG: Kyrie
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Melo
    PF: Randle/Gordon/Vonleh (hopefully the one we pick is an up-and-coming star)
    C: Anthony Davis

    And if that team doesn’t win in 2016 it’s still set for the future. Kobe would probably retire soon after, Melo would only be 33-34, Kyrie and AD would be still very young, and Randle/Gordon/Vonleh would be ridiculously young.

    All-in-all it’s a master plan that allows us to still be contenders for the next two seasons, but then truly stack up on talent in 2016 and become lethal.

    Note: I’m sure I’m missing something in this equation, so feel free to correct me.

  • Bo

    Lakers most realistic team for 2014-2015
    PG Marcus Smart/Kendall Marshall/Jordan Farmar
    SG Kobe Bryant/Kent Bazemore/MarShon Brooks
    SF Lance Stephenson/Xavier Henry/Wesley Johnson
    PF Carmelo Anthony/Ed Davis/Ryan Kelly
    C Chris Kaman/Andrew Bynum/Robert Sacre

    • Evan

      Nash is on the books still. Kaman isn’t likely to want to come back. Carmelo isn’t coming to LA, no matter what the fans think.

  • Richard

    I like Dirk a lot but the downsides may out way the upside, especially in the long run. He is older, maybe slower and cost a lot. Don’t here anything about his defensive ability. Lakers probably will try to get best qualified talent they can at each position that can successfully carry the team forward. Hopefully sooner than later.

  • Coach’em Up

    No I would get people on the cheap and go after free agents like these
    PG G Vasquez standing at 6-6 big skilled gaurd
    PG Isiah Thomas standing at 5-9 fast paced playmaker
    SF M Beasley standing at 6-10 can play both forwards spots and matchup problems
    SF D Granger standing at 6-8 good vet and very skilled
    SF E Turner standing at 6-7 a lot of upside good athlete with skill
    our own free agents to retain J Hill, K Marshall. C Kaman, J Farmar, R Kelly, N Young, K Bazemore, W Johnson
    so it will be potentially
    1. g Vasquez/ j farmar/ k marshall/ k bazemore
    2. k bryant/ n young/ x henry
    3. m beasley/ d granger/ w Johnson— if you cant get M Beasley get E Turner
    4. j hill/7th pick/r kelly
    5. C Kaman/r sacre

  • Ty


  • Ty

    As a die hard Laker Fan growing up, i would want the Lakers to have the best STARTING FIVE and the best BENCH in the league. Not only have the best BENCH but also have the YOUNGEST BENCH in the league. Thats why the Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak should go after Eric Bledsoe or Darren Collinson as our starting PG. Eric Bledsoe would be my first choice. But if we can’t get him, we should do everything in our power to get Darren Collinson. Can’t go wrong with either one as the starting PG. The Great Kobe Bryant as the starting SG. Luol Deng as our starting SF. Keep Paul Gasol as our starting PF. Greg Monroe as our starting C. That will be the best starting five in the league. Keep our bench young by retaining PG- Kendall Marshall, SG- Kent Bazemore, Xavier Henry, Jodi meeks. SF- Nick Young and Ryan Kelly. PF- Jordan Hill. sign free agent PG- Patty Mills. SG- Jimmer Fredette. C- Roy hibbert. Were not going to have the best bench in the league, but were also going to have the youngest bench in the league.

    2015 starting Five.
    PG- Darren Collinson.
    SG- Kobe Bryant.
    SF- Luol Deng.
    PF- Paul Gasol.
    C- Greg Monroe

    Patty Mills.
    Kent Bazemore.
    Nick Young.
    Jordan Hill.
    Roy Hibbert.
    Michael Beasley.
    Xavier Henry.
    Jodi Meeks.
    Jimmer Fredette.
    Kendall Marshall.

  • Adrian S. Ingram II

    Honestly i would let Gasol walk, he has been good overall for the lakers last year and he has helped bring 2 titles but his health is of concern. Not to mention that he’s soft on defense, the Lakers would be better off getting Gortat or Monroe and possibly investing in big men like Jordan Hill who have good athleticism and younger. The Lakers should also get Lowry, and Ariza or Deng (if they can’t get both), cause you could make one of those players your sixth man off the bench and that would be a great investment. After it’s all said and done i think this would be the ideal lineup for next year.

    PG: Kyle Lowry
    SG:Kobe Bryant
    SF: Loul Deng or Trevor Ariza
    PF: Jordan Hill or Greg Monroe
    C: Marcin Gortat

    Coach: Lionel Hollins

    P.S. The reason i didn’t mention stars like Melo, Lebron, K Love, etc is because you can’t rely on that. It would be nice to see that but you have to be realistic and assume that those players are going to want to play together or on a team where there stars are going to be in the league alot longer than two years. Just a thought.

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    The Lakers COULD sign Lowry and Trevor Ariza, re-sign Pau Gasol and draft a guy like Julius Randle and have a very starting 5 in Lowry/Kobe/Deng/Randle/Pau which would probably advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs in the West … but … I don’t think they will offer long-term deals to any free agent other than LeBron as doing so could prevent them from signing Kevin Love next summer.

    I honestly expect them to sign veterans like Paul Pierce to mere one-year deals this summer in order to preserve their ability to sign Kevin Love next summer and make a legit run at Kevin Durant and/or Kyrie Irving the following summer.

    – Bryant T. Jordan
    Author of: “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”