Lakers Rumors: Lionel Hollins Expresses Interest In Lakers Coaching Job

Lakers Rumors: Lionel Hollins Expresses Interest In Lakers Coaching Job



With Mike D’Antoni deciding to resign, the head coach search begins for the Los Angeles Lakers with no shortage of viable candidates available.

Shortly after the news broke concerning D’Antoni’s resignation, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports tweeted the following about a potential candidate:

Hollins was one of the many head coaches fired after last season despite leading the Memphis Grizzlies to the Western Conference Finals. The Grizzlies ultimately fell to the San Antonio Spurs, but Memphis defied the odds throughout their playoff run and turned a lot of heads around the league in the process.

Unfortunately for Hollins, the team wanted to go in another direction and became a coaching casualty along with Vinny Del Negro and George Karl.

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It is so early in the process of looking for a head coach that it is uncertain what direction the Lakers brass intend to go in. Obviously, Phil Jackson is no longer an option after taking over as the president of the New York Knicks, but the storied franchise will have options as they search for a replacement for D’Antoni.

Hollins could potentially be high on the list of candidates after proving his worth with the Grizzlies last season.
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  • Stephen Cash

    Should be Kerr. He’s got a high IQ, played under Phil, and has the makings to be a great!

    • $20509373

      He’s pretty much guaranteed in NY.

      • beatrice652

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    • cyborgspider

      But no coaching experience. Don’t know how he deals with player egos or discipline. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’s a cool dude, but Lakers should pursue a proven commodity. Even a Kevin Ollie or Brad Stevens-type would have big time college coaching experience.

    • cj

      hollins should be our coach. he can coach some defense.

    • Jim213

      IMO, not first choice but a possibility. However, FO has close to 2 months before FA to decide on the best option WHO’D also be able to attract star players. Defense is main key tho I’d go with a coach who’s also able to adapt offensively given the run and gun (fast transitions mostly aside of the long shots) is highly utilized in the league.

    • Sam Saab

      Kerr sounds good, but he has no coaching experience…Phils not worried about hiring him because he knows hes goin to guide Kerr with the Knicks

  • Dominic

    I would hire this man, defensive minded coach and took the grizzlies to the western conference finals, FO u should look to signing Lionel Hollins

  • Chippaz

    Ettore Messina

    • independentbynature

      No more soft ass Euro ball !!! This is the NBA and it’s a man’s game.

    • $20509373

      Kobe has endorsed him. I don’t know much about him, but he has won A LOT of rings overseas.

      • cj

        kobe endorsed mike dantoni too.

        • $20509373


  • T.

    Perfect fit!

  • V.lawrence

    Lionel Hollins would be my first choice

    • independentbynature

      He’d be my second choice behind Byron Scott.Scott has had more success and has history with us.Hollins is good,though.

  • independentbynature

    Byron Scott would be better…..

  • Matt Williams

    Do it Mitch!! Do it for us!!! #InMitchWeTrust

  • Miamiraider78

    I like me some Jeff Van Gundy! :)

    • independentbynature

      So we could go from not playing any defense to not being able to score a basket?We need a balanced coach.

  • $20509373

    No need to rush in finding the next coach. This will probably be a long drawn out process. The short list is probably Byron Scott, Lionel Hollins, and George Karl in that order.

  • oioi

    Stan or Jeff Van Gundy would be great choices

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes Lionel Hollins would be a great choice for us to hire.Hey DJ play some oldies because Lionel Hollins is old school LOL remember this about him he coached on the 1993 Finalist Phoenix Suns team with Charles Barkley when they played the Bulls and Paxson nailed that buzzer beater.

    From 1988-1995 Lionel Hollins was a lead assistant coach with the Phoenix Suns and all he did is win the whole time and he developed the Memphis Grizzlies into one of the best small market franchise currently in all of sports.Lionel Hollins coaches both sides of the court at a very high level and he is also a top motivator and communicator.

    Best known for his defensive strategy and schemes also his hard nosed approach to the defensive side of the ball and he is all about a post up offense with big men controlling the paint with a fast point guard getting them the ball and also a great wing player making plays for the team.

    Players must play defense for Lionel Hollins it’s a rule or else you sit and never see any minutes on the court.He is great at developing great young players see his list it’s excellent Marc Gasol,Mike Conley,Rudy Gay,Dan Majerle,Kevin Johnson plus more players.Tough guy with no nonsense mentality and he won a championship as a player and was on the all defensive team multiple times and a former All Star in the NBA during his playing days.I would fully back and support this possible hiring.

    • TheMonitor

      Wow! Did Hollins pay you to write all these? You put him right on top of my list just like that!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Great thing about Lionel Hollins is he knows how to beat the Clippers.Ask Clippers fans they fear Memphis and Coach Hollins has a way to ground and pound their ass to losses.Staples Center will become the new Grind House if Hollins takes over.

    • Heath

      Yeah, but that’s with a team with bruisers like Randolph and Marc Gasol, not with Pau, Sacre, and Kelly who cower when things get physical.

  • KingEmperor

    lionel hollins or byron scott both of them are great defensive coach..

  • KingEmperor

    both hollins and scott can develop and improve the talent of lakers 2014 draft pick..

  • richard

    Considering the age and preferred style play of our star player… I would go with Hollins…. YES!

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Thank you man you are correct and spot on saying what you did.

  • Lakerslakers

    Get coach k!!! Haha that would be the best coach ….. Being realistic I think hollins is the perfect fit for the lakers, defensive minded coach . No run and gun

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lionel Hollins is also great at developing young players,Jeff Hornacek was just another player in the NBA until Lionel Hollins showed up as a coach with the Phoenix Suns in 1988 and after that Jeff Hornacek became a great young player and he also helped develop so many other players like Dan Majerle and Kevin Johnson back then.And nowadays it’s players like Marc Gasol,Mike Conley,Rudy Gay and he really showed Zach Randolph how to get to the next level of Power Forwards,Coach Hollins instilled the right attitude and work ethic in his young players he provided the teaching and he is a top well known leader of men.Hire Coach Lionel Hollins and we soon will be at the top of the NBA world again.

    • TeddyOrwell

      But what has he ever won??

      • ,……

        Well none of the coaches listed have won an nba championship as a coach so I don’t get your point….unless you count conference championships….

  • ra

    Lionel Hollins is def. on the A-list of coaches who could work well with the Lakers. Top 5 choice.

    The Lakers would need bigs to work well with his system. We would need Gasol to re-sign w/Lakers, and it would be perfect for K-Love when he comes here. Small ball doesn’t work well in LA (we would need HOF players, like Steve Nash, or CP3).

    Hollins is a ‘high-caliber’ team away from a Championship. He took the small market Grizzlies pretty far. Think of what he would do with big-market LA.

  • Lakers4Life

    Now that Dumbtoni is out of here, I vouch for Steve Kerr.
    He’s won and seen championships as a player, he’s experienced the GM side of things in Phoenix, he’s learned from the best coach in NBA history Phil Jackson, and he’s analyzed enough games through his current position, and he has good poise, great IQ and people like him.

  • James

    If Hollins can bring Zach Randolph with him, then go for it. I’d rather have him over Pau right now. Zach will give us something on BOTH sides of the ball. He’s solid offensively, and he brings that bruiser junkyard dog mentality on the post on the defensive end. Something that has badly missing for years now. When players see Pau on the post, they don’t think twice about driving since Pau will offer no resistance whatsoever. With Zach down there, they will still drive but they know they will be paying a price because Zach will make his presence known.

  • Gemini Ac

    Jeff van gundy good also.

  • KingEmperor

    hollins is the right choice..

  • TeddyOrwell

    Hollins coaching style, from what I know of it, seems really rigid and not what Jim Buss likes. Jim Buss has said he wants something reminiscent of the old Showtime Lakers (of course, you need the right personnel to pull that off.) Who better to orchestrate something like that a member of that old Showtime era squad who has coaching experience with New Jersey, New Orleans and Cleveland…..Byron Scott, who happens to be available.

    I’m betting that Kerr will go to the Knicks, Hollins will go elsewhere, and Jim Buss will go with the in-house favorite, Byron Scott. Imagine being Byron Scott and not getting the job…’d have to wonder, “What the heck do I have to do to get this job??” I have a feeling he has remained unemployed just in the off chance he might be able to coach the Lakers. I think he deserves a shot. Maybe Derek Fisher can be his assistant.

    • TeddyOrwell

      But wait….isn’t Byron Scott a Princeton offense style coach? That may work against him considering what happened with Mike Brown.

      • dennis soliman

        rumors say if byron scott comes to the lakers, kyrie irving might be interested to follow him..

        • Zimmeredge

          Kyrie’s good. But good enough to carry the franchise on his shoulders? I don’t think he has the same Spirit cp3 or Jason kid had back then. I wouldn’t bet on Kyrie for the future eventhough He’s a very attractive and talented young fella.
          I can see the Lakers going big after bledsoe or stephenson this summer to help byron Scott because those guys are all around. Pass shoot defend rebound and run all at the same Time.
          Although Scott is a good coach i’ll rather go after hollins ollie or messina but Scott, despite being a princeton guy (just like mike Brown is…) is definitely in the top 4-5. Steve kerr is out of the mix imo because he Plays triangle offense.

        • Lakers Fan

          Kyrie is possibly worse on defense than Marshall. Kyle Lowry, Marcus Smart, Dante Exum(hopefully) are on my possible point guards list.

      • Josh

        It would depend on the interview. He has used a lot of Princeton offense and has been known to run players to death in practice, but he has a lot of success to show for it, and if he shows that he can ease up on older players in practice, he might fit well.

  • Josh

    Did a little research on coaching candidates I keep hearing, and here are their post-season coaching records (by series, not games)…

    1. Byron Scott – 7-4, 0-2 finals, 3-1 first round
    2. Scott Brooks – 6-4, 0-1 finals, 3-1 first round
    3. Rick Carlisle – 11-8, 1-0 finals, 6-3 first round
    4. Stan Van Gundy – 9-7, 0-1 finals, 2-5 first round
    5. Avery Johnson – 4-4, 0-1 finals, 2-2 first round
    6. Lionel Hollins – 3-3, 2-1 first round
    6. Frank Vogel – 3-3, 2-1 first round
    8. Alvin Gentry – 2-2, 1-1 first round
    9. Mark Jackson – 1-1, 1-0 first round
    10. Jerry Sloan – 18-20, 0-2 finals, 11-9 first round
    11. Jeff Van Gundy – 8-9, 0-1 finals, 4-5 first round
    12. George Karl – 13-22, 0-1 finals, 8-14 first round
    13. Nate McMillan – 1-5, 1-4 first round
    14. Kurt Rambis – 0-1, 0-1 first round

    Mark Jackson and Kurt Rambis are hurt on this list by lack of opportunity, but please everyone SHUT UP about JVG, SVG, Jerry Sloan, George Karl, and Nate McMillan.

    • LAstory

      Thank you for this… I am stealing this…lol

  • LeRon

    Ya i would love to see the Lakers hire a black coach after the Clippers Racist Owner Donald Sterling was banned for life it would show the diversity in the NBA coaching fraternity.NBA stands for No Bigots Allowed GTFO Bigot Racist Donald Sterling.Adam Silver did the best thing possible by banning Donald Sterling for life their is no place for racism in the place of business.Especially since Donald Sterling has a long running history of this stuff as he has always viewed his players as slaves and his way of doing business was the slavery in his mind.

    No place for discrimination and i am very outraged at Donald Sterling and i hope that ignorant POS loses his team and is removed as owner or forced to sell effective imminent.YES the Lakers should hire Lionel Hollins he is a smart black man with lots of respect and he is a dignified black man with great teaching skills and he is a leader of men also he can relate to young black men aspiring to be stars in the NBA.

    Also yes Lionel Hollins is a great defensive coach and also one of the best coaches at coaching a inside post up offense with big men he knows how to coach them and how to draw out a strategy to make the big men succeed to the maximum.Also Lionel Hollins coaches toughness as he himself is a tough black man.He is strong and he has the will to get the job done and a exceptional motivator and he has tons of coaching experience and he has been a winner everywhere he has went.This would be the right hire given the circumstances.I will be happy as long as the Lakers hire a black coach and that list includes Lionel Hollins,Byron Scott,Kevin Ollie,Avery Johnson,Doc Rivers,Mark Jackson.#TIMEFORCHANGE

    • James

      So you think the next coach should be hired based on race and yet you want racists out of the NBA? Pot and kettle…

      Also, if you want to get rid of racist team owners you might consider getting rid of Shawn Carter. He openly supports the “5-Percent Nation”. An organization that promotes the superiority of the black male.

  • Guest

    My Suggestions:

    Kevin Ollie – Coming off a championship at UConn it seems like he would make a good fit and can have a major factor with future free agents such as Kevin Durant, who spoke high of him.

    Derek Fisher – heard that he may be looking to coach after this season. Although, unaware of what he can bring to the team, he is respected by players in the league, especially with the most important person on the roster, Kobe. If not a head coach it would be nice to see him as an assistant head coach.

    Byron Scott – I think he would be just fine as the coach, just not sure if he can bring us a championship, but hopefully I am wrong about that.

    However, if I had the choice, I would consider Fisher as an assistant and either Ollie or Scott as the head coach. I also hope the Lakers consult Kobe on who should be the coach, especially since the last one allowed Kobe to overplay and suffer an achilles injury (not necessarily choosing, but rather his input).

  • Hugh

    Lionel Hollins will only be as good as the players he has. Look at Memphis now, sure they had a slow start due to ahem *injuries*, but look at them now on the brink of taking out OKC with a new young coach. Sacre, Kelly, and Pau will not got his style of bruising physical play. Give the next coach the players he needs to run his system.

  • iBanonymous

    Finally somebody with some sense in them. Hollins all day