Lakers Rumors: Lamar Odom Still ‘Wants To Be A Laker’

Lakers Rumors: Lamar Odom Still ‘Wants To Be A Laker’


Former Sixth Man of the Year, Lamar Odom, has reportedly been missing for the last three days and feared to be using crack cocaine. Odom’s life continues to spiral out of control with the 33-year-old struggling to save his marriage with reality star, Khloe Kardashian.

Although Odom remains missing, with all sorts of rumors floating around about what he may or may not be doing, a contact close to Odom in New York says the two-time NBA champion still wants to a member of the Los Angeles Lakers according to Jared Zwerling of via Twitter:

After an extremely disappointing season with the Dallas Mavericks and mediocre season with the Los Angeles Clippers, Odom has been contemplating his immediate future in the NBA as a free agent this summer. Although Odom has only received interest from the Lakers and Clippers, the veteran forward was reportedly on the fence in terms of deciding on which of these two teams to sign with.

The Clippers appeared to be ready to sign Odom to the veteran’s minimum while keeping former Laker Antawn Jamison in limbo. As for the Lakers, the team expressed interest in the Odom, but have seemingly moved on signing rookie forward Elias Harris recently.

The team still has an open spot on the roster that could’ve been filled by Odom, but if there’s any truth to his current condition, it’s doubtful he’ll play another game in the NBA let alone with the Lakers.
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  • vdogg

    this is starting to sound like a bad soap opera. as a laker fan, i love lamar. but does he really think anyone is ever gonna take him seriously as a basketball player ever again??? between the drug rumors and the kardashian clan, he should just retire already. he’s had a great career.

  • SpringBreakers

    Yeah for shizzle Lamar Odom will be great if he does comeback to da Lakers.I want Lamar Odom back on da Lakers.LO is awesome and he wants to be a Laker and he wants to retire as a Laker ya’ll.No doubt sign him up fools.Don’t miss dat chance ya’ll fo realz.Aight!

  • Lawhorn Jermaine

    sign lamar odom now he’s better with the la lakers

  • Lawhorn Jermaine

    next season we can sign rondo as a free agent

  • $61069324

    Lamar is arguably less stable than Metta.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      He has brought more good contributions to this world than that whole garbage family who is sabotaging his career right now. You might do worse if you get close to the Dumpsters.

  • Jim213

    If Dr. Buss was still with us he’d extend a hand to LO to help him personally. With that said I don’t see him playing next season as he’d likely have to prove himself up to par 1st (D league?) before returning to any NBA team. Feel bad for LO, especially given his family members & (K’s) support?!#

    • Eddie Lazaro

      I hope this is just another publicity stunt by that life sucking family

      • Jim213

        I’d hope but if we know how the media works when negative publicity occurs the prime target normally replies within a reasonable time frame. No public statement from LO just adds to the rumors. Thus, I don’t believe the Lakers want to deal with all the blah blah that surrounds LO as the baggage also includes the K’s.

        • Eddie Lazaro

          There’s a counter by his agent that he was not missing at all. He even extend that by saying SHE knows exactly where he is. We all know there are maybe some truth to the allegations of drug (who hasn’t) use, but the whole story was fabricated to discredit him, ruin his playing career to get revenge for “HIS INFIDELITY”. We are all aware of how their SCAM thrives on publicity, “Mostly Bad”, but they get the ratings on the tabloids anyway. Hope LO is OK! and that he is clean enough to get back on court. If it’s me, I’ll give the guy (being clean) his change to put his life together and be competitive and help the Lakers Win. .

          • Jim213

            Agreed, but FO won’t see it this way as the Knicks may consider signing him still though it wouldn’t be a bad move for him in getting away.

    • tnrc75

      Exactly what I was thinking. Dr. Buss woulda gone to the ends of the Earth to help Lamar. Z

  • ra

    If this is really a stunt by the K’s, then they should know that this type of publicity doesn’t work for anything outside their world. When Kris Jenner ‘spins’ the rumors (through tabloids or the rumor mill), it helps boost TV ratings for their shows.

    If they were to seriously be prepping things for another few episodes of their series, then they have to realize that it could affect LO’s profession in a negative way, rather than help it.

    So, if they’re really serious about putting out this info, then it is clear they are hell bent on wrecking LO’s career.

    But, I’m hoping that that’s not the case and that all the stuff put out recently was possibly because of other rumor factories (like TMZ), who also need ratings for their shows.

    In the meantime, ignoring all that, I still believe LO has basketball chops, and can be of great value to the Lakers if they choose to sign him for a year. What have they got to lose? It would only be one year, and he would benefit the team.

    • Jim213

      Solid point, the K’s may be looking to get even with him given their belief of infidelity. Although, not hearing from LO directly, just adds to the hype.

  • jay molin

    this makes me incredibly sad…lamar is one of my favorite lakers of all time…he played with heart and he played hard while on the lakers and he offered so much on the basketball court…
    off the court problems aside i think the lakers should sign him…there is no risk this team isnt going anywhere and this guy truly wants to wear the purple and gold unlike others…cough cough dwight

  • lozothelaker

    they should sign him

    • John Bauer

      I agree.

  • Sti1lmatic

    Drug free or drugee, Lamar belongs in Purple and Gold.
    I have friends and family with drug problems. We still talk, still do the usual
    things and still treat them as friends and family.
    My truck broke down on me in the middle of Los Angeles one night. Luckily a buddy of mine from work lived out there. He called his neighborhood mechanic (crackhead) to fix my truck. The guy fixed my truck in the dark and had me up & running within 30mins of supplying the part from a local 24hr AutoZone (no bs).

  • 3339

    I say bring Lamar back. I really believe he can help us and we can help him.

    • PattiNatale

      I believe this is true!!!!

  • lakers_824

    His locker room presence is huge…..he used to bring the team together tell jokes and make better chemistry among the team. He may not be as good on the court but he will make a diference.

    • SpringBreakers

      Candy is sexxy and i love her that’s my girlfriend i love Candy i love her so much my relationship be awesome wit her but it seems like Lamar and his wifey have some problems that gotta be worked out ya’ll do they really love eachotha or dey divorcing.But da homie Lamar Odom is one of da best basketball playas in da world when he is focused and in game shape.But yea i agree wit you LO is a huge locker room presence and he is always eating candy and making jokes bringing all da teammates together closer and closer.He still aight on da courts mane.Dat Khloe Kardashian chick be messing up his life off da court and it hurts his play foe real but da Lakers will get him right ya’ll.Well Lakers need LO back fo shizzle.Real talk!

  • Guest

    He needs to get to rehab and work on saving his marriage and life. I love LO but I dont think basketball is should be his priority right now

    • Eddie Lazaro

      It should be, since it his life and get as far away as he can from the garbage family who has given him all this SHIT in his life.

  • Mike McMillan

    LO is like D fish he is a player that knows his role. The lakers NEED LO we will not be very good without skill position players and LO is that.

  • Teflon Sean

    Bring him back, Lakers broke his heart in 2011, he was bleeding Purple and Gold and business had to be done, but did not have to break the man’s spirit, he is hurting bad and needs to come back home, sign him and send him to rehab and let him come back for the Christmas game JB and MK, do the thing.

  • tnrc75

    LO is hurting. He desperately wants to be a Laker. We nees to take care of dude.

  • quickster007

    Hey, maybe the only place Lamar can get away from all the madness is the basketball court. The Lakers need to sign him. Pair him up with Pau. Odom plays the power forward spot. I’m still not sold on Jordan Hill cause his been injured every year since his been with the Lakers. Just need to pick LO for assurance.

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    I wish you luck in your life L.O.l Love you bro.And I will be praying for you.But once that GIRL gets she won’t let go.You got to worry about fighting her now,to save your live.You are on top of your career,you hav more money than you can ever spend.You
    have given b ball enough.Quit of top and worry about yor health.I will praying for you,you are going to need prayer.

  • Stephen Gilson

    Lamar can definetly ball, thats for sure. Lakers need him this season to be healthy and have his mind straight. Bringing back the team that won two straight tropies is awesome. Come on Lamar, prove everyone wrong! LakersNation has faith brotha!!