Lakers Rumors: Lakers Willing To Overpay To Sign Eric Bledsoe?

Lakers Rumors: Lakers Willing To Overpay To Sign Eric Bledsoe?


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most promising young players in the NBA today will become a restricted free agent this summer with the Los Angeles Lakers potentially ready to make a large offer in order to acquire him.

Eric Bledsoe will be allowed to sign offer sheets this summer as a restricted free agent and the Lakers might show strong interest in signing the up-and-coming guard according to ESPN Insider Chris Broussard:

Speaking of the Suns, I was told the Los Angeles Lakers might go hard after Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe, who is out the rest of the season with a knee injury. Bledsoe will be a restricted free agent next summer, but I’m told the Lakers might be willing to overpay him to pry him away from Phoenix.

With the Suns able to match any offer given to their star player, Phoenix will likely be able to retain Bledsoe, but the Lakers might be willing to go all out in order to bring in the dynamic combo guard formerly of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Along with Bledsoe becoming a potential target for the Lakers in the off-season, Kevin Love continues to get linked to the storied franchise. Although a trade is highly unlikely with the Lakers having nothing that interests the Minnesota Timberwolves, Love may simply join the Lakers in 2015 as a free agent.
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  • Lakers Fan

    For the 1st time, I actually believe Broussard. Knowing this FO, they will overpay just like they did Nash and Kobe. They will then put themselves in a deeper bind than they already are. Not taking away from Kobe, but they shouldn’t have offered all that money. I can’t really fault Kobe for taking it, but if he wanted a chance at getting better players around him, then he should have declined and took a lesser salary a la LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. So yes, I do believe the Lakers will throw a large amount at Bledsoe, considering all the past questionable decisions this FO had made.

    • Steven Dale Elliott

      Hindsight is easy. However I agree that Kobe could’ve helped the Lakers be more flexible in their dealings sncw they have to fight the salary cap. I know the FO says they make more money from the deal in sales and such I just feel Kobe could really have been the big dog while still gave money to lure other players. I’d like to see him go out on top.

    • nlruizjr

      apparently someone in the Laker FO needs to take a math class !!!!!

    • Joseph Apohen

      A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. What guarantee does Kobe have that if signed for less he will get the championship? He probably thought management knew what they were doing, and did not question that.

  • Suns Fan Suns Man

    Eric Bledsoe will be on the Lakers next season i am 80% sure as of now.Started at 30% sure 3 months ago.Lakers FO are snakes in the grass they steal talent.

    • Chick Hern Jr.

      well look Sun Fan, yall can definately come get this other trash off our lawn in D’antoni and Steve Nash…Bledsoe was taken from the Clippers by the Suns so what are you talking about. Every NBA team Deals and Steals..Look at MIAMI, NETS, KNICKS, BOS, NETS…every team does it. The only team i really credit for drafting smartly are the Spurs.

      • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

        Taken from the Clippers? Clippers GAVE him away for J.J. Rddick and Jared Dudley.

    • Jim213

      Suns FO has stated they’ll to match any offer (RFA- 2014) and may likely resign him before becoming a FA in 2015.

    • Matt Williams

      How about we give you back Mike D’Antoni. No charge!

      • mikeellz

        i agree D’Antoni sucks trade him for bledsoe …Jim Buss is killing the lakers

    • Joseph Apohen

      Get Bledsoe and trade him for Westbroke.

  • Mint

    MDA is going to have a field day with this signing.Mike D’Antoni is the greatest.

    Lakers Will Become The 2006 Phoenix Suns but the souped up version.

    Future Small Ball Lakers Branded MDA 2006 Souped Up Version Of The Suns.
    PG Kendall Marshall
    SG Eric Bledose
    SF Kobe Bryant
    PFJabari Parker
    C Kevin Love

    • Guest

      Fire d’antoni.

    • Gura

      Another fucking idiot

    • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

      Funny stuff. Suns are acquiring Love at the trade deadline as they have SIX 1st rd picks plus Okafor’s fat contract to offer the Wolves.

      Bledsoe is a RESTRICTED FA meaning the Suns simply match.

      Kendall Marshall? ROLMAO!

      Suns line-up:
      Alex Len/Miles Plumlee (two true centers)
      Kevin Love
      Gerald Green

      Morris twins

      • Toonspade

        LOL The Suns can’t simply MATCH. LA is a bigger Market, if they wanted to, they could offer him a bigger contract than the SUNS are willing to pay. Did you not read the article?

        • John Henry

          The new CBA makes it hard for big market teams to just spend more cash. There is a much harder cap. The Suns have plenty of cap room and could even just hold on to Okafors expiring. We have the space to sign two max players and we can also give Bledsoe a 5th year which Lakers would not be able to. The Suns are in the drivers seat with Bledsoe no matter how much the Lakers want him.

  • Wiley Man

    King James is the only one we should sign in free agency 2014.

    • Sti1lmatic

      Finally, someone with some sense. I would rejoice if they brought in King James.

      • nlruizjr

        the Lakers would be making a big mistake if they bring in Lebron to build around, he’s entering the injury prone time of his career, we have already been there and done that, don’t need to do it again !!!

    • brandon

      Leflop will never wear a laker jersey and that’s a fact

    • Chick Hern Jr.

      We have a better chance at Carmello. People usually don’t leave a successful situation. Miami has 2 rings to show it was a smart choice but Melo has Knick fans throwing NY fits about their record. He will leave and become the face of LAL. wife and kids both have family, business dealings, and homes in Los Angeles.

      • cj

        they have 2 rings in 3 trips but they are more then likely don winning because wade is done.

        • Chick Hern Jr.

          Wade is Done but Lebron is just getting started…Lebron is a great passer and scorer which keeps teamates happy. I think they will be done winning when and if Lebron goes elsewhere. Other than that, they can and will rebuild around him. Not saying they will be contenders but with a guy like LJ, it’s hard not to be a contender.

          • nlruizjr

            Lebron isn’t 21 yrs. old, he’s 29 and will be 30 next season, he’s just a skip away from injury, no thanks, Lakers don’t need to go through that again !!!!!

  • Jancis

    The Lakers really need to approach rebuilding with a level head and not succumb to the myopic Laker fanbase who has torches in one hand, pitchforks on another, and still wearing their Phil-colored glasses. It will probably take 2 offseasons to fully reload this team and that hinges on making wise decisions, and some luck in the upcoming lottery. If they aren’t comfortable with what they could get this offseason in FA, then sit on the money and wait for the following year. Ignore those fools clamoring for instant gratification and don’t go “Well, we have to get somebody to make them happy and show we so lets show em right now and spend it all”

    • Chick Hern Jr.

      I agree. Unless you put at least 2 superstars capable of carrying a team, we’re still not contenders with the MAMBA. With the utmost appreciation and respect for what he’s done, the time has come. Ali is not still boxing so basically, there comes a time for even the greatest of the great to say, tha’s all folks.

  • roseducanna

    Don’t hear anything from MIT KUPCAKE.

  • Matt Williams

    Don’t overpay him, just what he’s worth. He still injured. Let’s not repeat our mistakes….again!

    • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

      Why waste your time then? Suns will simply match it.

      • Matt Williams

        He’s still injured. How much will he go back to his old self? If he can’t be the explosive PG he’s known to be then why pour in so much money. We need that explosiveness again, but he’s got to be 100% for the Laker front office to overpay him.

        • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

          You won’t know if he will be back at 100% by this summer. Look at Chris Paul, it took him a year to get back and now two and a half seasons later he is playing like an MVP.

  • Lakers Fan From 1999

    Give a Eric Bledsoe a poison pill contract identical to the Jeremy Lin deal.Stick it to the Suns declare war on Robert Sarver.

    • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

      That would actually help the Suns sign a 2nd player this summer.

      Lakers swallowed their own poison pill back in November when they extended Kobe for $23.5 million and then $25 million. Add in Nash’s $9.7 million and the Lakers pretty much screwed the pooch.

      I hope the Lakers acquire Melo then they will have accomplished the trifecta of bad contracts.

      • yoli

        hahahaha Bledsoe’s deal can’t be “poison pilled” that only work with Lin being a 2nd rounder with no previous deal. Bledsoes deal will just be a basic Max at his level. If lakers can even afford to offer itn to him PHX will match, and McD has already said he would.
        You guys can have green though if you really want him. maybe give us another 1st rounder

        • Toonspade

          Green has been playing GREAT for you guys dude. Can’t just cast him of as trade bait.

      • Thor

        Nash’ contract doesn’t extend into kobe’s….

        • Thor


  • Dragon7s


  • hookedonnews

    Always cautious about players returning from knee injuries (Derrick Rose). More interested in Love than Bledsoe personally, although he played well this season before being injured. I wasn’t that impressed with him when he had to play when Chris Paul was out last season. He clearly wasn’t the player Paul is, and the team suffered. From everything I’ve read the Suns intend to offer him whatever it takes to keep him.

  • quickster

    If the Lakers resigned Dantoni the farthest they can go in the playoff is the second round. No defense No ring. All the team that Dantoni have coached never make it to the finals. Jim Buss, swallowed your pride, hire your almost brother in law name Phil Jackson put him in the front office and make Kurt Rambis the coach. I hope Time Warner Cable will realize that they are paying for a mediocre product called the Lakers and they should put a clause in the contract if the Lakers doesn’t make the playoff every year that it’s ground for the contract to be null and void.

  • Snidd