Lakers Rumors: Lakers Targeting Sergey Karasev In Deal With Cavs? Reviewed by Momizat on . With a January 7 deadline to trade center Andrew Bynum, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers continue to have discussions about a possible trade cente With a January 7 deadline to trade center Andrew Bynum, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers continue to have discussions about a possible trade cente Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Lakers Targeting Sergey Karasev In Deal With Cavs?

Sergey KarasevWith a January 7 deadline to trade center Andrew Bynum, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers continue to have discussions about a possible trade centering around Pau Gasol. The Lakers and Cavaliers have had talks in the past few weeks, but earlier this week, multiple reports suggested talks have stalled.

However, with motivation from both sides to get a deal done, Jason Lloyd of Ohio.com reports that talks will be ongoing until the deadline:

As for the trade with the Lakers over Pau Gasol, these two teams are going to dig in and take this to Tuesday’s deadline.

Gasol, 33, is in the final year of his contract and looks like he’s done in a Laker uniform regardless at the end of the season. The clashing with head coach Mike D’Antoni and coming under fire from his teammates about not playing with an upper respiratory infection have accelerated the process of a break-up between the two sides.

The Lakers want to deal Gasol in order to save $20-$25 million in luxury tax money once they waive Bynum, who’s been suspended indefinitely by the Cavaliers. However, knowing that they wouldn’t be getting anything for Gasol but cap relief, the Lakers are insistent upon getting another piece back from the Cavaliers.

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers have the Tuesday deadline because they don’t want to pay the second-half of the guaranteed money on Bynum’s $12.25 million salary this season. The piece the Lakers want is either in the form of a first-round draft pick or a player that can help build for the future and they might be targeting a European player:

The Lakers keep insisting on an asset (I’ve heard Sergey Karasev’s name mentioned) or a first-round pick and the Cavs aren’t interested in giving away assets.

Karasev is a 20-year-old forward from Russia who the Cavaliers drafted with the 19th pick in the 2013 draft. In 14 games this season, he’s averaging 2.2 points and one rebound before being assigned to the Canton Charge of the NBA D-League.

With a strict Tuesday deadline, it’ll be interesting to see if the Cavaliers include another piece as the Lakers might be their best bet to get a deal done.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Sounds more and more like Pau Gasol will be traded in a matter of days.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Sergey would have been our pick anyways had we not traded it to the Cavs.

    • Droid

      No…We traded the 2012 pick for Sessions not the 2013 pick.Our pick was sent from Cavs to Mavs in 2012 for a current player who’s in the D-league

      • LakersHeatBeef

        I just want to clarify something the Lakers were slotted in the 19th spot in the 2013 NBA Draft but the Lakers had traded with the Cavs for Ramon Sessions and as part of that trade not only did the Lakers lose the 2012 pick which turned into the kid Dallas drafted Jared Cunningham but in 2013 the Cavs were given the option to switch picks with either the Lakers or Heat picks the Cavs chose the Lakers of course and therefore the Cavs got the 19th pick drafting Sergey while the Suns got the Heat pick at number 30 but Suns moved up a spot to draft Archie Goodwin at #29.

        So Suns got the least favorable of the picks.Very confusing but the record last season will clearly show the Lakers were slotted for the 19th pick check it out for yourself on wikipedia.119Sergey KarasevSG/SF RussiaCleveland Cavaliers (from LA Lakers)[c]Triumph Lyubertsy(Russia)

    • Lightening Storm

      Cavs paid heavily for a low 1st round pick by paying the back end of Luke Walton contract for a year and a half plus gave up a very capable back up point guard in Ramon Sessions. I think the lakers got fair value for the number 24 pick in the draft a couple years ago.

  • Jose

    That’s smart that young kid would be a good trade chip for a future deal. Either way Pau needs to go so the Lakers dump his salary and they get the rebuilding process into full swing!!!!

  • Brenny Ortega

    come on kupchuk! work some magic. Throw in names like Waiters or Bennett. Cavs won’t be able to just swap gasol for bynum (money does not match), so what the hell are the Cavs trying to do or give up??

    This trade goes down, its official that FO is tanking.

  • Rigged4fun

    Get a draft choice, there might be an uncovered nugget in this year’s draft.

  • Tremaine

    A FUCKING PICK DUH, I been saying this since the start of the season..sit know for the whole year, trade pau for a pick, tank, then wait for a free agent to come

    • Tremaine


      • Droid

        The problem is no other team is willing to give up a 2014 draft pick for Pau at this point… Mitch would have done the deal immediately if offered. They may be willing for a 2015 draft pick.. but not 2014. Teams know we’re letting Pau walk… so why trade for someone they can get next year,,, also we don’t want garbage contracts in return… He’s probably staying unless a contender like Miami or Indiana has a major injury to one of their bigs and has no choice but to give up a 2014 pick. Most GM’s are much smarter then you and I.

        • Tremaine

          I’m saying we should have got rid of him earlier, ownership is doing a terrible job as of right now..

          • Thomas Klein

            ownership had no way of knowing we would get slammed with injuries for two years in a row, and if you say that its because of age, your full of BS, Farmar is young, hill is young, Blake is in the middle of his career etc. Add in Kobe and Nash which up to last year were pictures of reliability and you see what I’m saying. Now its time to rebuild, there is no way were making the playoffs, and this is going to be a good draft. We need picks , two would be good, three would be better.

          • markjsunz

            Ownership is doing what it needs to do. It needs to get under the Salary cap before they can even talk about rebuilding. It looks like Kobe will continue to be an Albatross for the next two years because of his salary.
            I guess Kobe makes the Lakers lots of $$$$. That is why they gave him a sweet hart salary.

          • john

            This all started when the NBA screwed the Lakers out of Chris P.

  • Jim213

    Waive Bynum while attaining a late first rounder (2015) given the Lakers don’t have one come 2015.

    • Daryl Peek

      there’s another rumor just now breaking that a trade of Pau and Young for Melo and J.R. Smith by the Lakers FO. If true WOW

      • Zimmeredge

        that’s non sense imo
        drop the year let it go. do not acquire Jr Smith he will screw our team. he is a good trade chip tho.
        fo is messing withthe franchise’s future smh

      • Sylvia Ross

        Melo, will not play for d’antoni.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xonstage xonstage

    Cleveland has absolutely nothing to gain in this “deal”, especially if it means giving away Sergey. Sergey can do the one thing Waiters can’t do – shoot. He, just like Bennett, hasn’t gotten the playing time he needs. Send CJ Miles/Clark/Gee out there.

    What the Cavs, Chris Grant in particular, need to do is swallow some pride. The Bynum thing didn’t work out. Big deal. Release him. You don’t give up a talented first round pick for a guy who’s gonna leave in the spring. Making the playoffs this year is not as important as developing your young players for the long term.

    When Sergey is in LaLaLand, being the next Ginobli/Stojakevic/etc, Cleveland will have the memories of getting thrashed by Indiana/Miami in the first round, in order to what…just say they were there? They won’t have Gasol next season and the Cavs will have nothing to show for it – except the knowledge that they threw away a good young player.

    • Thomas Klein

      I seem to remember a franchise that a superstar walked away from, which one was it, OH YEA, the Cav’s and LeBron. Please go to the Cav’s site, this is Lakers Nation.

      • http://www.facebook.com/xonstage xonstage

        I know where I am. What does your comment have to do with anything I said?? Amazing, but expected.

        • mecca242

          Thomas Klein has a hard time staying on topic and having an intelligent sports discussion based in reality. He seems to be here to insult others to make himself feel better about something.

  • Ronald Velez

    LAL: Nerlens Noel Andrew Bynum 1st rd pck from Cavs 2015

    Cle: Thaddeus Young Evan Turner Pau Gasol Hollis Thompson Shawne Williams

    PHI: Tristan Thompson Dion Waiters Anthony Bennett Anderson Vajerao

    • http://www.facebook.com/xonstage xonstage

      This has got to be a huge joke.

    • flashfast2000

      I want to smoke the brand of crack you’re smoking.

  • mecca242

    Lakers Nation Get a Clue Adrian Wojnarowski: Cavs mulling a few trade scenarios for Andrew Bynum, with target of Monday to choose one. Unlikely Cavs send out significant asset w/ Bynum.

    • Thomas Klein

      how many trophies do the Cav’s have again?……. go back to your Cav’s booster website, served off a Windows 98 HP with a 64K modem.

      • mecca242

        I post reality written by neutral NBA writer. you post grade school insults probably because reality in hard to deal with. Topic is Gasol trade and what he is going to bring in a trade.

      • flashfast2000

        Your analytical skills are beyond reproach. Are you a Harvard graduate?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    According to Sheridan Hoops, the Lakers’ road to contention would be much easier if they are able to pull a blockbuster trade with the New York Knicks involving Carmelo Anthony and J.R Smith.

    The Lakers front office, led by general manager Mitch Kupchak, has spent the last two months engaging in a number of negotiations with Gasol at the center of these trade talks.

    International Business Times

  • mecca242

    Sergi and Bynum for Gasol……LOL. Never Gonna Happen! Read what Wojnarowki (neutral NBA Guru in the know) says below. Cavs are not giving 20-25 million in tax relief and an asset for 50 games with Gasol. You guys should contact the Nets and try and pull what the Celtics did by dropping Garnett and Pierce on them for a kings ransom.

    • Thomas Klein

      Any organization that let Lebron walk is stupid enough to do anything……

      • mecca242

        Gasol should go to Memphis to play his last years with his brother. If Gasol is traded to Cavs it is for Bynum, Gee, and 25 MILLION dollars of tax relief. If Gasol can bring more from another team thats great. The 1st round pick and/or a young developing asset (Sergey) are not coming from Cleveland for a 50 game rental with Gasol.

      • RC

        What’s it like to live in the past? Now you have an oft injured 40 year old PG, your Mamba Savior too many miles on the tires— he is done, a coach no player likes, no youth, & your 7ft Spanish best player wants out of town ASAP. You have 0 chance on making the Playoffs in the next 5 years in a tough West Conf. How is Laker Nation looking THESE Days? Suck it Klein

        • http://www.facebook.com/xonstage xonstage

          Thank you for addressing that loser. Their fans are panicking, because they know the “Kobe Era” is over and they have nothing to look forward to.

          • Chuck Davis

            Nothing to look forward to? Its going to be sunny and 70 here tomorrow, dbag.

          • mecca242

            idk Chuck is this a sports discussion or a discussion about nice weather? Very happy for you that LA is having another sunny 70 degree day…yawn! Stay classy LA keep hurling the senseless insults if you think it will make you feel better.

        • honestly

          funny how lakers haters said the same thing when the shaq era and magic era were done… “LA will never be a good team again.” … LMFAO, the lakers have 16 banners for a reason and that’s the FO REBUILDING and signing superstars… we’re no the raptors or cavs.. we’re the LAKERS..

      • flashfast2000

        Your analytical skills are beyond reproach. You must be a Harvard graduate.

      • markjsunz

        LeBron walked because he wanted to. Must have been the right call he has won two straight championships in Miami It was a hard punch to take but life goes on.
        The Lakers lost Shaq, then all of a sudden they made a deal that made them Champions.
        Maybe Pau can take some team to the next level?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Lakers went from getting Chris Paul for Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.Now the Lakers at best are hoping to land a troubled and injured Andrew Bynum just so they can waive him to save big money and also holding hope to acquire some kid named Sergey Karasev who is averaging 2.2 Points in the D-Leage.Wow this is become stand up comedy lol hahahaha.

    A potential hall of fame player in his prime Chris Paul was taken from us just to feed the big ego of David Stern and his crony Donald Sterling they were in cahoots the whole time IMO.Clippers gained power and Lakers lost all the power it had.

    This is just messed up i hate David Stern 666.Stern is the Anti Lakers ring leader screw him.I hope he retires and never interferes again with Lakers business operations.Lakers would have never been in this position had the CP3+D12 master plan worked out.But David Stern is the sole reason the Lakers are where they are today.SMH at Stern!

  • Michael

    It blows my mind we could have had Kevin Love right now in place for Pau Gasol. Kevin Love, ladies and gentleman. There was a deal already set in place for Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol for Kevin Love three years ago and we were greedy as hell to demand the Second overall pick (which went to Derrick Williams). The Lakers brass really need to stop being greedy and get whatever scraps they can get. A first round pick for Pau? There is more of a chance that one of us will get a lottery ticket of $100 mill than for us to get a 1st round for Pau. Execute the Gasol for Bynum trade, waive Bynum, save approx $20 mill in luxury taxes and call it a day already!

    • ChicagoPete

      A voice of reason…….20-25 million can help buy a nice free agent this summer. I know the Lakers have piles of money but a 20-25 million savings just makes good business sense. If Mitch can find a better deal for Gasol do it but it makes no sense paying 20-25 million in luxury tax and probably a lower draft pick by holding onto Gasol and getting less in return later.

      • Michael

        I don’t think the Lakers can really get a free agent this year. I think a realistic expectation on who we could get this year would be Luol Deng. Don’t get me wrong, he’d be a great asset to the team, but not the type of star we want to build around as the next star after Kobe. Plus, we gave Kobe an outrageous extension that will cripple us until 2015. What I’m saying is to prepare for the year of 2015 where the likes of Kevin Love, Westbrook and Marc Gasol can and will be realistic options for us to toss money at. Until then….the Lakers brass shouldn’t be out there making fools of themselves with terrible offers. We’re all in for a bumpy ride.

        • nlruizjr

          Do you really think Mark Gasol would come to the Lakers after the way they treated his brother, lol !!!!!

          • Michael

            You mean treating his brother with money, two championships and the luxury of living in L.A? I don’t know about you, but that does sound tempting. Though, to play under Jim Buss? That might be the deal breaker.

  • Marty Susman

    How about Waiters :)…..

    • Boston Celtics #1

      How about you guys just Trade Gasol for Kevin Durant straight up and call it a day. Everyone Happy?

      • honestly

        damn, we got pau for KWAME BROWN.. so why not?? LMFAO

  • Al Haldie

    Befor now i never heard that the LAKERS players were on PAU ABOUT NOT PLAYING with the problems that Pau has breathing…

  • mr Robles

    The GM is getting paid top $$$$$.at the of the day he would have to justify why the right personal are not in a purple and gold Jersey .# I like the start or thought of bringing melo &Smith .so come on laker nation give him time to do his homework…..by the way nice W last night.

  • Jermaine

    ITS DAVID STERNS FAULT HE SCREWED US. you guys can make all these crazy trades or would be trades but Stern played us. Team wouldn’t be going through this if CP3 was on the roster DA(Dan Tony) <<<<<<<<<<<<< wouldn't in a million years be coaching a Team with CP3 Kobe and @ The time Bynum <<<<<<<<<<< would probably be trade for D12 who Probably would of Stayed CP3 @ POINT i don't know who would turn that down see what this guy doing to Blake G career? its pointless to discuss WHY? Because if LA isn't getting D Waiters Then I wouldn't make the trade Only way is Deion Waiters Bynum and a 1 or second end pick. Pau will make Them 50% better then they are now Just trading for some russian kid is crazy get waiters or make Cleveland do what they do best F ^^^^ There roster. thats the only way I push the bottom Pau Has been a key figure over the years in LAKER Land and 2 see this kind of treatment I mean were is the Loyalty ALL YOU FANS SUCK ur no LAKER FANS this guy is still valuable blame it on the coach for god sakes he help win 2 championship got to 3 but loss. I mean he did way more for the Lakers then DANTONIO ever did or will do treat the guy with some respect @ least if you trade him make it worth something not some scrub russian kid who will not amount to anything

  • purplerain53

    Do not discus in vain, who we traded in 2012 or 2013. That is in the past. It is closed page.Let’s see how we can make this deal with the Cavs work.
    They have to match at least 75% of Pau’s salary, which is exactly $ 14.4 mil. Bynum’s salary is $ 12.2 mil, which means, they have to add another player with $ 2.2 mil That is exactly C.J.Miles, who makes $ 2.2 mil this season and is UFA in the summer. He is 26 and shoots the ball from long distance pretty well – .354%. Since Kobe is out indefinitely, he can even start for us at SG.
    If the Cavs refuse to include him to the deal, that means, they are looser and you don’t want to make a deal with looser.

  • Angelo Ellison

    Kobe should sit out. The Lakers could resign Pau and keep playing miserable basketball and let him sit out with the respiratory prolems. Lakers would be in position to draft Marcus Smart, Jabari Parker, Julis Randel, or Andrew Wiggins. Potentially sign Lou Deng and a Tyson Chandler. Maybe trade the pick for Rondo. I’m sure Kobe wouldn’t push for that.Gasol wouldn’t make 20 million per and this would be more like 12-15. D’Antoni would win 60 but Phil could squeeze 2 rings out of the team.

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