Lakers Rumors: Lakers Targeting Ryan Anderson for Pau Gasol?

Lakers Rumors: Lakers Targeting Ryan Anderson for Pau Gasol?


The trade rumors continue to circulate around the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers supposedly dangling Pau Gasol once again in order to find a better fit at the power forward position for Mike D’Antoni’s offensive system.

The ideal fit for this position would be a forward that can stretch the defense with an ability to consistently be a force from beyond the arc. Reportedly, one player that continues to get mentioned as a potential candidate for the Lakers in a trade scenario with Gasol is Ryan Anderson of the New Orleans Hornets according to Mitch Lawrence of

The name that keeps coming up for the Lakers is Ryan Anderson, the Hornets’ long-distance shooter who was once a Net and later played for three seasons with Howard in Orlando. He’d be perfect. But first, they want to see if Nash can jump-start Gasol.

The current Lakers squad has yet to reach its true potential with Steve Nash yet to make his return to the floor after suffering a leg fracture in the second game of the year. Without Nash running the show at the point guard position, there’s no telling if Gasol is truly the right fit as the team’s starting power forward.

If Gasol continues to struggle in D’Antoni’s system even after the return of Nash, there’s a good chance the Lakers’ front office will pursue a trade for Anderson or a player with a similar skillset.

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Amar’e Stoudemire of the New York Knicks has been tied to the Lakers as of late with talk of a potential swap for Gasol. This trade rumor has since been refuted with no talks between the two teams taking place. Amar’e’s contract is enough to discredit the rumor with the Lakers not looking to take on the enormous salary remaining.

Anderson is an intriguing option on the other hand at 24-years old with a deal that is comparable to Gasol’s, but with three more years on his contract opposed to one remaining on Gasol’s deal. Anderson is owed $8.3 million next season, $8.4 in 2013-14 and $8.5 the in the final year of his contract.

The reigning NBA’s Most Improved Player is coming off a career year with 16.1 points and 7.7 rebounds per game while shooting 39 percent from beyond the arc for the Orlando Magic.

In 15 games for the Hornets thus far, Anderson is already making an impression with career-high numbers across the board shooting 42 percent from deep while averaging 17.2 points and 8.0 rebounds per game.

  • Gottabejoking

    Perfect? Hahahahahaha…. Good job!

    • jjk

      do not trade Gasol he will lead the second unit

  • honestly

    we can also trade try to get greivis vasquez who’s a young and talented PG…

    • Moveover Andbark

      LOL, because Vasquez came into the league as one of the draft picks Lakers sent to Memphis to get Pau…see, that trade is becoming less and less lopsided talent wise as the years go on, but not “ring-wise”….

  • pau

    stop with all these trade rumors, sick and tired of it

  • Sti1lmatic

    !!!WtF!!!!You’ve got to be kidding me.
    I’ve seen it all here on Lakers nation.

  • Chrmngblly

    This is dumb. Move Gasol to the 2nd team as captain and center. Move Jameson or Hill to the starting 4. Gasol’s passing, shooting and intelligence will really, really help the second team, plus, Pau will crush all 2nd team centers in the league. What is the hold up?

    • Joseph Apohen

      You are an intelligent man! Pau should have played instead of Howard in the Orlando game when the Magic did a Hack a Howard. Pau would have taught Vucevic a lesson. Pau is not used correctly despite of his credential, 3 NBA championships, Olympic silver twice, world championship, etc. In the Orlando game Jordan HIll should have been guarding Davis as he is strong enough and agile. However, I heard D’Antoni did not like him in NY and shipped him to Houston, and that’s why his minutes have decreased. He is being wasted. Why don’t they do Pau a favor and trade him to a team that will use him corrctly. I hate to see him go but these rumors are not doing him any good.

  • carlo

    not ryan, he’s good but i don’t see him wearing a laker uniform,. i rather get amare or josh smith than him

    • Jester

      It’s almost like you want Kobe to retire.

  • Redd Liu

    if they involve robin lopez then lets make a deal asap!

    • Jester

      Hornets wouldn’t trade Anderson for Gasol straight-up. Why would they sweeten the deal?

  • Leo_Go_Lakers

    Oh, no!!! Ryan Anderson is a simple role player. No defense, no rebounds, no passing, no post-up moves just quick release of threes. Gasol is a much more superior PF. And after moving Gasol, who would then be a the back-up center for D12?

  • Antwane Yubi Jeong

    Wait till Nash comes back and see if Pau can jell with Nash being in charge, if things don’t work out then make him come off the bench and provide some much needed 2nd unit production

  • Pau Gasol

    Youre all border line idiots if youre still expecting a superstar back for gasol. Ryan anderso would fit our system perfectly, we need more consistent shooting. And it would free up almost $12 million in salary, I hope theres substance to this

  • medelm

    moving gasol to the second unit is a wise idea considering his skill, he could be the focal point of the offense of the second unit which no other team had the luxury to do so

  • JDean


    • Cindi Venable

      You are a dumass. Don’t come on a laker blog talking that Lebrick garbage. Get out of here you bum. You trolls really get on my nerves. Now run along now, Lebricks paging you to come and buff his ballz!

  • scot

    lakers should do it now dont wait for nash. ship pau ASAP

  • scot

    Get bell from the JAZZ also

  • Mr right

    Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon for gasol j hill ebanks. The raps get gasol to gel with their young pgs plus two young raw guys in j hill and banks. Lakers get the best back up pg in the new who is due to make 10mil and be a FA plus A Bargnani who can hit the 3 but may not be able to run the floor.

  • knowledge of the situation

    mike dantoni sucks he sucked in new york and he sucks for the lakers!

  • Cleazell

    I really don’t see how u think Gasol should stay. He ain’t did nothing the pussy two years nothing.

  • Jester

    The Lakers are delusional. It would take a lot more than the Pau to get Anderson. Remember when the Lakers wanted CP3 and they had to include Houston because the Hornets didn’t want Gasol? Guess what. We still don’t want his sluggish ass.

  • Mel

    lakers need Pau. what they need is a good PG and need to learn how to use players like Hill and Meeks. not Ebanks getting more minutes. he sucks balls. can they get like a Korver (or any guy can shoot 3) for Blake & Ebanks if they just need a guy can shoot 3. dont mess with Pau’s mind.

  • Jester

    Man, I would love to hear Dell Demps response to that trade. While we’re making up trade ideas, how about Robin Lopez for Dwight Howard? Seems legit.

  • not adumb laker fan

    you are all dumb laker fans

  • mikepanz

    Laker’s head coach should be fired. He doesn’t know how to maximize his players’ talents.

  • lakersboop

    Three way:

    Lakers get Ryan Anderson, Jason Smith and Jose Calderon

    Whornets get Bargani, Chris Duhon, Devin Ebanks and Jordan Hill

    Raptors get Gasol, Robin Lopez, Aminu and Darius Morris

    • Sorry Laker fans

      Sorry lakers fans. Ain’t no way The Hornets will be involve with this trade. Not gonna happen. Hornets are rebuilding mode with all the young players they want. Why would take a step back like this. Bull shit. Y’all are ignorant

  • James Cruz

    How bout after the 15th of Jan. They move Hill and Pau for K.Love. Love hasn’t been happy with managment and Kahn has been known to make dumb moves this could be right there with the rest of em. I wouldn’t put it past Mitch. Throw in our 1st round picks for 2016 and beyond lol!!