Lakers Rumors: Lakers, Suns Among Teams Interested In Luol Deng

Lakers Rumors: Lakers, Suns Among Teams Interested In Luol Deng


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With only two games left in the 2013-14 NBA season for the Los Angeles Lakers, talk of moves being made in free agency are starting to circulate. Although the team is intent on trying to re-sign Pau Gasol, it appears the storied franchise could be targeting free-agent-to-be Luol Deng.

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Deng will one of the few big names on the open market this season and has continuously been linked to the Lakers. Apparently, the Lakers won’t be the only team in the Pacific Division interested in his services with the division rival Phoenix Suns also expressing interest in the veteran forward according to Sam Amico of Fox Sports:

Deng, 28, will be an unrestricted free agent in July, meaning he is free to sign with any team without the Cavs possessing the option to match. The Cavs are expected to make an offer, but after years of success, Deng may prefer to move on. The Lakers and Suns are among those interested, league sources say.

Along with Deng and Gasol, Kyle Lowry may also receive considerable interest from teams around the league. Lowry has had a breakout year with the Toronto Raptors helping the team reach the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

Another big-name player that could also make free agency interesting this summer is Carmelo Anthony. The superstar forward may opt-out his deal with the New York Knicks in an attempt to sign a lucrative long-term deal elsewhere, but it remains uncertain whether he’ll chose to do so considering the recent hiring of Phil Jackson.

Every single big-name player set to become a free agent this summer has been linked to the Lakers over the past few months. Deng appears the most likely to sign with the team, but the Lakers will show interest in Gasol, Lowry and Anthony.

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  • Bernie Boss Cadiz

    Bledsoe, Kobe, deng, hawes, Greg Monroe/gortat
    Kendall, farmar, young, Henry, ariza, Kelley, sacre and draft pick?

    Dantoni out, George Karl in, Paul will want more money (get centers/pf on the cheap)

    Let me be GM, lol

    • vdogg

      no bledsoe. he will cost too much. would rather have lowry. oh, and forget deng.. i’d rather have ariza. have bazemore back up trevor. draft dante exum.

      • Jake Centeno

        Exum wants to go to a team that needs him and too start. If we go after lowry then we need to pick embid or randle. If we lose pau, then theirs another big. If we sign Ariza or Deng, theirs no point in wiggins or jabari if they’re available so embid or randle makes sense.

        • roseducanna

          No ARIZA and DENG. Sign MONROE ,HAWES CAMELO,,and GASOL.

        • kookiebuger

          You realize that Exum want to plat for the Lakers, right? The NBA draft is before free agency so if the Lakers draft Wiggins we won’t need Deng or Ariza.

          P.S. the Lakers already have 33.7 million guaranteed(Kobe,Nash,and Sacre) for 2014 (not including 1st round pick between 2-5 million) with the maximum cap at 58 million before they pay the luxury tax. It’s highly unlikely the Lakers will be this active in free agency if they are targeting Love in 2015 who will want a max contract (18 million), the Lakers will more then likely not sign Kyle,Monroe,Deng,etc. if they want more then 10 million (which they will), so expect more of the same next year.

        • comrade24

          If we want Embiid just hope that Orlando drafts him lol

    • Kïd Špłãšh

      We think exactly alike! I said Hawses, Monroe&Deng

  • Zimmeredge

    how can the suns resign Bledsoe, get multiple draft picks and get Deng. Even with Okafor out of the books Deng is still a 10m$/y player. Plus they allready have Gerald Green to play the SF position.

  • lakers_824

    PG: Dante Exum, Nash, Farmar
    SG: Kobe, Meeks
    SF: Henry, Young or Bazemore……possibly even deng is he signs for cheap to win
    PF: Carmelo, Hill
    C: Pau, Sacre

    Fire dantoni and hire jerry sloan, lynol hollins, george carl, or john cal
    Lakers may even trade the pick for love but they shouldnt do that

    • roseducanna

      No NASH and no G.KARL. #1 is J.LOAN.

      • richard

        Sloan does not want to coach anymore… too old…. mostly likely Hollins or Scott….

        • comrade24

          Also, i don’t think Sloan would do well with the media attention of being Lakers coach.

          • richard

            can’t disagree with that… LA is just different from other cities…. also, I believe, Hollins will more than command Kobe’s respect… he is an old school kind of coach in the mold of Pop.

      • lakers_824

        we have to keep nash since hes not retiring and lakers said they are not going to use the stretch provision on him. I would love for nash to be gone but we have to keep him unless he decides to retire in the summer.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Suns will re-sign Bledsoe and we will get Deng hopefully for $6.5 million per.But that is according to ESPN his current worth.I say it’s closer to $9 million tbh.

    • Guest

      deng is 29 (aka prime)…6.5 mil a year? good luck

  • lakers4life

    I rather reserve the small forward position for a guy name kevin Durant when he becomes a free agent in the future. ill even take melo over deng

    • comrade24

      Kevin Durant: not happening. He doesn’t care about big market small market. He’s got a young, talented core, superstar teammate, great coach, and in Oklahoma, they’re more popular than Jesus in the bible belt.

  • Lakers4Life

    Deng is a good player but I just don’t see him a potential fit with the Lakers in the coming years. Better prospects next year.

  • richard

    Excellent! If we can get Deng… he is a complete player that can play and defend the 3 and 4 positions…

    It will be hard for the suns to sign Deng… unless through sign and trade… PHX has draft assets though that is enticing for a club like the Cavs… but Deng is unrestricted, if this plays out to Lakers favor… we will have a very good season next year. No one in our current roster, except Kobe commands respect on both ends of the floor like Deng.

    • kookiebuger

      The Lakers should stay away from Deng he will want to much money to be an aging okay defender and he is a 4th scoring option on a winning team, the Lakers don’t need him.

      • richard

        Deng is only 28, same as SwaggyP… he is a terrific defender,ask Lebron or Durant or Kobe… Kobe said it himself about Deng… he was the second option to Rose… and when Rose was injured last year, he carried that team to the playoffs along with Noah. The good about Deng is that he doesn’t have to have the ball in his hands to be effective.

        • LakersForLifeeee

          Exactly Richard, agreed…Deng is a good defender..Of Kobe said so, well he is just that good.

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    I Say Draft Exum with our lottery pick&Adriene Payne With our own pick! resign nick, henry, hill, farmar, gasol,&Bazemore! Sign Monroe 2yr 10mil! Sign Deng,,Isiah Thomas& Hawes


    *Maybe Melo@3
    *Coach Lonell Hollins, Karl, Nate McMillian

    • richard

      Unrealistic! There is no way we can sign Gasol and at the same time get Monroe, Deng, and Hawes…. at most we can only get 2 of these 4 mentioned.

      I say, let go of GAsol, Get Monroe or Hawes to man the center position then get Deng…let go of Nick Young if he asks a price to the north of 4M.

  • KB24


  • KB24


  • rik

    Next years lineup:
    PG: Exum farmar nash
    SG: kobe meeks bazemore
    SF: Deng young
    PF: Monroe kelly
    C: Gortat hill sacre
    Coach: Lionell hollins or byron scott

    • richard

      I think we will be hard press to land the three, Gortat, Monroe, Deng… I would be happy if we can land Gortat and Deng, or Gortat and Monroe…

      With a healthy Kobe and a much stronger supporting cast, I believe we will have a very good showing next season…

      PG: /Farmar/Nash
      SG: Meeks/Bazemore/Henry
      SF: Kobe/Young
      PF: Deng/Kelly
      C: Gortat/Hill/Sacre

      plus first round pck…

      Coach: Hollins

      • cyborgspider

        Not a fan of Lowry, Richard?

        Since it looks like Lakers will pick no lower than sixth, assuming luck isn’t on their side, here’s my thoughts. Let’s say the Lakers have about 22 mil in cap space after players are renounced and junk.

        PG Lowry (9m)/ Farmar/ Nash
        SG Kobe / Young / Bazemore
        SF Deng (11m) / Johnson or Henry
        PF 6th Pick [likely] (Aaron Gordon/Randle/Vonleh) – Kelly
        C Hill (signs using bird rights) / Sacre

        Get a couple veteran bruisers (Kenyon Martin/Reggie Evan types) to fill out the roster and add extra toughness. Don’t start the rookie right away, let them ease into it. Gasol is signed and traded to Memphis for a 2nd round or trade exception that they can later turn into a trade perhaps for Kevin Love.

        You won’t have enough cap space in 2015 to sign Love outright, but you won’t be in the luxury tax zone which lets you acquire him through a sign and trade. Nash’s expiring and Gasol’s trade exception can give the Lakers some flexibility.

        • richard

          I am not high on getting lowry as the PG duties can be handled as well by Kobe on offense… I think we have enough players that can man that… Nash,farmar.bazemore,kobe…. that’s 4 guys to divide the minute on pg duties on offense…

          Your lineup is too small and lacks much muscle in the 4 and 5…you are left with Sacre,Hill, Kelly, pick… too thin… even if you envision Deng to command major minutes at the 4, which I do, we are still thin on the inside….

          We need to get someone that can rebound and defend and plays 4-5 position, hence, i went for Hawes or Monroe.

    • comrade24

      best scenario i’ve seen out of all these speculations, but i agree with Richard. would be hard to land all three. Hoping for Deng and Monroe. Are there any other centers besides Gortat that will be available this summer? As much as I love Pau, it’s time to let him walk. It’s in both parties best interests. Those are my two choices for coaches as well.

  • Lakers4Lifeeee

    Not Lowery, they already have Nash…One of them has to start and th other May not be so happy and leave…That would be just a waste of money and time. Definetly Deng, Lakers need a good Small Forward after losing Metta World Peace for money problems…Now they have to rebuild and I think Deng would be a nice fit with Kobe and Nash…I think they should sign Gasol back to…Now all they need is to get a Center and Shooting Guard.If they can possibly do that we have a Championship Contending Team back!

    • cyborgspider

      LOL seriously, you’re counting on Nash to contribute next season? It’d be a blessing if Nash left. No disrespect to your enthusiasm, and I agree with your other points, but please don’t expect Nash to be anything more than a mascot or mentor next season. He’s never going to recover from the nerve damage/

  • Roscoe

    Lakers need to lock in a centre and pf who can rebound and defend. These are the priorities. With pick 6 we will have Smart, Gordon and Vonleh as likely choices. If we take Gordon or Vonleh, then we need a centre. Best affordable options would be to try and prise Asik or kanter away from their teams. Maybe Okefor is an option if fit. Then we need a point guard, Lowry or Thomas are the best options, with support from Nash and Farmer. With Kobe and our current wings, Bazemore, Meeks, Young we don,t really need or can afford anyone there. Keep Kelly and see if we can sign Brand or Reggie Evans as backups. Thats about the best I think we xould put together for next year.

  • Zimmeredge

    Exactly i dońt see the sans getting both bledsoe for 10 (or more) and deng and their draft picks. Very unlikely to happen.
    Deng would a great addition to our team.

  • comrade24

    I think Bledsoe is going to cost too much. If we don’t draft Exum, Marcus Smart would be good if we draft 7-9. In today’s NBA, the point guard is the most important position.

  • richard

    the Lakers actually have around 30M to spend on free agency before cap threshold…. I am of the idea that, they should draft first, before signing people to complete the team.

  • comrade24

    I would draft Marcus Smart before signing Lowry.