Lakers Rumors: Lakers Show Interest in Signing Roger Mason Jr.

Lakers Rumors: Lakers Show Interest in Signing Roger Mason Jr.


The Los Angeles Lakers’ attempts to acquire superstar center Dwight Howard may have taken another turn for the worst as it appears the Orlando Magic will make their best efforts to convince him to stay rather than trading him before next season.

With talks to land Howard beginning to die down, the Lakers will direct their attention to signing another free agent in order to continue improving the bench. The area the Lakers must address after re-signing Jordan Hill and locking up Antawn Jamison to a one-year deal is the backcourt.

One problem the Lakers had last season was having a viable backup for Kobe Bryant at shooting guard. After the departure of Shannon Brown via free agency, the Lakers were unable to find a suitable replacement.

Fortunately, a few free agent options are available for the Lakers with veteran guard Roger Mason Jr. being one of them according to Michael Lee of The Washington Post:

“Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Chicago and the Los Angeles Lakers have also expressed interest in Mason.”

Even though Mason appears to be a viable option for the Lakers off the bench, they may have some trouble convincing him to sign for the veteran’s minimum. Mason has made it clear that he doesn’t intend on making a return to the Washington Wizards for the veteran’s minimum.

Last season, Mason averaged 5.5 points per game while shooting 38 percent from beyond the arc. Mason played in 52 of 66 games for the Wizards last year.

It remains uncertain at this point in time how much interest Mason may have in playing with the Lakers as they will only be offering the minimum.

Obviously, playing for the minimum in Los Angeles rather than in the nation’s capital is a huge difference. The prospect of winning an NBA title may be enough to convince the 31-year-old guard to sign with the Lakers for that price.

Mason had a breakout year back in the 2008-09 NBA season averaging 11.8 points per game and shooting 42 percent from three-point range for the San Antonio Spurs.

Other notable options at shooting guard in free agency for the Lakers are Delonte West, Michael Redd, Tracy McGrady, Leandro Barbosa, Jodie Meeks and Martell Webster.

  • larson

    Delonte West is the man ! come on Mitch !

  • Kristian Mabe

    Get Mcgrady. If he breaks down mid-season bring in Goudelock and see if he can guard the 2

  • Dansbyw

    Mcgrady. Should come off the bench to back up WorldPeace and west shud take over the back up point guard while Raja Bell or barbosa back up kob since he recruited hard for them to once before

    • Nathan Cayde24

      And where is that money coming from? Cant sign even 2 of those guys unless they take the vets minimum. And Delonte Wont. Getting one might be stretching it without going too deep into the luxury tax.

      • Dansbyw

        Bell And Mcgrady Would sign The Vet min and since west just committed to dallas barbosa could get the mini mid level the lakers still have

        • Ivan

          Kupchack said that they will not use the mini mid level this offseason. Probably next year.

  • Payaso

    Why not peitris

  • shashinator

    carlos delfino!

  • Lakers4Life

    Let’s try to get Shannon Brown back.

    • Cizzle

      Phoenix already got Shannon back

  • Ne0

    Lakers should send scout look hard in the d-league.

  • Youngredbone

    delonte west or Leandro Barbosa, would fit L.A.L great

    • Rbribria

      delonte resigned with the mavs, but leandro barbosa would be a great fit not only is great on the bench, but he can run point if needed

  • Gabriel Fahem

    Carlos Del3no

  • Joelsky

    Delonte West or Jodie Meeks for me. Go Mitch pull  the trigger now.

  • Smallville

    Put Gasol at Center, trade Bynum for a Good Forward and a good SG, this will solve our problems, remember how well Gasol played when Bynum was down…  Hmmmmmm…

    • Joyjoyismine

       1. Gasol’s getting old.

      2. You don’t trade the second best center in the NBA for only a forward and a SG. Only trade him for nothing less than Dwight Howard.

  • Cortez718

    Tracy McGrady would be perfect for the Lakers ! All the other guys are one trick ponies…they are gunners who don’t bring much else…Tracy can still rebound, pass and run the point when Nash needs a breather and Blake is ineffective. Kobe will bring out whatever’s left in Tracy’s tank as far as max potential – they’ve been buddies since 97 and + Tracy still has that ” it  ” factor regardless of what injuries have robben him of…He played very good vs. the Celtics in the post season last yr – the problem is that the Hawks coaching staff aren’t the brightest lot and they didn’t know how to effectively use him.

  • De4golf

    Pietrus has a nice combination of shooting the 3 and defending.  The Lakers need some long armed perimeter defenders.  Ebanks is an okay defender but his shot is inconsistent.  Pietrus can hit the corner three, and may have a couple of more good years as he is 30 yrs old. 

  • franklin coleman

    franklin coleman        give  mcgrady a chance hi want to be a laker so bad we have nothing to lose

  • franklin coleman

    we do not want roger bell he disrespected the lakers when he went to utha

  • Lakersfanfromwayback

    If Andrew Goudelock wants to be Kobe’s backup shooting guard he better practice during the summer because he was not consistent enough during the season. The Lakers need someone who is almost automatic everytime he shoots; especially if he is open! I will admit coach Brown didn’t give him enough playing time to stay consistent, but that is something he should practice on his own to be ready when he gets in the game!

  • harold wright

    I agree with cortez 718 Tracy can play 3 position outside of Kobe no one else can move around . Look you go big for a lil while  t-mac pg Kobe sg ,jamison sf , pau pf and drew c just for a lil while WOW!!!!! and NO L. Drew did not play tracy right he has 2 season under his belt and no major injury. why can everyone else heal ? but people won’t let tracy. besides you already know from last year he wants to be a laker and you get him cheap. remember when McAdoo came to the laker after being a scoring machine and not being able to get a Ring? I think its the same for t-mac.  HE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harold wright

    With T-mac don’t resign Barns and blake not important anymore and you can bring Meta off the bench. I bet T-mac can Beat him out for starting small forward spot. The Time is NOW!!!