Lakers Rumors: Lakers Not Looking To Re-Sign Pau Gasol

Lakers Rumors: Lakers Not Looking To Re-Sign Pau Gasol


Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports
The end of Pau Gasol’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers may be drawing near. Apparently, the four-time All-Star is starting to rub people in the Lakers organization the wrong way. Gasol recently sitting out multiple games due to an upper respiratory infection has turned a lot of heads with many believing the writing is already on the wall in Los Angeles in terms of Gasol’s future with the team.

Longtime Lakers beat writer and current Lakers writer and NBA national columnist for Bleacher Report, Kevin Ding, is convinced the Lakers will not re-sign Gasol after this season. In an appearance on ESPN 710 radio Monday morning, Ding said the following about Gasol’s current situation with the Lakers:

Pau is in a situation where the Lakers are not going to bring him back barring a miracle. From what I understand, it’s just not happening under any circumstances.

Clearly, Ding’s sources have led him to believe that the relationship between Gasol and the Lakers is coming to a close. Next, the real question becomes whether the Lakers ship him out in a trade before the deadline on Feb. 20 or simply let him walk in free agency in July.

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Despite the reports of Gasol no longer being on the trading block, the team recently gauged interest from the Brooklyn Nets for a potential swap for center Brook Lopez. The Nets weren’t interested in the deal, but that might’ve been a blessing for the Lakers with the veteran going down for the season shortly after due to a foot injury.

With the recent negative backlash as a result of sitting out with the respiratory infection, Gasol may continue to be shopped by the team. Considering the Lakers current record and all the injuries, the team may ship him out before the deadline.
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  • LakeShow

    Trade Gasol for Bynum + player + 2014 first round pick. Then cut Bynum. Cavs get productive veteran who can help them to get into playoff while Lakers can start rebuild from draft picks. Tanks hard and try to land Dante Exum (if Wiggins/Jabari/Embiid are gone).

    It’s better than lose Gasol for nothing.

    • Jose

      Watch it I proposed almost the same trade but got so much crap from idiots that did not understand that the Lakers get a player back and save money in the deal to get under the tax line. But I completely agree with you!

    • Lakers Fan

      They would never give us a 1st round draft pick, especially in this upcoming draft.

    • Tubal

      Plus there will be no reason to rush the Mamba back before he can fully rehabilitate. Then they can increase Kaman’s minutes and keep him happy and hopefully be the Lakers cheap but capable backup at center for the next few years.

    • meep

      lakers will get a decent player but them getting a 1st round pick it hard too see them doing that

    • AntRodrigues

      I guess at this point I would have to agree except for the tanking part…. It’s either going to happen naturally (meaning the team will continue to have a sub par year) or not…. I just don’t see any Lakers team Tanking just to get a high draft pick…

      • Delafontain

        Rodriguez,Rodriguez!!! The tanking is official now. Don’t you understand that? Do you REALLY think, that this Lakers team is worst than the Jazz, 76-ers and the Bucks? Have you seen last night game v/s Milwaukee? Even with all of the injured players we have at the moment, this Lakers team can beat very easy anyone of the above mentioned one. Then what? We take the last seat for the playoffs and got humiliated and kicked out from the Spurs or the OKC or any other team ahead of us.Does that make any sense? NO. It is a lot better to go as low, as we can and grab a franchise changing draft pick. We can also make some trades before the deadline to obtain another 1-st round pick, even at it’s end.So yes! This Lakers team is tanking for reason and for purpose and the majority of the Lakers fans has accepted that strategy. Period.

        • richard

          Majority of lakers fans accept tanking? Meaning, YOU! Tanking is a losers mentality. You don’t tank and win… you win by having experience while losing and battling. Going into the playoff at 8th seed is better than not going to the playoffs at all. Even it we are bounced 4 games into it. Duhh!

          • Delafontain

            Dude.If you personally will get hurt, if the Lakers don’t make the playoffs this year, then I have a piece of advice for you.
            DON’T WATCH
            In a long run, the tanking will pays off.Trust me. We really need to get one or two good rookies from 2014 draft class.

          • cj

            were not tanking.

            nash, kobe, wes, x, blake, and jordan are all out.

            pau, kaman, hill, young are all hurting but still playing. thats 10 of our 15 players that are out/or under 100%.

            marshel, meeks,kelly,scare,and williams these players are our most healthy players. none of them were projected to be in our roatation when the season started. the lakers are hurting.

  • Daryl Peek

    More reason for Pau to under perform. Tonight will be interesting.

  • meep

    so if that true then why not trade him to the cavs to get something

  • Tyrone

    Why would they re-sign this guy?!? He’s done. Trade him for flexibility and if they could trick somebody to throw in a 1st rd. draft pick to boot then jump on it. He has been done since he quit on Phil and the Lakers in that series v.s the Mavs. All this time, Pau has been coddled by fans coming up with excuse after excuse for the guy, and finally many have seen the light this year and started giving Pau his just due of intense criticism. He kept mouthing off over the years about not being in the post where he belongs, how he needs his touches (and he was also complaining of touches even during the title runs), well, he got everything he dreamed and wish for this season with Dwight gone and Kobe out, and he didn’t do squat. I was lucky enough to watch a few games this season just a few rows behind courtside and all this “I’m not getting the ball in the post” excuse is a bunch of crock. He gets the ball plenty down low with all the room in the world to post up and back his guy down and he doesn’t do squat. He also would set picks, and instead of diving hard down low he just hangs around outside.

    • lakers72

      i agree.. hes done… its excuse after excuse… im especially tired of the one about him not getting the ball in the paint and having to take outside jumpers… like.. thats not even the problem… even with the ball in the paint and with whatever great post moves he has.. opposing teams with more physical pfs and centers are punking him night in and night out… throughout this season a lot of times i’d prefer to see kaman or sacre in just due to the higher level of energy and effort they put in

    • AntRodrigues

      Pao is not done… But he may not be the fit for the Lakers needs at this point.. Pao is stil a very capable player and one of the best passing big men in the NBA… Your selling Gasol short….

      • john

        Pau and you’re ha ha and yes he is done he is awful

      • Delafontain

        Yes. HE IS DONE Antonio.
        It is time for you to take off the pink eyeglasses and see the reality. Many Latinos like you did it and now are breathing a lot easyer.They have opened their eyes. It is time for you to do the same amigo pezeveng.

    • Joseph Apohen

      I like Pau as he is a gentleman. I remember in his prime how good he was. However, I agree with your assessment. His downfall was in the Maverick game when he was chastised by Phil Jackson in front of national tv. At that time he was supposedly affected by girl problem. He was never the same after that. I think he has played too many games, NBA and international competitions. I think he has lost his desire and no longer motivated. He reminds me of an employee who after 30 years on the job is just looking forward to retirement and just passing the time. Good luck to him whereever he maybe soon or whatever he decide to do. I’ll always remember him as a Lakers and will always appreciate his contributions during those championship years.

    • Delafontain

      It can’t be said any better. Pau should be traded after the last title in 2010. At that time, coming out of two championships in a row, his value was 50% higher than now and a trade for Brook Lopez for example would sound very beneficiary for the Nets. Now, we can dream to get a late first round pick for him, but that won’t happen. He is washed-up and done.

  • Jim213

    ?This elates to an article written on Monday, but if this business venture is coming to a close it be best for inept FO to FIND a way to make a trade to get something in return.

  • Cali51

    These are the same jerks that gave us a coach that could’nt care less how we feel, keep Gasol, don’t add to the 100 mistakes you’ve made this year and don’t use him for a scapegoat!

  • LakerKareem

    Gasol is still a great player. He’s got 4 all-star appearances and 2 titles. Kobe would have 3 titles right now if he didn’t have Gasol. His Jersey will be retired as a Laker and he will be a Hall of Famer. Ya’ll have no respect for a legend. THE REAL PROBLEM IS JIM BUSS HIRING MIKE BROWN & THEN TURNS DOWN PHILL JACKSON FOR DANTONI. DANTONIT COULDNT COACH CARMELLO AND HE AINT GONNA COACH GASOL EITHER. All he’s got is a couple good years with the Suns and 2 weeks of Linsanity. Fire DANTONI and promote Kurt Rambis.

    • Josh

      I love Gasol, but I think you’re over rating him a little. I don’t see the Lakers retiring his Jersey for being the second best player on the team for those two titles, and he’s borderline for the hall of fame. He would have a better chance as a representative of the international expansion of the game if not for Dirk, but I don’t know if he makes the NBA hall of fame. He’s still very good, but at this point in his career, Pau is more Vlade Divac than Kareem. I loved Vlade, too, but the best thing he ever did for the franchise was being traded for Kobe. Maybe Kupchak can conjure up some of that Jerry West magic and pull of the same kind of trade.

  • LakerKareem

    I wish we can just trade Jim Buss and Mike D’Antoni for Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant on a smaller contract.

  • LakerKareem


    • Joseph Apohen

      Forget Phil. Just lilke John Wooden he is not coming back. His heallth is no longer conducive to the rigors of the NBA.

  • Joseph Apohen

    What the hell does this Ding bat know?

    • hookedonnews

      Not much IMO.

  • hookedonnews

    Pardon me if I don’t take Kevin Ding’s word for this. He’s the guy who reported MDA’s job was in jeopardy because he had a meeting with Mitch Kupchak. Every day there’s a new rumor about Gasol. I don’t believe anything I read these days. When he goes out the door, I’ll believe he’s gone.

  • Delafontain

    At this stage of their career, Pau Gasol and Steve Nash are looking like a joke. They both needs to retire from the game, because no longer can help any team. Both, have built respect as one of the best players on their position throughout the years. If they continue to play, no matter for which team, they will only destroy the image and the name as a marquee players in this league.

  • Xtro

    Get rid of Mike No’D Antoni instead. He and Jim Buss, the Idiot King are the root of the Lakers woes.