Lakers Rumors: Lakers May Not Offer Carmelo Anthony Max Deal Reviewed by Momizat on . At this point in the season, the prospect of the Los Angeles Lakers being a threat in the Western Conference isn't looking very good. The team continues to stru At this point in the season, the prospect of the Los Angeles Lakers being a threat in the Western Conference isn't looking very good. The team continues to stru Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Lakers May Not Offer Carmelo Anthony Max Deal

Kobe Bryant and Carmelo AnthonyAt this point in the season, the prospect of the Los Angeles Lakers being a threat in the Western Conference isn’t looking very good. The team continues to struggle with or without Kobe Bryant and appear to be headed toward missing the playoffs for the first time since 2005.

With the team potentially starting to look toward the off-season and the free agent market, the speculation will start to swirl about which superstar could be headed to Los Angeles. The most likely candidate appears to be Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks, but it might not be in the cards with the team possibly unwilling to offer a max-level deal to Anthony according to Steve Kyler of Hoopsworld.com:

For weeks its been Anthony and the LA Lakers talked about as a likely pairing, however insiders doubted that the Lakers would make Anthony a max-level contract offer, but suggested if the Knicks would do a trade with the Clippers there might be a better fit, especially if competing for a championship right away is Anthony’s real goal.

If the Lakers are unwilling to offer Anthony a max deal, it’s extremely unlikely he’ll be headed to Los Angeles in the off-season. The Knicks are arguably one of the worst teams in the league right now and in a much worse situation in comparison to the struggles the Lakers are currently dealing with, but Anthony will want to cash in during free agency.

The Los Angeles Clippers may become a potential destination for Anthony in a trade before the NBA trade deadline via Kyler:

While free agency is a long way away and there is lots of basketball left to be played, the team that most fans and media peg as Anthony’s likely destination is the LA Lakers, however insiders around the Knicks and Carmelo peg the LA Clippers as more likely to land Anthony if he leaves the Knicks. Openly suggesting the Knicks and Clippers would try and consummate a trade at the trade deadline to insure LA has the rights to Anthony.

With the Clippers potentially making a move for Anthony, the options in free agency will be bleak to say the least for the Lakers. LeBron James of the Miami Heat remains an option, but an unrealistic one with the writing basically on the wall in terms of the superstar re-signing with Miami.

Although nothing is set in stone, the future remains uncertain for the storied franchise moving forward. Anything can happen from now until July, but at this point in time it doesn’t look good for the Lakers.

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  • Jose

    Good let Melo go to the Clippers. The Lakers don’t need him.


    The Lakers are too bad of a team for Carmelo bring him to the Clippers where Carmelo can pair up with CP3 and Blake Griffin.Lakers suck big time,the Lakers are easily the worst roster in the NBA.Lakers are garbage on defense and they can’t rebound to save their lives honestly.You guys should quit trying to blame poor Mike D’Antoni for all the losses and bad defense and bad rebounding.

    Ya’ll got a good coach he is the one suffering with this piece of crap team.The Lakers are the butt of all NBA jokes,they suck suck suck.Clippers are still brother but Lakers are now big brother who is got wack and is being kicked out for being stupid.Lakers are wack and Clippers are back to kick the Lakers ass everytime they play.Lakers are a punching bag for everyone in the NBA to beat on.

    Lakers will never win another championship and the Clippers will win all the championships in LA from now on no more Lakers bye bye.Mike D’Antoni is 100% right start cheering for another team,it’s time to stop being a Lakers fan.PICK ANOTHER TEAM.CLIPPERS ARE THE TEAM MIKE D’ANTONI MEANT TO SAY.


    • Douglas Carlson

      Sure sounds like a Clipper bandwagon. Where were you when they sucked. I have been a laker fan all my life. Who will you root for when the Clippers don’t win. Surprised your not a Heat fan.

    • Lakers Fan

      I’m glad you think you all are doing something with that ONE divisional title. Y’all will always be second fiddle to the Lakers. I know it sucks to be better than we are RIGHT NOW and still be considered the little brother. This is the Lakers’ town. Y’all will NEVER mean shit in Los Angeles. While y’all get excited over divisional titles, we get excited over championships. And don’t talk shit. Remember we kicked y’all ass the first game of the season, and yall still have the softest power forward in the league in Blake Griffin. Fuck Slob City! Now suck on that.

      • Craig Morrison

        All your life a Lakers fan ? By reading what you have written I’m guessing you are about four years old.

        • Joseph

          Says the faggot with a cartoon picture!

          • Paytc

            Pretty funny ! LOL………

            Go Lakers !

    • keenanjen

      LMBO Clipper fan win a chip before you start talking on the true Kings of L.A. page. LAKERS 4 LIFE

    • Daryl Peek

      Hahaha funny Glass Slipper fan. I’ll admit Melo to the Slips would be a problem but you are trippin’ over new success like a teenager smelling his own piss for the first time.

    • Gregory Choa

      Umm, we hang championship banners in the rafters…you hang selfies.

    • Thomas Dease

      ru on molly?? the lakers are kings of the west !!

    • Michael

      Let me ask you a question dumbass who are the clippers? See if you can awnser that

    • Michael

      I been a laker fan all my life lakers dont suck they have 16 championship trophies. And the line up doesnt suck its the coach. Were were you when they sucked? Anyways the clippers still suck when the seasons berly started lakers beat the clippers and who sucks yeah thats what I thought stupid ass mental the clippers suck they have no championships and we don’t need Carmelo Anthony we got kobe when he comes back hes gunna return ready and he’s gunna demolish everyone just wait on it

      • Craig

        Kobe ain’t doing anything old man injuries- overpaid and gone

    • Michael

      Lakers all the all time Greatest of the West cost clippers aint taking over shit haha

      • GM Jack

        Mike, J. West was instrumental in transacting for Shaq and Kobe. No More! Lights out! The era is gone.

    • Duke


    • lakershowww

      The Lakers had they’re worst season last year, and the Clippers had they’re best. Both teams lost on the first round of the playoffs. That says so much already.

    • Clipper killa

      This must be a bandwagon clipper Faggotass

    • #lakersornothin

      how many Western confrence titles have the clippers gotten in the last 5 naww 10 naww 15 naww 20 years? I tried to pick a time frame that was fair but well…..

      • independantbynature

        Let me help.How bout EVER?

    • Tommy

      So if the Lakers have “easily the worse roster in the NBA” and they beat (handily) the Clippers what does that say about them? Exactly…overrated haha

    • Joseph Apohen

      You’ve been smoking that funny cigarette. Kick the Lakers ass every time they play? What do you have dementia? Who won the first meeting this year between the crappy Lakers and your elite Clippers who only deam of winning the championship. Only an idiot would brag about the Lakers of today. Nevertheless, they might be losing, but they are fun to watch. You can have Melo because he has never won any championships on any team he’s played. The Lakers have sixteen, how many does your Clippers have? You wish you have one sixteenth of championship the Lakers won. The Lakers will have #17 before the Clippers get one. Say in three years time?

      • GM Jack

        3 years. Not so…Who is here to play? I am Lakers fan since Magic time. But, the reality is NASH, Kobe contract are on the book next season for 34 million dollars…and who is coming to the Lakers. Lebron or Durant?

        • Joseph Apohen

          Lebron is not coming. Durant maybe. In three years time Kobe’s and Nash’s contracts will expire. I’m hoping for maybe Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook and someone in the middle for defense. In three years time the present elite teams will be older and in a decline, except for the Spurs which seem to find a way to always be relevant. I’m a Lakers fan since they moved from Minnesota.

          • GM Jack

            Houston built their current team in the last 15 months with Harden and DH. Lakers could have done the same or better. But, it takes the will to move on from the old. Those two may not be Lebron or Kobe, but, for the payroll the Lakers are paying, it would have been a better value.

    • Jim213

      Disagree, the Lakers have a better bench than the Clipps but lack starters. But try winning one first before assuming the Clipps will win rings since today they’re at best 3-4 seed in the conference.

      • Tellice K Irby

        Camelo needs to team up with kobe &:get them rings like Dwade & LBJ cheating ass

    • Robert Bahr

      Ya let u tell it. The clips been the butt of all nba jokes for as long as uhave been around lmao and sorry boy but if not for bs nba pulle CP3 would b a laker U sound dumb as shit and prolly are lmao prolly jus became a fan u fn scrub

    • Al Haldie

      Clappers 4-life u dont have a very long life span-they have not won a darn thing yet—so i will stay a lakers fan—and keep looking at the banners—-not just names hanging up there—you dont really think the Clappers will win this yr do you….??????????

    • David Abbott

      You wouldn’t be saying that if he was the coach of the Clippers, I hope little brother tries to get Melo cause he is a team killer and what better team to go to then that other team in Staples, talk trash when your team has done something like get out of the second round.

    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      Flop City Bandwangon STFU really STFU where in the hell were you when Preschool Clippers were losing? what you got your head up high because you got a very cute divisional title & you raise selfies Banners lol oooooo Flop City on top of the world GTFO LOL We have 16 Banners raised on top Been a Lakers Fan when Anthony Peeler was around & still rep Lakers when they wasn’t winning in the ’90s & after our 3 peat run & now can you name any Clipper player before Fake Griffen & Paul? until then STFU & P.S. LAL 16 LAK 1 LAS 2 Flop City selfies! LAKERS 4 LIFE!!!

    • Gabriel Mendes Da-Costa

      Clippers 4 life?

      Like there is a thing like Clippers fans for life. U just crawled out of a cave and will return there soon enough when CP3 leaves the team.

      • GM Jack

        CP 3 will leave sooner than everyone thinks! Maybe, if Miami does not win this year, they will need a guard..Wade cant play all the games anymore.

        Something is wrong with the Clippers culture. They traded, Ron Harper, Cory M., Brand, Kaman.. all the players that make the team they trade them.

        Vinny was not bad. They got rid of him too. Doc Rivers will leave soon, to go to Miami if Miami loose this year, there will big changes. Lebron will demand change. Lebron will retire in Miami. He has nothing to proof by moving to another team.

        Where is Clippers. Back to San Diego.

        • Craig

          GM Jack you know Jack Shit

    • Swift

      What are u even doing here u sound stupid and uneducated one example is thinking u are gettin melo in a trade & keeping cp3 and griffin

    • Joseph

      Nice story bandwagon Prick!

    • Myker1

      Your an idiot! The Clippers were the epitome of losers. You said the Clippers are back? Back from where? They never were anything but losers.
      And remember CP3 was ours, and Jordan was about to be dealt to the Celtics last year. That would of sent your Clippers right where they were most comfortable at last place.

      I must say that I would love to see Crawford in a Lakers uniform, he would fit well when K-Love gets here. Just wait fanboy we’ll be back and you’ll be back rooting for the Lakers……Ha Ha what a douce bag.

  • Lakers Fan

    Melo not worth a max contract. Personally, I don’t want him on the Lakers. He’s not a winner, and ruins team chemistry. Let him go to the Clippers. If they feel they can use him, let him go to them. I learned in 2004 and last year that a team full of stars will not get you far, especially with no team chemistry. The Clippers’ defense sucks so Melo would fit right in. We should look at Monroe, Deng, Bledsoe, and Lowry. Hopefully we can get one or two of them and use the rest of the money to resign the young players on our team who has played well and sign a couple of good, defensive role players. Not to mention our 1st round draft pick.

    • GM Jack

      Melo is not worth the max, but Gasol is worth 19 M, and KB is worth 30 M, and Nash is worth 9 M. That is 57 million dollars sitting on the bench or home.


    • Swift

      Some of yall jus sound foolish for putting melo down like this melo is a stud he mite not be the only person the lakers need but he would be a hell of a start to the rebuild he has never had real reliable players around him like kobe and whos to say we wont get any other key players along with melo during the off season trading pau mite even help us more than u think & wen kobe and nash do leave think about how much money that will leave on the.table if u want to look tword the future but we need to start now this could deffinently help kobe win a chip

      • GM Jack

        Melo is worth the Max compared to the Gasol, KB (post injuries), and Nash. KB is a legend. But, reality is what is today. KB @ 30 million this year, even if did not suffer injuries, KB is no longer the the best player. I have lived thru the Lakers since 1980. Kareem, Worthy, Magic, Jamall Wilkes, Norm Nixon, B. Mcadoo, Shaq, and at some point you have to get real when an athlete is past prime and coming to the end of his career. I can see the fans are having hard time accepting the new realities that KB is a legend past prime.

    • Chyeah

      Look at the heat – They have Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Allen. A team full of stars yet they have great chemistry. The chemistry at the start may be a bit wacky but it’ll definitely improve as time goes on.

  • Gregory Choa

    Adding ‘Melo would be the wrong play for this team this summer. Much better off trying to sign a Greg Monroe, or a Luol Deng, along with as many of the guys on one year deals that distinguish themselves this year (Young, X, Wes, Farmar, Hill, Meeks, etc.) to flank Kobe with next season. The real FA market comes to bear the following summer in 2015.

    • Daryl Peek

      That all sounds good man but just think about the irony? The Clippers are looking to add Melo to become serious about contending for a championship. The moves your proposing for the Lakers are long term grooming, rebuild process. Keep in mind Kobe has only two season’s left after this year.

      I fully understand we’ve got to trim the fat but this would be a disturbing change of the LA hierarchy.

      • Gregory Choa

        You’re assuming; 1) the Clippers even get ‘Melo, and 2) his “talents” puts them over the top…either way, I think you give Anthony too much credit. Bottom line, he’s not just a bad fit for the Lakers – he’s a bad fit for any team…except perhaps Team USA.

        I am keeping in mind that Kobe has only two seasons left after this one…’Melo is simply the wrong running mate for him – it’s just a bad idea. Again, a stud role player more along the lines of Monroe, Deng, and/or Bledsoe is a much better fit, along with some of our more deserving Young Guns already in the fold.

        • Daryl Peek

          We’ll agree to disagree on the impact Melo would make. I’m not a huge fan of him but the gut has that killer instinct as a player. Put him with CP3 you have a deadly team. Losing Griffin is not that big of a deal because he’s not a great defender also and only grabs about 1 rebound more than Melo.

          CP3 would make it much easier for Melo to get his shots. Again, Doc would get Melo to buy into the team theme. Melo being a bad fit next to Kobe? Nah, Kobe can play with anybody if they are open to playing with him.

          I like Monroe Deng and many you listed but Melo is star power that would make a real impact immediately. We’d still have our draft pics for this year and will have the flexibility to resign some of the current players if Melo was not set on a max deal.

          Keep in mind all of this is rumors hypothetical so the if is moot.

      • Lakers Fan

        What goes on with the Clippers has nothing to do with us. The Clippers aren’t the only team looking to contend for a title, and Melo won’t exactly put them in that position. We have to be realistic. We are in rebuilding mode right now. It might not be the way you want us to go, but it’s the way we have to go. We also have to be mindful that Kobe might not win his 6th ring. It’s time to face reality and look at the bigger picture. The Lakers aren’t an attractable place right now, and it’s because there are better teams out there. We have to build towards the future, post the Kobe Bryant era. It’s tough to face that kind of reality, but it has to happen eventually.

        • Daryl Peek

          Why do they have to accept a rebuilding plight? Why can’t they rebuild and win at the same time? The seed for rebuilding has already been planted in all these 1 year contracts and grandfathered in bloated contracts coming off the books next season.

          Take the clipper beef on this site up with the LN writer. The article opens the discussion up. That does not take away from the Lakers in any way shape or form. We don’t have to be complete homers as fans.

          I’ll never accept the Lakers not trying to contend as a fan. If we don’t win that’s just the way the cookie crumbled but we get back up and fight for the next one…

          • Lakers Fan

            They have to accept it because it is a part of the game. Every team has to go through a rebuilding phase every once in a while, us included. I never said we couldn’t win while rebuilding. I also realize this is a rebuilding year, which is why I said we are in a rebuilding phase. I’m getting at when you said, ” The moves your proposing for the Lakers are long term grooming, rebuild process. Keep in mind Kobe has only two season’s left after this year.”

            You are extremely impatient. I want the Lakers to win as much as you, but some things has to be approached in order to succeed. Whether we rebuild while winning or rebuild while losing, we will have to rebuild regardless. And in this process, it might hinder Kobe from winning his 6th ring, which clearly is the plan.

            As for the Clippers, you can’t actually think Melo would help that team? I’m far from a homer, and I follow every team in this league closely. That is why I know Melo would not help the Clippers at all. Their main issue is defense, and last I check Melo is terrible at that. Not only that, but he ruins team chemistry, a la when he went to the Knicks and blew that team up when they were playing so well. You obviously feel threatened by them getting Melo while others realize Melo is not a superstar and would only hurt them. That is why we don’t care about him going to them.

          • Daryl Peek

            On following other NBA teams, you’re not following close enough if you think defense is the Clippers problem man.

            Imagine not having to burden the load all the time as the star on your team? This is the advantage LeBron has with Wade. Keep in mind CP3 is also a great scoring PG also. There are moments when the Slipper offense goes stale because they don’t have a good half court post player. This is their biggest problem. Melo would cure that. Melo would take pressure off CP3 the same way CP3 does him. Again, keep in mind Doc would get Melo to buy into the team theme.

            This would be the same deal if Melo and Kobe teamed up. One of our biggest problems last season and this is not having another consistent post threat who can create his own shot. This is what Blake Griffin does not have that Melo would add to either of our teams.

            Most like typecasting Melo’s abilities because they don’t like him. Let’s not forget he took Syracuse to a national title in college. Yes this is the NBA but that still shows his leadership abilities and desire to win. Also keep in mind Kobe would love to play with him.

            I’m more than patient. I just think we can make moves that help Kobe, and have not resigned myself to beyond his next two season’s just yet. We need that West like win now but be mindful of the future… it’s a tricky balance that no one has truly mastered but this organization has been best at it. They can still do it IMO.

          • Lakers Fan

            Kobe and Melo game is too much alike. It wouldn’t work. They both demand the ball and need the ball in their hands to be effective. Melo had Iverson on his team in Denver, where they both averaged above 25ppg that season. Then what happen, they got put out in the 1st round by the Spurs. That all went to chemistry issues the team had.

            Melo fits better with the Clippers, because of Chris Paul. Chris Paul is the ideal player to play with Melo. Kobe on the other hand, it wouldn’t work. And right now, we need players with a defensive presence and mindset. Melo, or Gasol for that matter, won’t give us that. Monroe might not be a defensive juggernaut, but he’s certainly better on defense than Gasol especially at rotating. If we can add Deng, Lowry, or Bledsoe, that certainly would help out tremendously considering they are all solid on both sides of the ball.

            I love Melo to be honest, but I also know what type of player he is. Of course Kobe would love to play with him, their like best friends. But just because he would like to play with him doesn’t mean he should. I think they would both benefit better being on their own teams. Even if Kobe wasn’t on the team anymore I wouldn’t want Melo on the team because he ruins chemistry.

            It will indeed be tricky because West isn’t here. I would love for Kobe to get his 6th ring before he retires. It will just be difficult to do, considering the number of better teams that free agents would want to play for instead of us. Maybe if Kobe can come back this season and prove he is still who he is, then more players will be willing to come. That way they will know which Kobe they will be playing with going forward.

          • Daryl Peek

            So you think you know better than Kobe on who he could play with? People said the same thing about LeBron and Wade playing together, add Bosh into the mix also. All three were players that were use to having the ball in their hands as play makers for their teams. Players at this level of b-ball that are willing to play together for a bigger purpose are good enough o adjust their games.

            This is what we saw the Heat do. This is what we saw the 08 Celtics do and then do it again as Rondo took over. If Melo can coexist with J.R. Smith he can play with Anyone.

            The Spurs reference is a bad one because they were just a better overall team. So were the Lakers when they put Melo and the Nuggets out. Sometimes other teams are just better. Like the Bulls knocking off the Jazz, Blazers, Knicks, ETC… during their era. It’s no knock on the other guys.

            Again the FO is already in teh process of looking forward while trying to win now. They are stuck given the salary mess they’re currently in but that wont be a problem next season. Kupchak saying they will not spend all the free cap space is an indication of being conscious of the future. It will be interesting to see the direction they go. All I know is tanking will not be that. Competing is all they know and that’s what I fully expect.

          • Lakers Fan

            For one, I wasn’t using the Spurs as a reference. I was simply saying they lost to them that year.

            LeBron is a different breed from these two players. They are shoot first players. LeBron is a team player, which is why he was able to get along with Wade. Not only that, but Wade decided to take a backseat to LeBron. Who is to say Melo will, cause I know damn well Kobe won’t. Everyone knows Melo is not a team player. Melo has made it out of the first round 1 time his entire career. I don’t want to hear anything about him not having a team because LeBron didn’t either and led his team to the finals.

            I haven’t said anything about tanking, so I don’t know why you brought that up. I simply said we are in a rebuilding mode. You have a mindset where you think we can win every year and that’s not the case. That can’t and won’t happen. We will win. That’s the nature of the Lakers. It will just take some time to get a championship roster on the court. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither will a championship roster on this team. I want the team to compete and give effort. That’s all I can ask for.

          • Daryl Peek

            “You have a mindset where you think we can win every year ”

            Far from it. When I say I expect the team to compete that’s it, compete. No team wins all the time but the Lakers rarely have losing seasons.

            I’m tripping off how you are projecting my mindset?!?

            My badd on the tanking call. When someone says we have to accept were not gonna win that’s how I perceive their commentary.

            Again you seem to know Melo and Kobe better than they know themselves?!? If they decided to agree to team up they would work together to work it out, and Kobe would be fine taking a back seat if that’s what it called for to get a ring. He did it with Shaq and was doing it with Howard til he realized Howard was a punk. Melo is not a punk. This I know for damn sure. I also cited several other old school vets that did the collaboration thing to get rings. In the form of today its different but superstars have been joined in ring chasing for years… and some worked while some didn’t.

          • DOCK808

            Na Kobe is more of a ball handler and Melo is just a pure scorer. They would just fine together

        • Al Haldie

          You have about 8 new guys on the team that came to the lakers because they wanted to come there, and are still happy to be here—this is a good yr for them they are learning how to play togeather for next yr if not this yr….

      • DOCK808

        The Lakers should sign Melo and trade Gasol’s expiring contract for him

    • Joseph Apohen

      I am with you. And the real FAs would be Kevin Love whom Griffin could not defend and Westbrook, arguably better than CP3 or any pg. If we get Monroe for the middle plus some of the young guns curretnly playing for the Lakers, I think in three years #17 will up in the rafters.

    • GM Jack

      Demarcus Cousin 2014. Then in 2016 add Durant.

      Realistically, if the Lakers young core can develop, this looks reasonable.

      Lebron, will be old by then……

    • Jose

      I agree with you to an extent because this season is a wash so I’m going to say it again shut Kobe down for the season and have him come back healthy to a reloaded team. They need to go all out after Bledsoe or Lowry and that will help out the back court and they go after Hawes resign Hill and that takes care of the front court. All the young wings they have will resign and you have a good competitive team. Hawes,Hill, Johnson, Bryant and Bledsoe/Lowry would be a very good team. Then Henry, Meeks, Young, Farmar and whatever young kid they draft coming off the bench would make it fun to watch. The only reason that I don’t think they should go after Monroe is because he will command too much money and they will need some of that for 2015 like you said. The only other player for the front court that they can go after and may be willing to take a one year deal would be Humphries and he can still play but he is not worth a long term deal due to his age. Either way i know that they will be ready to go each and every night and I will try and watch every game that i can.

  • Daryl Peek

    I’m not a huge Melo fan but Melo to the Clips is a potential championship contending team with Doc at the helm.

    The trade would likely be Griffin & Dudley for Melo and K-Mart. Doc would reach Melo and get him to buy into the team theme. K-Mart has history with the Clips and is the gritty type of defensive player Doc likes.

    We can Hate the Glass Slippers all day but CP3 and Melo would be a serious problem playing together on that squad.

  • Thomas Dease

    f— the clippers carmelo will
    play for a real la team the lakers

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes i don’t really care where Carmelo goes.Lakers must rebuild via draft and free agency sooner or later.Carmelo doesn’t fit in with the rebuilding process anymore.This rebuild might be longer and slower than we first thought it would be.Time to chase younger players like Eric Bledsoe,Greg Monroe,Gordon Hayward,Lance Stephenson and go draft Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins or any viable option via draft.It’s time to rebuild now and i am convinced after watching the last few games.The defense and rebounding is awful.Time to rebuild.

  • MauroAlberto19

    Car melody never took Denver anywhere. …and the same thing can be said for the Knicks!!! Too much pressure for him to play for the Lakers…. He’ll choke just like he always did in Denver!!!!…..Spend the money on youth!!!

  • MauroAlberto19

    Too ALL YOU CLIPPER BANDWAGONERS….. The clippers will always be the clippers….losers!!!! You should never be poping of them gums till you actually win 1 championship!!! Maybe….then maybe Laker Nation will let you gloat for ONLY 1 DAY!!!! OTHER THAN THAT….SHUT MOUTH!!!

  • Marty Susman

    The REAL free agent future studs come on the market the following year. Irving,Wall,Lillard,walker,Love, and so on….

  • Marty Susman

    I was 100% against D12 coming to the Lakers & I am 120% against Mello coming. He is NOT a winner & he is NOT the guy to build a team around. Put him on a team with CP3 in charge & Blake & hustler like Jordan & Mellow could all together be a real winner….. The Lakers have zero chance at anything before the 2015 season when the REAL super players will be free agents. Give them 2015 to settle in & the Purple & Gold will have another ring in 2016…(That would also make the Clippers 3 years older & slower)

  • Al Haldie

    Instead of anthony how about Love he is a free agent-this yr-carmelo does not fit, thats all we need two ball hogs-what a mess that would be And with all the other shooters and speed would could become very good…

    • Jim213


    • DOCK808

      Love isn’t a FA this year

  • Jeremy (Oregon mamba) Shankel

    Carmelo is garbage! No thanks! How many scorers do we need. How about a defensive powerhouse or a rebounding energy player…not a scorer and not a defensive let down.

    • GM Jack

      Who is Lakers’ scorer? Are you referring to Black Mamba 2002, when he went for 40 plus 7 games in a row. Let’s see that was 12 years ago.

    • DOCK808

      We don’t have any scorers that’s the problem!!!! Miami has THREE, the Lakers shouldn’t have at least TWO? Let Gasol leave for FA, Melo avgs 26 & 10bds those numbers are better than Gasol’s

  • Jeremy (Oregon mamba) Shankel

    Yeah this garbage about the Clips…..laughable at best….they’ve had the same core for four years now and they are finishing the same.

  • socali

    No max deal. Hes not worth a max deal

    • DOCK808

      Yes he is, the guy avgs 26 & 10bds from the SF position. His numbers are better than Gasol’s

      • socali

        he never passes the ball.

  • kobe24

    You know I don’t think it would be a bad idea to bring in Melo if he asks for a $15~17 million range (which i doubt) but if he does wouldn’t be bad for Lakers to take it and then perhaps acquire couple of mid level free agents with the 15 mil left?

    Kobe + Melo could either become a great duo or it could end up in a disaster

    • DOCK808

      I say great duo!!!!

  • GM Jack

    Lakers do not have the money to offer Carmelo Max. Lakers will have two spots at $12 million each next season, one will go to Gasol most likely. Lakers salvation is doomed until 2016 when Kobe’s contract expires. Enjoy the memory for the next two years and stop pretending any will change with the Lakers Nation.

    • DOCK808

      Move Gasol, he’s terrible on defense. Give Melo those shots, the man is avg 26 & 10bds from the SF position! I think the Lakers can use him

  • GM Jack


  • red

    Trade Nash expiring contract to DWill. DWill is obviously not happy with the Nets.

  • Fredo

    No matter what anyone says, paying Kobe as much as they dad was a HORRIBLE move. PERIOD.

  • Carl Schreffler

    Charles always likes to shot people down because His dumbass did not get to be a Laker and win RINGS ,Charles has no rings hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DOCK808

    The Lakers should sign Melo, he I’d the best free agent available! Get rid of D’Antoni and sign Hollins or Rambis. With Rambis you can run the triangle again and everyone can get their shots. I would let Gasol walk and find some young, hungry PF’s or C’s in free agency. That’s just me

  • Tellice K Irby

    Melo & kobe

  • Tellice K Irby

    Camelo & kobe can win 3 championships

  • Tellice K Irby

    2014 MELO & KOBE TEAM UP & FUCK THE HATERS LA PAY MELO what he deserves

  • Tellice K Irby

    Fuck the flippers.

  • topsyturvy

    I don’t understand why anyone thinks Carmelo would want to play under Dantoni since they clearly did not get along in New York and Carmelo was felt to be responsible for his being fired. No one seems to mention this.

  • Coop

    I heard Charles Barkley called kobe a garden snake he been on kobe for years I guess kobe not one to kiss his assistant like the rest of them

  • Coop

    Let’s be real people I don’t care how many titles the clippers they will always be second to the Lakers that’s real

  • Sylvia Ross

    Why are we still talking about this? Carmello. didn’t like dantonio when he was in New York, so, why would he play for him in L A?

  • GM Jack

    Melo will not be coming to the Lakers. Melo has made that clear to Kobe. This discussion is not going forward. Melo has no interests in moving from one “rebuilding” club to another. He will stay in NY unless he gets a sweet deal for a team and money. Dallas seems to able to offer that. Dirk still has coupe of respectalble years left in him. Melo will not win a championships but, he can play with respect and win some games.

  • GM Jack

    There is a lot of Clippers’ support here. Do the clippers have their own site?

  • Myker1

    The Clippers got no home there just squatin , they ain’t got any banners, or statues, we had Magic they had Danny Manning, we got Jack Nickolson they got Billy Crystal. It’s okay to be on the rise because that’s all they could do being at the bottom so many years. I’m glad for them, I like underdog stories but I like championship stories more. Lakers for life….

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