Lakers Rumors: Lakers Interested In Signing Lance Stephenson?

Lakers Rumors: Lakers Interested In Signing Lance Stephenson?


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The Los Angeles Lakers will have a considerable amount of cap space this summer and might be considering making a play at some of the bigger names on the open market. One that has surfaced as a potential target is Lance Stephenson according to Sean Deveney of Sporting News:

The Lakers, Bulls and Bobcats will be among the teams who can and would offer an ample payday and increased opportunity for Stephenson this summer.

It remains uncertain at this point in time if the Lakers will make a serious run at any of the big-name players potentially on the market. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony may be among the free agent class of 2014 this summer, but they’ll need to opt-out of their current deals in order to do so.

If neither James or Anthony become free agents, Stephenson will be one of the most sought after players. Although still considered a secondary player with the Indiana Pacers to the likes of All-Stars Paul George and Roy Hibbert, Stephenson is quickly emerging as a star and was one of the surprising snubs for the Eastern Conference All-Star reserves recently.

Stephenson is currently averaging career-high numbers across the board. In 47 games with the Pacers this season, Stephenson is averaging 14.1 points, 7.2 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game while shooting 50.1 percent from the floor.
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  • Jonathan

    As Jalen Rose would say Lance is one of Larry’s guys, Larry will make sure Lance gets looked after and with Grangers contract expiring the Pacers will have enough money to offer him a good contract.

  • Jim213

    Definitely should be considered in 2014FA especially since the Pacers won’t possibly be able to resign him given their close to the cap next season. Although, it’ll be tough given everyone else would have interest too.

    • Ryan

      What? It’s be known by Larry and lance that lance is going no where lol. Lance will give a hometown discount. Larry is like a father to lance, and lance loves Indiana. And loves winning. He’s going nowhere

      • Jim213

        SMH, Pacers have $66 mil approx. tied up next season. Can’t keep both Granger or Stephenson FAs. Not sure if he’ll pass up a $10 mil offer (if someone offers it) as opposed to what birdman may offer (half?). Consideration for the right price lol. duh

        • Daryl Peek

          Granger is gone. His salary expires at the end of the season and the Pacers are not resigning him. I wont go as far as Ryan in saying Lance will give a discount.

          • Jim213

            Discount for myself don’t mean 1/2 off. They won’t be able to match what others may offer unless they make a trade before the deadline to ease next year’s salary payout helping them $$.

          • Daryl Peek

            If your Larry Bird with Hibbert and George locked up going forward in salaries that are not too high, wouldn’t it be smart to sell any and everyone else outside of those two in order to lock up Stephenson who has great chemistry with George and Hibbert?

      • Daryl Peek

        Too many people are stuck on that hometown discount? Why would a young player like Lance give a Tim Duncan discount when he’s looking to get paid for the first time in his career?!? Lance has got to get his money while he can just like Paul George did.

        Lets say he did give a hometown discount and got injured like Granger? Now he’s stuck with a low contract and an injury that may kill any future earnings. These youngsters have to take advantage of early momentum and get paid now.

        • Santi

          I simply agree with every word you just said, except he should consider a discount if the pacers win the chip…

  • magic mamba

    hard to see him leave a championship caliber team… Pacers FA will regret if they let him go

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Howdy Lakers faithful,my quick insight on Lance Stephenson comes from his early days in the Summer League yes Lance Stephenson was 19 years old and he was dominating all the players and doing things on the court that were incredible.I was shocked he was a second round pick,seemed like a lottery pick when he played.Yes Lakers should sign Lance.He was a big time all star snub.

    • pejj

      you’re so hateful

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Great defender.Love his overall game,triple double threat every game tbh.

  • Greg ‘King Saeed’ Williams

    Every week I see an Artie that says the Lakers are targeting this player or that player! None of these players are signing with the Lakers….

    • magic mamba

      right on… lakersnation these days is in lala land.. day dreaming
      Lebron ..Melo.. Stephenson…Dwade.. Bosh… won’t be coming/ we don’t need them/ we can’t afford them

      Winning now for Kobe’s 6th is important but building a strong foundation for Lakers future is equally imp if note more..

      good trade before Feb 20…high draft pick this year (SG/ PF) ..Kevin Love next year. rebuild with a young team around K Love.. get rid of poison contracts

      target Westbrook in the next FA

      • gmoney

        I am a hardcore laker fan, of course I’m gonna argue that point that no one wants to sign but for a different reason than “legacy” and “Second greatest shooting guard/player of all time”…the lakers are probably the luckiest franchise EVER, everyone thought the fall of the 2004-5 squad would end the lakers winning ways for a very long time, 2 years later they went back to the finals with a fantastic roster manned by an MVP (should’ve won waayyyy more than just one but thats a dif point)…The lakers will get players, no matter what anyone says, also who wouldn’t wanna live in LA?? I’m just saying that history repeats itself frequently and the lakers hav NEVER been as bad as they r now…the front office is gonna do some crazy stuff next year to get a playoff team for kobe to satisfy his ambition and drive

        • Santi

          I a a nuggets fan, but I simply agree to everything you just pointed. Good job sir.

      • Santi

        to: magic mamba

        Unlike Greg ‘King Saeed’ Williams, I like your points and could not agree more. I do think the Lakers could sign young stars, as they have a lot of money to spare. But I do disagree when you said that Carmelo Anthony would not be going to LA. I agree when you stated that people like Lebron, Bosh, and D wade wont go, but it is a whole different scenario with Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo has a player option at the end of the season, so he could opt out of his contract. Although there is not better place to play basketball than New York, not only La could offer something similar to Melo, but they could offer Melo the opportunity of playing with another superstar for first time in his career. Finally, I strongly believe that LA would be the best choice for Carmelo if he were to opt out, and by the way that things are going in New York, Carmelo would be risking his only chance to get a ring, as New York just isn’t offering him any at all opportunity at the moment.

    • borsalino12

      Dude. Let me tell you something, that you probably don’t know.Time Warner Cable paid the Lakers $ 3.0 BILLION for 25 years to televise their games.That is about extra $ 150 million every year to spend on free agents. Indiana will never win a title, because Miami is still dominating the East and you also have Portland, San Antonio and Oklahoma on the West. The Pacers are good team, but not that good to get over this superpowers. So, the best choice for Lance will be to sign with the Lakers and be a part of the future championship team.

      • Santi

        to: purplerain53

        I agree with you on the money part man, but you are simply too wrong when it comes to the Pacers. The Indiana Pacers do not only have the best record in the NBA, but in my opinion are destined to win it all at the end of the season. Indiana is an OUTSTANDING team, with the staff, players, and chemistry to win it all. I cant believe you even questioned their greatness, because they are just that legit. Also, what do you mean Miami is still dominating the east??? That is not wrong, but is not right either. Miami is amazing, but they don’t have the toughness, the heart or the health (talking about Dwayne Wade) to win it all this season. And lets not forget about home-court advantage. My take on it is that the Pacers will not only win it all this season, but also in the future, as unlike Miami, they have YOUNG players to build around in the future, and which in my opinion, will win MANY more chips in the future. thank you.

    • Santi

      to: Greg ‘King Saeed’ Williams

      Listen boy, as a Nuggets fan I am talking and could not disagree more with your comment. Let me start by stating my extreme disappointment on your ignorance, as you did not back up you opinion with any at all facts. The Lakers will have a BUNCH of money to spend in the 2014 free agency, and could sign many future stars. I understand Kobe took a lot of that money, but the Lakers still have a lot. There are also very little things that are better than being a Laker, as the LA fans will love you with all their hart. Also, the Lakers could offer ANYBODY a huge contract, giving them the option to sign a big time star like Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony. And stop taking credit away from the bleacher report writers, as every week they make serious and interesting points. Overall, not only your comment was incredibly false, but also disrespectful in a way to the BR writers. Oh and ps, make some research before posting a stupid comment like this, everyone will see it….

  • Ryan

    Lakers, bulls, bobcats and every other fan of other teams need to let Lance Go. Larry bird is like a father to him. Lance LOVES Indiana, loves being on a championship team. Larry bird has already said lance is going nowhere, and lance has said the same. Lance said he will give Indy a home town discount. He’s not going anywhere. And if he does go somewhere, it will be a sign and trade.

    • WHAT CHIP !!


      • Santi

        to: WHAT CHIP !!

        instead of TRYING to look tough putting the words on capital, i would appreciate if you cold give facts to back up your opinion. Oh and, fyi, as a Nuggets fan, let me inform you that the Pacers have the best record on the NBA, the best defense in the NBA, and one of the most LEGIT players in the NBA with Paul George. Thank you for your opinion, put you are simply wrong.

  • richard

    Cavs GM has been fired. I think this is in the aftermath of the Bynum for Deng trade… They should have gone for Gasol…IMO

    • Daryl Peek


    • Jim213

      From what is being said everyone was demoralized with the loss to the Lakers which looks like the FO ended up going on damage control mode. Although, Mike Brown is getting blame too which goes for the direction of the team today given their high expectations. SMH

  • Nick the Quick

    Win or lose the chip this year, Indiana is keeping Stephenson over Granger. But definitely would love a guy like Stephenson on the Lakers. I was hoping Wes Johnson would pan out to be that Ariza/Stephenson/Ron Artest lock down wing defender, but I guess with all these injuries and change of line-ups and roles, I wouldn’t blame anyone on this team for not fully becoming whom we picked them up to become.

  • Jay Brodes

    nice…hope this works out!!!

  • TY

    Lakers rebuild plan could be this.

    PG Kyle Lowry,Kendall Marshall
    SG Lance Stephenson,Jodie Meeks
    SF Kobe Bryant,Wes Johnson,Xavier Henry
    PF Carlos Boozer amnesty pickup,Ryan Kelly
    C Joel Embiid,Emeka Okfor,Robert Sacre

    • kobe24

      Right cause we have the $$$ for all this, and this roster doesn’t look like a championship caliber team for some reason.

      • Santi

        I agree that it is not a championship team, but they do have the money buddy. Do more research before posting ok?

    • Santi

      to: TYI like your open mind. But i highly doubt that LA is going to forget about team chemistry and sign all those new players. At least Gasol would stay with a smaller contract, but what you propose is not really probable, but it really is possible.

  • Chris P.Bacon

    Stephenson is a good all round player who can play either guard spot. But I think we should go after Bledsoe first as I think he has a higher upside.

    • Santi

      to: Chris P.Bacon

      I couldn’t agree more, I thing that the Kevin Love and Bledsoe combination could untimely lead the Lakers to a championship team if D Antoni is fired.

  • gm jack

    Lakers needs to figure out how to get Kobe and Nash off the books before putting any more.

    You can rebuilt the time or relish on what a great player Kobe was in his prime.

  • Alan

    We need Nene

    • Santi

      hahaha, that would be nice……

  • Crown Royal

    Lake Show should try making this roster happen.

    PG Lance Stephenson+Kendall Marshall
    SG Kobe+Nick Young
    SF Andrew Wiggins+Wes Johnson
    PF LeBron James+Udonis Haslem+Ryan Kelly
    C The Birdman Chris+Emeka Okafor+Robert Sacre

    • Pat Wills


    • Santi

      to: Crown Royal

      hahaha, Lebron isn’t going anywhere, Gasol isn’t going to be traded, and the Lakers are not going to get Wiggins. Nice imagination though….

  • Crown Royal

    I get the feeling the Lakers are going to do something huge in 2014 free agency.

    • Santi

      me too

  • wow

    Lakers need a new coach and roster shake up.Kobe should retire soon so they going have made a trade for all stars player to build around the team.

  • Sweet Cherry Pie Yummy

    The Lakers will more likely get Danny Granger at a cheaper rate and Lance Stephenson will probably stay with the Pacers.So maybe think of other free agents instead since Lance is high priority for Larry Bird.Granger Full Mid Level Exception.

    Lakers 2014-2015 Roster Prediction

    PG Steve Nash,Kendall Marshall
    SG The Black Mamba,Steve Blake
    SF Danny Granger,Xavier Henry
    PF Carmelo Anthony,Ryan Kelly,Shawne Williams
    C Willy Cauley-Stein,Matt Bonner,Robert Sacre

    • Santi

      First of all, thank you for reminding me the Granger option cuz I forgot. But I cannot agree to the idea of Granger and Carmelo playing together, I am sorry.

  • Sweet Cherry Pie Yummy

    Lance Stephenson is too committed to the Pacers IMO.

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    He’s a steady improving player but I dont think he’s a good fit. Too small to play SF, some guy named Kobe will be playing SG next year. PG is a possibility, but his ball-handling skills need improvement

  • greg

    Starting lineup 2014-15: Eric Bledsoe, Kobe Bryant, Lance Stephenson, Pau Gasol, Greg Monroe

    2015-16: Eric, Kobe, Lance, Kevin Love, Monroe

    • michael

      Gasol will leave this summer. Stick with it

      • Chrmngblly

        Nope. They will re-sign him over the summer for a more reasonable salary, but may trade him about a year from now. Think about it, where are we going to get a center as good as Pau for what we can afford? If we hang on to Pau, we can fill all our other holes. I would like to see Sacre spend part of his summer with Kareem or Hakeem. He is learning as he goes right now, but it would be nice to speed that up. I think Gasol is sticking around.

    • Santi

      Hell of a thinking process man. Absolutely love this roster. Except Stephenson is not going to LA. But every single other option I agree with. Good thinking man, props to you.

  • Jody

    Lance isn’t going anywhere. Indiana will lock him up no doubt. Danny Granger is out so there is the cap space and they will probably move the likes of Copeland who isn’t playing much. I wouldn’t mind getting Granger on a cheap deal with an option for LA. Former all star and good combo forward but doesn’t fit with PG, Lance and West/Scola.

  • Marty Susman

    I really don’t know a lot about this man, saw him play a few times & he impressed me as a player who is strong & can push his way around the court. Having said that, he might be a good future guy BUT I would worry big time about giving someone a big contract BEFORE the 2015 free agents & before the 2014 draft….

  • Joseph Apohen

    Larry Bird is too smart to let him go.

  • asian jerry west

    if Mitch likes him I like him

  • Kay Carter

    Deng nd bledsoe are great defensive additions to build around Love for 2015/16′ I doubt we get Stevenson but he will be nice to have

    we need to focus on Embiid or Wiley for the C spot this draft, bkuz we are very weak in that area, we need some rebounders smh, should keep J.Hill go for Embiid or Wiley nd in 15′ FA Go for Love nd Asik

  • Santi

    wow man, I simply love all your points, I couldn’t agree more