Lakers Rumors: Lakers Express Interest In Bulls’ Luol Deng Reviewed by Momizat on . With less than two months to go before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20, the Los Angeles Lakers are starting to get mentioned in a new of potential deals that With less than two months to go before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20, the Los Angeles Lakers are starting to get mentioned in a new of potential deals that Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Lakers Express Interest In Bulls’ Luol Deng

Luol DengWith less than two months to go before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20, the Los Angeles Lakers are starting to get mentioned in a new of potential deals that could go down. Although the team seems to be maintaining their stance on not trading Pau Gasol, the rumors continue to swirl about potential deals and free agents targets for the upcoming off-season.

Reportedly, the Lakers are already starting to show interest in bringing in Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls in free agency over the summer according to Bulls Insider Aggrey Sam of CSNChicago.com:

His upcoming status has resulted in the likes of the Cavaliers, Mavericks, Lakers, Raptors, Spurs, Grizzlies and Nets, among others, already expressing interest in Deng, according to league sources. It doesn’t hurt that Deng, currently sidelined with a left Achilles’ injury that’s caused him to miss seven games this month, is having another stellar campaign, one of three NBA players to average 19 points, seven rebounds and four assists per game (Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant and Minnesota’s Kevin Love are the others) and picking up the Bulls’ scoring burden in the wake of Derrick Rose’s season-ending knee injury.

It comes as no surprise that the Lakers aren’t the only team interested in Deng’s services. Despite having his fair share of injury problems over the years, Deng has been a solid contributor on both ends of the floor for the Bulls and will sign a lucrative deal in the off-season as a result.

With the Bulls seriously considering rebuilding in the wake of another knee injury for Derrick Rose, Deng will likely be on his way out with the Lakers being an attractive option for the veteran small forward. Deng would help improve the team defensively as well as offensively and might be a vital piece to the puzzle in an effort to build a contender around Kobe Bryant once more.
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  • kobe24

    YES finally one player that Lakers are interested that isn’t a scrub!

  • Daryl Peek

    Bulls reportedly asking for a young player and a first round pick in trade talks for Luol Deng.

    If so that pretty much takes us out of the running for Deng. We have the younger players but no picks to offer

    • kobe24

      Hm… I feel like bulls won’t get a trade and Deng will just walk off as a FA

      • Daryl Peek

        If he hits the free market it could get worse because some team will likely over pay for his services

        • Jojob

          That’s my fear too, Daryl. You have to respect the rules of the new CBA. Once the Lakers have the roster they want, they can afford to use “bird rights” to increase salaries and keep talented players. At that point, cap space doesn’t matter. Until then, you need to keep some cap space free to acquire free agents. Acquiring Deng could get in the way of making a shot for Love a year later.
          Keeping Nash and using him as an expiring contract could help the Lakers for 2015.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      True.Hopefully in free agency the Lakers can sign Deng tbh.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    It’s about time the Lakers actually are interested in a All Star player.I was worried their about the Lakers FO for a second LOL.Great to hear they dig young stars still.Deng is in his prime right now.Deng would be a perfect addition to the Lakers.

  • Jim213

    Hopefully a three team trades occurs if this happens possibly sending Marshall, and R Kelly with the other team’s 1st rounder while the other team gets Gasol and freebie Nash (wishful thinking).

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Would the Bulls take Pau and Blake for Taj and Deng?

    Why would Bulls take it? Both are expiring contracts…
    Why would Lakers take it? Taj is an enforcer type player and a very good low post defender(plays 4-5) which the lakers direly need. And Deng is an all star. ONly downside for lakers is Gibson’s contract which runs till 2017 at 8M a year.

    How would you like to see a line up of…
    Jordan Hill,-Sacre
    Luol Deng-Taj -Kelly
    Wes Johnson-Young -Henry
    Kobe Bryant-Meeks
    Jordan Farmar-Nash-Kendall

    We become stronger on the 2-3-4 positions while maintaining the 1 and 5 positions and besides, in MDA offense, the player who has the ball makes the plays, so Kobe basically becomes a PG in this system.

    • rik

      Mitch needs to see this

    • BuzzA

      this would be nice only if the Bulls are willing to give up Taj Gibson as well.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        They are on a rebuild mode according to many reports… and are positioning themselves for the 2014 draft… they might let Taj go becuase of his years of contract… I think it would be the lakers who will take a hard look on that long years of contract.

    • jim

      Kobe is done. Even if he gets sort of healthy, his brand of basketball (dribble, dribble, throw brick) is not going to get it anymore.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        I couldn’t agree with you on that… his style of play brought us 5 championships…

  • truf52

    Lakers get: Luol Deng, Marquis Teague, and 2015 1st Round Draft Pick
    Bulls get: Pau Gasol, 2016 1st Round Draft Pick

    • rik

      Bulls would do it without sending their pick

  • GM Jack

    If Lakers wants to be the BIG TEAM AGAIN. Wait, and get Durant, Love and Cousins.

    They seem to be the three best young players in the the NBA right now.

    Lakers need to be patient. This can all be done in 2 to three seasons.

    It is better than acquiring mediocre players and then get stuck with contracts that other teams do not want.

    • Joseph Apohen

      We need Westbrook beside those three.

  • J Taylor

    Thanks to whoever released the leak. Deng now knows that if he makes it to the offseason he’ll have a discussion with the Lakers.

    Melo + Blodsoe would be good.
    But Deng + Monroe + Blodsoe would be better. (Fantasy world!)

    • jt3z

      Bledsoe signed an extension with the suns.

      • drizzy

        No He Didn’t

  • Jose

    If they can get him for a good price then yes sign him he improves the roster but before the trade deadline I would like to see the Lakers trade Pau for Bynum and Clark. Then the lakers can waive Bynum and save money this year to avoid the luxury repeater tax.

  • 3339

    Lakers need to focus more attention on this draft. Looks like we’ll get a good pick and can’t mess up with it. Deng could fit well with kobe + stud draft pick

  • hookedonnews

    Not that excited about the prospects of getting this guy.

  • Jojob

    The Lakers are walking a tightrope. Short term contracts, cheap contracts don’t matter. However, for most contracts, they have to think of the implications for the post-Kobe era. You want to help Kobe without jeopardizing the future.
    After all, the Lakers are about championships and the next possibility to contend comes in the post-Kobe era.
    I love Deng’s skills and style of play. He’s a defender – something desparatly needed by the Lakers. He’s an unselfish, all-around player who really helps a team’s chemistry. (Sorry Melo.)
    Is he a little old for what the Lakers need in the post-Kobe era?
    He’ll be 29 when this years playoffs start and 31 when the post-Kobe era begins.
    (Assuming Kobe retires at the end of this contract.)
    I’m not sure. Maybe it all comes down to how much Deng would cost.

  • Delafontain

    That is a player, who we really need. Luol Deng will fit perfectly to D’Antoni’s system.Get him Mitch.

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