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Lakers Rumors: L.A. Offered Memphis Jodie Meeks For Jerryd Bayless?

Kelley L Cox

Kelley L Cox

With the NBA trade deadline less than two months away (Feb. 20), the trade speculation surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers will likely kick into high gear. Every single season, no matter the team’s record or situation, the Lakers seem to be involved in a number of different trade scenarios with Pau Gasol usually at the center of it all.

Recently, a report surfaced about the Lakers taking Gasol off the trading block. Although that may change in the next month or so, Gasol is currently not a part of trade package the Lakers are discussing. The same can’t be said for sharpshooter Jodie Meeks.

According to Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report, the Lakers may be dangling Meeks in a swap for Jerryd Bayless:

The Memphis Grizzlies are clearly looking to shake up their roster. While the Zach Randolph-to-New Orleans rumors were dismissed by a league source, a Lakers source says they were offered a swap of scoring guards, Jerryd Bayless for Jodie Meeks.

After the loss to the Miami Heat on Christmas Day, the Lakers are sitting at 13-16 on the season losing seven of their last 10 games. It’s no secret at this point in time that something needs to happen in order to help turn this thing around in Los Angeles.

The fact that the Lakers are pursuing Bayless is interesting as it likely won’t improve this team’s chances of winning night in and night out. Bayless is not a great shooter or distributor making the move to trade Meeks a bit ill-advised.

Meeks is currently having a career year with the Lakers scoring a career-high 12.9 points per game while shooting 41 percent from beyond the arc which is also a career-high. The 26-year-old has made a vast improved from his first year in Los Angeles and continues to play consistently well on a nightly basis.

It’ll be interesting to see what direction the Lakers go in from now until the trade deadline. Openly shopping Meeks in exchange for Bayless doesn’t make that much sense, but there are a few players in Memphis that might intrigued the Lakers like Mike Conley and Zach Randolph.

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Both are expiring contracts Bayless plays decent and he makes more money than Jodie Meeks It would have to be Jodie plus 1 more player to make the salaries match Jodie+Williams works for Bayless in the trade machine.I don’t think this improves us at all.I have no idea what Bayless is worth on the open market.

    • rik

      How bout pau, jodie, and blake for zbo and conley

      • Daryl Peek

        Be realistic man. The Griz are not giving up Conely. Nothing wrong with dreaming but that’s exactly what that trade scenario is. LOL

  • Bobcules

    I think you mis-read Bucher’s story, Ryan. He writes “a Lakers source says they were offered,” which sounds to me like the Grizzlies approached LAL about the deal. I agree with you that would be a dumb trade.

    • Al Haldie

      Thats not only dumb, but it is super dumb–MEEKS is a LAKER for life

      • Robert Perez

        Dude has barely been here a year…

  • Al Haldie

    Dont even start crap like that–MEEKS is a LAKER LIFER—-

    • Robert Perez

      Laker Lifer? I’m not sure what that is but if wearing purple and gold for 1 year makes you one then Dwight is a Laker Lifer too…

      • Sean Lee

        lol at least Jodie doesn’t cry about his minutes…

  • Jeff Tol

    Ryan Ward…you might want to get your facts straight before offering up a false report like this. Ric Bucher reported the rumor a few days ago that the Grizzlies offered Bayless for Meeks. Overall, it would not be a good trade for the Lakers. Meeks is having a great year, and our team will be getting healthy soon. Bayless couldn’t add anymore to the team than what we already have,

    • Joseph Apohen

      The trade will not improve the Lakers. At this point, Meeks is better than Bayless. Don’t believe Bucher, the same guy who a few years back announced that Kobe will never play for the Lakers again as he was suppose to go to Chicago. I never believe what that man says.

  • Al Haldie

    Read the story again—{-it said the LAKERS my be looking} MEEKS FOR BAYLESS is not a good fit – for the LAKERS – we have two very good PG in FARMAR AND BLAKE-and we just picked up a fine young PG….WE ARE FINE JUST LIKE WE ARE…

    • Jeff Tol

      “a Lakers source says they were offered a swap of scoring guards, Jerryd Bayless for Jodie Meeks.”

      Look at the line that says “they were offered.” That means that the Grizzlies made the offer to the Lakers.
      Ryan Ward is the one who misreported that the Lakers made the offer.

      • nlruizjr

        they need to ship Ryan Ward out to some High School news reporter. !!!!!

  • hookedonnews

    Most of these trade rumors are bogus and only serve to create problems with players. I can’t imagine the Lakers getting rid of Meeks unless they could get someone significantly better. There were no stats for Bayless in the article. I thought he was a good 3 pt shooter, but maybe not.

  • Marty Susman

    Forget any player over 25 years of age first off… As for Meeks, not sure why they would want to lose him. If you said they could get a low first rounder for him, then I would say great, but just for another shooting guard, not good I think….The ONLY player I think that the Lakers NEED is a REAL center like Greg Monroe or Cousins or if possible, send Gasol to the Nets for Lopez. (Yes I know he is ut till next year but he would be GREAT in purple & gold….

  • Daryl Peek

    The trade makes sense given the Lakers needed another PG but the salary differences would mean other moving parts would have to be included. I like Bayless but I like Meeks upside better. Bayless is not a traditional PG and has never been good assisting. Given that it’s a lateral move and Meeks is a better shooter.

  • Ronald Velez

    Honestly the Lakers should get rid of Kelly. They should have done that a while back and signed Malcom Thomas. The guy doesn’t get minutes in San Antonio because there is no need for him but the Lakers could use him. Let’s face it, they need athletes who can run up and down the floor and Thomas can do that. Thomas is a leaper, athletic, is a stretch 4 and can block shots. He can be the rim protector the Lakers need because he is a shot block who also rebounds. The guy can be an asset. If him and Marshall can should what they did in the D League on an NBA court then LA would be an even better team. Hopefully the Spurs release him and they can release Kelly and sign him.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Just to change the conversation how about an NBA team of ex UCLA Bruins? Forwards: Ariza and Love, center, Hollins, guards: Afflalo and Westbrook. Bench: Farmar, Callison, Barnes, Mbah a Mute. Can that group contend? Maybe we should trade the whole Lakers team for this group. David Stern will probably veto this trade. Oh well…….

  • Guest


  • Lakers Need 2

    oh and lets face it they wont be able to retain J Meeks or X henry and J hill the way they’re playing other teams will pay and they will take the payday

  • Delafontain

    Stupid trade idea. Jodie Meeks is our second best player this season. Why we need to trade him? Makes no sense.

  • TennisMindCamp


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