Lakers Rumors: L.A. Not Worried About Re-Signing Ramon Sessions?

Lakers Rumors: L.A. Not Worried About Re-Signing Ramon Sessions?


With rumors aplenty swirling around the Los Angeles Lakers following their untimely exit in the second round of the NBA playoffs, there are more questions than answers surrounding the team’s roster heading into the off-season.

One of these questions is point guard Ramon Sessions, who was acquired by the Lakers on the trade deadline for Luke Walton, Jason Kapono and the Lakers’ draft pick. Sessions, who has the option to opt out of his current contract and test the free agent waters.

Sessions has mentioned his desire to return to the Lakers next season, and the organization is reportedly interested in bringing him back, too. But now, according to HoopsWorld’s Larry Coon, the team might not be focusing on Sessions in the off-season.

Sessions has an option. Latest I’m hearing is that they’d be fine if he opted-out, and likely wouldn’t break a sweat trying to keep him.

If Los Angeles doesn’t bring Sessions back, they will certainly have to bring someone else in to help Steve Blake handle the point guard duties.

Sessions can officially opt out of his contract on July 1.

  • Chad Shimabukuro

    I think Sessions is good for the Lakers and should be brought back (assuming he doesn’t choose to sign with another team altogether).  Remember, Sessions only just got to L.A. mid season and hasn’t even began to build chemistry with his teammates.  Hell, the team hasn’t began to build chemistry with their COACH.

    I think we go after Lowry, or use Houston in a 3-team trade sending Lowry to the Nets and DWill to L.A. (and of course, other pieces must be involved, too). 

    Don’t give up on Sessions.  Don’t give up on Pau.

    DO GIVE UP ON BYNUM.  He’s one small “knee bump” away from cutting a regular season in half.  He’s received WAY too much credit this year for playing the entire season… ehem!  It was a shortened season, folks.  Get rid of him while you can.

    Trade Bynum for D12.  If not, see if the Hornets would be interested in trading Anthony Davis (and pieces) for Bynum.  

    No matter what, GET RID OF BYNUM.  I guarantee, he’ll be injured, or he’ll walk when his contract is up.  

  • Southeast562

    Trade pau for Lowry, scola, Martin, and first round pick?! What are u fuckin retarded? They would never agree to that

  • Paranabparanab

    Keep sessions. Try to get Josh smith or gerald wallace or both. Felton will also be good or Hinrich. Dwill will be hmmmm.. ok…. but dont get DH12.. get j.smooth nad/or crash.. then let go of gasol and/or bynum. but if only one has to go, keep gasol. bynum is a better trade bait… then get someone from FA like beasley, gerald green and I hope this time they make this right move to get jr smith. Then keep j.hill and maybe mcbob(give him a chance guys). Forget about odom and other past lakers.

    PG  Sessions or felton/hinrich backed by goudelocke
    SG Kobe backed by jr smith/green
    SF crash backed by jr smith/green
    PF j smooth backed by beasley/mcbob or crash.
    C Pau backed by J.Hill/Mcbob

    I dont know, but for me, that can go to the championships. Pau’s rebound laziness will be solved by crash and j smooth. Plus Gives you more defense inside and outside coutesy of josh smith. Give sessions chance to prove himself. He really has talent and is a fit for the team. Him being new to the team then now new to the post season, the team being coached with a new system without practice, and all the drama surrounding LALand, those are big changes for him to shoulder. If not sessions, felton or hinrich is a great addition for PG. If one or all of that happen in the PG situation, everything will be ok in that spot. Jr smith and gerald green will solve the bench problems(or even just jr smith). drew,jr,green,mcbob and hill is good for second team. Gives Kobe all the rest in the world. Beasley, well, I dont know. I just want to put him in the mix if possible coz it will give them spacing on the court if he plays backup PF. and I think this is not that too much of a allstar team. Plus, its much more younger and more promising even if kobe bids goodbye. More complete, but not as big as DH12, Dwill, Kobe, Pau/Bynum or any superstar packed lineup that I always see. But if its really hard to get this lineup. Please… Get the SMITHs!!!!

    • Paranabparanab

      Add to that, if they’re going to make change, DO IT ALL BEFORE JULY!