Lakers Rumors: L.A. Interested in Utah Jazz Guard Devin Harris?

Lakers Rumors: L.A. Interested in Utah Jazz Guard Devin Harris?


The Lakers point guard problems have been discussed quite frequently this season. After the Chris Paul fiasco it’s been one thing after another for the L.A. backcourt, which is currently one of the least productive in the league.

With Steve Blake sidelined for at least another week, the Lakers are left with an aging Derek Fisher and a very green Darius Morris. Needless to say, their production has been minimal.

There has been plenty of talk surrounding New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams, who recently expressed his interest to leave the Garden State if they’re unable to bring in Dwight Howard. Williams’ former team, the Utah Jazz, appear to be shopping their point guard as well.

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According to Marc Stein of, the Jazz are shopping Devin Harris, who ironically was the centerpiece of the trade that sent Williams to New Jersey last season. Stein is reporting that of all the teams in the league, the Lakers are one that might take the bait.

“The Lakers would surely have interest, desperately needing an injection of speed in their backcourt, but the $8.9 million trade exception L.A. created by dealing Lamar Odom to Dallas isn’t big enough to accommodate Harris’ current $9.5 million salary.”

This would mean the Lakers need to give up something else in order to bring in Harris, which they might not be willing to do.

Harris has been struggling this season, averaging just 8.1 points and 4.6 assists for the Jazz while shooting 35 percent from the field. For a team that needs some help scoring the basketball that isn’t exactly promising.

Still, Harris could provide a much-needed spark for a Lakers offense that is currently stuck in neutral.

  • Ronald M

    Anything is better then Fisher!

  • Kelton Saxton

    Man we need to D. Will or DJ Augustin

  • Ben

    Mo Williams a better fit all the way around!!

  • djp

    D william is much more needed than anything else go and get him, then make another move to Haward.. gasal & byunum 22 rebound total haward 23 rebound think about that.

    • Jc Rei Yap

      Gasol can shoot from the outside with a man in his NUTS, while Howard can’t shoot freeThrows (HENCE “FREE” THROW).. think about that


    The Lakers don’t have to use the TPE to get Harris, they can just trade Walton, Ebanks and Caracter.  

    • Jc Rei Yap

      what owner in their right mind would trade for Walton ridiculous salary and an injured Caracter

  • Shawn

    Brooks is not even that good…..D Will and/ D How

  • Trench

    I’d gamble with the exception and a couple draft picks.  Dont know what else we could give up for him.

  • Slomead

    Use the trade exception & add in (take your pic) character, morric,
    goudluck, walton. Make it work. Then were going to sign D.howard wishful
    thinking and followed by that d williams will follow and sign with us
    then we could have harris as a back up to williams.

    1.Deron Williams
    2.Kobe Bryant

    • Joe Farag

      If we get d-will we’ll have to give up Gasol so mcroberts will probably be starting

    • Jc Rei Yap

      I like GOudelock, he’s becoming a “superstar” threat from behind the arc

  • chris

    we need ray allen….

  • LakerLyle

    PG Ricky Rubio
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF James Posey
    PF Pau Gasol
    C   Dwight Howard
    Devin Harris
    Matt Barnes
    Troy Murphy
    Jason Kapono
    Josh McRoberts
    Steve Blake
    Derek Fisher

    • kmac_321

      Ricky Rubio?? How can that happen?

  • Orangeroku

    Lakers should pursue Raymond Felton from the blazers. they pursued him last year.

  • kmac_321

    Everyone from the LAKERSNATION agrees …. we need D-WILL!

  • Sti1lmatic

    We’ll be fine with Mo Williams, Aaron Brooks or Darren Collison.

  • Martinez_jimbo_jamie

    lakers   need to stay 
    nd just pick up either harris D will , or last nd cheap to ride out the season  go get  Gilbert!!  u saw blake? tonight he made a huge diffidence blake is bad ass  i can tell blake know’s his roll 
    he can move the ball  really good  just picture if it was  Gilbert  harris  d will psh pau n bynum need A PG!! blake made em better tonight cuz fisher is old   no dissing fish he just slow ! love FISH