Lakers Rumors: L.A. Interested in Former MVP Steve Nash

Lakers Rumors: L.A. Interested in Former MVP Steve Nash


The trade rumors continue to swirl in Los Angeles. After reports that the team could be close to acquiring Dwight Howard in exchange for Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace, a new rumor has surfaced that involves a former league MVP.

According to David Aldridge of, the team is possibly considering a sign-and-trade deal with the Suns that would involve Nash.

The Lakers, with a payroll already projected in excess of $83 million next season, would only be able to offer Nash an exception starting at $3.09 million for next season. It’s unlikely Nash would take that, so a sign-and-trade deal would be a more realistic possibility.

The Lakers do have a viable starting point guard they could send Phoenix in such a deal, Ramon Sessions, who became an unrestricted free agent after surprisingly opting out of the last year of his contract. Forwards Jordan Hill and Matt Barnes are also free agents.

Due to the Lakers salary cap situation, which leaves little room for free agent signings and flexibility, the team would almost certainly have to focus on a sign-and-trade if they were serious about acquiring Nash.

In the past Nash has stated he wasn’t interested in joining Los Angeles, but he has backed off of those comments a bit lately. If the team was able to offer Nash a roster that included Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant, it may do a little more to perk Nash’s interests.

For a team that needs to get younger, a 39-year-old point guard doesn’t seem like a solid decision. But with a roster that includes an aging Kobe Bryant, the Lakers’ window is closing rapidly. Nash is still a productive player and fills a need the Lakers need. While the team’s goal is still to find some younger players, a proven veteran like Nash who can still be productive is something the team should consider. It doesn’t make sense for them to get younger at the expense of winning games.

  • Nikko10

    In a heartbeat. It’s about “NOW” I don’t wanna hear he’s old remarks cause Kobe is 34 and Nash is ageless. Even without Howard Nash would get us to the finals.

  • Tadeh_zaghian

    Plzz as a Laker fan make it happen 

  • Lakers4life

    Defense… Were effed….

    I love Nash Offensively but when it comes down to Westbrooke or Williams or Paul we’re done
    I think we need to go for Randolph and Conley.
    trade Pau and other assets for Randolph and Conley and then go for a SF.
    We can also try to add Courtney Lee

    • Ajhbusiness

       read what i say we should do

  • Tomk777

    Nash is a player that plays below the rim, with a basketball IQ that’s several steps ahead of most players opposing him on a nightly basis, Just like Jason Kidd, that type of player can play well into basketball old age. What he gives up in defense, he more than makes up for in not only offense, but making everyone else on the floor more productive. A lineup of Nash, Kobe, Ebanks, Gasol and Howard or Bynum plus Morris, Blake, Jordan Hill, Gouldlock and the two new rookies would be a great team.

  • Ajhbusiness

    yes nash dwight and kobe would be good but what i would do is resign hill first, then trade for dwight and then go get jamaal crawford and jameer nelson off free agency and dont sign session back because he showed no heart in playoff. this will give you a line up of jameer nelson, kobe bryant, jamaal crawford, paul gosal, and dwirght howard. on the bench steve blake, matte barnes, ebanks,jordan hill

    • Chandleryen

      No money to support those people. Sorry. Crawford is gonna sign with either Wolves or Clippers. Also, the bench you listed

  • Jayro Alvarez

    Nash, Bryant, MWP, Gasol, and Howard.

  • Naif Sadeddin

    we would be one of the oldest team’s in the nba with kobe 34 , nash 39 , Howard i think 29 ,then pau 31 ,metta 32. But i can see this team win at least 2 more championship’s or even 3 .

    But when kobe does decided to leave and im sure nash would follow all where left with is half a player artest , howard would be out of his prime , pau would be to soft cause of his age . and we head in to rebuilding agian  for anther year or 2 . 
    This idea is not bad or anything good for the short term future but if your thinking long term then i wouden’t agree . just keep on rebuilding around kobe in till a year before he retires . then you can start trading howard for a younger draft talent that we can rebuild around .  

  • Chezjr32

    I’m saying that some of you guys don’t know basketball at all but that’s beside my point
    As a Laker fan I’m all in for this lineup next year for us with Nash, Kobe, Barnes or Ebanks (if we resign either if them), Pau, and Dwight
    Nash just has to play solid perimeter D because Dwight and Pau will have a great low post presence that no team will be able to get by, we don’t need to get rid of Pau unless its for a solid starting PF and some role players, it’s a bit to much to ask for but I think if we continue to push for it, it could work, Laker Nation!!!!!!

  • B Diddy

    no longer a rumor! we got him, wake up and smell the coffee laker fans! players love playing with nash, so more people with talent wanna come to LA