Lakers Rumors: Kyrie Irving Willing To Leave Cleveland For LA?

Lakers Rumors: Kyrie Irving Willing To Leave Cleveland For LA?


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This is a transition period for the Los Angeles Lakers. With Kobe Bryant signing what is likely to be his final contract, the team will need to get its next star in place.

Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving has looked unhappy at times this season, and many believe that he could be trying to get out of Cleveland.

On the Mason & Ireland Show on ESPN LA 710, Lakers radio announcer Mychal Thompson talked with them about Kyrie Irving and the possibility of him coming to LA:

My son Mychel, who is good friends with Kyrie since they played together in Cleveland, says that Kyrie said that if he did leave the Cavaliers, and the rookie-scale contract that he’s on right now, he would definitely do it for the Lakers.

Irving is one of the top young point guards in the NBA, and has a definite star quality about him. He is already set to make his second All-Star appearance this weekend.

This season has been a bit of a disappointment for both Irving and the Cavaliers, and the frustration is becoming apparent.

There have been reports that Kevin Love is likely to be a Laker in the future. The possibility of pairing Love and Irving has to have Lakers fans extremely excited for the future, despite the fact that they may miss out on Carmelo Anthony joining the team.

While Anthony may not come to town, the news on Love and Irving gives the Lakers a bright outlook for their future.

None of these rumors guarantee anything, of course, but the fact that the Lakers name continues to pop up is a great sign.
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  • Charles BROCKLEY

    ahahahahahaha Lakers fans must be embarrassed. The best news Lakers fans have gotten all year is news that terrible teams’s best players wanna play for the Lakers….. Is Irving, Love and a 38 year old Kobe Bean Bryant going to even make it to the WCF?? Even though Love averages almost modern day Wilt numbers, he can’t even will his team to a win over .500 teams. His defense is atrocious, much worse than Gasol’s who gets shitted on unfairly by these ”Lakers fans”. Irving is a point guard who really has no dog in him. Obviously playing in Cleveland sucks for him, but he makes absolutely no effort to make people around him better. These players that are avaliable are not gunna make Lakers title contenders with how ridiculously competitive the West is. If anything, they need to draft good and actually fill their bench with young talent and pieces that make sense.

    • Samuel Salome


    • lakerfan

      I’m A LakersFan and im not embarassed about anything. You dont need a team with All stars and athletic monsters. Do you remember 2009, and 2010? Our best players were Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, and Odom. Lakers already have the Role players they need for next season. Swaggy P, Hill, Farmar/Marshall , Xavier, Wesley Johnson. A Good Top 10 draft pick, 70-80% Kobe, 1 or 2 Free agents.

      • naldo

        Don’t for get mention 2000 2001 2002 n thats the reason why we owe 16 nba tittles

    • kbizz

      you put star players from terrible teams together to build a championship team. theres a reason theyre teams suck, cause they dont have help.

    • xxnostradamusxx

      Thanks for taking the time to click the link, go to Lakers Nation, read the article, then scroll all the way to the bottom to leave a comment. Clearly you must really be afraid of the fact that the Lakers simply don’t rebuild, they reload. And reload they shall with top free agents coming to where the Purple and Gold. So in the words of Ice T, “Eat a dick!”. That is all.

    • MandomadnessAZ

      You sound stupider then charles barkley himself! Lakers got rings nigga and a lot of them! I ain’t ashamed of shit sucka! We will be in the finals again real soon and you and every other Laker hater will be back on the dick of the greatest franchise to ever exist! Biatch !! GO LAKERNATION!!

    • Alex Vermont

      awwww…look at you all dumb and stuff

    • Gregory Choa

      “Is Irving, Love and a 38 year old Kobe Bean Bryant going to even make it to the WCF??”
      Yup…and beyond!

    • Luis

      Gasol was in a terrible team before he got traded to the lakers…what happen??? tree straigth finals appereances…2 championships… ill take them.., i would recomend you to read your inferior comment before posting it so you can avoid sounding like a incompetent dumbass

    • Chris Lilly

      man u are so fuckin stupid. Miami heat didnt have an attractive record before lebron got there. All of a sudden they win two titles once he joined. Just b/c love and irvin has bad records on BAD teams doesnt mean they wont win once u pair them together with kobe. U can say wat u want about kobe but a 40 year old kobe will still manage to put up better numbers than over 3/4 of nba players. He’s working with no help right now and a team full of injuries. We all kno kobe is the toughest guy in the nba. He’ll find a way to get it done

    • Michael Fonseca

      Love, Irving, a good draft pick like exum and Bryant…..yea how is that not a good lineup especially if our draft pick develops….

    • grouch

      hello Mr. Brockley….what teams did Bosh and Lebron come from??? They are both from terrible teams and they were stars there. Now they got 2 rings. What about Garnett and Ray Allen before going to Boston? Their teams suck too. Of course they got their rings too.

    • Matt Williams

      Why don’t you go die somewhere.

    • Sti1lmatic

      Dwight? Is that you leaving a comment from Asiks phone?


      Charles BROCKLEY is a fucking dumb shit how lame is he scrolling laker
      blogs not being a fan come back when ur team has 16 championships
      asshole and if ur a celtics fan “SUCK MY DICK AND GET THA FUCK OFF THIS


      Charles BROCKLEY is a fucking dumb shit how lame is he scrolling laker
      blogs not being a fan come back when ur team has 16 championships
      asshole and if ur a celtics fan “SUCK MY DICK AND GET THA FUCK OFF THIS

  • Charles BROCKLEY

    AHAHAH Lakers fans’s panties have been in a bundle ever since Dwight decided that Houston had a better opportunity at winning a championship than L.A. Now Lakers fans are trying find the next best thing. First it was ” Oh were getting Carmelo… Kobe and Carmelo deadly tag team”…. Now its trying to get a point guard who isn’t even top 10 in the league right now??!!! And to that fan that said we had Kobe Bynum Gasol Odom as best players for 2009 2010. Kobe is a top 10 player in the history of the NBA…Where you gunna find that now?

    • NITSbleedPURP

      With a name like that I don’t think anyone here will take you serious. Let me guess, Charles Barkley is one of your favorite players ever played? That explains why you don’t know S#%$ about what it takes to be a CHAMPIONSHIP team and just enjoy having a winning REGULAR SEASON team. Now, you just become a fan of which ever team is winning during the season? Haha

      Laker fans did not lose one minute of sleep over Dwight. He, like you, just wants to win during the season and has the heart of mediocrity. LAKERS will win another championship before Dwight gets his 1st.

      And as far as Kyrie, he’s actually listed as #5 PG in the league.

      2013-14 Per-Game Stats: 21.4 points, 3.0 rebounds, 6.1 assists, 0.4 blocks, 1.3 steals, 20.0 PER


    • Chris Lilly

      Laker fans aint ever in a bundle. Dude we’re rebuilding. I kno u want us to win every year but that jus doesnt happen. We have the greatest franchise ever. U prolly jus jumped on the heats dick wagon. Our fans are the most loyal in nba history. People like u only cheer for who’s winning at the time. That lil shit wade, lebron, and bosh doin wont last long. Matter of fact it might be over according to paul george and durant



    • Tune

      We don’t need Howard with the way things are going now. We might have the ability to have Kobe, Parker or Wiggins, Gasol, Love, and Marshall as our starting lining up. With Young or Henry, Meeks, Hill, Blake or Farmar coming off the bench. That’s an incredible bench and starter aka ring material. We can try and land Irving when Kobe retires and either Meeks develops or we draft/sign a solid shooting guard. It mainly comes down to whether we can get Love and Irving for the Lakers future. If not, there are other steps options we can take. Our bench is one of the most productive in the NBA, we just need 1 more solid starter for Kobe’s final run at a ring and either a SG to develop, Meeks, or another good shooting guard for the future.

    • Kay Carter

      do you even watch basketball?

  • Sonya

    IMWT – In Mitch We Trust!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am doing my dance all over those haters,We are getting Kyrie Irving and keeping Kendall Marshall and getting a likely top 5 pick that is looking like a beast team to me.Also Kevin Love is coming sooner or later,you bums know nothing.GTFO!!!!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kyrie Irving is coming to the Lakers,take that hater.

  • MiHrvati

    Dont even need superstars for next season, i would wait another year, then sign both Love and Irving. But after this season try to sign a few decent free agents on the cheap, and start molding the team. Kobe, Nash, Sacre are already signed for next season, Kendal Marshall’s contract is a team option of 900K, Lakers would be stupid to waive that. Keep Meeks, Young, Hill, Henry. Say goodbye to Johnson, Farmar, Blake, and Pau, unless Pau wants to re-sign for cheap. Go get Beasley, Deng, Spencer Hawes, who are free agents and possibly willing to take a lil less money.
    PG – Nash, Marshall
    G – Kobe, Meeks, Young, Henry
    F – Beasley, Deng, Hill
    C – Hawes, Sacre (maybe cheap Pau)
    – 2014 draft pick
    Then after next season, Irving and Love joining these guys, while Nash is done, retired. Here you have a solid starting line-up, and agreat bench.. = championship

    • meep

      Why get Beasley when young the same player and maybe even better

      • MiHrvati

        They really arent the same. Beasley is 6’10, can play both PF and SF. Young is 6’6 or 6’7, can play both SG and SF. I would rather have Beasley who also can be a scorer instead of Wes Johnson or Shawne Williams. Either way, it was just ideas and examples I threw out there. Finding an athletic PF/SF scorer, decent defender for cheap

        • Chris Lilly

          I’d rather keep nick young. He’s more consistant than beasley. And he’s loves being in LA. Has passion to play for LA. Which means he’ll be loyal. Rather keep him

          • MiHrvati

            Read. didnt say to get rid of Nick Young.

          • MiHrvati

            We’ll see at the end of the season how ‘loyal’ he is. He holds a player option for 1.2 million for next season. We will then see if he is loyal to the lakers and keep that 1.2 million contract, or will he be loyal to money, and opt-out, seeking more.

        • Kay Carter

          Beasley have no defense, never did…..rather have shawne nd wes bkuz of defense

        • Chrmngblly

          Could we trade Pau for Aslic or whatever his name is in Houston?

    • AP43

      I say keep Meeks, Young, Farmar, and Blake. When Farmar and Blake are healthy they are very good contributors. Remember how well the bench played beginning of the season? Farmar was on fire til he tore the hammy. Blake has that dog in him and is a very good role player. Those two are good to build a championship team w. HELL no to Beasley and hawes bro.

      • MiHrvati

        And when Nash, Farmar, and Blake were out, Marshall was hitting nearly 50% from 3, and making more assists than Nash, Farmar and Blake combined. Under contract next season is Nash and Marshall. If you want Kyrie Irving to come, there is no room for Farmar and Blake contracts, unless Nash retires early, is traded, or is cut….Just saying…..

        • Swaggy Rambo

          Kendall can only hit the 3 when he is wide open with no one within 10 feet of him. He is slow and I’m not convinced he can keep it up. Him against Westbrook? He’d get torched. Farmar is better. He was not getting more than them combined. That’s just asinine. Blake was averaging like 11 assists alone.

        • honestly

          look at the minutes… blake and farmar had to SPLIT the minutes. marshall had all the PG minutes to himself… if farmar was healthy and got all of those minutes that marshall got, blake was the white mamba when kobe went down last year… he’d avr 20 ppg and 9 apg… remember that farmar is seasoned, defends better, has rings, and overall more athletic than marshall… kendall might look good now, but he looks like one of those players who’ll play like complete trash after signing a big contract… remember vujacic?? lol

        • nlruizjr

          I think this will be Nash’s last season !!!!

    • Swaggy Rambo

      No way do you say goodbye to Farmar. He’s a solid backup and a 3 point threat. He’s probably shooting better than Meeks. Hell no to Beasley and Deng possibly. Xavier is pretty much useless so unless his deal is cheap he can leave too.

    • richard

      good lineup… my only beef is starting Beasley over Deng… that is a terrible assessment of talent. Deng is a two-way player…level headed and keeps his head in the game all the time… beasley flys to the moon every time he steps into the court.

  • Mike

    Who? Mychel who? Another no merit article. Who is Mychel Thompson? You mean Tristan?

    • meep

      The name they put is the right name

    • Greg G.

      No. They mean former Cav player Mychel Thompson. Son of former NBA #1 pick and Laker Mychel Thompson.

  • Tom Caswell

    Irving and Love over Melo? Without a shadow of a doubt! MAKE IT HAPPEN MITCH!

    • Chrmngblly

      Irving AND Love???? Yeah, but how? The FO can’t meddle with another team’s players. There must be a way to put the word out, though.

  • Sickmind247

    Ok we at least get ppl that wNt to play for the lakers Carmelo is one of them it’s just being kept behind closed doors for now. Irving , Love, Melo… with back up from kobe , nick young Wesley , hill, Marshall, Blake and farmer we are golden if we get first round pick on draft day to get Embiid then this laker team will beat a 3 peat and going for 4 just saying. Trade Gasol Meeks kaman and let go of Nash then we are straight haters gonna hate us again keep your eyes open because you’ll will see me soon in a laker parade lol.

    • JCollins

      keep dreaming. we’ll see u in a gay parade before a laker parade.

    • Swaggy Rambo

      Are you slow or high? There is no way in hell they can sign all of those guys.

  • NickOld

    Man all these stupid rumors. Let’s finish the season and see who we get in the draft first.

    Funny though how Cleveland fans are already trollin Lakersnation. Reminds me of this guy with the name Cleveland23 on ESPN board a few years ago, always talking shit of Kobe and wouldn’t get his head out of Lebron’s ass, until Lebron dumped Cleveland for greener pasture ofcourse…

  • Swaggy Rambo

    Yes GAWD! Trade Kaman and Nash for him, hell maybe even Pau! Haters would cry if this happened then a top draft pick? TAKE THAT TAKE THAT! *DIDDY VOICE*

    • Sti1lmatic

      LMAO, “take that take that take that”

  • Jack Bauer

    Irving, Love and LBJ will be Lakers after this season.

  • JohnSmith00

    Love-Irving on the Lakers huh, it sounds nice but as it stands Mitch is going to have his word cut out for him if he wants to land them both. As the Lakers don’t have much to offer other than Pau and their 2014 1st round pick. Well regardless the next few weeks/months are going to be interesting to say the least.

    • honestly

      those 2 players would only leave their respective teams if the lakers want them… we were supposed to get cp3 and dwight in the same summer… I have no doubt with mr kupchak

  • Chuck

    a Miami bandwagon fan much????

  • Marty Susman

    First off let’s all remember that the NBA tams “Share:” the bucks so it’s important to have a few GREAT teams to love & hate… Next let’s also remember that if you looked out in NBA land for a player that had the “GUTS” to challenge Kobe to one on one it was Irving, that tell me straight out, this man was BORN to be in purple & gold…….As for Love, he will be here at the end of 2015 to play along side Irving & the new first round pick……..There are a few players in NBA land that NEED to be here…One for example is Harrison Barnes. Golden State can’t keep tree big stars since they signed Eggy, meaning Barnes or Thompson will have to go & I doubt it will be Thompson, so Blake goes to back up Curry & Johnson goes to back up Iggy & Barnes comes here on the wing, now we only need a CENTER. Now if they can get the kid in the draft, great BUT if not Monroe would be ideal since they lost out on Cousin’s……..

  • Baltazar Costa

    As it goes, we may end up as 6-th or 7-th worst record and have a chance to draft either Julius Randle (PF) Kentucky or Noah Vonleh (PF) Indiana. Both, they are NBA ready and very talented prospects. As of the free agent market, if we sign Specer Hawes (C) from 76-ers, it will be good enough. He is 25 y.o. and 7’1″. His stats are very respectable: 13.9 points, 8.7 rebounds and 1.3 blocks.Pili’s management will make a qualifying offer at the end of the season for their raising star, Evan Turner and most likely will try to match any offer for him. But, if the bid is high enough, we can get him here.Adding Hawes and Turner this summer will be more than enough. Next year, we can sign both K.Irving and K.Love as a UFA’s and here is what we have for 2015-2016 season.
    PG K.Irving ( K.Marshall ) J.Farmar
    SG K.Bryant ( J.Meeks )
    SF E.Turner ( N.Young ) X.Henry
    PF K.Love ( J.Randle ) Johnson
    C S.Hawes ( J.Hill ) R.Sacre

    That is a championship team for at least 5 more Larry O’Brien trophy.

  • lakersnation

    Shit give me KB, irving, love, gasol, bring bck odom shit that not bad team. Plus role players we have right now damn we be in good shape so fuck all LAKERS HATERS u just mad bc we have rings. And u CHARLES BARKELY shut up don’t have rings to be talking ur trash.