Lakers Rumors: Kupchak Slipped on Pau Gasol for Rajon Rondo Deal

Lakers Rumors: Kupchak Slipped on Pau Gasol for Rajon Rondo Deal


According to some investigative speculation by HoopsWorld writer, Eric Pincus, Mitch Kupchak might have just given his tell on what the Lakers are looking for and planning to do in these upcoming months.

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Based on a conversation that Lakers sideline reporter, Mike Trudell, had with Mitch regarding potential moves, Kupchak replied with:

“Well, if there were a way for us to get a 25-year-old, All-Star, ball-handling guard we’d love to do it … but that’s not likely in February. So you look at other alternatives, and see if it’s better than what you have. That’s all.”

Scouring his database of birthdays, Pincus found that there is only one man that fits that description and that man is the starting point guard for the Boston Celtics – Rajon Rondo.

Rivalry aside, this seems to be a great trade for the Lakers and a so-so trade for the Celtics. Boston is already stacked up front with Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O’Neal and Brandon Bass. Also, who knows what KG would do to Pau if they were ever in the same locker room together.

For the Lakers, adding Rajon Rondo to the team would be as good as it gets if both Dwight Howard and Deron Williams choose not to come to LA. Rajon has the competitive fire that team leader, Kobe Bryant, craves for. Rondo has the ball handling skills and playing making abilities to create shots for his teammates. Finally, the biggest asset that Rondo brings is the defensive tenacity that will wreak havoc on opposing guards.

Personally, I think it’s going to be a reach for the Celtics and Lakers to close this deal, but since Eric Pincus is reporting it, we definitely have to give it a look!