Lakers Rumors: Kupchak Slipped on Pau Gasol for Rajon Rondo Deal Reviewed by Momizat on . According to some investigative speculation by HoopsWorld writer, Eric Pincus, Mitch Kupchak might have just given his tell on what the Lakers are looking for a According to some investigative speculation by HoopsWorld writer, Eric Pincus, Mitch Kupchak might have just given his tell on what the Lakers are looking for a Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Kupchak Slipped on Pau Gasol for Rajon Rondo Deal

According to some investigative speculation by HoopsWorld writer, Eric Pincus, Mitch Kupchak might have just given his tell on what the Lakers are looking for and planning to do in these upcoming months.

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Based on a conversation that Lakers sideline reporter, Mike Trudell, had with Mitch regarding potential moves, Kupchak replied with:

“Well, if there were a way for us to get a 25-year-old, All-Star, ball-handling guard we’d love to do it … but that’s not likely in February. So you look at other alternatives, and see if it’s better than what you have. That’s all.”

Scouring his database of birthdays, Pincus found that there is only one man that fits that description and that man is the starting point guard for the Boston Celtics – Rajon Rondo.

Rivalry aside, this seems to be a great trade for the Lakers and a so-so trade for the Celtics. Boston is already stacked up front with Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O’Neal and Brandon Bass. Also, who knows what KG would do to Pau if they were ever in the same locker room together.

For the Lakers, adding Rajon Rondo to the team would be as good as it gets if both Dwight Howard and Deron Williams choose not to come to LA. Rajon has the competitive fire that team leader, Kobe Bryant, craves for. Rondo has the ball handling skills and playing making abilities to create shots for his teammates. Finally, the biggest asset that Rondo brings is the defensive tenacity that will wreak havoc on opposing guards.

Personally, I think it’s going to be a reach for the Celtics and Lakers to close this deal, but since Eric Pincus is reporting it, we definitely have to give it a look!


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  • Dallas829419

    no he doesnt but the thing is we all know Bynum and Kobe are off limits……so who else in purple an gold would be traded to Boston if it happened besides Pau??

  • http://www.facebook.com/glendalepetresort Epi Gumatay

    Grab Sessions for the 1st round pick. Dont trade Pau, he is a 7ft tall at power forward. Never trade big for small. Rondo cant shoot.

    • lakerlvr

      don’t take sessions. he’s good for a couple points here and there but he isn’t a major upgrade from what the lakers already have. he won’t be the hot man off the bench as he is having a rough season as well (FG%=33). in my opinion, the lakers should give goudelock more minutes and give him more experience. he’s fearless and is shooting better than sessions. also, the lakers should keep the 1st round pick. it will help when they start rebuilding soon. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000866492730 Kevin Evans

    Goudelock is the man so far. he is already building confidence and can handle the ball. defineltly shoot the three. and drive and hit the floater. he is quick and shifty. get him distributing the ball better and he will be tough.

    • Tyronesrmarshall

      kev you right this guy is for real kobe named him tiny Mamba for a reason, but hes just what we need in his role right now off the bench

  • J Taylor

    I like how the writer mentions the rivalry… Did you know that M.Brown was asked to change his league approved Lakers sweater (while at practice) because it was green? When the lakers have more banners than the Celtics, maybe we can hypothesize about such  fantasies, but until then, i can’t see it happen.

  • Graham_PO

    theres no way morris sucks hes awsome just doesnt get playing time cause brown is a idiot
    i say trade away kapno murphy and barnes they allll suck i say even trade walton but of course the lakers wont do that
    i just hope they make a trade soon and make it good and dont take a dumb trade

    • Jay

      what? morris? the guy never knows what to do with the ball, just dribbles, dribbles and dribbles and turns it over! goudelock is the one showing some potential, kinda reminds me of vujacic’s best days… anyway, he’s a scoring sg not a pg. 

      we’ve just waived derrick caracter, so I’d say someone’s coming in the next few days…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Agie-Jordan-III/100000982684171 Agie Jordan III

    If we (meaning Lakers fans) were cool with Rick Fox coming to LA after being in beantown..why not Rondo..he’s the only Celtic i’ve ever liked anyway.  You need a PG if you’re not gonna run da triangle offense anymore..period.  But, that leaves Bynum as the only big man we have and he’s been injury prone to say the least.

    • Tyronesrmarshall

      you right but i will leave you with this you must take chances for advances its not going to be eeasy but we have to make a chage

  • Alex Figueroa

    Do any of you know anything about basketball?

  • Jef_alexhao

    PAU for RONDO? are you out of your f****** mind? Rondo is not that good… not a shooter and his FT % is BAD as SHAQ… Grab Sessions from Cleveland for 1st Round Pick and keep a 7 footer PF/C in PAU… PAU is back from his game now… Lakers’ BIG 3 can score 20+ points/game and PAU/BYNUM almost have double-double every night… They need a better bench players, except for Mini-Mamba, and Blake can be a back-up PG for Sessions… Mitch Kupchak is messing up the rosters for he intend to leave the Lakers, the team will be disaster when he leaves…

  • Anonymous

    Man there is no way that you pass on this if you are either team. Rondo is the perfect pg for Kobe because he is a past first player. A lot of idiots saying that Rondo cant shoot, they may be right but the boy gets to the RACK WHENEVER HE WANTS! Celtics already had success without Rondo and by adding a big man they once again have a formidable lineup. Laker fans need to get over “trading with the enemy” this is NBA not war!!!

    • Pflores

       Right.  People forget that Rick Fox was a Celtic.


    YA RIGHT! Ha.. this is a joke.. you swear were giving you rondo for a pathetic soft big. Were good and stacked with our bigs this yr as is. Rondo is future..gasol = retired in 2 yrs

  • Wesnaks

    Gasol for DWill or try and get Houston involved.  Would Houston consider trading Lowry and Scola or Martin for Gasol and some draft picks?  Unless we get DWill it is hard to give up 16-18 a night plus 11 boards for anyone else.  We would have a major hole to fill without Gasol.  I would also try hard and get JR Smith with the TPE. 
    I think maybe some minor changes are in the works until after the ASG when Orlando will decide the fate of DH12.  If Howard is not signing long term then F him and make a move for multiple players to help us at PG and bench help.  Murphy/Kapono can defend worth a crap and their too old to help us.  Arenas would help provide some offense off the bench.  GLock too.

    Rondo no offense but great playmaker and defender.  We still have no shooters and if Gasol is traded we have 1 less option.  Were better off getting multiple players that can help us in different areas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-Heck/100000836043267 Bryan Heck

    let’s go get Rondo, even if it does cost us Gasol, Mike Brown’s offense needs a playmaker in place to be truly successful and that playmaker shouldn’t be Kobe all the time. I’d rather have Kobe Spotting up or making a move without the ball instead of him being SG one play and a PG the next. Then Bynum can be the focal point of our post game, even Kobe can post up, why do we need three guys on the floor together to post up? The Celtics had KG and Pierce as their post up guys and we’re very successful with that tandem until age finally caught up with them. So we get a great young PG and we don’t have to do something outlandish like absorb Hedo’s contract in a Dwight Howard deal, hey, maybe we can even get someone like Ray Allen in the deal and he would be willing to come off the bench a la Jason Terry. I’ve moved on from the Dwight deal, the way he has been this season has just turned me off, at least Melo just kept his mouth shut for most of the drama, but Dwight has been just flip floppin every other day and I hate the way he addresses the media. Lets get a high caliber PG and some solid(Allen) role players to strengthen our bench.

  • J. R. in Tx

    C’mon there guillermo?!!  Wut tha hell are u thinkin?!  Kobe would never ask for a trade.

  • nict

    Jerey Lin has 2 decent games and hes all of a sudden a great player..No

  • Jthomas

    This whole thread belongs on the Stuff Lakers Fans Say video.  I know most of you were not around to witness the Lakers/Celtics rivalry of the 80′s, but Lakers Nations should NEVER want a trade for a Celtic.  Rick Fox only worked because both the Celtics and Lakers were terrible in the mid 90s.
    Fans keep saying the Lakers need a PG who can penetrate, but the team is better off playing to its strengths.  That means feeding the post.  A ball-handling penetrating PG is useless if you clog the lanes with two 7-footers, and I don’t want to see the Lakers give those guys up.  All the Lakers need from a PG is at the defensive end, to stop guys like Rondo and Westbrook from getting into the paint.
    No Rondo.  No Pierce even if is from Inglewood.  No Celtics should be allowed to wear purple and gold!  Lakers fans, please just be patient as you watch this roster figure out their offense.
    And stop harping on “We need a better bench.”  To improve the bench, you have to sacrifice starters.  Why would you want to give up a guy like Pau to get a couple more guys coming off the bench?

  • http://www.facebook.com/morriz.johnson Morriz ‘Swoosh’ Johnson

    Guodeluck > Fisher > Morris.. Lakers need some serious help right now 

  • Mstanleyesq

    DONT DO IT.  the lakers need someone that can shoot and that can make 3 pointers.  rondo aint that kinda guy.  giving up gasol for rondo results in less offense, and the lakers havent been able to break 100 much at all this season.  the big 3 are scoring lots. what the lakers need and what they missed last year was a scoring bench.  they keep getting outscored like last game 46 to 15 on the second string – so get another 15 on the second string and get a good shooting point guard and you got real action. 

  • Sti1lmatic

    Guys, we’ve had numerous rumors for this 2011/2012 season and none of them came true!
    Let’s just focus on finishing the rest of this season with at least the #8 seed. We’re going to
    have one hell of a time getting passed the Thunder (Westbrook) & the Clippers (CP3) in the playoffs.

    • Tyronesrmarshall

      your confidence is like one who havent watched this game long. For one dont put nothing past Kobe or our great organization. with this team in plc we will still surprise somebody, but no need to even go there we have a proud organization that we must ride with they are hard at work as we speak, sti1matic we need a point guard regardless if he is the best in the game or not just as long as he can distribute the ball and guard the PGs of today

  • J Taylor

    How does this make us better? Sure his assists would be helpful, but we lose a 20ppg (Pau) player for a 10.8ppg assist leader? We lose size, we lose efficiency. A straight up swap is garbage. If we could get something like the Rockets / Hornets / Lakers swap earlier (for CP3), maybe.

  • pungkoy

    no need for rondo, just get D Harris from Utah, there is only one ball when playing, i’m sure Kobe won’t let Rondo grab it

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1489410138 Chad Shimabukuro

      I ‘used’ to like D Harris, but he’s old and has lost much more than a step.  If he was playing like he was 3-4 years ago, and that much younger – YES, that would be a good call.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1489410138 Chad Shimabukuro

    This is a tough call as the Lakers are in serious need of an upgrade.  If you offer 5 different trade scenarios, you’ll get 5,000 responses from people both saying it’s a great idea, or a horrible idea.  

    Ideally speaking, I would’ve loved to have nabbed D12 for Bynum straight up, and somehow acquired DWill this offseason.  But this isn’t NBA 2k12 where we can force a trade.

    Although CP3 would’ve been fun to watch, him, Bynum, and Kobe only have one good knee to share among the three of them.  Far too many injuries to build around.  

    I’m not confident AT ALL about Bynum being ‘the guy’ to build around.  If given the chance, we need to upgrade to D12.  But Pau is hard to part with, too, as a very intelligent big man.  BUT THAT BEING SAID, it would be an upgrade at the point guard position having Rondo there.  This, to me, is the number reason we lose games is the lack of quality PG.

    What he lacks in shooting (and perhaps attitude) he makes up in speed, playmaking, and most importantly lock down defense. 

  • Anonymous

    if lakers can get rondo and ray allen for gasol then yes.

  • Tyronesrmarshall

    everyone listen up, we need a PG real bad the Laker organization has always been an organization that gets things done. We will get a PG that will help Kobe in the remainig of his quest to being the best. you must have real help to accomplish his goal, the Busses know this, watch the magic happen right before you guys Pau i love him dearly he has brought much to the table but we are in desire need of a ppoint and if Pau has to go thank you for your services we have to go small ththey say never do it but it is a time of change, this is a runnning game big man still plays a great deal today but you better have someone to be a guard as a general on the floor

  • Tyronesrmarshall

    very good points Chad, he may dont score much, but the exact people who we don have scoring much now Rondo will get them same guys scoring its all bout the PG getting people the ball where they can be effective this is what Rondo will bring, besides he will be on these guards hard on defense

  • Mel3dx

    Gasol, Blake + draft pick for Rondo & Garnett… what do you think of that…

    • lakerlvr

      if they have to give up gasol then they should keep the draft pick. also garnett is too old. take brandon bass instead

  • Justballin_3

    pick up jr smith! then start  jr- kobe-bynum-gasol-murphy how much more do u need. u still have a bench fisher  barnes  blake  world peace  mcroberts goudelock and more u have enough, just get better hit open looks and pass the f——–ing ball.u cant pick up every star for sale,dont be the yankees…. 

  • Ronton01

    Stop trippin everyone its all a smoke screen…. The move is for D12 we trade the hpuse for him jus hear me out. Bynum Gasol both first round picks and that lovly trade exception. we take Turks contract off there hands and in the mewhile they save like 40 mill cap space for kyrie irvin(maybe). we amenisty Turk and we all know we will get D.Will for free next season people. It’s a classic 2 for 1 cuz D.Will will get down with D12 because he’s the only free agent match for him everyone else is signed. James, Rose Anthony,Wade Durant Westbrook,And Paul all are set up to compete for the next 4 years.D.will will see no other option, now we set for kobe’s six ring and the future to stay relavent in this next era of stars…………….

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