Lakers Rumors: Kobe Has ‘No Interest’ Playing For D’Antoni Next Season

Lakers Rumors: Kobe Has ‘No Interest’ Playing For D’Antoni Next Season


The Los Angeles Lakers are currently going through perhaps the worst season in franchise history. Nothing went right this season from losing Dwight Howard in free agency and Kobe Bryant going down with another major injury.

As if the Lakers heading toward a high pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft wasn’t odd enough, the storied franchise will be without Kobe for the rest of the season.

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According to Sean Deveney of Sporting News, not only is Kobe done for the year, but he may also be done playing for head coach Mike D’Antoni:

Bryant, sources said, has “no interest” in playing for D’Antoni next season, and wants a new coach in place for the ’14-’15 season.

After it was announced that Kobe would not return this season, the five-time NBA champion talked about a number of different things with the media. Mostly, Kobe emphasized change and wanting the Lakers to be back to form next season rather than waiting to pickup a potential game-changer like Kevin Love in the summer 2015.

Kobe knows his time is running out and may have finally come to the conclusion that he won’t be walking off into the sunset with a sixth ring under D’Antoni.

Obviously, this is speculation at this point, but D’Antoni has been rumored to be on his way out with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith stating that recently.

It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out and if Kobe’s comments force the Lakers front office to make some drastic changes before next season.
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  • Capt Jam

    “Obviously, this is speculation at this point, but D’Antoni has been rumored to be on his way out with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith stating that fact recently.”

    Rumor and fact are not synonymous.

    • brian

      i think they mean its speculation KOBE is saying this. And then Smith is saying dantoni out is a fact.

      • Jim213

        May get some heat but do I believe the coach can implement his system? Yes, BUT not with the Lakers. Be best if the coach ended up in a team like the Bucks, Jazz, 76ers, and Cavs to name a few.

        Kobe also brought up his DISAPPOINTMENT with the current roster and their lack of competitiveness. Yet some here, bring them all back since they want to play here (tards). Bring 6-7 players at most and go after a starting PG, 2 PF’s and a center.

        • michael

          It would even work with the Lakers, if he implements defense. But he doesn’t.

        • DJ

          Jim to your point, if MDA was coaching GSW it would be a wrap.. they wouldn’t be stopped… and again (not you) but a lot of people say MDA doesn’t coach defense, well defense is about effort and communication that’s it… you cant practice effort or communication.. it’s gotten to the point if MDA won a chip with the Lakers, fans will still want him gone…. its best that MDA moves on and he’ll end up with a team that’s better suited for that system… Cavs is a team that runs it, Pistons… another…

          • ranfan

            Yeah there’s a lot of plays where no one communicates on the rotations and someone has to actually push them out there.

          • Jim213

            Brought it up in the past but it’s not that his system won’t work it’s not suited for players like kobe and melo. Especially when you have a team that’s inconsistent on defense. The coach just needs to mold his own team from scratch being another franchise.

    • Evan

      I gathered it to mean the fact that there are rumors surfacing.

  • homeboy

    buddy enuf with the “itll be interesting coda”–mix it up a lil but

  • AC

    Now the Lakers HAVE TO let this guy go after April 16th.

  • 3339

    about damn time he said it

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe Bryant wants Mike D’Antoni out 100%.I hate Mike D’Antoni being the coach.Fire Mike D’Antoni and lets get back to winning and being contenders.No defense no rebounds is unacceptable.MDA is not cut out to do the job needed for the Lakers he must be fired their are way too many issues with MDA.FIRE MDA!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes if Kobe is saying Mike D’Antoni must go it’s obviously the nail in the coffin for MDA the death stare has looked in the direction of D’Antoni.

  • Lakers16+

    Kobe’s probably tired of this d’antoni bullshit. the man can’t coach and Kobe knows it. Now he sees Phil Jackson about to go to the Knicks and it really ticks him off because Kobe knows that Phil should’ve been hired as soon as Mike Brown was fired.
    The Lakers really f*cked this up. It really is incredible and humorous for Laker haters because like 99% of people knew the Lakers were making a huge mistake by passing on Phil, especially for d’antoni. Lakers basically just wasted the past 2 seasons for a clueless coach.

  • Badeal

    At this stage of his career, it doesn’t matter who’s coaching. Nobody is coaching Kobe but Kobe himself.

  • Dana

    On the one hand, I can see the team saying, “Kobe, we already tried it your way. We brought in Nash and Howard to do this “change to win right now” thing, and it didn’t work. So we’re going to take our time and build for the long term.”

    On the other hand, Kobe is right on target when he says they expect him to perform, and he expects them to perform, and there are no excuses for either side. I think the video above is has a lot of weighty content. He’s right: there needs to be change, and it needs to happen before the beginning of next season, and at the very least the Lakers need to return to a winning culture, even if they don’t land the “big fish” until 2015.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Kobe wouldn’t want D’Antoni around next year. Happy-go-lucky didn’t work this season, and Kobe is going to want a coach with the kind of intensity for winning that he has. What the Lakers need next year is another Pat Reilly.

    • independentbynature

      B. Scott played for Reilly.

    • Paytc

      Pat Riley was my favorite Laker Coach !

  • Showtime818

    Hopefully this is as effective as the famous death stare that got Mike Brown booted!

    • Jim213

      • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

        look at Goudelock lol his face is like “bitch can you even make a bucket lol” lmao

  • cyborgspider

    Fire Antoni. Pick up a Van Gundy, Hollins, Byron Scott (some of ya’ll want George Karl or Sloan, that’s cool).

    Trade your pick if it’s outside the top 5 (a distinct possibility considering how much more pathetic the Celtics, Kings and Jazz are). Unless you’re getting Wiggins, Parker or Exum (maybe Embiid), the other draft prospects are still a few seasons away from being key contributors. Try to get K Love for it, involve a third team, whatever it takes. Resign Gasol for two more years to ride it out with Kobe.

    C Gasol (expires in 2016)

    PF Love (expires in 2015, trial run for a year to see if he plays well with Kobe)

    SF Wes/Xavier/Mid-tier free-agent (Ariza?)

    SG Kobe (expires in 2016)

    PG Farmar/Marshall

    Bench: Bazemore, Sacre, Kelly, Meeks or Nick, Nash (expires 2015, don’t stretch)

    You get two giant contracts gone for 2016 and get a few more pieces in 2015 once Nash is out. All Kobe wants is a CHANCE, can’t complain if the Lakers get you a 26/13 PF and your favorite teammate (Gasol) to play alongside you.

    • $man24

      Last time I checked, the Kings had a better record than the Lakers

      • cyborgspider

        Kings, as of this writing, are 22-42, same as Lakers. The Kings are absolutely horrid and don’t play with the same pride as the Lakers. You’re not going to see them beating the Thunder on Sunday afternoon on national television, they’ll lose to them on a saturday night, radio-only game, in front of 11,000 home fans.

        I see the Lakers realistically finishing with 28 wins and the Kings with 25 or 26. Same for Utah. Unless the Lakers are super lucky or the league “tips” the balance in their favor, Lakers may end up with a 6th or 7th pick. Of course I want a #1, but I’m being realistic.

    • $20509373

      Why would we trade our top 10 pick? A little youth and upside is exactly what this team needs for the future. Love isn’t walking through that door. We don’t have any assets to trade for him and no team is going to do us a favor by helping us. Gasol won’t take a pay cut to stay here. He’s likely going to a contender. Kobe’s chances at a 6th ring died when the ink dried on that crazy extension. It’s time to build for the future while Kobe chases the scoring record.

      • cyborgspider

        Your asset to trade for him is the top 10 pick. Unless it’s Wiggins, Parker, and possibly Exum/Embiid, the Lakers may rather have a proven 26/13 veteran instead of a Smart/Randle/other rookie question mark. Mitch has some shrewd negotiating to do, but if Minnesota knows KLove isn’t staying and they never make the playoffs with him ANYWAY, they may as well rebuild.

        I’m just thinking of the “win-now” scenario that Kobe wants so badly. Of course we shouldn’t mortgage the future, but as you said, the options were severely restricted when he signed the contract. I still have a little faith in Kupchak, who has gotten us Chris Paul, Steve Nash, and Howard. WHO KNEW those moves would be disastrous thanks to a Stern veto, freak injury, and an absolutely cancerous personality? People were making championship memes when those moves happened, Kupchak still has some moves up his sleeves.

    • Doug Mad

      I like ur style my friend!

    • Sylvia Ross

      Byron Scott, for coach 2014-15.

  • Richard

    I think the general feelings of Lakers fans and supporters would be surprise and disappointment at the magnitude of failure in the Laker team and coaches performances this season. They do not want to see another season like this one ever again and would not take it very well at all. It’s just not the Lakers way. They will expect and demand a compete turnaround and a championship quality team very soon before Kobe retires.

  • Laker24

    He has made dis season a disaster he is a garbage ass coach and Kobe knows it we will have a new coach next year for the team

  • Antzer

    DP any comment on MDA? I hope this settles the MDA debate; we dont care if he is a good coach, we dont care if any other coach wouldve been as bad, we dont care if players had great years w mda, we just dont care because ….. Well read below. If you dont agree then you aint die hard Lakers fan as Kobe stated

    How can I be satisfied with it? We’re like 100 games under .500. I can’t be satisfied with that at all. This is not what we stand for. This is not what we play for. A lot of times, it’s hard to understand that message if you’re not a die-hard Laker fan. It’s hard to really understand where we’re coming from, what we’re used to, what we’re accustomed to, which is playing for championships. Everything else is a complete failure. That’s just how it is.

  • SincerelyCS

    Kobe #1

  • richard

    Kobe is absolutely right…. his age, his personality, and the way he has been playing all his career does not match what MDA wants his team to play. Kobe is a deliberate type of person, which is seen in the way he plays. Lionel Hollins is the best coach for Kobe right now aside of Phil Jackson.

    • NickOld

      I think Lionel Hollins is only marginally better than Mike Brown. He is very limited in his offensive schemes and rely heavily on players making things happen on the defensive end, and defensive players are what we’re lacking right now.

      • richard

        I think you have not been watching… the aside from tony allen, that team didn’t have defensive stoppers… the way Hollins set that team up to play defense was at the least extra ordinary… what they lack was a go to guy like Kobe Bryant… and yet Hollins brought that team to the West Finals, losing to the Spurs. Hollins love veterans, that why the rift between the FO…if Lakers want another championship in two years, Kobe need to be surrounded with veteran players and a coach like Hollins who loves deliverate and slow pace basketball, it saves the legs, and energy of the team for the grind in the playoffs.

        He stirred that team to 56-26 last season, 41-25 in the lock-out season without a true franchise player. Now, how is that for a coach?

        Memphis’ record this season is barely above .500 with the same personnel on the floor, just want to add that.

  • Kay Carter

    All i gotta say is FINALLY lol nothing more lets fire him already…..i rather have Scott or Sloan, others rather have other coaches like Hollins or Karl (that’s cool) i don’t care as long as he wins and turn this team around, and play our bigs smh

  • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

    you know he is gone as soon as Kobe said that lol , too bad he didnt get a chance to witness Kobe’s “death look” lol, Mike Brown was a victim of it lol

  • hookedonnews

    Really tired of these rumors being reported that usually have no basis in fact. If Kobe wants MDA out, he needs to just say so. That being said, I’m not crazy about players who get coaches fired no matter who they are (players or coaches). I also think Kobe wanting them to go all in this summer is a tad selfish because unless LeBron decides to leave Miami there’s just not anyone out there that is going to make the kind of difference that players who will be available later will make. I understand that he wants everything done yesterday because his time in the league is limited, but the team has to think long term. I have no idea how this is all going to end, but I don’t see it ending well. No one knows what’s going to happen with Kobe. We’re all assuming he’ll be back and be the same, but as we’ve learned with Steve Nash’s injury, it ain’t necessarily so. If they bring in some less than elite talent this summer to please Kobe and he’s not 100%, then what? Then we’re not going to have the cap space to sign the players we really want. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. We’re going to need some good decisions made in the near future. I’m hoping that’s what we’ll get.

    • independentbynature

      You need to get off Antoni’s lap,Hookedonwhat.

      • hookedonnews

        You need to learn to spell independent.

        • independentbynature

          I know how to spell it.It’s my yahoo ID and it’s spelled correctly there.I made a typo on this sight and never corrected,Pinhead.

          • hookedonnews

            That’s “site” not sight. You’re making this too easy.

          • independentbynature

            It shows just how interested I am in your comments pinhead.

    • NickOld

      I agree, with Kobe’s age and that devastating injury no amount of coaching genius is going to turn the clock back. I sided with him when he complained back in 07, but he was at his prime. I think Lakers need to build a team that will compete after Kobes gone and hopefully before he’s gone.

  • Guest

    With sources of MDA on the verge of being fired in the off season and our team having a good chance of getting a top 5 player in the draft, here’s what I would like to see in this off season..

    The free agents the Lakers I believe should strongly look at and consider to signing this off season:

    Carmelo (I know most of you probably don’t like his game, but he is a great scorer which I strongly believe could complement Kobe if they can play well together and are willing to play as a team and get their own shots, as opposed to both just jacking up shots. Also, Kobe and Melo have a good relationship and admire each others game. With that being said another reason for them to consider to go at Melo would be that the two are so determined to get a ring (Kobe wanting 6 and Melo wanting his first) which would motivate and elevate them both. I honestly think this could work if they could find some good role players. However, this could also affect our chances of getting Kevin Love in 2015, but Love is not in my opinion as great as we make him out to be. No doubt, he is a star in the league, but his team has yet to make the playoffs with him and Tyson Chandler put it best by saying “he can’t play D.” Don’t get me wrong I want Love on the Lakers, but I think we would have a better chance with Melo, as opposed to Love. The major negative which we all know is giving Carmelo the max contract.)

    Bledsoe (this may be a really tough move, since he will be hard to snatch from the Suns, but over the past few years for the Lakers at the PG position when taking on a superstar or star player, they always go off on us and have a big game, simply because we cannot guard them such as Westbrook, Rose, Parker, Lillard, etc. Bledsoe, I believe can not only get his own shots, but can guard other top PGs in the league.)

    Deng (I think he has been in rumors with this team for a few years, as the Lakers possibly being interested in him, but he seems like a solid 3 that could start for this team)

    With that being said here’s who I would have return:

    Hill (solid backup big)
    Young (has been a great 6th man for the team)
    Farmar (seems he can be a solid backup pg)
    Meeks (he has improved this season and would be a decent backup at the 2)
    Pau (MAYBE, if he could take a pay cut and could play well for this team)
    Henry (impact player)

    • LAL918

      and that is the reason why you’re NOT a GM.

      • Guest

        Never said I would be a GM, those are just my views

    • LakersOverEverything

      PG – quality pg
      That along with a few of our current players coming off the bench would be a squad! Def capable of contending

      • Guest

        This was something close to what I was envisioning, but it would be super tough. From what we have been hearing the Lakers aren’t too interested in pursuing Melo, even if we signed Melo I think it would be tough to sell to Deng and Pau to take a pay cut to join this team. So, maybe instead of Deng if we could land with our top 5 pick this year with (Parker or Wiggins) that would be great, but I think I would prefer Deng because he is a veteran in this league. However, if we could land the lineup you listed, with (Exum) who I believe plays PG this would also seem great.

        I also honestly don’t know why Lakers fans and the FO are so invested in 2015. For one, the fan base does not want to watch this team continue to go downhill for another year, secondly, as good as Kevin Love is, a team with just Love and Kobe is not going to be a championship contending team.

  • YokeItOnThem

    Any true Laker fan thinking of extending MDA could nvr be a GM.Also I haven’t heard anyone mention Mitch Kupchak’s decisions and talent evaluations or his decision not to move Howard before he stepped.MK wears rose colored glasses and has not been held accountable for any disastrous moves even tho the young Buss gets final say,MK has been horrific obviously in his coaching & player acquisitions.I’m the biggest Kobe fan there is and his contract is a burden.He must restructure to give the team buffer room to mk moves.Why hasn’t Nash been amnestied yet?He’s not a Laker,let him go bk to Phoenix to retire,this is serious.$40mil has been wasted this yr on Kobe & Nash playing a combined 16 games..Unacceptable.Love,Melo,and an entire new cast of bench players with a winning pedigree.Forget Gasol,unless ur purging MDA he’s not re-signing with L.A..U hv to create a super squad to compete with Durant & Lebron…FA class: Deng,G Monroe,E Bledsoe,Bosh,Melo,Wade,Lebron..Pick mix match and pay..

  • Sylvia Ross

    Kobe, if you said this, then good for you. Someone on the team has finally spoken up. The other guys don’t have the clout that you have and are unable to say anything because PRINGLES IS BULLY !!

  • Jay Brodes

    good a year to late thou! thanks pringles for getting kobe hurt..that is one u …hey jack…”code red” on dantoni …i request the order!

  • savi

    I hope FO takes strong stand and sees things clearly and take a effective step which helps in making productive years ahead. I don’t want a massive disappointment like this year one more time.But I also like D’Antoni, he in a way has helped Lakers nurture young and athletic guys into team, which we will see are going to be helpful in coming time. I was so disappoint during Mike Brown era, that our team would score so less on transition baskets and was so slow getting up and down. At least Lakers have new dimension to them now.
    Kobe is a smart guy. He might just be fucking with D’Antoni right now, but we will only know when summer comes. I am on a personal opinion that we should be patient, I am a very patient personality because I know there is lot of good things happening after misery. But whatever happens GO Lakers, Go Kobe!!!

  • Moveover Andbark

    At the end you say “drastic changes”…I believe I would have used “much needed changes”.

  • Ralphizm

    Who the F wants to play for “No-D” Antoni? The guy is a cancer to the Laker organization.

  • KOBE24

    Hey i got an idea how about Jim Buss just put on a suit and tie and just coach next season because ” Obviously, he will be the one calling all the shots anyways. Kobe should go to the Clippers or Knicks take your pick.