Lakers Rumors: Kobe, Carmelo And Kevin Love Playing Pickup Game At UCLA? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="160"] The rumors seems to be flying around nonstop at this point in terms of the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes with the Los Angeles Lakers at [new_royalslider id="160"] The rumors seems to be flying around nonstop at this point in terms of the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes with the Los Angeles Lakers at Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Kobe, Carmelo And Kevin Love Playing Pickup Game At UCLA?

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The rumors seems to be flying around nonstop at this point in terms of the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes with the Los Angeles Lakers at the center of it all.

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It was reported on Saturday that the Lakers were very much in contention to sign Carmelo. Now it appears that it may be down to two teams with the Knicks and Lakers neck-and-neck with ESPN’s Marc Stein reporting that there’s a rising sense New York and Los Angeles are the most likely destinations.

On Sunday, another interesting rumor started floating with Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love, and Carmelo all playing a pickup game at UCLA, according to Marcus Bass of HoopsHabit.com:

UCLA Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations, Josh Rebholz, confirmed that Kobe, Carmelo, and Love were at UCLA today:

Love was the one player everyone was talking about a few weeks ago with the consensus being that he’d be traded by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the near future. The Lakers were linked to Love numerous times over the last few years and some believe it might be a matter of time before he’ll be wearing purple and gold.

As for Kobe, the superstar hasn’t been seen playing competitively since he went down with a knee injury back in December. The five-time NBA champion has let it be known that he’s 100 percent and ready to get back to work, but the speculation is ongoing as to whether he’ll be the same player.

Kobe putting in some work with Carmelo and Love is great sign. One, Carmelo may be on the verge of signing with the Lakers. Two, Kobe feels ready to compete with the best of the best in the NBA. Three, Love might be getting a sense of what it might be like playing with the two superstars in Los Angeles.

Needless to say, things are looking up in Los Angeles with some potentially big news on the horizon.
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  • Lakers Nez

    Kobe,Carmelo,Kevin,Julius and Isaiah if that happen championship is in the Lakers future.

    • BULL

      wake up ur sleep lol

    • SwaggyP

      Bro I’m certain that’s our future line up

  • BULL

    i honestly feel there is no video on the pick up game.. just them 3 and others that were invited.. closed doors .. work out.. just know it was them 3 ..

  • TheKnickWay

    Sam Amick ‏@sam_amick 7s
    The Kobe-Carmelo Anthony-Kevin Love pickup game tweets that went viral from UCLA reps were non-eyewitness accounts, I’m told. 3rd hand.

    Sam Amick ‏@sam_amick 5s
    A UCLA official confirms only that Kobe was there today, and that Carmelo worked out there last week. Nothing more.

    It was a FALSE report.

    Calm Down.

    The only ones that know are the players themselves.

    • DKWTTY

      Why are you on a Lakers fansite?

      • TheKnickWay

        Lakers are a part of the NBA, I’m an NBA fan.

        • DKWTTY

          I’m an NBA fan and I don’t go to Knicks fansites. Seems you’re just here to be negative and you are worried about Melo leaving.

          • TheKnickWay

            I’m one of the Knick fans that doesn’t want Melo to stay lol

            he can stay for the right price thoe.

            AND if he leaves, I hope he goes out west.

          • DKWTTY


      • Lakerfan123

        GTFO just because your jealous Carmelo is coming over doesn’t mean you gotta rain on our parade

  • TheKnickWay

    “Well the New York Knicks are very confident. they’re projecting a stance that they think they got Melo.They know that their primary competition is the Lakers but none of the teams have been advised of anything. There was some feel that Melo might be able to decide by the end of tonight and the nights not over yet but no teams have been advised of anything. The Knicks are actually moving on and preparing to make another offer, they wanna get Melo and use that momentum to try to get in to Pau Gasol. They are so confident that they are gonna get him that they are already acting and projecting like if they have him in their back pocket.” – Brian Windhorst a few moments ago on ESPN

    • Zimmeredge

      As knicks fan you should Know that this is bs, they offered the Max to melo and want Pau but they have nothin for Pau….no money. A little exception of four million dollar. You Know it ain’t gonna happen. Phil is cocky and sut born if he goes all out for melo and give Pau something the knicks are screwed. You that? Half the salary cap on top players… Its dead for two seasons minimum.

      • TheKnickWay

        beat writers over here have been saying that either Stat or Bargnani will be moved to put the Knicks under the tax apron, then they would have the full mid level and the ability to receive players via S&T……the main thing is this….no one reallys knows.

        P.S. I’m a Knicks fan, not a Melo fan (for the right price). Not trying to be negative here, just posting what I saw.

        • Zimmeredge

          Only if you find a team with enough Space under the cap bargnani or stoud ain’t gonna be traded or SnT their value is so down and they have a wage too high. I bet nothing will happen in ny until mid season.

  • julian

    Norman Golden @NormanGoldenll · 18m
    Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony just walked out of Mastros – the hell!!

  • Bruce

    How the F**k do people come up with these shit stories, who the hell can confirm that Kobe Melo Love playing pick up games a UCLA, unless I see video clips as proof, and even if it’s true, what does it proof? it doesn’t mean anything, doesn’t mean they are having a discussion and plans to create a big 3 in Los Angeles. I’m a huge Lakers fan and have been watching Kobe since he came out of high school in ’96. But damn some of you so called fans in here and everywhere need to get a grip of reality, you people just want all the best players in the world to join the Lakers and don’t care about salary cap, don’t care about if it’s even possible. Melo Lebron ain’t coming so get over it, let’s sign the more realistic FAs in Isaiah Thomas, Luol Deng, Ariza, Parsons, Stephenson while we still can and resign Pau. Having Pau, Randle , Kobe we just go from there and keep getting better, hopefully next year we can sign a superstar and at least contend for a championship and send off Kobe into the sunset.

  • Jason Smith

    So we lose Jordan Famar to the clippers wow Mitch!!! it we keep it up we won’t have no one to sign

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      We still have three point guards and will probably add Steve Blake, too. No room for Farmar.

  • julian

    Carmelo Anthony is strongly considering a move to LA, according to reports. @MarioNBCLA has details now on NBC4

  • Adel

    Get the superstars first and the role players will all flock to win championship rings.

  • Jason Smith

    RT @MarkG_Medina: UCLA official confirms Kobe Bryant was seen on campus today. Unclear if he played hoops though

  • Jason Smith

    RT @MarkG_Medina: Last thing, UCLA reps that tweeted about Kobe, Melo & Love were third-hand, non eye witness accounts

  • Jason Smith

    RT @ChrisMannixSI: Kevin Love was not working out with Kobe and Carmelo this weekend, per source. No idea if Kobe/Melo did, but Love wasn’t a part of it.

  • Jason Smith

    RT @ChrisMannixSI: Not sure what is gained by overzealous UCLA officials basically fabricating or blatantly pushing a rumor like that, but it’s not true.

  • Ezekiel E. Chavez

    pg isaiah thomas, sg kobe bryant, sf carmelo anthony pf julius randle c pau gasol

    • Badazztj12

      We need defensive pg who can get around the pick and rolls West has great pg’s. If we stop them then we good. We got enough offense already

      • Ezekiel E. Chavez

        or we need steve blake back or get bledsoe

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Isaiah’s too expensive, and his name is way too similar to Isiah Thomas… I say we bring back Steve Blake at the point, and then back up those five with: Marshall, Clarkson, Bazemore, Kelly, and Sacre. Clarkson will probably bounce back and forth to the D-league depending on Nash’s availability.

  • Edy

    I can see the line up this upcoming season PG. Asiah Thomas or Bledsoe SG.kobe Bryant SF. Carmelo Anthony PF. Randle C. Pau gasol Or PG. Asiah Thomas or Bledsoe SG. Kobe SF. Carmelo Anthony PF. Kevin Love C. Pau gasol Or maybe this 3rd scenario could happen PG. Lebron James SG. Kobe SF. Carmelo Anthony PF. Randle C. Pau Gasol

  • kennedy

    Damn it’s gonna suck that pau made it through all the trade rumors and if we really do get Melo pau said he will resign quickly then he’s probably going to be brought up in trade discussions for us to try and get Love and I know haters gonna say timberwolves wouldn’t take pau for love but who would have guessed Memphis would have gave us pau for kwame and an unknown gasol brother at the time lol I believe things might be looking up for us real Lakers fans but Melo needs to really decide what he is gonna do so we can start signing players since we lost Farmar already I just hope we don’t loose Young as well!

    • OG RiceBone

      We had the help of Jerry West on that trade tho…

  • j-DOG

    get isaiah thomas please

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    People wanting Melo to choose right now. Word has been the entire time that he wouldn’t decide until the second week, most people saying Monday.We knew we’d have to wait.

  • Dick

    Carmelo Anthony is a sure thing to the Lakers.All the reports indicate he is ours.

  • Brandon

    Its funny how people say Kobe is too old or he is coming off an injury……If I was Carmelo I would rather play with Kobe in a wheel chair rather than play with Jokehim Noah or Dwight Coward. Its not like Kobe forgot how to play basketball with all this time off and rehab he might come back and surprise us all.

  • Barbershop

    I heard Carmelo Anthony needs a barber during season in LA,well goodnight world.

  • Kb24


    • AirunDevon

      Don’t you ever disrespect Jordan and Pippen. Both were 2 way players other players were scared of. Kobe in his current condition is Jordan in Washington. Carmelo right now is no where near the 2 way player Pippen was in his prime.

  • Joel

    Yes Carmelo Anthony is coming to The Lakers time to win some championships.

  • dayton

    This time last year we had a feeling Howard was going to Houston. This time this year I have the feeling melo coming to the lakers

  • ring6?

    big 3 melo, kobe, love…

  • Dr. Rasheed

    Waiting for the domino effect to take place soon…
    Melo should optimize his max money in NY. Period…

  • Michael Pascoe

    What a great front court

    Love at Center
    Gasol at Power Foward
    Anthony at Small Forward

  • Dr. Rasheed

    All 3 of them playing for the same team is likely?

  • The Stats Geek

    2013-14 Season Averagesfrom Yahoo SportsPoints27.4Rebounds8.1Assists3.1FG%45.2

    Carmelo Anthony Stats

    We are lucky we got Carmelo.

    Lakers are legit.

  • wooi

    what if this happens, sign in trade in for love, minessota gets pau gasol and julius randle, lakers get love and lavine, melo signs with the lakers and bang

  • Gabe

    Announcement will most likely be made today.The Lakers FO closed the deal with Mitch and Harris along with his best friend Kobe.Carmelo and Kobe with Julius and Pau that a awesome core of players now filling out the rest of the team is going to be fun.I think a few big strong defenders will be helpful and maybe a couple enforcers bad assesses along with a good veteran that is a defensive point guard and i say get Mario Chalmers a 3 and d guy or find another point guard that is good.Ed Davis and Ekpe Udoh are good young athletic big men that can block shots and rebound,they are role players that bring energy and hustle off the bench they add big size to our team.Jameer Nelson and Channing Frye are solid vets.By adding Carmelo Anthony The Lakers are so much better than last year.Playoffs team that can contend and be top level in The NBA.Carmelo is ours.

    • Jay

      Lakers should try to trade for Kevin Love, that would be great

    • vdogg

      i sure hope you’re right.

  • damien deleon

    We’re talking manly about starting lineup what about bench

    • wangkon936

      What about the bench? It’s gonna suck. We won’t have money left over for a decent bench.

  • Jason Smith

    Steve Blake, wow really??? after the lakers traded him!!!! steven is trash, I would sign Thomas over him who avg 20.3!! we need a scoring PG not aPG that only avg 4.3

  • LakersOverEverything

    Shit is getting ridiculous. These guys need to pick a damn team and get it over with!

  • girl

    can you all get a life?

  • AirunDevon

    What I don’t understand about this message is this. If Melo had opted in this year he would have got $23mil. He could have then resigned a max contract with the Knicks next year for $129mil. Why opt out if you’re just going back to NY? It makes no sense. Melo has some bad advisors or he’s leaving.

  • Jay Brodes

    cant wait for season if this is true!! cant wait!!!

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