Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant Recruiting LeBron, Carmelo On Twitter? Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of holes to fill on the roster and today's NBA Draft will only do so much. The La Please enable Javascript to watch this video The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of holes to fill on the roster and today's NBA Draft will only do so much. The La Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant Recruiting LeBron, Carmelo On Twitter?

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The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of holes to fill on the roster and today’s NBA Draft will only do so much. The Lakers will have to make a number of moves in free agency to complete their team.

The Lakers’ targets are no secret as the team will try and lure LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony to Los Angeles this summer. Though there have been some questions about how either of them would fit next to Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba seems to have endorsed them donning the purple and gold on Twitter:

Obviously Bryant doesn’t mention anyone by name, so he could be talking about anyone, but someone as competitive as Bryant is unlikely to put out an open invitation to anyone to join the Lakers.

There are two big names out there and the Lakers are used to having the biggest stars on their team. Though the chances are slim that they will land either Anthony or James, the team will go all out in trying to convince them to come to Los Angeles — as they should.

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Bryant has already reached out to Carmelo, and does expect to meet with him. The two are good friends dating back to their time together on the US Olympic team.

James is a little more far-fetched and is much more likely to remain with his current team. At the end of the day, Bryant wants to win and he seems to be sending a message to someone — that he wants them in Los Angeles next year.
Kobe Bryant On LeBron James, Championships – Also Says He’s 100 %

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • lakers4life

    I would welcome Carmelo and LeBron as well. Anybody who disagrees and rather go with deng and somebody else does not know true basketball talent when you see one. Melo and Bron are legit superstars and game changers..they weren’t on the Olympics and all star teams just because..its because their one of the best. I want the lakers to win and these two would make us #1 contenders and best trio since Jordan pipen and rodman

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      I’d love to have Lebron, but I truly do not want Carmelo. If he suits up in purple, I guess I will have to learn to like him, but I’d rather not.

      • J24

        @josh – Agree, I’d rather take Ariza or even Swaggy P, over Anthony.

        • jhernandez1981

          swaggy is cheap, we’d likely have both

        • Ryan Hossain

          hahahah thats ridiculous. SWAGGY P, and ARIZA over MELO? thats crazy no matter what. TWO guys who COMBINED couldnt equal Carmelo’s output. FACT.

          • J24

            Ok Swaggy P was just a throw in, but he was entertaining last year,and out of all the group of players he’s the only one that stepped up. And as for Ariza, i was being serious, at least he has a ring, compared to Melo who doesn’t. Also the teams that Melo has played with, play around him and setup plays for him, because he’s suppose to be the ONE. But in fact he’s just a KRAP! If Lakers get him, they’ll regret it down the road. Guaranteed.

          • Marvin Xavier

            Melo was dropping 30 last season and Ariza only has a ring because he was playing with kobe i dont see him doing shit now that hes on a sorry ass team

          • MarkedForDeath

            Excuse me, not a Wizards fan, but just to let you know, That “sorry ass team” you’re referring to was in the playoffs and they reached the 2nd round – with Trevor Ariza being one of the keys to the team together with John Wall. Trevor just had the season of his life while Carmelo is all gloomy about everything Knicks related. And, I would take defense over offense all day long. We have Kobe, Pau (if they re-sign him), and Swaggy P to score, so I’d rather have Trevor back in LA over Carmelo coming to our team. An offensive-minded player=all star recognition.. Defensive-minded players have proved to be able to provide championships to teams. Dennis Rodman in Chicago, Bruce Bowen in Spurs, Trevor Ariza when he was in LA, Ron Artest/MWP ( GAME 7 2010 Finals) Carmelo ain’t even elite to me. He’s at the same level with Stephen Curry or Kyrie Irving. Never will be an elite like Kobe or LeBron.

          • SirCourtney Cameron Moore

            So Ariza is better than Melo?

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          Don’t tag me to ANYTHING that asks for Nick Young to be back next season. A guy who told admits he never thought about defense before and is still learning how to watch film? Only for another minimum contract.

          • JB

            Haha josh GREAT RESPONSE!

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          WHAT???? you would take Ariza over Anthony? …

      • ethan w

        Melo will only work in la if we got bron im not a lebron fan but he cld most def play the magic johnson pg role and finding how to blend kobe and anthonys off talents together even though im not a lebron fan does not mean I dont recognize that hes the best all around player in the world right now and melo is the best scorer I say draft gordon cuz we wont need another offensive scorer lebron kobe melo gordon/or gordon melo then resign pau with bird rights and almost everyone from last year with bird rights find a wayto dump nash contract without the pick iis a good expiring contract for rebuilding teams we can take back non guaranteed contracts and just cut them….now mind you this is severally unlikely ill go with 1.7% chance the same chance clev had at the number 1 pick


        Please stop with this nonsense about not wanting carmelo. He’s a top 5 scorer in the league and is a beast on the block and the offensive glass.Sure he’s not the best defender, but its a give and take with most stars in the nba these days, not everybody is as well rounded as lebron or a young kobe. But melo and Kobe have very high basketball IQs. If you were as good of a scorer as melo who would you play make for or pass to on that horrible knicks team? Don’t be so quick to buy into laker hater analysts saying it wouldn’t work because they both shoot a lot. That is a very basic analysis from very narrow minded people. If the lakers get lebron or a true pg to facilitate the offense, imagine being the coach that has to game plan against a healthy kobe and carmelo probably putting up almost 60 a game between just the two of them.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          I’m not concerned about how Kobe and Melo will coexist. They’re best friends and good players and can figure that out. I doubt Melo’s drive. He’s been on good teams too many seasons to only reach the second round of the playoffs twice and the conference finals once with no finals appearances.

          • WENEEDTALENT

            If you’re trying to convince anybody that carmelo has played on teams worthy of contending for an actual title, tell me if denver was better than the lakers and spurs when he was in denver first. And was new york’s supporting cast enough to get him by indiana or miami? Can’t ridicule him for being loyal to a subpar denver team and the team he got traded to in new york. He hasnt been in a situation to be a free agent and choose his own team he could thrive on.

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            If he’s as good as everyone seems to think, he’s been on teams good enough to get past the first round more than twice.

    • Lakers Realist

      It would be a reach for them to pull this off, but if any organization could do it, it’s the Lakers.

      • Kalian805

        With the salary cap somewhere around 63mil and luxury tax threshhold around 77mil its extremely unrealistic.

        • Lakers Realist

          Most likely scenario is them bringing a solid piece or two in this offseason, say Lowry and/or Deng, resign Hill/Young/Meeks/Marshall and make a solid run for Love next summer. I don’t see Love agreeing to an extension with any team unless he knows he’d be paired with Lebron or Durant.

          Who knows though. Randle looks like a solid talent. Playing with him should be appealing to a lot of players. Would have preferred Exum or Smart, but I like the pick they just made. The guy is hungry and wants to prove himself. Perfect mentality to play alongside Kobe.

    • Prince Cyrill

      U want everyone to call us bandwagons even if we’re not?

      • jhernandez1981

        who the fuck cares

      • They call me Pringles

        A bandwagoner is someone who jumps from team to team. Whichever team is winning or trending that year. I hate LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony because they don’t wear the Purple and Gold. I hated Shaq when he was in Orlando. But once they sign with the Lakers, I would support them like every Laker who wore the Purple and Gold. True Laker fans never jump teams.

        • Gabe

          “I hate LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony because they don’t wear the Purple and Gold.”

          WOW. That’s something.

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        We’re Laker fans. We’re used to being called bandwagon fans.

    • jt3z

      I disagree. I dont like all of the best players on the same team. I dont mind one of them but not both. Id rather have Carmelo tho. Lebron is the best and it would be oh so sweet if we somehow become contenders next year.

    • Kalian805

      You clearly dont understand business basketball. Lakers cant sign both melo and lebron with money left to build out a team. If they did they would be creating a situation which caused lebron to opt out in the first place. If we’re lucky lakers will sign a melo or lebron draft a good stretch 4 and re sign pau hill young kaman farmar and Marshall and sign a few fa role players.

      • lakers4life

        I think jim buss is willing to spend money..don’t forget he was going to give Dwight a 110 million contract while we still had pau gasol 19 mil kobe 30 mil and nash 9 mil on the books..im pretty sure he be willing to spend money on both LeBron and melo

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          It’s not a matter of being willing to spend money. It’s a matter of having cap space to spend money. You can go over the cap to resign your own players, but not to sign free agents.

          • ethan w

            If the take nashs contract out via trade they can at I think 18mil for lebron and 16mil for melo if they want to play together thats the most any team can give and build contender because our whole team last yr was basically one huge bench so we just need real starters its not probable but it is in the realm of possibility

          • jim2

            Kobe must take a huge pay cut if the Lakers are to contend and they must waive or trade Nash. The only option for Nash is to waive him since no team will be interested at this stage of his career.

      • Rusty Morris

        I have been saying this for weeks. We have 28.2 million to basically build a whole team. To even have a chance at just LeBron our #7 needs to be traded and Nash. Who is going to pay 9 million for nash. We dont want Mello him and kobe play the same game… we want Love

      • Drew

        they could if they took slightly less than the max and structured the contract to where the majority of their money was made after Kobe’s 2 year contract is up

      • Karmasilver

        Agreed kalian805


        wrong sign both for a little more than 16 mill per , kobe split his 24 mill with gasol at a little more than 12 mill per , stretch provision nash leaves 7 of 10 mill for some young players from last year and sign min. player for the next 2 yrs than kobe and gasol can look at retiring and get derant and split the pie with melo, bron (im don’t think we have chance of ever getting love next year anyway nobody’s trying to help the lakers period ) BAM SHOWTIME BABY!!!

    • Drew

      Another fan seeking instant gratification who only sees whats right in front of them and not the big picture. Carmelo is 30 and would want something close to a 5 year contract around a max deal. The last couple years of his contract the Lakers would likely be taking a hit and not getting their monies worth. The Lakers going for slightly older players in the hopes of immediate championships is what got us in this situation in the first place. Be patient and make smart moves with talent that can be developed or who is rising. LeBron, however, should be taken at all costs.

    • BoB Villa

      I agree with what your saying, but it doesn’t take someone that knows “true basketball talent” to understand that Lebron is a superstar. Melo is great, however he is only a superstar on one side of the court.

    • Chris Hernandez

      I’d ship Nash and the 7th over all pick to someone for future picks to clear up some cap space. I would much rather the Laker Target LeBron James, Patty Mills and Andrew Bynum. Then try to resign Nick Young and Jordan Hill.
      Starting Line Up Bench
      PG: Patrick Mills PG: Nick Young
      SG: Kobe Bryant SG: ?
      SF: LeBron James SF: ?
      PF: Jordan Hill PF: ?
      C: Andrew Bynum C: ?
      Fill the Bench up with 1 year deals hopefully they from last years team.
      It would be a good start and is more realistic then them landing both James and Melo with no other roll players besides Bryant and a ready to retire Nash.

      • Tyrone Von Gilyard

        Fuck andrew bynum.. This dude hasn’t played a whole season yet..been in the league for over 5 years and never played 82 games entirely

    • DKWTTY

      I hate Lebron but as a basketball fan there’s no way I would not want him on our team but with that said, it won’t happen. The hate the Lakers, the fans, Kobe and Lebron would receive would be crazy and it just wouldn’t seem right for them to be on the same team. Melo and Kobe would be different.

  • lakerfan

    This would make the Lakers contenders for next two seasons.. I doubt it would happen.

    • LakersOverEverything

      I think it’d make them not only contenders, but favorites.

      • Ryan Hossain

        and not for two years, more like 5.

  • Dakz

    Lets face it, if Lebron goes to LA it will be with the Clippers. While he respects Kobe, I bet he has reservations being on the same team with the guy and how that dynamic will work as in whether Kobe will be able to pass the torch as in RIGHT NOW instead of when he’s done.

    • Jed

      Cue the people who will say “Well, they played well together in the Olympics!!”. Please, a month-long tournament compared to hitching yourself to an NBA team for a period of years isn’t an apt comparison. Besides, when they wear USA jerseys, they are pretty much on model team players so as not too look like they are simply out for their own numbers and glory.

    • jhernandez1981

      This passing the torch shit is something that only exists in fans heads. Guys with five titles don’t whine about touches when they’re winning. What causes clashes with Kobe is players who dont work hard or play up to there potential. Leg cramps aside, that scenario aint happening with LBJ or Melo.

      • Ty

        Obviously that shit exists on Player’s heads too since Kobe himself has talked about it. He wouldn’t pass it to Howard for obvious reasons, lets see if he does do it to either Lebron or Melo IF they come.

        • jhernandez1981

          The press asking about it don’t mean players care

    • John Palacio

      Let’s face it, the clippers have one of the ugliest jerseys in the world – Purple and gold baby!

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        It’s just red, white, and blue. At least it’s not these…

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          Sorry…that was supposed to just be two Ray Allen jerseys–Bucks and Celtics. Eww, gross!

  • thinkblue

    do not want Melo. would rather wait it out for Love. rebuild the team.

  • Ashbow

    Odds are Lebron won’t be coming to the Lakers cause he knows he’s not trying to help Kobe acquire anymore trophys for the battle of being the best to ever live. Now acquiring Carmelo and Love is possible

    • jhernandez1981

      you know thats not something guys wanting to win titles think about right? He’s lost in the finals too many times to be worried about what the fans call him.

    • TheTruthKills

      The Kobe/LeBron rivalry only exist in the minds of Kobe fans. I doubt LeBron is thinking “I can join Kobe because he’d benefit more than me”.

      • DKWTTY

        You’re surely delusional if you think it’s only Kobe fans and that Lebron isn’t thinking about that. Kobe admitted it and I’m certain Lebron feels the same way.

        • TheTruthKills

          Sure a rivalry exist. But not to the point where they’d refuse to play with each other because they’d be helping the other pad their legacy. Only Kobe fans have that line of thinking.

          • DKWTTY

            Why are you on a Lakers website criticizing Kobe fans? Again you’re delusional if you think it’s only Kobe fans who think that way. Lebron and Kobe are in competition and there is no way they’d want to increase each-others ring count, Lebron more so than Kobe because Kobe obviously has more. Lebron fans sure as hell wouldn’t want it either-that just gives Kobe fans more ammo to say he’s better if he has more rings.

  • Rusty Morris

    No to Melo a hesitant yes to LeBron but a yes yes yes to love

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      You think Kevin Love is that much better than Lebron? Would make the Lakers that much better than Lebron would? I love Kevin Love, but he has many holes in his game. Whoever wins the Kevin Love sweepstakes will need at least two other all-stars to be contenders. Lebron makes a team a contender by himself.


    I know it is against the rules for a team to agree to pay a player on the side (so it doesn’t count against the cap), but is it illegal for players to do that? What if Kobe told James and Melo “my contract is too big, u guys sign for lower contracts and I’ll give u guys money on the side.”
    I doubt thatd ever happen, I am just curious.

  • They call me Pringles

    I hope we could get both LeBron and Carmelo for $15M each. I believe both Bron and Melo can co-exist with Kobe. With two great talents on the team, Kobe would be willing to pass on the torch. Kobe wouldn’t shoot as much, more like 2008 – 2009 and 2010 Kobe when he let the team play with freedom through 3 quarters and reserve crunch time for himself. Re-sign Young as a backup to Kobe at SG and Melo at SF. Re-sign Bazemore as a third string backup SG/PG. Re-sign Jordan Hill as a backup to Embiid at C, or LeBron at PF. Or if we can’t get Embiid, draft Randle instead. Randle and HIll would be fun to watch. Re-sign Jordan Farmar. We really don’t need an overwhelming point guard if we would have three stars on the team.

    • MissCicely

      LMFAO. And then u woke up.

      • They call me Pringles

        It’s free to dream. Hahaha

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Let’s do some quick math…
      15 (Lebron) + 15 (Melo) + 23.5 (Kobe) + 2 (Bazemore) + 5 (Hill) + 2.5 (Embiid) + 3.5 (Farmar) + 9.7 (Nash) + 0.9 (Sacre) = $77.1 million before MLE and filling out roster with minimum contracts. What’s the projected salary cap again? Less than $77.1 million? That’s too bad.

      • They call me Pringles

        I’m not sure if the Lakers were over the cap last season. With the Time Warner contract which pays them about a hundred million dollars per year, I wonder how much money they saved from last season’s TW payment? Add that to this season’s TW payment..Maybe they can afford to get over the cap? I don’t know, just a thought though.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh


  • iEATcelticBabies

    This could become a greator big 3 than west, baylor and chamberlain…and a future legendary team… remains to be seen

  • wangkon936

    Kobe and Anthony on the court is a good idea in theory, but not sure how it would work in practice. Both need the ball a lot to score. At the end of the day would there be enough basketballs on the court to keep both happy?

  • quickster007

    Lebron could play the point guard a la Magic Johnson or the small forward. He would be good at either position. Carmelo and Kobe will be arguing whose going to get the ball. Both are ball hogs. I see Kobe run Carmelo out of town like he did Shaq and Howard. There goes the dynasty.

  • Edward

    Melo can get into, but not Lebron. This is a matter of how you build a team around the 2 years of Kobe`s contract to get another ring to L.A. Everyone knows that Kobe is a competitor at the highest level and if Lebron join the Lakers, Kobe will know how mocking the situation is going to be. It’s something near that MJ, Bird and Magic already said like “we wouldn’t like to join each other, but beat each other asses and win a championship”. And that’s how Kobe thinks. That’s how he builds his mentality of the game. But sure, what Kobe thinks doesn’t count too much for the manager’s staff. If Kup and Jim want to blow up the cap, so hire everyone awsome in the market, but hire a good role/bench guys to suport a galatic team.

  • David Noe

    I am a huge Laker fan. If Kobe was planning on trying to court two of the biggest free-agents maybe he should have taken a little less money. Tim Duncan did it and Dirk Nowitzki did it to bring in players. Superstars are taken less money to win championships. Even the big three took less money to when two championships.

    • NYLakerJ

      The FO offered Kobe the contract. Kobe accepted the reduced salary. What players did Dirk bring in? Last I checked, Mavs only have one chip, Lakers five with Kobe, 7 Finals appearances. Lakers have plenty of cap space to build around Kobe – and have Nash’s expiring contract as trade asset. If, Melo or LBJ want to play in LA, they can/will make it work.

    • TheTruthKills

      You said it all.

  • Javon Newton

    Ariza or swaggy over melo you slow bro? Swaggy is good but hes 2 levels below melo as a scorer and that all he does

  • Javon Newton

    And we do have enough to sighn both after trading nash other player will sighn cheap to play with that big three marshall cheap bazemore cheap and then sign players like we did last year wesly would be cheap agin hopfull henry witha desnt center mabe kaman comes back now that mikes gone

    • ethan w

      We cld basically sign are team last year to be backups…I mean are whole team last year was one huge bench and we won over 30 games so we wld have a great bench and all there bird rights including pau hill n young henry etc

  • c

    Melo and Bosh would be better

  • Vin

    Melo would do fine, Kobe would push Melo on the defensive end, Bron would too if they are on the same team, plus with lebron and kobe defending, it would take pressure off of Melo.

  • lakerheaven

    this would be the best thing ever to happen to LA

  • Lakers4Life

    Love it!!! Can’t wait to see these players all together wearing the golden armor. Not only is it a championship move, but it will drastically increase the value for each player as well as the Lakers franchise. Just imagine how many jearseys and merchandise will sell…phew!!!

  • Shawn

    What the fuck happen to my fellow Lakers Soldiers. You fucking guys sound a lot like the Heat fanbase seriously. Fuck em both we rolling without em.

  • SPursNation

    LMFAO so funny the Lakers would have to recruit some “SUPER STARS” from other team just to try and beat some OLD FARTS in the SPURS. Oh well one did already retire so, yea maybe the LAKERS will have a shot next year.

  • johnny

    Kobes turning into a joke. Better hope Mitch can do something.

  • courtney harris

    This is crazy to me? Why would you want lebron on the squad. First off, he’s not leaving Miami. I don’t want his fickle fans honestly it would so much sweeter to beat him. Could you imagine Kobe and lebron going at it for seven games. Melo I would like, but I couldn’t even imagine the media saying something like “lebron saved the lakers”

  • Khary Simmons

    smh. anything is better than that lakers roster from last year…i seen high school teams do better. Bazemore, Brooks,Johnson, Kelly, Hill, Kaman GOTTA GO! Meeks, Farmar, Gasol, Swaggy are about the only players worth resigning. Low ball them and get QUALITY players. Spend and do what you must, but another season like last is depressing

  • numb1lakefan

    me and kobe have long been chasing melo those who dont like melo dont melo coming to LA dont know championship basketball

    • numb1lakefan


  • numb1lakefan

    i am the guy behind mike brown being fired and hire of dantoni over phil and will be the reason why melo ends up in LA..melo will bring show time lakers back to staples

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