Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant, Byron Scott In Contact Over Past Few Weeks

Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant, Byron Scott In Contact Over Past Few Weeks


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The coaching search continues for the Los Angeles Lakers as the storied franchise tries to find the right man for one of the toughest jobs in the NBA. Fans of the team have been anxious and the rumors have started to run rampant about the search, but the Lakers brass is taking their time to make the right decision moving forward.

Although it may be quite some time before a new head coach is hired, one name that continues to get mentioned as a potential strong candidate for the job is Byron Scott.

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In an appearance on ESPN’s Mike and Mike, Chris Broussard says Kobe Bryant and Scott has been talking over the past few weeks leading to more speculation about his potential hiring by the team:

“Very close with Kobe Bryant. I know that those two have been in contact in the past few weeks and actually have talked about, you know, Kobe has talked to Byron Scott about some coaching type stuff.

“So, [Scott] certainly has an in with Kobe, but right now a lot of what you see is premature because the Lakers are nowhere near making a decision. I’m not even sure, I don’t even think, they’ve even contacted coaches they want to interview. They’re really taking their time with this. There’s no need to rush. They want to see how they do in the draft lottery. So I think right now you’re just seeing a lot of names thrown out there.”

With the upcoming NBA draft lottery a big piece of the puzzle for the Lakers, a final decision on a new head coach may not be made until after the team’s draft position is determined on May 20 or possibly even after the 2014 NBA draft on June 26.

Needless to say, it may be awhile until the team has a new head coach in place for next season. Scott will almost certainly be one of the top candidates considered, but anything can happen over the next few months with other candidates potentially emerging as options for the Lakers.

One of the perks of possibly bringing in Scott strong ties to star point guard Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hiring Scott may be key to acquiring Irving in the near future.
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  • independentbynature

    There are lots of options.But,Byron Scott is the best one for the Lakers.

    • Leonardo Muniz Zanetti

      yeah he’s a great option and, if real, the possibility of bringing irving with him would be great!! but i do like tom thibodeau and his defensive mindset!! with a great D and relying on Kobe’s offense we would have all it takes to be champions….

    • Sylvia Ross

      Can’t go wrong with Byron.

    • richard

      I have no quarrel with hiring Scott… but if FO does hire him… we need to get a very good point guard for his team to run smoothly… anyway, I trust FO to be able to get it this time.

  • Guest

    my opinion perfect fit for LA Lakers is Mark Jackson and George karl and Jeff van gundy and my options quin snyder and stan van gundy for next season :)

    • Zimmeredge

      Drop mda for Karl they basically have the same approach to the game now.

    • Lakerforlife

      Lol is that the whole coaching staff?? If so who’s the head coach?

  • comrade24

    I do have a feeling the Lakers are going to Hire Scott. I don’t think it would be a bad move, especially with his ties to Irving. Having an elite pg is top priority in today’s nba. Look at this years playoffs. In the 2nd round, only one team doesn’t have an elite (or close to) point guard, and that team is Miami. Even with Miami, you could could argue that Lebron is their point forward. It does seem like Scott would be able to help lure Kyrie to LA, but i still think Mark Jackson might be the better coach. I’m fine with either of them being hired, just as long as a VanGundy isn’t hired and Derek Fisher IS hired as an assistant for next season.

    • comrade24

      forgot about Indiana when i posted this. they don’t have an elite point guard either, but they’re also not doing so hot either and it’s a lot to do with having trouble scoring. If they had Rondo for example, i think they would have rolled right through Atlanta.

    • Chrmngblly

      If you look at the players on all the teams left in the playoffs, chances are good that at any position 75% of those players are elite, not just point guards. Try it.

      But I agree with you that we need our point guard to be top notch. Marshall is very special. If he can progress over the summer, he may turn out to be more of a Nash-type point than a Westbrook-type. I wouldn’t mind but we need to see progress.

  • michiganlaker

    but how would we get kyrie???

    • comrade24

      He will be a FA next summer, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to stay in Cleveland.

      • Robert Perez


      • michiganlaker

        does it matter if he’s a restricted free agent??

        • comrade24

          i’m pretty sure he’ll be unrestricted, but if he is restricted it just means the Cav’s have the right to match any offer. You think they wanna compare wallets with the Lakers?

          • ZirtBirt .

            he will be a rfa. the cavs will match every offer. nobody will let his pg go for nothing. but i want him in la too.

        • LAstory

          If Kyrie tells the Owner (privately) that there is no chance he is resigning with them…. then tells the owner if he tries to trade him to any other team other than the Lakers (for instance) Kyrie can tell that team you will only have me for a year then he can leave as a unrestricted free agent… and I think 2016 he is an unrestricted FA.

          • michiganlaker

            that would be nice to pick him up.

  • Robert Perez

    Byron Scott or Mark Jackson… Just Don’t screw this up again Jimmy!

    • Chrmngblly

      God no.

  • John

    I’m tired of all the coach talk. They need good players

    • Jacob

      it all starts with the coach bro then having good players.

  • vdogg

    byron is great at developing PGs. if the lakers can draft exum, scott would be a fabulous choice.

    • Chrmngblly

      What I want to see is Kobe’s list of coaches he would play for. Would he support his man Fish? What about Kevin Ollie? Hollins, Scott, Karl or Pastor Jackson? God save us from the Holy Rollers.

    • LAstory

      Hey vdogg, remember Byron is extremely close with Kyrie… mentored Kobe and D-fish (possible asst.) so we’ll see what happens.

      • karasoon4

        Yup, exactly. Scott has mentored Kobe from day 1. He is the only option I can think of who has Kobe’s respect as a coach and would actually be able to reign in Kobe when necessary.

  • Jay Brodes

    i choice would be bscott or nate mcmillan!!! period!

  • Marty Susman

    K. Irving would be a GREAT addition seeing as how we need a point that can play against Parker, CP3, Lillard, Westbrook, Wall ETC.

  • Marty Susman

    The BEST coach we could hire would be Scott as the head guy, D. Fish, K. Rambus & Kareem as asst. Players would fall over each other to play for this group of stars….

  • LAshwtime512

    In my opinion, the Lakers management finally being smart by being patient who they select as coach. I can’t really pick who I prefer to be the coach of the Lakers due to not knowing what player they will get from the draft and the players that they will get free agency. But if was the Lakers I would definitely go for tom thibodeau for his defensive mindset and for his half court type offense. which will work for kobe and pau more effectively, rather than up tempo type offense.

  • Adam Hedrick

    The best option is a laker guy. Someone that knows the organization well that knows the culture that goes with the lakers and knows what it takes to win in LA because they have been there and done that. Those names are SCOTT RAMBIS FISHER. If you can’t get one of those you have to get a guy that really likes Kobe. Mark Jackson and George Karl both love him. We aren’t getting Phil , coach k, pop or doc . I think Kevin Ollie would be very bad move along with both van gundys and mike dunleavy and Steve Kerr. Roy Williams would be a crap shoot. So I say no.

  • Lakers4Life

    Lakers won’t make any moves until the draft is over. Hopefully Kerr will still be around then, as he would be the best fit for the upcoming Lakers dynasty.

    • vdogg

      why is everyone so high on kerr? the guy has never coached a minute of NBA basketball… or ANY basketball, for that matter.

  • ersliva

    scott is an ex laker with coaching experience and he knows the laker mystique and knows how to win titles….

  • CCX

    B Scott for head coach! Just do it Mitch!

  • LAshwtime512

    I see a lot of lakers fan going for Byron Scott because he is a Lakers legends or he hold trump card that can possibly (not guarantee) get Kyrie Irving to the team. Don’t get me wrong I’m huge lakers fan and definitely respect him for all his accomplishment. The only thing that concerns me is his type of offense he runs. The type offense he uses is the Princeton offense which is the same type if offense that mike brown was using. Scott do produce great type of defense structure. Which I will turn to Tom Thibodeau, like B Scott he also show great defense structure. Also with tom Thibodeau a player would like to play for him and possibility (not guarantee) play for lakers Carmelo Anthony. The style offense that tom b. uses is called “flex motion” which consist of a lot of double or triple cutting down low while with shooting guard uses the screen to open him up to shoot or have defense following him and having the low post player open. In my conclusion, both are defense minded coached which the lakers needed. Both can possibly bring an elite player. The only thing that separate them is their offensive system. If I had to pick it would tom b. because of his offensive system. If you have Kobe he attracts a lot of double team, he then can pass it to Pau or Carmelo down low or if the player lose Kobe on one of triple screen Kobe can be close enough to shoot the ball. This offense gives a lot of opportunity for our aging superstar.