Lakers Rumors: Kevin Love Wants To Play For Lakers, Open To Knicks Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="196"] For most of this past season, there were constant rumors of Kevin Love wanting to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. With the NBA draft [new_royalslider id="196"] For most of this past season, there were constant rumors of Kevin Love wanting to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. With the NBA draft Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Kevin Love Wants To Play For Lakers, Open To Knicks

For most of this past season, there were constant rumors of Kevin Love wanting to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. With the NBA draft lottery on May 20, rumors have started once again.

With general Mitch Kupchak recently mentioning that the team is willing to trade the lottery pick, Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News is reporting Love’s people have reiterated to the Minnesota Timberwolves this past week that they better trade him or else he will leave via free agency in 2015:

“Kevin Love’s people reiterated to the Timberwolves this past week that they had better trade him or else he’ll leave via free agency when his contract is up after next season.”

Although Love wants to play for the Lakers, he is also considering joining forces with Phil Jackson in New York:

“Love wants to play for the Lakers but he’s also open to coming to the Knicks”

For the Lakers, the results of the draft lottery will likely kick-start the most important off-season for the franchise in nearly a decade. While all the focus has been on filling the vacant head coaching position since Mike D’Antoni’s resignation, Kupchak acknowledged that the franchise ideally wants to know what pick they have first before moving forward with their coaching search.

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With Los Angeles finishing with the sixth worst record in the league, they have a 6.3 percent chance at the top pick and a 21.5 percent chance at the top three. Depending on what pick they actually have on Tuesday, the Lakers may be looking to trade it for an all-star such as Love or Kyrie Irving in order to speed up the rebuilding process.
VIDEO: Mitch Kupchak Talks Kobe’s Influence On Coaching Search, And It Isn’t Much

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  • vdogg

    who the hell cares about this right now?? DO NOT give up that pick, mitch. do a sign and trade or give up a future pick. i don’t want to go through the dwight howard fiasco one more time.

    • Jim213

      Smh, let’s observe where they land lottery wise first.

      • kookiebuger

        The Lakers currently have no future regardless where it lands they should keep it.

        • Jim213

          Disagree, this is why Kupcake is willing to trade the pick IF things don’t go accordingly. Since the mid 90′s- avg 6th seed’s in the lottery have ended up drafting 7th.

          Wouldn’t mind if they ended up drafting 3rd but as long as they stay (6 or 7th) they’ll be good. There’s some good players that have been overlooked which don’t apply to the top 4 prospects.

          • kookiebuger

            The Lakers still should keep their pick regardless. The Lakers will need a new face to the franchise once Kobe retires, trading for Love doesn’t guarantee he will stay and the Cavs will probably turn down an Irving trade (I doubt Irving and Kobe will work well together). I hear a few teams aren’t going to risk drafting Emiid he might fall into the Lakers hands and is worth the risk this one freakish injury doesn’t mean it will continue throughout his entire career.

          • Jim213

            ?! Disagree, The post doesn’t necessarily mean that they should give it up for Love. It’ll come down to where they land as Kupcake has recently stated that they’d be willing to draft lower if they could land another first rounder (2, 1st rndrs).

            I’d go as far as saying they should consider trading away the pick after drafting their player to select 8th-10th depending if they they land 3rd or 6th IMO. At best expecting a 3rd or 6th pick but your post about Love is Puzzling?

            You’d consider Embiid who hasn’t helped his cause by opting out of the combine over a sure thing as Love? (the #1 PF in the league?). Embiid is more of a gamble given his bad back as he could’ve assured everyone that he’s a top 5 player if he’d participated in the combine. Leaves doubt but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Lakers should give up their pick for Love.

            It all depends on where they end up lottery pick wise as the combine has shown more suitable players that have been over looked who have more skills which goes for athleticism than 3 of the top 5 players. I’ll wait until 5.20 to find out where they are before having a better sense of who’ll be available.

          • nlruizjr

            true, but Embiid’s potential could be skyhigh and as far as injuries, KLove is not free from that either, I believe he has been sidelined a few times for injuries and there is nothing to say he could end up injured again.

          • Jim213

            IMO, really comes down to where they land lottery wise. Looking at the draft history believe the 6th seed is due for a top 3 pick.

          • box5

            Get a bledsoe, someone that’s enticing and they will be willing to trade, we can’t just keep getting serviceable guys with no trade value! And these rookies are not ready yet to lead but put in a 3rd role they’d be straight, but if y’all don’t mind losing and wasting kobe’s last two years fine you bastards. I wanted to see him go out on top but no, y’all rather see some fucking early pick rookie dunk, I rather get love, sign monroe and bledsoe (no lowry), get minns pick and draft anderson or early, trade marshal for a pick and get napier, smith or payton <—-gonna be a beast yell

      • LegendInMyMind

        1-9 is too high for a potential ‘one and done’ that only averages 60 games a season or so, I don’t care where he’s from. Lakers need Love to sign a multi-year deal, and they can do that just as well hanging on to that pick as they can any other way.

        • Jim213

          Agree, but this is more than just giving up the draft pick. It’s about making the most of your selection as there’s some solid players who’ve elevated their draft by showing what they bring to the table (which goes with better athleticism) in the combine than some of the 5 top prospects.

          Somehow getting the feeling that a few of these top prospects may be passed given some have taken advantage of the situation with many of the top prospects opting out tho Wiggins will go 1 or 2 IMO.

    • Jim213

      Per CBA Lakers are REQUIRED to select a draft pick this year. They can’t trade their pick away. Draft and trade is still possible as the CBA only mandates that a team draft a player only.

      • J Taylor

        They are not required. The CBA you speak of, only talks about trading consecutive FUTURE picks. There is a loophole about “current year” picks that isn’t covered.

        • Jim213

          Clarification: not sure if the Stepien rule is included within the CBA itself but the NBA prohibits teams from trading first-round draft picks in successive seasons. However, there’s nothing wrong with drafting a player and trading him after.

          This is why the Lakers may give up their 2015 1st rounder to the Nuns (top 5 protected tho) and their 2015 2nd rounder to the Magic (tho protected 31-40). While possibly owing the Magic their 1st rounder in 2017 (protected 1-5 tho) or end up owing 2017 and 2018s 2nd rounders to the Magic rather than the 2017 first rounder if the Lakers happened to stink and land a top 5 pick in 2017 (doubtful).

    • Kareem


  • vdogg

    the only way i would give up that pick is if we could somehow swing a three-way trade and acquire both love AND kyrie irving. sign me up for that.

    • Jim213

      Very doubtful but if Pau shows interest in Phil’s pitch then worth sign and trading (Pau) in a 3 team trade to acquire picks.

  • KB24

    KEEP THE PICK AND trade our 2019 and 2019 1st rd pick for love,rondo,noah or the rights for exum though rondo can leave us so NO TO TRADE TO RONDO coz we can sign him Via FA

    • vdogg

      hell no i don’t want rondo on my team. he will always be a celtic to me.

    • TheTruthKills

      Carelessly dumping draft picks is one of the reasons we’re in this mess in the first place.

      • Grant Hodgkins

        Let’s not forget the cp3 trade that would have created a lakers dynasty for years to come

  • Matt Williams

    I’d rather wait a year for Kevin Love to be a free agent, than to go through the same thing we did with D-va12. Besides what if we get Exum? I’d rather keep him and mold him into a superstar than get a player that can change his mind about staying here in the middle of the season. Mitch will do the right thing.

    • vdogg

      you sir, are wise. hopefully mitch feels the same way you do. give exum a year of seasoning and then go all in next summer.

  • vdogg

    LOL what the hell are the knicks going to trade for love — phil jackson??? HAHAHHAHAHA!!! the knicks have nothing — no draft pick, no players that anyone wants (melo isn’t going to play in MIN). love is coming to the lakers either now or next summer as a FA!

    • comrade24

      next summer Knicks will have cap room. Doesn’t seem like Love will be available in FA, and yeah can’t see the Knicks having anything Minny wants, lots of bad contracts

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Wow this is a easy choice and that is we want to keep our draft pick and Kevin Love can suffer one more year in a cold climate and come back home in 2015.Free agency is where we need to do business with Kevin Love that way we could sign him up and make sure he is under a long term contract to avoid another Dwight Coward leaving the Lakers for nothing high and dry.KEEP THE LOTTERY PICK!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    If they agree to a sign and trade for Pau Gasol and a future first rounder in 2019 then yes lets do business if not then go to hell we don’t need you’re disgruntled player or anything like that.We hold all the cards the Timberwolves have zero leverage and they are on a slippery slope.

  • Jeremy Bertholimule

    the laker’s should sign lebron james next season,,dosent matter if theirs caproom or not- pull the tirigger and get that man. #27RINGS

    • Eddie Sandoval

      Lebron does not deserve to be a Laker, I rather sign Kevin Durant

      • Pimptastic

        I’d rather have Durant as well, but if Lebron comes knocking, I’m answering. Lebron and a top draft pick while still having cap room, sign me up for that. Ex Celtic Rick Fox came to LA and we embraced him, much hated Karl Malone came here and we embraced him, Steve Nash came here and didn’t play much due to injuries. but we kinda embraced him as well. We will embrace Lebron, it may take a parade for some to do it. bit eventually. we will.

        • CCX

          I agree, if LeBron wants to be a Laker, why not? Certainly better than Dwight, who a lot of Laker fans embraced once he put on the purple and gold. I don’t like a lot of what LBJ has done in the past, but I didn’t like Barnes pretending to throw a ball in Kobe’s face or Metta practically choking him and like you say, if Laker fans can embrace The Mailman or The Worm, they can embrace anyone committed to helping the Lakers win a title.

          Heck, it’s not like LBJ is old man Paul Pierce.

        • courtney harris

          i rather root for the clippers. i dont want lebron here – to me his team hopping is discrediting him from being great like the jordan and kobe. jumping from loaded sqaud to loaded squad doesnt prove to me (at least) that you belong with the jordans and kobes.

          • Pimptastic

            Even as a die-hard Laker fan since the ’70′s I wouldn’t call the Lakers a “loaded squad” and to be honest, a move like this could cement his legacy in my mind. Coming from a Championship caliber team to one that missed the playoffs, by a large margin, and the worse record in team history to help them rebuild and become a contender is pretty solid to me.

          • nlruizjr

            wasn’t that the reason he left the Cav’s, he couldn’t handle it with a mediocre team, he would be in the same boat ???

          • Pimptastic

            Not very sure he wanted to play for a mediocre team in Cleveland…Yes, it was home but I’d imagine moving away from home played a bit of a role in the decision as well. That was also before he’d won any titles, not that he’s been there, done that, I’m sure he probably has a different perspective on things now.

          • nlruizjr

            Yes but does he want to go through a rebuilding phase again, plus also he’s nearing 30 and that may have alot to do with any decision.

          • Pimptastic

            Look at the position that the Lakers could find themselves. A high lottery pick this year, and enough cap room for a max contract, plus another, and the big contracts of Nash and Kobe set to expire in the near future

          • nlruizjr

            Nash at 9.7mil, Sacre at 900,000, Kobe at 25mil =35.6mil, that leaves about 26mil for 11 more players, where’s the cap room for a max player ? that’s 2014-2015, now 2015-2016 will be virtually the same problem, so I don’t understand where you are coming from ?

          • Pimptastic

            This year we can do a back loaded contract worth an average of roughly 20mil/year and have 8 or so million, a mid level exception and as many necessary min contracts (1 year) to fill out the roster. The following year, Nash comes off with some of the other one year contracts,. then Kobe’s contract comes off the year after that. Help me if I am off-base with this.

          • nlruizjr

            well I hope this is so, the only thing that would bother me is the min. contracts, how many experienced players want to play for min. again ? (farmar, young, Hill, Kaman, Gasol).

          • Pimptastic

            I’m thinking that we will be able to get a few vets min contracts to play with Kobe, Lebron and a lottery talent. I’d also imagine that it wouldn’t be a problem for a few of our current bench players to stick around for a Championship run or 2.

          • nlruizjr

            Yes, Meeks, Farmar and Young want to stay but I doubt they would stay for cheap again, I think if the Lakers want to field a decent team, they have to let lose of the pocket book a little. I think if the Lakers stay the course of “Cheap Skates”, it could damage their image and what young star would want to play for the Lakers with that kind of tag on the FO ???

          • Pimptastic

            I do believe that the league is heading in a direction where most teams will have a couple max contracts, maybe 2 exception level contracts (5-8mil) and fill the rest of the team out with rookie contracts and minimum level contracts. I think we may begin to see more players who feel they have a chance to win a championship or 2 opting for smaller contracts much in the same way that happened in Miami. Even if that trend doesn’t happen, I sill think that a couple max contracts, 2 or 3 mids, rookies and vets on short/minimum contracts will begin to be the norm. Of all the things that the Lakers were last season, we still had a strong bench; I think that can be repeated,

          • nlruizjr

            that being the case makes Kobe’s contract even more puzzling ????

      • Devon Samuels²⁴

        Amen and I don’t care if he the best in the league he don’t deserve to wear Purple & Gold!

    • courtney harris

      stfu please

  • Veego Cobblepot

    The Lakers are sure to get a top three . Just like the Cavs git Kyrie Irving right after LeBron left . It’s rigged. Oh and thanks for ruining my team Stern.

    • Confused

      You own a team???

      • IFICKT

        How old are you? 3?

      • courtney harris

        stfu please – this team belongs to the fans without “us” non of this would exist.

  • CharlieMurphy!

    Only player the team should trade for this summer is Kyrie. If not, keep the pick and draft Smart of Exum. It would be a smarter move for the Lakers to build now and get ready for players like Love to hop on the bandwagon.

    • Pimptastic

      I’ve been saying this as well, right now, Kyrie is the only ‘available’ player I’d trade our pick for. We can get Love next year when Nash comes off the books and Durant when Kobe comes off. I can get down with Love, Kyrie and Durant.

      • comrade24

        From what it sounds like from multiple reports Love is on his way out Minnesota. Most likely he won’t be available next summer to sign in FA

        • CharlieMurphy!

          I hope we land him before ends up in Chi-town or Golden State. It kind of blows how he suddenly became impatient. I was hoping we build this year which would include keeping the high pick, while awaiting his opt-out next summer. I hope we can re-sign Jordan Hill. That would be fun watching Love and Hill battling for offensive and defensive rebounds. I don’t think Ariza’s coming back. He’s the second best scorer in Washington. He’ll probably demand a big payday.

      • comrade24

        i won’t put it past Mitch to be uber creative and land them both. He’s worked similiar magic before, or get Love, Lowry, and either Deng/Ariza. That would be a winning team with the bench we have and a healthy Kobe.

      • CharlieMurphy!

        Rudy Gay is a poor-man Kevin Durant, who might be available this free agency. He might opt-out of his $19 million contract to sign with a contender. Mitch should look into that.

        • Pimptastic

          Definitely, getting Rudy Gay would not break my heart.

        • comrade24

          I think Gay is overvalued. Inefficient, volume shooter.

  • Agent Schwartz

    The only way the Lakers should trade their lottery pick is if they know for sure that LeBron James is going to sign with the Lakers in 2014 free agency then you have a real chance at winning a championship with a core of LeBron James and Kevin Love and a healthy and a ring hungry Kobe Bryant.You would have to make sure LeBron James fits his salary into the salary cap space the Lakers have.

    Love makes roughly over $15 million dollars this upcoming season and he can opt in next season he has a player option for 2015.Kobe makes $23 million dollars for 2014 and that means LeBron James would have to sign for around $23 million per season and then sign the rest of the players to veteran minimum contracts and pick up some D-League players on the cheap or some eager guys trying to win a ring and willing to play for the veteran minimum.

    Also the Lakers will have the mid level exception to play with and that can score a very good player that can round out the starters.Steve Nash would need to be waived and stretched out for this to work out.It can happen the salary cap is set at $63.5 million dollars firm for 2014-2015.

    • Pimptastic

      They would probably still need a year to gel, but it would be a hell of a ride. Hopefully Kobe would take a more reasonable contract after this one is up to collect a few more rings in his old age.

    • CCX

      Mitch has said his plans are longer term. There’s a chance LeBron opts out and Lakers could give him a max contract. But if that doesn’t happen then Love becomes an option next offseason and Durant the following one (when Kobe’s 2-yr extension ends). That’s why Mitch has said the main things is he’s going to be patient for the ‘right’ FA’s to become available.

      Melo isn’t the ‘right’ one either.

  • WestCoast323

    What’s the saying?!?!! Get it done Mitch!

  • http://growingforward.net Scott Asai

    If the Lakers don’t move up to top 3 and Minny is willing to trade Love, do it. This draft isn’t as deep as people think, plus Love in the right system can be deadly (that includes a championship coach of course too).

    • J Taylor

      Any of the top 6 players have a chance to be stars. And IMHO, 3 of them could be superstars. Sure the rest of the lottery is good but the cream of the crop is in the top 6.

  • 3339

    It’s not if Kevin Love will be a Laker, it’s when.

  • quickster007

    Kevin Love is using the Knicks as a leverage so the Lakers will either trade the picks to the Timberwolves or he wants to get paid. Draft a point guard lakers. Dante Exum . In 2015, try to sign Lamarcus Aldridge. In 2016, when Kobe leaves go after Anthony Davis for the center spot. I know he play the pf spot but he can play the center spot too.

  • Lakers4Life

    Rumors, rumors, rumors. Of course there are going to be people giving out “rumors” around this time of year, right before the lottery and off-season, in order to utilize the media and their outlets to build up some drama before anything actually happens. At this point we should all simply ignore these rumors and see how we end up doing at the NBA draft. Everything will follow then.

  • vdogg

    the only potential snafu is if we wait to sign love in the offseason as a FA, then the knicks can get him too, since they will have cap space at that time as well. that being said, i still am reluctant to see the team trade the upcoming lottery pick.

    • JohnSmith00

      Not really the Knicks will have no cap space this summer, no draft pick, and their only concern at the moment is resigning Carmelo. The Lakers simply have too much upside with cap space this year as well a top draft pick.

  • JohnSmith00

    Truly the worst case scenario here for the Lakers is another team with not just the assets but a franchise that COULD appeal to love, putting a package together to acquire him. New York isn’t one of them but one that truly worries me is Golden State.

    • vdogg

      with it’s already stacked roster, i doubt GSW could afford love.

    • JP

      Golden State can offer a Harrison Barnes-David Lee-Bogut type package
      Houston with Asik, Chandler Parsons, Terrence Jones, Jeremy Lin type of package. Throw in some cash and 4 draft picks (2 X 1st round, 2 X 2nd round: similar to what Lakers gave up for Nash) and it’s a done deal..
      Bottom line though: Minny does not have much leverage, considering he’s pretty much out the door, so teams might not even have to give up that much to land him.

      • JohnSmith00

        It’s extremely unlikely Minnesota takes the cheap deal, so like NY don’t expect Houston to be anywhere in the mix. Because if Minnesota wanted 1st round picks that would be completely worthless, and a bunch of scrubs they would have done a trade like that by now. Look for them to get the best possible deal or see him walk.

        I mentioned a team like Golden for the reason you just posted, they’ve got assets. Though it would look something more along the lines of Klay Thompson-David Lee, and picks. That there is a scary thought as a Lakers fan because not only is it plausible trade but one both teams would consider doing in a heartbeat.

        As I said it’s also a type of deal that could appeal to him because not only would it put him on a playoff contender but to a place that’s close enough to home as he can get. My hope is that nothing comes to fruition and the Lakers manage to land Love. Sadly though that’s not how the league operates as it is ever changing and honestly anything can happen.

      • They call me Pringles

        I think now that K Love has made it known that he wants out of Minny, I think teams will try to take advantage of this situation for an opportunity to land him by offering the Wolves cheap deals. Many teams will try to offer cheap deals to land K Love. Minny will have to settle for the “best” cheap deal. The loser of this deal is of course, the Wolves, thanks to K Love for putting it on the media.

  • VillainKing

    keep the Lakers lottery pick Mitch!!!!!

  • TheTruthKills

    Under no circumstances should we trade our pick.

  • rik

    sign and trade gasol and a future first round for love.
    lakers roster next year
    PG: Exum/ farmar/ marshall
    SG: Kobe/ bazemore
    SF: Deng / young
    PF: Love/ kelly
    C: Okafor/ Hill/ sacre

  • Maro Malig

    This draft is so talented. Better keep that draft pick and do a sign and trade for Klove. We must draft exum, or marcus smart because both of them ar a beast. Exum is very versatile on offense and defense, while amrcus smart can guard taller guys because of his strength and he has a great IQ in D. :)

    • VillainKing

      Yeah I agree of you this draft is so talented keep the draft pick LAKERS!.we have a greater chance on picking Wiggins, Exum or Smart..

  • Vince

    This is the realest stuff i have ever heard Kevin Love wanting to come to the Lakers via a forced trade or else he leaves the Timberwolves left with nothing in free agency.It’s time for the Timberwolves to take what they can for Kevin Love and i think no team is willing to trade crap since he can walk in free agency and they get him for nothing anyways.I would trade Steve Nash and the lottery pick to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love.Getting rid of Steve Nash means we are finally out of that contract and we can sign another terrific player to help out Kevin Love and Kobe.But the Timberwolves must take Steve Nash and his expiring contract in any trade that is discussed.Kevin Love is set to make $15,719,062 for 2014-2015.Kobe is set to make $23 million dollars and that would be the only 2 guaranteed contracts other than Robert Sacre at less than a million bucks.That would leave the Lakers with $25 million dollars in salary cap space for this summer.

    PG Mario Chalmers Full Mid Level Exception doesn’t count against the $63.5 million dollars salary cap it’s the exception for a reason it helps teams willing to spend go over the salary cap in a discreet way.I love Mario Chalmers dude is a straight up winner and a good 3 point shooter and he is good on defense.

    SG Kobe Bryant $23 million dollars

    SF LeBron James $20 million dollars

    PF Kevin Love 15,719,062 dollars

    C Emeka Okafor Veteran Minimum

    Build a bench with inexpensive veteran minimum players
    PG Kendall Marshall Cheap Deal
    SG Kent Bazemore Cheap Deal
    SF Xavier Henry Veteran Minimum
    PF Ryan Kelly Rookie Contract
    C Robert Sacre Rookie Contract
    SG Jamal Crawford $4.0 Million Per
    C Matt Bonner Veteran Minimum
    PG Jordan Farmar Veteran Minimum

    • MRBIGGK70

      And leave out Swaggy P ???

  • Vince

    Love it when superstar players want to force their way to the Lakers.LBJ+Love?

  • Phew

    How likely would anyone sat this 15/16 lineup could happen and be contending:
    PG: kyrie
    SG: Stephenson
    SF: Kobe
    PF: Love
    C: Monroe

    I reckon they could trade this years pick for kyrie if not getting top 3 – in which they could get exum
    Stephenson and Monroe could be signed this FA and love in FA 2015…

    • Marty Susman

      Kyrie is VERY unhappy & he will be traded, the question is what do the Lakers have to get him…If they put him out their team’s would line up to get him & they can offer a hell of a lot more then the Lakers can offer. NOW if Kyrie were to make it 100% CLEAR that he will not sign a contract extension with anyone other then the Lakers, then they would have zero chance of trading him to anyone else…..Now if 2015 finds us with Kobe, Irving, Love & Monroe that would be a great starting 4.

  • Hank

    Yahoo sports Wojo is saying Lakers are offering the lottery pick.He makes it sound like the Lakers are begging the Timberwolves to take it.Stupid move Jim Buss don’t fall for the bull crap.Wait one year and then sign Love in free agency don’t panic and make a silly trade.The lottery pick could be Andrew Wiggins,Dante Exum,Joel Embiid,Marcus Smart,Jabari Parker that is reason enough to never make this trade.Slam the phone on the Timberwolves when this trade ever comes up.

    The guy is leaving no matter what from Minnesota in the off season and his number 1 destination is the Lakers and we can make sure we have cap space for Love by signing Pau Gasol to a huge 1 year deal and we keep Steve Nash and once 2014-2015 season is over and the Summer starts we renounce the rights to Steve Nash and Pau Gasol therefore paving the way for Kevin Love to join the Lakers in free agency.What’s the worst thing that can happen the Timberwolves trade Kevin Love to the Knicks and then he stays there and the Lakers end up with Aldridge or some other great player.

    Lakers know teams like Phoenix and Utah are no threat when it comes down to it because Kevin Love will bolt from those bad destinations.Those teams have zero chance of keeping Kevin Love and they know it would only be a 1 year rental anyways so they are very reluctant to trade picks and players for Kevin Love because he will be gone after 1 year.

    • comrade24

      It’s a tough spot because if this report is true then Kevin Love will not be a free agent next summer. He will be on another team besides the Lakers if we don’t trade for him. I hate to see the FO trade our pick too though, and we have little else of value to offer. Maybe sign and trade with Gasol and future pick but i think the Wolves will receive better offers. The ONLY way I see the trade being beneficial is the FO already has a 2nd and 3rd move in place that would make us instant contenders, like signing Lowry and Monroe or a Pau sign and trade for Irving. If the sole move is to trade our draft pick for Kevin Love it’s a stupid move, but if there are other moves lined up that will put us in the mix to win and win NOW, then pull the trigger. Bring the Lakers back to glory and let other people develop the rookies, and we’ll sign them later in FA once they’ve developed.

    • Marty Susman

      I agree

  • Hank

    2014-2015 Lakers

    PG Steve Nash
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Andrew Wiggins
    PF Ed Davis
    C Pau Gasol

    2015-2016 Lakers Much Improved
    PG Rajon Rondo
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Andrew Wiggins
    PF Kevin Love

    2016-2017 Lakers The Durantula comes to LAL
    PG Rajon Rondo
    SG Andrew Wiggins
    SF Kevin Durant
    PF Kevin Love
    C DeAndre Jordan

    Hire a great coach with a championship coaching also.

    • Jim213

      Smh, no second unit looks possible (salary cap) given the contracts being dished.

    • Marty Susman

      A. Wiggins will not be their when the Lakers pick.
      B. Rondo is yesterday, go with Smart if you can get him.
      C. Love should not be brought on board till 2015.
      D. Sign NO one for more then a year if over 25 years old.

  • CCX

    TBH, I’d rather keep the pick and sign Love next offseason. I would use it to pick Exum, who greatly enhanced his stock during draft camp. Unfortunately this would mean enduring another long, probably largely losing season but in the long run this would give us two marquee-type players – who could be supplemented if Kevin Durant the following year wants to take his talents to Hollywood.

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers NEED to KEEP the pick unless it is nearer the #9 pick. Love comes aboard when he is a free agent, I have NO clue how Mitch is planning on getting two first rounders but if he can get another one and still keep this one, go for it….

  • Gary

    So they trade for him and what hapens then if he doesn’t enjoy playing along with Kobe who has the penchant to go do his own thing on the court and jack up 30 shots a game even though he’s missing most of them, and Love leaves us high and dry in FA.

  • djlove

    laker need lot work get back to big dance

  • quickster007

    I would like to see what the Lakers going to do. If Mitch is smart he will keep the pick. Kevin Love is using several teams to get what he wants. If he signs with the Lakers it will be like signing with the Wolves. The Lakers will not contend for the championship. The Warriors and the Rockets have a better chance of signing him. Love will sign with a playoff team not a rebuilding team like the Lakers.

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