Lakers Rumors: Kevin Love Wants To Be ‘Big Time In A Big...

Lakers Rumors: Kevin Love Wants To Be ‘Big Time In A Big City’


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Kevin Love is a marquee talent in the NBA right now. Not yet 26, Love scores and rebounds with the best of the league. A player of Love’s caliber only comes around every three to four years, so it is easy to see why so many teams are keeping their cap space available for the 2015 off-season.

Love has played six solid seasons in Minnesota, but despite all his All-Star numbers, has never experienced postseason play. Minnesota was expected to compete for a playoff spot this season, but with only ten games remaining, it seems unlikely they will make it yet again.

This lack of success, along with several other blunders from the Minnesota front office, has Love considering a move to a new team when his current contract runs out. While Los Angeles has been rumored as an ideal landing spot for the three-time All-Star, Love is apparently considering other ‘big city’ teams.

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According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles, Love is enamored with playing in a big city for a big team:

A source familiar with Love’s thinking told that it’s not just L.A. that is appealing to Love; he’s enamored with the idea of being “big time in a big city,” and that list of potential places he’d seek includes New York and Chicago, as well.

The Lakers have been considered the front runners to land Love for some time, but apparently they will face some stiff competition from other big name cities. Love recently tried to quell the rumors regarding him leaving for Los Angeles as he told reporters he is focused on the present and not 2015, when he can become a free agent. In an interview with GQ, Love has even said that the Timberwolves have a better foundation than the Lakers. However, with Love still a member of Minnesota, these comments should be expected.

Love is a special talent, a type of talent that only comes around so often. The Lakers have acknowledged this talent and are possibly trying to assemble a trade around their upcoming lottery pick to attain the services of the big man.

After striking out on their post-Kobe plan, Dwight Howard, the Lakers can certainly not afford to miss again. With Kobe Bryant reaching the twilight of his career, the Lakers must assemble a plan to carry on their storied franchise, and simply cannot let Love sign with another team if they have the ability to acquire him.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kevin Love is just pondering his future i guarantee you last night didn’t help persuade him to come to the Lakers.Major changes are needed to persuade anyone to sign with the Lakers.Firing the coach would be a good head start.

    • Danny E. Pagan

      Actually Kevin Love and D’antoni are a match made in heaven.

      • Danny E. Pagan

        Kevin Love is a stretch 4. The position D’antoni brought to the forefront in the NBA with Shawne Marion in his PHX days… Since then most teams employ a shooting big of some kind. D’antoni is arguably the most influential coach of the past 10 years believe it or not Phil lovers.

        • leavealreadymike

          Okay he is good at stretch 4’s. HOWS THE DEFENSE???

        • kobe24

          I’m not a Phil Lover (although I thoroughly appreciate the 5 rings he got for LA)

          However I don’t care if MDA is influential or not he isn’t winning us championships

          • Kobe

            I think Kobe and the rest of the players had more to do than Phil in getting those rings, while acknowledging that Phil did have a big part in it, just not nearly as big as the guys actually playing the games. Players win games, just like Jordan won them when Phil was coaching in Chicago.

        • John Driven

          -_- And with that stretch 4 he still won how many championships?

        • BigBlackBat

          Dude I don’t care if D’antoni invented the 8pt shot he gotta go! Like it’s a shame he still has a job! Really!

    • Jim213

      More than just firing the coach, need some bangers as the coach prefers going with players that fit his style of play which has resulted in a minimal roster adaptation. FO needs to find some good starters this off season being a PG, PF (2), and another center.

      Mentioned this since last summer but top players want to win NOW and not down the line. So changes NEED TO BE MADE (OFF SEASON). Otherwise, not certain how FO intends to attract a star player(s) down the line if the brand doesn’t have anything going…

      • Zimmeredge

        fans’ whim are the biggest problem imo. they (we and I too) live in their own little fairy world and they believe we can run the franchise as we did in the past by splashing the cash on the table to attract a player.
        hell that’s not gonna happen. For Love we stink, we are rotting big time because we have nothing to offer him for next season and in the future. We have to show him that we can be a playoff team even without him. In those conditions, if he loves LAL. No matter what happen (trade or fa) he will end up in a purple and gold uniform next summer.

        our summer plan will depend on who we get on draft night but we are top 5 for sure imo.

    • Brandon Leong

      another retarded fan on his ‘fire MDA rant’..we aint begging Klove to LA, but if he comes, MDA and KLove will be a marriage made in heaven. We just need a better defensive coach to assist MDA now.

      • comrade24

        AGREED 100%! D’Antoni is an offensive genius. No one with any basketball sense can deny this. But, (and this season it’s been a big BUTT) this team needs to be coached like a football team. We need a defensive coordinator. Namely Nate McMillan. They need to practice, preach, sleep, and breath team defense. You see a lot of teams that don’t have great individual defenders but still succeed because they play great team defense. they’re sharp on rotations, have good awareness, and play great help defense. We don’t necessarily need a lock down defender like Artest used to be, they just need to embrace team defense and have a defensive coach who drills it into them.

        • Brandon Leong

          yes, because MDA’s offensive style is fast and quick, I believe the mindset is to score MORE than the opponents, hence the defensive part of the game is neglected. If we can have more discipline and accountability on the defensive end with guys WANTING to play good D instead of running out to score, we would be alright, but again, we need our stars to be healthy.

  • vdogg

    screw kevin love. let him go freeze his ass of in NY or CHI. if you don’t jump at the chance to be a laker, then it’s on you. we will find someone else who really, really wants to wear the purple and gold.

    • Kerry Parkes

      That’s exactly the attitude we need to keep going in the same direction we’re going. Down. We have to take out heads out of our arses and realise we aren’t the big fish anymore. We have to work to get the free agents

      • Jeff

        Exactly. When Phil went to NY my first thoughts were “looks like the lakers are going to be competing against Phil/NY for Kevin Love.”

  • Matt Williams

    His father was a Laker. So I believe he’s destined to be a Laker.

  • quickster007

    Lakers don’t even bother. Kevin Love said that the Timberwolves have better talent than the Lakers. Does the Lakers have a choice? Plenty, don’t sign Pau and 19 millions of cap space is available. First, choose Andrew Wiggins for the small forward as a pick for this year draft. Second, sign Kyle Lowry for the point guard position and pay him 7 millions a season. Third, try to sign Greg Monroe to play the center spot. He is making close to 3 millions with Detroit, the Lakers should offer him 5 millions a season. Replace Dantoni with Byron Scott as the head coach. In 2015, let Steve Nash go and 9 millions of cap space is available. Save the cap space for 2016 when Kobe leaves and 24 millions is added. The Lakers have 33 millions and they can go after Anthony Davis. The Lakers can offer him 7 to 9 millions a season. The Lakers can offer Klay Thompson 7 millions a season. The starting unit for the 2016 season are. Kyle Lowry, point guard, Klay Thompson, shooting guard, Andrew Wiggins at the small forward, Anthony Davis at the power forward, Greg Monroe at center. The Lakers have 17 millions to fix the bench.
    The sad part the Lakers will suck for two more seasons.
    Reply ·
    · 20 hours ago