Lakers Rumors: Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol Trade Possible? Reviewed by Momizat on . It's a new week, which means new trade rumors! Since the Lakers were once again defeated in the Western Conference Semi-Finals, big changes are expected to be o It's a new week, which means new trade rumors! Since the Lakers were once again defeated in the Western Conference Semi-Finals, big changes are expected to be o Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol Trade Possible?

It’s a new week, which means new trade rumors! Since the Lakers were once again defeated in the Western Conference Semi-Finals, big changes are expected to be on the horizon in Los Angeles.

The most recent rumor once again focuses on Pau Gasol and the Boston Celtics. If you may recall, the two were linked prior to last year’s trade deadline in a potential move involving Rajon Rondo. Now it seems they may have a different deal in mind.

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If the Lakers are looking to move Gasol, Boston might be a destination that could handle his contract. Shaun Powell of NBA.com is reporting that the two sides could possibly make it work.

Maybe the Lakers? Garnett has a home in Malibu, and the Lakers have Kobe Bryant. What they don’t have is cap room, but that can be resolved if they agree to a sign and trade for Pau Gasol. The Lakers desperately want Gasol’s contract (three years, $60 million) off the cap and tried to trade him last summer. The Celtics, with only Pierce and Rondo making decent money, could take Gasol.

Gasol and Garnett are two players that have developed a fierce rivalry over the past four seasons, and were the focal point of two NBA Finals series in 2008 and 2010. But Garnett is one of the most hated players in Los Angeles, especially since joining the Celtics. Still, that hasn’t prevented other public enemies like Ron Artest and Matt Barnes from joining the team.

This may be an unlikely scenario for now, especially with Boston still contending in the Eastern Conference Finals. But there’s no question both teams will have moves to make once the season officially ends.

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  • lakerman34

    I’d rather trade Pau for Paul Pierce. KG could EASILY sign w/ the Lakers again (best friends w/ Pierce, lives in SoCal, friends with Kobe, chasing a ship). This is definitely a possibility, Lakers instantly become better.

    Sign Beasley/LO (in Dec.)/Roy. I like Roy out of the 3, so Kobe has a legitimate backup who can play PG and a little SF.

    PG Ramon Sessions/Steve Blake/Brandon Roy (in crunch time)
    SG Kobe Bryant/Brandon Roy
    SF Paul Pierce/MWP/Devin Ebanks
    PF Kevin Garnett/Josh McRoberts
    C Andrew Bynum/Jordan Hill

    If we could also get LO in December (and he plays like LO of ’10-’11), I have trouble seeing this team NOT contend for a ship.

    • Lapoint Chris1987

      true but the lakers need to get younger and more athletic pierce and kg dont have either of those i like the lakers trading for either deng or iggy and then adding a legit back up for kobe like roy or even hamilton if they get deng then chace a legit starting pg like maybe holiday if they pull the trigger on iggy or something along those lines then what i hope they really do is chace beasly he needs to be a laker so the line up would look kinda like this

      if they traded for iggy:

      PG Holiday/Sessions
      SG Kobe/Roy
      SF Iggy/Ebanks
      PF Beasly/McBob
      C Bynum/Hill

      if they traded for deng:

      PG Sessions/C.J. Watson
      SG Kobe/Hamilton
      SF Deng/Ebanks
      PF Beasly/McBob
      C Bynum/Hill

      both of these trades could easly happen and either or they both make the lakers much better

      • black mambavol2

        i would like to have kg with pau…it would open up better shots both inn and out.but we also need a younger well rounded pg.steve nash is a great but is getting too old to compete with these younger pg’s.bring rondo over just as well.

  • Chuck

    NO CAN DO!!!

  • John

    Wow, Lakers Nation really has nothing to write about… Revisiting trade rumors from last season just to get a click. I think it’s time to take a break until we get some real rumors going. Maybe when the season is actually over.

  • Lana

    Horrible trade.

  • kenny

    two words, NO WAY.

  • kbla

    I just can’t see KG in a laker jersey.

  • K. Bryant

    Trade Bynum for KG, Rondo, and maybe a pick or one other bench player.
    Move Pau to Center.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000026522231 Thomas Killay

      take another hit retard



  • Rich7974

    Rondo for Gasol should of been done earlier. Lakers would have had a better chance against the Thunder.

  • Bruce

    What is the big deal with cutting cap space, unless they are planning to sign a free agent? The Lakers are literally making billions off of TV contracts. Even if they have to pay triple over the cap, let’s put the best team on the floor that we can? I want to watch the Lakers playing in June, again!!

  • michaelakers

    You idiots don’t get it, NO ONE wants Pau Gasol and garbage in exchange for any of the other team’s best player(s). Even Bynum is looking like a lump of coal with his maturity issues and how inconsistent he can be. Lakers are looking bad right now especially with the salary cap so trading is the best they can do. No way will KG sign with L.A just because he lives in Malibu, so what? That man bleeds green, celtic green and will either sign for a cheap contract with Boston or retire so that’s not happening. Rondo for Gasol isn’t happening either, let alone Gasol for Brook Lopez and Williams. No major changes can be made because no one wants an aging Gasol or an immature Bynum so let it go. Time to rebuild slowly.

  • Kenderiusboggan

    kg need to trade

  • kelvin vasquez

    si salga d dwight howard y busquen jugadore mas altivo y k ayude a kobe bryant k las banca d los angeles de lekers k las refuelse k el manille maki antony nada mas juega con el quinteto de masiado y no hay jugador k ayude al quinteto pongase como el quipo de miami k saca el quinteto y las banca resuelbe muy bien firmen a monta elis y sake el sucio d meta wuolpi y antual jermison y todos los de las banca todos ese equipo los lakers no resulbe con las banca ….. soy muy fanatico de los angeles de lakers y por favor agan una lipiesa nada mas deje a coby bryant y pau gasol y erclar el numero 6 k el es bueno pero no ledan muño juego eso estodo mi comentario……..

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