Lakers Rumors: Kentucky’s John Calipari ‘No Shot’ To Become Lakers Coach

Lakers Rumors: Kentucky’s John Calipari ‘No Shot’ To Become Lakers Coach


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The coaching search continues for the Los Angeles Lakers with plenty of options for the storied franchise heading into the off-season. Although a number of big-name coaches have emerged as potential replacements for Mike D’Antoni, the Lakers brass will take their time before making a decision on who to bring in next season.

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According to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, one name can be crossed off the list with the Lakers showing no interest:

John Calipari has no shot to get the job, just as he didn’t when Rex Chapman tweeted that Calipari was on his way to Laker-land with a “done deal” as Kentucky hit the court for the NCAA championship game against UConn. Calipari knows the Lakers have zero interest in him and that’s why he tweeted on Friday that he is not leaving the Wildcats.

The Calipari-to-the-Lakers rumors have been floating around ever since Kevin Ollie’s University of Connecticut beat the University of Kentucky in the National Championship game on April 7.

Despite refuted reports, Calipari has frequently been linked to the Lakers, but it appears the rumors will come to an end if the team truly has zero interest as Lawrence suggests.

Among the candidates mentioned over the last week or so, only a few seem to be getting considerable interest. Byron Scott, Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr might be at the top of the list with Tom Thibodeau possibly becoming the frontrunner if the Chicago Bulls give the Lakers permission to talk to him.
Mike D’Antoni OUT, Resigns As Lakers Head Coach – Magic Johnson Says He Couldn’t Be Happier

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  • Jim213

    “Bryant would like Tom Thibodeau to free himself from Chicago. He loves Jeff Van Gundy, and shares management’s affinity for Euro legend Ettore Messina, who spent a season on Mike Brown’s staff.

    Bryant does admire Byron Scott, but there’s a different ex-Lakers guard who could go much further to regenerate the franchise’s culture and hold the insight into getting the most out of Bryant’s final two seasons: Derek Fisher. – Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports.”

    Calipari wouldn’t handle the stress of coaching for the Lakers given the high expectations. Stressful but more suitable coaches are willing and capable of taking on the challenge.

    • Cole

      Coach Cal not being able to handle high expectations haha. That’s a good one. To be honest, I think Kentucky has higher expectations. Example being 40-0. Get out of your bubble.

      • Jim213

        Coach Cal lover he ain’t coming to LA. Aside of that it’s been rumored that he’s out of the running per FO. Although, Meeks would disagree tho he can go play with the former coach wherever he ends up if he don’t like FO’s business moves given the franchise shouldn’t by any means settle for mediocrity.

        • Cole

          Meeks didn’t play for Coach Cal. I understand he isn’t going to the Lakers, but you said he wouldn’t have been able to handle the stress of the Lakers job. I disagree. He has plenty of stress and high expectations at Kentucky. The Lakers job wouldn’t have been much different. FWIW I am not a UK fan or a Coach Cal fan, but I am trying to be devils advocate.

          • Jim213

            One still shows allegiance to their Alma Mater (Meeks). Don’t get me wrong he may handle the stress but long term is where I believe it won’t work out since hoping/believe the next coach FO hires remains for more than 5 years = sustainability. I was high on Rudy Tomjanovich but even he didn’t last long tho IMO expectations are higher with the Lakers than Knicks. No diss tho Cole.

          • Daryl Peek

            What coach outside of Riley lasted long term with the Lakers? Ever since 89-90 the Laker HC job has been in review mode at seasons end. Phil had the best shot at a coach Pop theme with the team but he always steps on toes of his superiors for that to manifest with him.

          • Jim213

            Fred Schaus, Bill Sharman, and Del Harris aside of Riley and P Jackson coached 4+ years. It’s time for FO to think about giving the coaching position some stability tho Jim’s job will likely depend on who they hire.

          • Daryl Peek

            4 years is not coach Pop or Riley longevity. As previously stated, “Ever since 89-90 the Laker HC job has been in review mode at seasons end.”

          • Jim213

            No need to bring up past history but STABILITY is needed now more than before which goes for bringing in a coach who can mold future talent (pray) and appeal to star players.

          • Daryl Peek

            How often have I said, patience’s is needed and that is the only thing that will bring stability? Stability is not something that just manifests over night, it takes time….

          • Jim213

            Difference, you believe that ALL these past bad moves are part of the road to stability. Disagree, it stagnates progress given the bad moves furthers it but the first move is to hire the right coach for the team to head in the right direction.

          • Daryl Peek

            All of these so called bad moves are nothing but a progression of the cycle of change. No team not even the Lakers are immune to it. Dr. Buss and West went through this as Jimmy and Mitch are now. Dr. Buss and West went through it multiple times as Jimmy and Mitch will also. This is what you don’t want to acknowledge?

            Now couple all of that normal cycle of change with the goal of the league trying to create parity with that last CBA. Future ones will be aimed at doing the same. as we now see in these playoffs the league was successful as the traditional power teams had to take a step back due to over spending the old way and are now in an adjustment period. Again, what you coin as mismanagement in thirst for blame other teams see as a reboot of change in philosophy for contender building. You act as if the Lakers have been on a 5 year playoff drought? It was only four years ago they were presented with the Larry O’Brien trophy for the second consecutive season. A million things have happened in that short time span since, and yes mistakes were made but it was way more than just that.

          • Jim213

            Enough said, broken record. Trading drafts picks away, lack of acquiring good players for the starting rotation etc. Expect better from FO and tho the team and league lost Dr. Buss his kids have been around for years so no need to make excuses about a new management transition.

            The next coach that Jim and FO agree to will likely determine Jim’s long term or short term stint. The Lakers are the most consistent brand in the league when it comes to the playoffs and titles, brought it up in the past. It’s about CONSISTENCY no excuses which doesn’t apply to winning title’s every year as the league is more competitive when it comes to talent.

          • Daryl Peek

            Broken record indeed and you are just as stuck on repeat as I am. Where did I make an excuse for transition? My contention is the same cycle of change reboot, only difference is a CBA intent on changing for parities landscape. Jimmy and Mitch oversaw the operation from 2000 on after West retired. Dr. Buss enabled them both from that moment on therefore they have both seen success and failure just as West and Buss did.

            The Lakers are and have been the most consistent brand and as I said, Jimmy and Mitch have been keepers of the brand since 2000.

          • Jim213

            Brought it up since last year being the brand’s persistence. No need to re-argue things but you’ve brought up pretexts and extenuation’s about last year and this past season.

            Yes, injuries have hurt but it’s no excuse to finishing with the worst record in LA Lakers history as Hookedonews still tries to debate tho in the end it comes to lack of talent which FO is accountable for as it’s been brought up since last summer. #realtalk

          • Daryl Peek

            Until you become willing to keep all of the details of what caused the failures dating back to 10-11 in conjunction with those of previous years under the keep of Buss and West big picture, your argument of ineptness is invalid as not even Dr. Buss and West were perfect all of the time. This is the point. This is the cycle of reboot. Injuries, overspending, players and coaches traded, fired, retiring, ETC… all have an effect on the future. Transitions (be it management or players) in the cycle of change are rarely seamless, even for the most consistent brand in the NBA since 1979.

            I will always meet you and others with this mandate of total inclusion of perspective because forecasting any future demands that in any business… current trends coupled with total history. You cannot build a complete business model without all inclusiveness.

          • Chrmngblly

            Nor can you. Jim Buss is incompetent. You always want to ignore that. He is unable to hire anyone that threatens his own ego. Remember that and you will do well, grasshopper.

          • Daryl Peek

            Here you come with the simple judgement ISH as usual. No account for 2000-present which Jimmy oversaw success and failure. All you want to see is his failures. BTW, it was Jimmy who wanted to hire Phil over MDA. It was Jimmy and Mitch who convinced Dr. Buss to rehire Phil in 05. Jimmy is not afraid to hire a challenger. Dr. Buss was just not willing to allow Phil to continue on in the organization as he wanted FO power. That coupled with his likely disdain for Phil’s relationship with his daughter. Jeanie recently confirmed both situations. But that is all on Jimmy according to you and most.

          • Jim213

            Looks like someone has been catching up on some reading lol. But fool me once shame on you… fool me twice shame on me! Being FO should’ve looked at their own history to avoid issues as businesses do (ex. Wall Street) given don’t believe they’ll be risking the farm just to approve bad loans or sell them like the past.

            Obama’s mentioned they aren’t going to flip the bill next time if a situation such as that one occurred again tho believe legislation has been passed. #learnfrommistakes

          • Daryl Peek

            The problem with your take is, in business there are upticks in a market and downtime’s. These periods cannot be avoided more often than not. As a former GM of a restaurant and homeowner myself, I know this all too well as I’m sure you do but for some reason you want to ignore the laws of business averages?

            You don’t have to be fooled you just have to be patient in working on persevering…. #inIt4ThelongHaul

          • Jim213

            Smh, I’ve acknowledge cycles many times but not bad moves that stagnate progress. If correct, believe you have a business with regards to a satellite audience. Thus, you should know that it’s an unpredictable industry just like having an online business or online social media business.

            As yes, a business may be prospering currently tho it’s not a given that the business will be around down the line (4-5yrs+). Any business but more so independent business have to stay on top of things or likely risk going downhill given the competition.

            The last post implies that past mistakes shouldn’t be repeated as cycles do occur but bad moves prolong the process. Whoever, FO decides to go with being coach and players it’s Jim’s job on the line now. He has 3 years to try to reach his objective so if he decided to keep Mike it’s on him which applies to bringing back many inconsistent players from this past season.

            No diss to any Nick Young fans but wouldn’t bring him back next season especially if the new coach implements serious defense. This year’s playoffs show true competitiveness out of many teams and if FO brings most of the team back they aren’t going anywhere next season IMO.

            I’d doubt that this season’s roster would’ve won more than a game as a low seed if they happened to make the playoffs. But like i’ve said everything won’t be fixed this off season but hopefully they address the biggest needs of the team.

            So question for you DP, if you made a bad business move that negatively affected your business ventures and consumers would you narrow this down to a given cycle? Tough given your industry as it’s about the numbers to satisfy your weekly, or monthly objectives. But I’d say unless you’re a well established business chances are you’ll withstand the bad times like the Lakers but expect a decline of business which goes for revenue.

            So bad moves are not good for business and shouldn’t be considered as part of some cycle. The Lakers haven’t contended for a title for several years so they’re already in the cycle tho they can either help themselves or prolong it more. #rollwithit #REALTALK

          • Daryl Peek

            I ran a corporate restaurant that’s been around since the 50’s, is still going strong and is not going anywhere. If I made a bad decision I’d pay for it in loss of company revenue, personal bonuses based off profit and sales incentive increases and other areas up to termination depending on how bad or long the problems persisted. Again I was an employee not an owner. Dr. Buss and West whiffed plenty of times in the past. West the great talent evaluator missed on trades and draft picks more than he hit. I also had to go against my own success from year to year (number one in the San Diego market in profit margin out of 70 restaurants three years running from 90-92) and as stated no business stays on top all of the time. Sometimes you flat out cannot increase sales and profit margins, I.E. be consistently competing for championships. Government regulations effect the business model, I.E. the league looking for parity by amendments to the CBA.

            Again what prolongation are you talking about? There was an almost ten year time span between Showtime and the Lake Show. This season was the first year the team missed the playoffs since 05 and again only 4 years removed from the last championship. You can’t expect overnight turnarounds all of the time. They tried to reboot/retool twice, once with the CP3 deal then the D12 Nash signings. It didn’t work, the choice of HC hire (Randy Pfund to Brown and MDA in comparison) was gawd awful, just the same as trying to get Charles Barkley in 92 failed causing ripple effects that prolonged contention til 97 after Kobe and Shaq were procured. This is no different than things that happened in the 70’s under Kent Cooke’s tenure with Sharman as GM and West as HC. West was an awful HC!

            This is the cycle I speak of. You choose to hang your hat on the blame game but just as Jordan ran the 90’s, LeBron is running this era and it’s a wait your turn downtime for the Lakers as it was back then. Dr. Buss played it cool after the failed Barkley attempt. He found his target in Shaq while West identified Kobe. This is the kind of patience’s it is again gonna take but playing the constant blame game does not help that process moving forward…

            Love may or may not be that dude (Shaq) coupled with who ever we draft. Again, only time will tell and there was nothing that could be done about this down time as there were so many different factors that contributed to it just as there were post Magic in the Jordan era.

          • Jim213

            That’s the issue your belief of prolongation. To many fans expect to be contending for titles but for myself it’s about staying relevant which relates to getting past the first round aside of being playoff bound. But no need to bring back the J West GM days being these are different times with CBA.

            Shouldn’t expect things to turn around over night or for things to take 10+ years to resolve. Yes, seems as it’s Lebron’s time but other stars are knocking at the door. However, given the lakers history expect better from FO (bad moves) tho it’ll take patience. To which bad moves shouldn’t be considered as part of the process. It doesn’t help given today’s CBA times. That’s all I’m saying do you see it as part of a cycle to which I disagree.

          • Daryl Peek

            “To which bad moves shouldn’t be considered as part of the process”

            Again, what you call bad moves I call attempts at rebooting that failed. Again, you cannot ignore or selectively erase the past in looking to the future. Without knowledge of one past there is no future… no ones gets it right all of the time and you cannot learn from mistakes or current climate change if you are held hostage under the scrutiny of a coup from fanatical’s looking for blood at every corner.

            BTW, how do you perceive I believe in prolonging failure? I just simply indicate you can’t win them all and must be able to pick yourself up ready to move forward…
            We don’t have those stars that are knocking at the door the same as we didn’t in the 90’s & in both cases we tried to procure one or two but failed. See how that works sometimes?

            Bad moves are not projected part of the process but failure is as a no one gets it right all of the time. Patience’s and going long is what a solid foundation is built on.

            We seem to be at an impasse of what constitutes bad moves VS. failed attempts. You say tomato I say tomato’. I’m done for now.

          • virginia662

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          • Jim213

            Going in circles with this one just like before. “Again, what you call bad moves I call attempts at rebooting that failed.”

            So signing Nash was a reboot attempt? Don’t say anything know what you’re going to say being it was FO going after rings. The same with DH. They could’ve gotten something for him but in the end they were passed up (best thing that could’ve happened was him leaving tho).

            My issue is that not having draft picks hurts the long term objective given today’s CBA times. Aside of #24 the roster doesn’t have real talent (no diss to any other players) to mold for the future. At least in the J West days they drafted smart and traded down the line to either acquire better talent or for other purposes.

            Patience will be required but FO hasn’t helped themselves given the past bad moves which leaves them without draft picks and with cap restrictions. But you make it seem as it inevitable and part of the process (at least that’s the way it sounded in past posts) to which I disagree but no need to reply back a previous argument.

          • Daryl Peek

            Again, you’re very selective in the presumption of the West era concerning trades and draft pick hits and misses. That era had it’s share of misses also, more misses than hits. That era didn’t sellout to sustain three peat championship retooling. The cost for that was draft picks. That era at it’s height had a team leader on the court who knew how to lead his roster in a team not me first stance, thus there was not as much of a need to retool as much. The subtle differences/details lost or ignored comparisons translation matter to the point you cannot formulate a opinion of dissension on the latter if you don’t consider all of the said details as previously mentioned. You can never get past that until you cede totality as an all inclusive whole.

          • Jim213

            “That era had it’s share of misses also, more misses than hits.” Going back to past posts but drafting is a best as opposed to trading picks away for mediocre players. Yes, brought it up in the past too so no need to reply. Let’s just say we both agree to disagree like in the past.

          • Daryl Peek

            What did the Lakers get for KAJ, B.Scott, Worthy, Wilkes, Rambis, Cooper, A.C. Green, ETC…? It’s not always about flipping players/assets. Again, your basis for dissent of the present regime is off what was done in the past therefore you will always be met by me with the total picture in hand in rebuttal, as agreement to disagree.

          • Jim213

            Don’t want to go back to the days too much but Norm Nixon (Lakers draftee) was traded to the Clipps for B Scott (1983). Vlade Divac (Lakers draftee) traded to help Lakers attain KB24 (1996). Lets not forget Cedric Ceballos (not drafted but some what of an asset) was traded for the services of Robert Horry (1997).

            Brian Cook (draftee) and Maurice Evans (undrafted) exchanged for Trevor Ariza, how did that work out. Although, Shaq wasn’t drafted by Lakers tho a true star went to the Heat in exchange for Lamar Odom who helped the Lakers attain 2 more rings.

            It’s not all about drafting and molding players but it hurts when a team doesn’t have that opportunity especially given the Lakers lack of true talent as this season shows. At least with having some good assets it would allow them to have the chance to wheel and deal for better prospects but that isn’t the case currently as in 2015 the team finds itself without a 1st round draft pick again.

            However, it’s a wait an see with regards to what FO does this off season (FA) aside of with their first rnd pick. So once again will dispute your view however if you believe that patience is needed being it’s a long term process disagree again especially since Jim has 3 years remaining to reach his objective otherwise as he’s stated he’ll likely be stepping down.

          • Daryl Peek

            Again, my point is it’s not always about flipping players. Many of those players you listed that helped win championships were under the watch of Jimmy and Mitch. The same as Buss and West in the 80’s. And again both regimes missed or didn’t flip players at times. This is again is the cycle theme you wont cede.

            If you think Jimmy has only three years to win a championship or he will step down you’re mistaken. The team missed the playoffs this past season. Simply getting back into the playoffs, be it first round exit or deep run is progress and contention either way as making the playoffs puts you in position to say you had a chance to win in contending. Who expected the wizards to beat the Bulls? Are the Wizards not contending right now? They may indeed get bounced in the second round but that does not change the fact that they contended but came up short like 15 other teams will ultimately.

          • Jim213

            Again back to the old argument. But from his own words if they’re not contending for conference titles within a few yrs he considers it a failure so best meet the objective for brand purposes.

            Otherwise, the fans won’t let him here the end of it and demand a change as it just so happens that the coach made the best move for himself alleviating many as even celebrities feel as they’ve regained their breath during this recent time.

          • Daryl Peek

            Back to the thirst for blame. We’ll forever disagree on that.

          • Jim213

            Not blame, accountability as Jim has stepped up. We;ll see what develops.

      • brian

        Sound like the senor writer may have got his panties in a bunch when cal said thank but NO thanks. You all just keep doing what you’ve been doing its working great for the rest of the NBA. And we will keep doing what we do at UK.ITS SEEMS TO WORKS GOOD FOR US AND THE NBA.

  • Jim213

    Per Mike Bresnahan,

    “Lakers will interview George Karl, Jeff Van Gundy, Byron Scott and
    Rambis for coaching vacancy. Also, as reported earlier, Calipari + Ollie”

  • JohnSmith00

    Not in any specific order these are the only coaches the FO should be considering:

    Tom Thibodeau
    Lionel Hollins
    George Karl
    Byron Scott
    Mike Krzyzewski
    Stan Van Gundy

    Anyone else mentioned in rumors IMO simply does not meet the qualities needed to be the Lakers next head coach.

    • Jim213

      Good list tho I’d disregard Karl given his health issues and age. He’d at most coach for 3 years only. I’d stick K Ollie on the list b/c coach K is very doubtful as many have tried to no avail. However, coaching candidates should be concerned with players who may be resigned given they’ve shown inconsistency on the defensive end.

      Brought it up since the regular season but don’t believe that these coaches would be appealed to coach a team that has shown lack of toughness and a lot of inconsistency when stepping on the floor. As the first round of the playoffs have shown for the Lakers to be able to contend they’ll need toughness/bangers inside. The game has changed so all around long distance shooters has to be part of the rebuild.

      • JohnSmith00

        Fair enough but Ollie is too wet behind the ears so I still wouldn’t wan’t the Lakers to consider him.

  • Derrick

    What the hell is so special about Byron Scott. I think that’s a terrible choice he had a bad stint with the Cavaliers. He won some games with the Hornets because of CP3 carrying that team! please stop mentioning him he has a career record of 416-521!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derrick

    Kevin Ollie, fresh coach from LA has ties with Kevin Durant and great work ethic i think its a no brainer.

  • Cole

    Calipari can be crossed off the list and not because the Lakers have no interest in him. Calipari has no interest in coaching these Lakers. Coach Cal might go back to the NBA, but he doesn’t want to rebuild. He wants to win. The only way I see him going to the NBA is next year when his son graduates high school. Him and LeBron are close friends, so if LeBron leaves Miami, Coach Cal might go to wherever he goes. Don’t get confused Lakers fans. The Kentucky job right now is a better job than the Lakers. Coach Cal is the one saying no to these deals, not he other way around.

    • Frank Lyons

      The Kentucky job is no way better than coaching the Lakers. The Lakers do not want him. I am gald that they do not want him.

      • Cole

        It currently is. That’s all I’m saying. What i’m saying when I say that is that Kentucky has a much better chance at winning their championship than the Lakers has of winning their’s. That’s all. The Lakers may not want him but even if they did, Coach Cal wouldn’t go.

  • jason

    personally would love to see thibodeau hired. defense needs to be a priority with this team. him or jeff van gundy would be awesome.

  • Cole

    I am a Lakers fan by the way, and I hope we get Thibodeau. It’s either him or Steve Kerr. The Lakers job has sadly fallen, and to be honest I don’t think Coach Cal would want to come here even if we were interested in him. Why would he want to rebuild a program? He has a powerhouse right now at Kentucky. I want this program to chance, and Coach Cal wouldn’t do that. We need someone to be here for a long time. It’s truly sad that we are a worse destination right now than a college team in the godforsaken state of Kentucky, but it’s happened. I believe we will get better, but we need Thibodeau. Go Lakers!

  • vdogg

    if the bulls want our lottery pick for coach thibs, the lakers should tell them to piss off. under no circumstances should the lakers trade that pick to anyone!

  • NYLakerJ

    Coach K
    George Karl
    L. Hollins
    B. Scott
    Thibs (w/o lotto pick being bait)
    D. Fisher

  • Myron Piggie

    Mitch Lawrence writes about Coach Cal like a still-scorned Memphis Tiger fan. Or a UofL fan currently embedded in a 1-6 record v UK w/Cal as coach, including two NCAA Tourney oustings.

  • Daryl Peek

    Most want Ollie in hopes he becomes the next Pat Riley. It could happen but I don’t see the next HC lasting beyond 2016. Said HC will have to appease Kobe from the jump and that does not bode well for what life will be after the Mamba. I’m not bashing Kobe just pondering the real question of how said HC transitions to life after 24 with this organization? As we’ve seen in the past, it’s very difficult for a HC when a legend moves on…

    Bill Sharman didn’t function well after West. Riley faced a huge locker room divded after KAJ that led to his departure, most don’t recall that season of misery in 89-90 where Riley was constantly saying he was going no where only to bolt for NY at seasons end. Dunlevy didn’t stay long after Magic. Phil bounced with Shaq in 04 just as he did in 98 after Jordan. Phil did come back but was done again in 11, personal health issues coupled with the internal meltdown, Kobe knees slowing him, and only considered coming back in 12-13 because of Howard. Doc bounced because Paul P. was being shipped out. Who really expects Pop to stay on after Duncan?

    Time will tell…

  • Lakers4Life

    We need Steve Kerr, period. He’s just the right fit over any of those candidates.

    • vdogg

      you’re kidding, right? the guy has never coached a minute in the NBA.

  • nasty3

    They have zero interest in him because he had zero interest in them. Whom ever they hire, they don’t want them to feel they were second choice to Calipari.